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Google Introduces Tablets with Google Play for Education to Upgrade the Classroom

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According to Google, over 30 million people around the world use apps designed for kids K-12 to help them learn through tablets and phones. Today, Google is announcing enterprise tablets designed with Google Play for Education in mind and is inviting schools to apply so its kids can experience the technology. 

In its release today, Google is offering up three different types of tablets for schools and administrators to choose from. Obviously the Nexus 7 is the first, available today, and the 10″ ASUS Transformer and 8″ HP Slate Pro can also be ordered. Once the teacher gets their tablet, all of the student’s tablets only have to be tapped against the original tablet to be set up through NFC. Pretty cool right?

Google hopes that this effort will be an “affordable, 1:1 solution that puts greater power in the hands of teachers.” It remains to be seen how many schools will join the program, but the video below paints a pretty good picture of its interaction with the kids.


Via: Google

  • sk3litor

    Kids have no respect for school property. These will be destroyed or stolen. They should use that money for things like. .. Oh I don’t know, maybe PAYING TEACHERS BETTER WAGES. Tablets should be supplied by parents so that they could keep track of their children’s education. Oh wait I forgot this is America, parents don’t care about their kids education. I love that goggles heart is in the rite place though. I just think the education system in this County is jacked. And the parents apathy towards the kids learnin and stuff makes my stomach turn.

    • David Moore






      *kid’s learning

      • Ann


  • Twofourturbo

    Only downfall is watching the youth’s penmanship going to hell!! For the most part, kids down even know how to read or write cursive.

  • Raven

    It is about time that Google starts working with schools. Apple and iPads have long been dominating that area with I am sure the idea of hooking them into the Apple ecosystem at an early age. Even in Kindergarten my daughter’s class had several iPad 2’s and now in 1st grade I believe they got iPad 3’s. She has had her own Nabi 2 Android tablet at home for almost 2 years now and my old ASUS TF101, so I really wish they had Android tablets for the kids to use at school as well.

    • MasterEthan

      I really like that they’re getting into schools now and have made it easier as well. I wish they’d push something for parents as well like what they did for the class room. I also have my old ASUS TF101 for my son! Needs a screen repair now after a nasty fall but it’s completely functional (Son is using a Nook HD+ for now). Do you have a case on your TF101 that’s good for kids?

  • Greg

    This seems like a no brainer for schools. Tablets can easily replace textbooks and cost less at the very least. I can also see Huge an Apple vs Android war for the education sector. It is a race with unlimited potential for innovation.

  • gokusimpson

    Much better than the $800+ that the Los Angeles school district is paying for each ipad. Idiots.

    • LANCE

      plus repair and maintenance is far easier and cheaper on these androids than $pads

      • michael arazan

        In 89 we were still using apple pc 2’s with the green screens that the entire classroom had to share. Pretty crazy kids are getting ipads. I’d hate to be paying taxes on that heap of crap, would rather give every kid a N7.

    • E A butler

      Apple is only about making profit , Google as well, but atleast you get something back from ElGoog.

    • guest

      This does not surprise me. LAUSD is one of the most corrupt organizations I know of. I’m told that at lunchtime you can see hoards of 300lb plus admistrators scrambling out of their HQ at lunchtime to expense their lunches at LA’s finest…

    • Milind Shah

      my school in India mad us do this (using ipads in classes)… 75% of us didnt buy them xD

    • creed

      I have to start by saying that I am a huge android fanboy. With that said, the iPads are much more children friendly. I hope that however this works, that it can be loaded on existing tablets. I am interested in seeing how this works anyway. We have an android tablet and iPad for our 6, 4, & 2 year olds and I have to say that the quality of children’s apps on the iPad are far superior because of one reason. Advertising! Android developers riddle their apps with ads that are placed perfectly for young kids to ALWAYS click them. It is absolutely disgusting. I’ve been around these products for years and am truly disappointed in the user friendly ness of android for children. Not to mention that android absolutely needs a children’s tab in the playstore under games.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    sheeeeet… I wish this was around when I was in escuela ….