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Use Coupon Code “THANKYOU10” Through MotoMaker Orders and Save 10% on a Custom Moto X

motomaker coupon code

With Motorola’s MotoMaker phone customization service going live yesterday for a number of new carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, I’d imagine that more than a few of you were trying to decide if the Moto X was finally for you. If you held out since the phone’s August launch, then consider using coupon code “THANKYOU10” to shave off some extra cash. Because who doesn’t love saving 10%? 

I just ran through the checkout process to test the code and it does indeed work. Just keep in mind that the box for the code is the absolute last screen you get to during checkout, so be patient. Once entered, you should see 10% come immediately off of your total. And yep, it includes phones at full retail price (pictured above).

So there you have it, another reason to consider a shiny, colorful, and all-you phone.

Via:  MotoMaker

Cheers Jaxon!

  • therealkanuk

    no longer works

  • Joshua Hernandez

    I knew I should have clicked the “Submit Order” button instead of the “Save” button earlier today when the code worked…

  • Chuck

    I’m speaking with a Motorola customer service agent who’s saying that code is only for accessories… And that they are fixing it… HURRRYYYYYY AND GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joboboa

    no longer working

  • metabrewing

    I just chatted with a Motorola employee, and they said that the discount is no longer available. They put the promo up today, then took it down today. Doesn’t make sense, but it is what it is.

  • Justin Swanson

    This worked for me earlier and applied a 10% discount across my entire order. I guess there are problems processing Verizon orders right now, though, and I couldn’t place it. Went back later to find the discount was changed to 10% off my case accessory. If I remove the case, it says discount “NOT APPLIED.”

    Looks like this is only intended for 10% off accessories and not the whole order.

  • chris125

    Wish there were more off contract discounts rather than just on contract. Good job moto.


    Too bad it’s NOT working…

  • jtc276

    I’m one of the people getting “Not Applied” when using the code. I called Motorola and they assured me the code was only for accessories even though I told them multiple times people were purchasing phones with it. Apparently I’m just imagining things and this entire article and all of the comments below it are a figment of my imagination. Thanks for notifying me about my insanity, Motorola.

    • THANKYOU10

      Same here…

  • Tom

    Just talked to a customer service rep and the THANKYOU10 only applies to accessories.

    • THANKYOU10

      Yes, me too…

  • OBC

    I ordered mine last night, called Moto this morning – they will NOT apply the discount retroactively.

  • bd1212

    Can’t seem to get it to work anymore, it just says “Not Applied”. Anyone else? Looks like Motorola might’ve fixed this little glitch, since the code was originally only supposed to work for accessories and not for actual phone orders.

    • Jaxon Wright



    Not working anymore?

  • Clay Johnston

    Has anyone found a way to use an alternate upgrade on Verizon and get the Moto Maker working? I went to Iconic and it is not available as an option, just the prefab ones.

  • carluverdrm2004

    Shoot. Oh well, if I’d waited until now to place my order with the coupon code, I’d have to wait an extra day to get my Moto X!

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    *sigh* And i Just bought mine yesterday…..DAMN YOU DL DAMNNN YOUU!!!

  • Scott

    A good gesture by Motorola would be to offer a free skip to everyone who wasn’t able to participate in the first few months of Moto Maker.

    • you do get a free skip already


    Hey, not working for me… what am I doing wrong?… it just says “NOT APPLIED”

    • THANKYOU10

      Oh… just won’t work on at&t, only on verizon

    • jimmyd

      Same here. Looks like maybe it is expired?

      • THANKYOU10

        It’s not working, i don’t get why…

  • Scott

    Trying to decide between a moto X or the G2..and thoughts? I’d be coming from a Gnex.

    • EdubE24

      I’ve got the G2…couldn’t be happier with my choice. Button placement hasnt been an issue. The Knock On feature is amazing. The camera will be an upgrade, but wouldn’t say it’s the best on the market. The battery life is solid, and the screen is amazing, even outdoors!

    • 640k

      You’re going to get a mixed response. Your best bet is to try each in store. I wasn’t impressed with the G2 personally, spec or not. I thought the device felt crappy and the X felt nicer in general. Also, LG skin vs. Moto skin.

    • BlackMaGiC1o0

      Honestly I bought a Moto X cause of the custom features you can have it and the pure fact the battery life is superb. Yes the G2 has a better camera then the Moto X but size factor kept me from committing. And also the G2 doesn’t have a good tractor when it comes to getting updates. The Moto X you can unlock and has a good developer community behind it.

  • shecalledmejay

    Is the skip no longer for sale?

  • 640k

    FYI – if you buy a purchasing PIN in store, you can’t use “any” discount codes. Correct me if I’m wrong. None of the online VZW codes will be accepted, and since you are not purchasing from Moto directly, you can’t apply the above code.

    • srn

      Just did that and it’s true – we tried a bunch and none worked.

      • 640k

        FWIW i called VZW and complained about the availability of coupons specifically for the Moto X that cannot be used because of the redirect to the external site and was credited the $50. YMMV.

  • Balansi Kherwyn

    Here’s a discount 10%.. and people’s reaction.. Wohoooo, wow, thank you, good deal!! When in fact, Moto X with it’s S3 identical specs should have started at $350-$400 price.

    • jbdan

      I’m giving the moto x benefit of doubt here (haven’t tried one yet but ordered one yesterday to compare to my N5) and say that everything I have read about it, it is a top tier phone. I’m not looking at charts/spec lists here

  • EC8CH

    Lay down some wood already Moto!



      • EC8CH

        Thanks Jen! That possibly answered the question…. possibly.

        • IWANWOOD


  • Mark

    Will an AT&T version, no contract work with straight talk

  • Works for the $99 Upgrade through Verizon…but apparently I can’t customize and buy two of these at once (one for the wife)????

    • Michael Vernon

      Nope. You have to buy them separately. I have to do the same for my wife as well. Not a big deal.

  • red014
    • Tom Luley

      I was thinking the same exact thing, but for different reasons. I got a Moto X on the $200 amazon glitch last week, was thinking of selling it brand new. I am currently using it and I am sure that has decreased the value significantly. I could have easily sold it and done motomaker and broke even.

      • MK17

        They had the Moto X on the $200 glitch?!?! See photo above (I know, I know, it wasn’t yesterday, but still)

        • Tom Luley

          Yeah. It started with the G2 which my order for that got cancelled and they said it was a price error…But everyone I know that put an order in for the Moto X received it. I believe it sold out in about 30 minutes too.

          • Josh B

            I know they never will but it would be nice to see how many phones actually got shipped from that glitch. Mine got cancelled along with many others but seems like a lot of people still got them.

    • Derp

      I used that promo code yesterday and today I got an email stating my vzw moto maker order had been automatically cancelled. Related? Maybe not but I wonder if I’m the only one. My card was charged fine so it wasn’t a credit card issue. Weird.

      • red014

        Aw, damn. There it was in plain sight.

  • Mike Powell

    Anyone think Motorola would apply this retroactively? Sounds like a number of people (myself included) bought a Moto X yesterday and missed out…

    • JoshGroff

      Considering that puts you within the return period, they should.

      • Mike Powell

        Yeah looks like they take 1 no-questions-asked return on Moto Maker phones within 14 days…maybe if I threaten to do that they’ll just credit my card instead…

        • JoshGroff

          Just a casual mention that you’re still within the return period will be enough. It’s cheaper and easier for them to do a partial refund. Might take a supervisor to do so, but it will get done.

          • CrewF24

            I bought mine yesterday morning… So I just called Moto but was not able to get a partial refund. The options given were to cancel the order or return the phone when I received it. Turns out it was too late to cancel the order. At the end, they offered me a free bluetooth car speaker for my hassle and I asked if I could get a navigation dock instead, and they agreed… so at least I got something.

    • Nate

      I missed out–however, we did get credited $10 for Google Play. I think $100 for this phone is a good deal anywho. I got a MotoX through Verizon two weeks ago for $170 on-contract. I returned it knowing MotoMaker would come to VZ yesterday. I ended up paying $136 including the upgrade fee (wtf). So, all in all–this was $40 less for me anyways. I think $136 is a great price for this phone. I would gladly pay $170 for it anyways.

  • Does anyone know if the T-Mobile version would work on AT&T and vice versa?

    • moelsen8

      yes t-mo works fully on at&t. not completely the other way around. at&t has tmo everything, including lte, just not the 1700 band for tmo 3g.

      • Thanks… if I’m understanding, buying the Tmo version gives me flexibility.

        However, any idea if the device would be SIM locked to TMo? I just activited a Nexus 5 on TMo and am considering trying a month of Aio (AT&T).

        I am thinking of the moto x for my wife, and I’d want something I could use on either network, if that’s possible.

        • moelsen8

          no, the tmo version = the gsm dev edition. same model #xt1053, it’s sold unlocked by motorola (t-mobile doesn’t even sell it..). unlockable bootloader. completely unbranded. no reason to buy at&t over it.

  • papajorgio

    D’oh! Would have been nice to have this yesterday!

  • Kofi Williams

    Why did Motorola (Google) wait so long? Availability on all the carriers, reduction in price, discounts on top of that, free accessory and Play Store Credit. Had this all been the on the table at launch or even a month ago I may have gotten this over the N5. May get one for my g/f though.

  • MistaButters

    If I could get a 32GB for $450, I may have considered it over the Nexus 5.

  • Drew_VA

    Switching off of Verizon in Dec and trying to decide between the X, N5, G2, or Z1…things like this could sway my decision…

    • JoshGroff

      N5 off contract is pretty hard to beat, especially since it works on sprint/AT&T/TMO and their MVNOs.

    • Mrhug3

      Exact same devices for me too. The G2 would be dope, except I still can’t shake that ugly UI. The X for moto maker and it’s unique features. I just want a bigger screen than it has. The N5 because I’ve never had a Nexus, but the mediocre battery life is somewhat troubling. The Z1 would be perfect. I’ve always wanted a Sony device. The problem is that they are expensive and hard to find one with AT&T LTE. T-Mobile service is not an option around these parts. I’ve been off contract with VZW for a while, still have unlimited though. Not sure which direction to go in.

  • Josh B

    Sure wish this worked for the dev edition $50 off that price would be nice.

    • moelsen8

      get a 32gb tmo edition. it’s the same exact phone now that you can order a 32gb tmo version. no branding, fully unlocked.

      • Josh B

        Should have clarified. VZW customer here as Montana has crap coverage for every other company.

  • mv425

    Are these considered unlocked if purchased without contract? If so they can be activated on tmobile or att?

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Too bad this doesn’t work on the developer edition…I tried.

    • moelsen8

      get a 32gb tmo edition. it’s the same exact phone now that you can order a 32gb tmo version. no branding, fully unlocked.

      • tyguy829

        you can’t activate it on verizon though…right?

        • moelsen8

          no, sorry. thought you guys meant gsm.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        I’m trying to stick with my unlimited in Verizon though. :/

  • Johnathan Fail

    Hurry up and release wood backs already! Argh!

  • Josh

    Well… I had a feeling that would happen. Just emailed Motorola in hopes of getting that 10% off of my order from yesterday. Off contract pricing is no joke and that’d save a good deal of cash.

    • dtraini30

      I called and that didn’t work for me 🙁

      • Tony

        Just called as well, “THANKYOU10” only works for accessories according to customer service rep….

  • Matt R Carner

    Or order it from Republic Wireless this week for $299 and try out practically free wireless service. Doesn’t work for you? No sweat! Cancel the service and keep the phone!

    • seryozha

      will it work on att or T-Mobile?

      • socarwolverine


        • seryozha

          so what am i gunna do with the phone

          • socarwolverine

            If you order it from republic wireless like was suggested, you’ll only be able to use it on republic wireless.

    • DroidzFX

      They lock the phones to RW so that wont work unless someone figures out a hack.

      • JoshGroff

        This^ Although for $10 a month for calls/texts and wifi only data, it’s not bad if you just need something basic but still want a smartphone. Might be my next plan since I am around wifi pretty much all day anyway.

        • clobberedchina

          “$10 a month for calls/texts and wifi only data”

          That’s an intriguing idea. Hmmm…

          • Matt R Carner

            Very. Almost impossible to pass up.

      • Matt R Carner

        Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that you’d have a regular unlocked Moto X afterwards. Just that there is very little risk in figuring out if it will work for you and TONS (read: $$) of upside if it DOES. I haven’t had Sprint in over a decade, but their CDMA (voice and text) has to be pretty solid by now right? I’m not planning on using them for data. Can tether to my N7 on VZW LTE if needed in an emergency and will likely make me less inclined to pick up my phone while I’m driving if I know it isn’t connected to data at the time.

        • socarwolverine

          I haven’t used sprint personally, but from people I know (so only anecdotal reviews) it still leaves a lot to be desired. If you use your phone a lot it probably isn’t for you, but that’s also location dependent.

          • Matt R Carner

            I don’t use my phone for calls a lot, and when I do, I’m usually around wifi. RW actually let’s me use the wifi signal for voice and text when its available.

    • Scott Smith

      My understanding too is that Republic Wireless offers a 30-day money back guarantee (both on the phone and the service). I think I’m going to give it a try and if not happy with the phone/service during the 30 day trial, then back it will go and I’ll move on to the Nexus 5 at T-Mobile.

      • Matt R Carner

        Right on! They’re really making it hard to pass up trying it out. If they had Moto Maker it’d be a no brainer, but I think I’ll like the all black one just as much. Really looking forward to having a Moto X.

        I’m in my second week with a Nexus 5 on TMobile right now, but I don’t think 100 minutes will be enough for me in a month (you know, unless they’d let me use wifi for my calls when available) and I’m not going up to their unlimited calls tiers for pre-paid.

        I’d much rather try out RW.

        • Scott Smith

          If you want some ideas on how to stay below the 100 minutes on the $30 T-Mobile plan, check out XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1646755 Basically, you want to rely heavily on Google Voice and some of the VOIP apps for wifi calling. I still think I’m going to try Republic Wireless first before going that route though. I don’t like having to constantly monitor my phone usage.

          • Matt R Carner

            Thanks for the link!

        • athom07

          Matt, you may not realize this but its .10c a minute for T-Mobile after you use the 100 minutes. So for an extra $10.00 you could have 200 minutes etc.

          • Matt R Carner

            And maybe that will be what I end up doing, but it would be silly not to try out this Republic Wireless service with a phone I’m much more enamored with (I love the N5, but when the Moto X gets 4.4, I still think its a better phone) for much less.

            Best part is there is really no risk involved in trying them out with a Google Voice number that I just forward to all phones involved. 🙂

    • Kelvin Chin

      Keeping the phone won’t do you any good because the RW version has customized firmware that locks it to RW.

  • Ryan Powell

    Would have been nice to have that yesterday. $10 Google Play Store credit was a nice surprise though.

    • Silver Veloz

      I agree. I didn’t wait long enough to use the discount code either. I tried the others that were mentioned before, but they were invalid. Also, the $10 Google play credit was nice. And the MotoSkip (free through MotoMaker) is generally sold for $14.99 and no shipping charge is still great.

      • Ryan Powell

        Yeah, waited months, wasn’t going to wait any longer. Just realized that I didn’t get asked what color Skip I wanted and totally forgot to check. Turns out I got the blue one which is what I would have wanted anyhow. Must be based off of the accent color of your phone.

        Friday can’t get here soon enough.

        • MoAxMan

          Ditto to literally everything you just said. 3 more days!