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MapQuest Receives a Facelift to Version 2.0 – Shows Traffic Conditions, Polished Maps UI, and More


MapQuest for both Android and iOS received major updates late last evening, bringing the third party maps app up to version 2.0. Inside the update are a few important things that needed to come in order for anyone to use this over Google Maps, at least in our opinion. 

In version 2.0, during navigation, your routes will now display colors to indicate traffic conditions – Red for bad, yellow for moderate traffic, and apparently blue for clear. The developers didn’t just add features, though. MapQuest received a complete UI refinement, now with easier to navigate menus and cleaner looking maps. It’s an impressive update, for sure. To see the full changelog, check below.

What’s New:

  •  Traffic conditions on route – Your route turns red or yellow to keep you informed of live traffic conditions
  • Exquisite, eye-catching map styling
  • Custom home/work bookmarking
  • Road alerts
  • Location sharing
  • Audio mute capabilities
  • Advanced search capabilities

Does anyone use a third party maps app over Google Maps? And please, don’t say VZW Navigator.

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  • I use Waze mostly, due to the highway patrol reports.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    How come Google didn’t buy these guys out a few years back? I mean there was just Google and Maps Quest

  • droidrazredge

    I remember the times I use to think Map Quest(dot)com was the best map direction service and use to print directions all the time. That was until Google Maps entered my life in 2009 I now go Map Quest what ? and inform people who still use Map Quest that there is a newer alternative.

  • CHRIS42060

    BlackBerry 10 should adopt MapQuest as their default navigation app……. Seems fitting.

  • John Jenness

    Hey, Mapquest! I think you just missed your boat. Can you let Blackberry know they missed it too.

  • argeebee99

    Waze is pretty good, especially for traffic and incidents. Once Google Maps implements more of Waze into Maps, then it’ll be the best of both worlds.

  • Steve B

    No offline navigation, no thanks.

  • Still better than apple maps

  • cwillen

    Wait… MapQuest? Do I need to use my AOL account to sign up?

    • DanPatrickFlores

      Well, you gotta use that CD-ROM of 100 free hours somehow

    • Sporttster

      Yes, on your 14k dialup modem. BEEEEEEEP bee booobeeep,screeeeeeeeeeeech If you’re old like me, you painfully remember those days….

      • cwillen

        I am.

  • Chippah

    I cant count how many times I used to print out mapquest directions and end up LOST of taken a route that was like HOURS out of the way.. PFFFFTTT

  • Col_Angus

    In other news… Mapquest has an Android app.

    • DJyoSNOW

      The sky is blue ;D

  • emoney

    mapquest? i remember the 00s

    • AbbyZFresh

      3 years ago is not nostalgia. lol

  • J Dub

    What’s MapQuest?

  • Dale

    There’s a MapQuest app?

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I use Google Maps constantly. But Sometimes I do wish it had a few more tricks up its sleeve. I hate to say it but this does look pretty good. Will I switch from Google Maps though? Probably not.

    • Adam Truelove

      What does this do that Google Maps can’t?

      • Taylor Abrahamson

        I honestly don’t know, I haven’t looked at the feature list and have never used it. But I do know that there are things that I wish Google Maps could do. Like route detours, adding in a stop to hit a gas station / food joint that is along the current route. Are just a few that I would like.

        • Adam Truelove

          Yes, waypoints would be great. Also, searching along your route when navigating rather than just searching around your current location would be great. I miss that from my Garmin back in the day. If I know I’m going to be hungry in 2 hours, I want to be able to search for restaurants along my route that are roughly 2 hours away.

          Also, I’m more interested in the taco bell that’s 10 minutes away just off the interstate in front of me than one that’s 10 minutes away way off the interstate.

          I’d love voice search to be integrated too. While driving, I’d love to be able to say “Take me to the closest Taco Bell along my route.” or “How far away is the closest Taco Bell?” or “How far away is the closest Taco Bell along my route?” I like Taco Bell.

          I feel like no one at Google has used a Garmin. Their features and routing were top notch.

          • Booyah

            Somebody get this dude some Taco Bell.

        • Travis

          Totally agree — I have to ask my wife to run the search and then look ahead along our route to determine the most efficient stop. This should be an easy feature to add in.

        • dazz1996

          its there just add layers for food and gas

      • Travis

        “Traffic conditions on route – Your route turns red or yellow to keep you informed of live traffic conditions”

        …if Google does this I’d really like to know how to enable it. To my knowledge Google just dynamically re-routes, but doesn’t let you know about the traffic. I don’t know if I really believe this though as I’ve been driven into traffic a few times when I was manually able to find a better/faster route using gmaps.

        • Adam Truelove

          It does. While navigating, the time at the bottom will turn colors that reflect traffic conditions along your route.

          • Travis

            You’re right, I forgot about that. I do wish they displayed that information more prominently though like they’re describing in this MapQuest update.

          • droidftw

            They do. It is under the layers menu.

          • Travis

            If I remember correctly though, it doesn’t display in the navigation view, you just see the blue line that you’re following. I’m going to go drive to lunch with gmaps to refresh my memory.

          • droidftw

            I just tried it and it automatically turns on traffic and waze updates when navigating.

      • panicswhenubered

        Can this do point to point measurements like you used to be able to do before the big Google Maps app update? (it was a Google Labs feature previously)

    • Steve B

      The only navigation app that rivals Google Maps is this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skobbler.forevermapng

      Best feature? Offline turn by turn navigation. This is a hell of an app for $.99.

      • Sporttster

        Thanks for the info. Don’t care for the new updated Google Maps so downloaded this, give it a try. Looks like is has some type of speed camera notification deal too, which is nice when travelling through Chicago area.

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        OsmAnd is a good alternative as well. Albeit with a clunky UI.


  • p8ntballah21

    People still use Map Quest?!?!