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CyanogenMod Installer Hits Google Play, Flashing the Custom ROM Now Easier Than Ever

CyanogenMod Installer

At the time CyanogenMod announced that it had officially become Cyanogen Inc., and received $7 million in funding, the team made public the idea to bring a CyanogenMod Installer right to Google Play. This installer app would pair with computer software, turning a once complicated flashing extravaganza into essentially a non-hassle one click process. The time has come, and CyanogenMod Installer is now available on Google Play. 

Steve Kondik, the founder of CyanogenMod, spoke on the Installer’s release to Google Play.

Our goal for the installer has always been to allow more users to experience the benefits of CyanogenMod, without the hassles of technical guides and concerns associated with the process.

The corresponding PC client application will go live for users to install later today and is completely free to download. To summarize, once you download the PC software and Installer app from Google Play, hook your phone up to your computer and click “start.” Your device will be wiped completely, so make sure to get any important info you have on there into a save place.

We have yet to see an official device compatibility list (scratch that, here it is), but you can imagine that given the amount of phones and tablets CM is available for, the list will be quite extensive. We will update this post once the PC software is made available. Should be around 2PM PST.

Play Link

CyanogenMod Installer Launches on Play Store

SEATTLE – November 12, 2013 – Cyanogen Inc. today announced the the global release of the CyanogenMod Installer to support the CyanogenMod Project. Available via Google Play™, the application brings all the features from the direct to consumer Android OS to millions of new Android users worldwide with a new and simplified installation procedure.

CyanogenMod has become an enthusiast favorite with over 9 million registered users, and the new installer opens the door for more people to harness the full potential of their Android devices.

Paired with the PC client application, the Installer makes replacing and upgrading your current Android installation as simple as a few clicks.

“Our goal for the installer has always been to allow more users to experience the benefits of CyanogenMod, without the hassles of technical guides and concerns associated with the process.” – Steve Kondik, Co-Founder and CTO of Cyanogen Inc. “I’m especially pleased by the support the community has shown for our initiative and want to thank all those that helped beta test the installer.”

The application and installer are free to download and provide a convenient tool to upgrade your phone to the latest release of CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod provides users with greater customization, performance and functionality than the often outdated Android OS found on their device. Enhanced security functionality such as Privacy Guard protects users’ data from malicious or overzealous applications. The custom DSPManager allows for a system-wide equalizer to get the most out of your media and speakers. With integrated themeing capabilities, users can customize the OS to suit their tastes. The built in over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities ensures that users are never far from the latest feature, bug-fixes, and security updates.

  • But unfortunately, it has CyanogenMod app for Android has been removed from the Google Play Store.

  • Anmol Govinda Rao

    Showing unsupported on Galaxy S3 LTE 19305…is it meant to be that way?

  • Awesome. Can’t wait for KitKat to make its way to CM (wrong terminology, I know. But you get my point).

  • Mike

    Your device will be wiped completely. Don’t really want to have to copy everything off my device. I know I can copy the rom backups I done to my pc, and all of the media as ell, but I’ve never had to restore from a backup that’s not on my phone. Plus I don’t like not having control over what happens. So I think I’ll stick with just manually flashing Rom’s the old fashion way by booting in recovery, wipe data, cache and dalvik then install zip from /sdcard.

  • Fresh360

    Are GAPPS included with the installer?

  • SplashMTN

    Really wish they had the Mac app ready for this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked about all the work these guys are doing and I know they’re working on it. I just don’t have an easy way to get access to a copy of windows/a windows pc.

    When I tried last night on my buddy’s computer it wouldn’t detect my device – VZ GNex, but hopefully that’ll be fixed soon.

  • Vladimir

    Sorry, Android noobie here (defecting from iOS) but what features/benefits will cyanogen have over standard kit kat 4.4?

    • SplashMTN

      I’m having the same issue. Apparently someone said they had luck switching back from ptp to mtp. Initially it crashed, but then after a battery pull they were able to get it to work

  • CoCoCalypso

    anyone notice that theres only on single verizon device on here?

  • NudoDudo

    I dunno man that looks pretty cool to me.


  • Name

    Great work. Worked flawlessly on my old Google Nexus GSM and Windows 7

  • shecalledmejay

    I like all of the extra features for this rom but I have yet to flash a Cyanogen rom that hasn’t had a bug.

  • Chris

    cant wait to see 1-star ratings on the play store when people start bricking their phones

  • Sean Elliott

    Could anyone give me a general rundown of advantages of using this over KitKat? What features it has. I’m new to all this and I tried just going to the CM website but can’t find a section telling me this kind of stuff

    • sk3litor

      It sort of is kit kat…in a way. Cm is based on aosp wich is android. Your best bet would be to do a bunch of research on rooting and running custom roms which you can find on sites like rootzwiki or xda. But basicaly custom roms give users straight android with no oem or carrier bloat which helps in performance and battery life.and also adds specific tweaks and functions that users might not get otherwise. (The tweaks and features depend on the rom which is why theres so many from many different very talanted indie developers). Cm is one of these indie developers and most would argue the most reliable considering most devs use the cm framework anyways. Its a whole thing. Better off doing a bunch of googling. 🙂

  • S2556

    Nexus 5 just arrived in the mail isn’t that good timing

  • SpaceHippie

    If someone needed to revert to stock, does the app do that as well?

  • SpaceHippie

    Once my T-Mobile note 3 gets CM, i won’t even remember what the Nexus 5 is

  • DJ SPY

    I wonder if this will work on my Maxx HD? I’m rooted but the boot loader is not unlocked.

    • droidrazredge

      Just looked, neither the Razr HD, nor the Razr Maxx are on the list of supported devices. There is only one phone from Verizon that is supported and that phone is the Galaxy Nexus.

  • shamatuu

    Has anyone tested this on a Note 2 international model number is N7100?. If so how is it so far?

  • donkeykong85

    Very cool! Im already rooted but this would have been awesome when I was not. Glad they are making this easy. CM is really doing a lot of good for the development community. This should increase the amount of rooted devices and get other people into using all of the cool roms out there. Hopefully they warn people this voids their warranty and such.

  • Ron

    So if you don’t have a Nexus, Samsung Galaxy 2/3/4, or newer HTC, you are SOL? Seems older devices would be more interested in this update than premier ones currently running Jelly Bean. Seems backward to me.

    • donkeykong85

      they will support more but yea if you want a device thats going to get dev support you need to be very selective when you buy one.

      • Ron

        So a HTC One X+ was a bad decision? Just a year ago it was top of the line. What do you consider selective then?

        • donkeykong85

          its not really about being new and google drops support after 18 months so that is the life cycle. my gnex is 2 years old and it made the list. if you truly want dev support you need to get a nexus. Right now I would consider the moto x and maybe a handful of others would be good options too (at least for verizon since they didnt get the new nexus).

          • Ron

            I’ve got a Nexus 4 and soon a Nexus 5… my son has the HTC One X+. Problem is I will never install a ROM on my Nexus (bought it for Android purity), but my son would love to get rid of HTC Sense easily. Still think they are focusing on the wrong market segment.

  • shamatuu

    I’ll ask again does this app do the root process and can i install the rom from the app itself?. Which backup should i use?. Someone please answer me!.

    • donkeykong85

      seems like it does, so yes. for backup i would use titanium or mybackup.

      • shamatuu

        Thanks alot been waiting for someone to answer.

  • coolsilver

    Once again developers will support the Nexus 7 2013 Wifi (FLO) but not LTE (DEB). About to sell this and get a damn FLO. I like to have some options on roms damm it.

    • Albert

      Quit acting entitled. They build ROMs based on device availability. If you want it on DEB then buy the developers at Cyanogenmod a DEB.

      • coolsilver

        Almost same hardware and if they want it I can ship it to them instead. They don’t need every piece of hardware either but it helps.

  • kcraw15

    Booo no US Cellular Note II.

  • droidrazredge

    Each day since the Nexus 5 debuted there has been more and more reasons to have hatred towards Verizon!!!! Lets list a few
    1.) Nexus 5 on all carries but Verizon.
    2.) Tmobile adds GV Support for MMS.
    3.) Verizon stops people who decided to take advantage of Amazons server glitch
    4.) Nexus 7 LTE won’t fully work on their network until 4.4 update
    5.) Tune in next week for more Verizon hatred news.

    • CinCityKid80

      I took advantage of the Amazon glitch and I don’t have any issues with my Verizon service.

    • donkeykong85

      i hate verizon and am stuck on them. jealous of those with the n5 even though the battery is supposedly shotty. im sure its better than my gnex though.

      • droidrazredge

        Yup I’m in the same situation as you but with an OG Razr Maxx. I’m debating on whether to get the Moto X now that it’s 99$ on Verizon with Motomaker features, get a Developer Version of the Moto X, or wait for the Droid Quantum / Moto Xplay next year.

      • Rand Paul 2016

        Just git the g2 its awesome

    • normmcgarry

      Wow. I just realized that T-Mobile’s unlimited family plan is only $210 for 5 lines. THat’s how much I’m paying at Verizon for my 5 lines. That actually makes me consider switching.

    • fourthletter

      If all Americans stopped wasting their time hating networks you could all write to your politicians and make the FCC regulate your mobile industry. Get everyone on the same technology for a start.

      • Noble Paul

        If enough people hated Verizon, they could just switch and Verizon would go out of business . problem solved.

      • googlyeyedfrog

        haha, yeah, because regulation is the solution. unbelievable

  • justin

    screw verizon!! aww yeah lol

  • bluemon

    Look at the number of Verizon phones supported!

    (hint: 1)

  • justin

    wait so no root – how does this magic work??

    someone please clarify I sitll need root to back up via titanium etc

    • Thomas guide

      The software roots and unlocks for you. Like they said they want it to be easy enough that your grandmother could could do it.

  • Rocky Calabrese

    The PC Installer crashes on Windows XP. 🙁

    • Albert

      It says windows vista or newer on the first screen before you hit begin… Learn to read.

      • Rocky Calabrese

        I did READ that, but it was worth trying and mentioning anyways. I don’t have anything newer than XP.

        • Allan

          Time to upgrade man.

          • Rocky Calabrese

            Never! lol XP is running great for me.

  • AndrewScottRox

    After having constant data drops on a particular 4.3 rom, I just installed CM 10.1.3 and am happy. Given that this is a 4.2.2 rom, I think the tweaks the CM team has made make up for it not being 4.3.

    • donkeykong85

      all of those data drops are gone with 4.4. my gnex has never been so fast.

      • AndrewScottRox

        I’d rather not have to deal with graphic glitches and random reboots. I can wait.

  • jonzey231

    Does it work on the iPhone yet? Lol

    • jimbob

      Probably significantly more likely to work on the Sprint or TMobile iPhone than on any Verizon Android phone.

      • jonzey231

        I was actually being kind of serious about it lol. A while ago there were reports that Cyanogen may have something up their sleeve about getting the ROM on iPhones back when they were announcing secret stuff all the time back in the days of the Focal camera app and when CyanogenMod accounts were a new thing. If you look at the installer screen for the desktop installer for this thing the right side clearly has 2 iPhone and 2 iPads oil. It could just be a “Mobile devices” thing but it could mean something more.

  • Jeremy Gross

    verizon is barely on the list, maybe two phones|

    edit: Only galaxy nexus (just one)

  • fauxshizzl

    Might have to throw this on my old N7 later tonight.

  • Roberto Taylor

    No support for the VZW Note II… 🙁

    • kixofmyg0t

      Are you sure? I mean they listed every other Samsumg device released in the past 3 years for christ sake.

      • Mike

        No VZW S3 or S4 either. So basically no VZW phones..

        • KleenDroid

          Just install it on your own without their installer.

        • REMP

          Only the Google Galaxy Nexus is officially supported on Verizon. (For now.)

          • @REMP Oh, the irony.

      • Roberto Taylor

        Positive! There’s only one VZW device supported and that’s the Galaxy Nexus.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Oh I see, it’s up top with the few Nexus devices. I was looking through all the Samsung’s but got tired of scrolling.

    • MistaButters

      Locked bootloader.

      • Roberto Taylor

        From their FAQ:

        Do I need to unlock my bootloader first?

        No, you don’t. If your bootloader is locked, we’ll unlock it for you.

        • Steve B

          Locked boot loader is one thing. An encrypted boot loader is another story which is the case for the Verizon Galaxy line. Cyanogenmod will never touch a Verizon Samsung phone because of this. I don’t blame then either.

          • KleenDroid

            Um, many run it on their Verizon 3 and 4. It just takes a couple minutes to install.

          • Steve B

            The installer will never support the S3,S4, Note or any other Verizon Samsung device. The cyanogenmod “community” will support these devices by whatever hacks the African-Canadian sock monkey can come up with.

        • MistaButters

          Sorry. Un-Unlockable (Encrypted) Bootloader*

          The Note 3 was most likely never going to get an official CM build for the same reason.

          • kixofmyg0t

            But the Bionic has official CM support, locked bootloader and all.

          • Christopher Bement

            You mean the safestrap rom or did they actually come out with something you can flash like a normal human being?

          • kixofmyg0t

            Awww thats cute. Is someone confused on how to use safestrap? How on earth could you use CWM or TWRP if you can’t figure out safestrap? It’s even easier than CWM dude.

            And I mean right here http://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=targa

          • Trickie Tom

            Correct, The Bionic has had custom support since not too long after it launched.. Bionics launch, I think, was just b4 Verizon started locking them down tight.. Ive ran custom roms on my Bionic when ICS wasnt out yet, just so I could run ICS.. But Im not too tempted yet to get back off stock, being that Jelly Bean has been smooth as can be.. When CM updates to KitKat, then I just might have to update, being that Moto isnt going to support the Bionic w/ KitKat..

            But I did run into issues w/ my Thrive.. Its listed as supported, according to the app, but the installer cannot find the device.. Grrr..

    • Dave

      I’ve never had a ROM outperform this phone in out of the box mode, by speed or battery life. That’s just weird.

    • Steve B

      No shock.

  • Darrin Lim

    Typical… just spent a few hours last night flashing CyanogenMod for the very first time (including having to download the Android SDK) in an attempt to make my old Galaxy S usable again. If only I’d just waited 24 hours!

    Oh well, at least now I know how to flash a ROM 🙂

  • SplashMTN

    I have two weeks left with my Gnex and my free extended batter from Sprint just got in today. I think this will make the next two weeks rather enjoyable.

    • jimbob

      Yeah, in my experience, you’ll finally be able to get 9 hours on a single charge. If you don’t use it much, that is.

      • SplashMTN

        mine got down to 9% with with an on screen time of 2 hours 20 minutes. I was on wifi almost the entire time. Hopefully that extended battery will help some. Really looking forward to the G2.

    • donkeykong85

      i get 15-20 hours on my gnex with 4.4. having graphics issues though.

      • SA_NYC

        As in, the screen won’t turn on? That’s about the only way I could imagine getting that kind of battery life out of a Gnex.

  • Barry


    Common questions
    Do I need to root my phone before installing?
    No. You can have a rooted phone, or not. The installer doesn’t care.
    Do I need to unlock my bootloader first?
    No, you don’t. If your bootloader is locked, we’ll unlock it for you.
    Can I install if I’m running a custom ROM?
    Provided the installer can identify your phone correctly, it doesn’t matter which ROM you’re running.
    How do I get back to stock?
    You may perform a full backup from recovery, after flashing recovery (you will have to do this manually, at the moment) and then copy it off the device, if you don’t have an external sdcard. If you’ve already run the installer, you will have to find stock images and flash them using fastboot or Odin.

    • jimbob

      I believe question #2 is probably the reason there is a “supported” list. If the bootloader is not unlockable (eg Verizon GS4), the app cannot help you.

      (have to mention the exception of the initial firmware on the VZW GS4 in which the bootloader was unlockable. But I am sure most people have updated since that point unless already rooted and running custom recovery)

  • Chris Hughes

    I wonder if you’ve s-offed, rooted your VZW HTC one if it is considered “unlocked”

  • Sporttster

    I would imagine to get it on Verizon you’d have to Safestrap after rooting and sideload it…..not through this app….

  • Jaggari

    Flashing from Recovery still my favorite, no cables involved, no PC involved and recovery backup and restore works. Looks like CM Installer needs you to copy the internal SD card content to an external SD card or PC each time before flashing.

    • donkeykong85

      so this doesnt set up recovery for you? yes i prefer recovery as well so i can install other roms and backup and such.

  • Trevor

    Everytime I see a picture of your Nexus 5, my Nexus 4 gets a little jealous.

  • Terrance Hughes

    I don’t have a Windows PC. So am I out of luck with this?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Don’t have a Windows PC do it the old fashioned way

      • Terrance Hughes

        That’s what I’m trying to avoid and why this app is so appealing.

  • Garrett Ostrom

    Damn…well what about us with Verizon? I have a DNA I have been waiting to use CM Installer on…

    • fauxshizzl

      Did the last update they pushed a month or so back block the root method? I installed it without giving it much thought and right after I did it I remembered I am on Verizon and that probably just screwed me as far as having any control over what my phone runs now.

      • Garrett Ostrom

        Honestly I have no clue. I’m not a tech genius as far as rooting phones go, so I was loving the news when I heard this was coming out because it meant I didn’t have to do much. Not to mention I have a Macbook which is not the ideal root friendly computer.

    • donkeykong85

      i seriously think google and everyone else is giving them the finger.

  • jimbob

    This will work with my Verizon GS4 on the newest firmware, right? Right?? Oh no, wait, those #@$#@$’s at Verizon locked the bootloader. Looks like a nice app, wish I could take it for a test-drive.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      AT&T locked it too. Notice they aren’t on the supported GS4 list either. But yes.. they are both F#@##r’s

  • Steven Berger

    NOOOOO! Every GS4 is supported except for the VZW version.

    • donkeykong85

      welcome to the world of verizon sucking.

      • Tom Christopher

        i just downloaded it on my gs4

  • Khary Anderson

    Just read on Android Police that no Verizon phones are supported due to the locked bootloaders… We need to put an end to this carrier…

    • Daniel Clifford

      Galaxy Nexus (toro) is showing as supported.

      • jimbob

        Bootloader not locked. Google at least won that against Verizon in the whole GN on Verizon debacle. Too bad its 2 years old and also a total piece thanks to VZW. I think most, if not all, Verizon phones that have come out lately have locked bootloaders.

        • Fozzybare

          but the gnex out of the box has a locked bootloader. it is actually unlockable.

  • Mario Williams

    So if I install this with my Verizon S3, is my phone going to implode since it isn’t listed as a supported device?

    • It probably won’t install, and you’d have to do it the old fashioned way.

  • Khary Anderson

    Can someone make this very clear: Does this require root to work?

    Thank you

  • shamatuu

    So this app does the root process and i can install the rom from that app?

  • kaufkin

    Yeah, it’s a Tim Post…..

    …. Steve Kondik, the found of CyanogenMod…

    The found?

    is this a west coast thing?


    • Hey, it’s just me this week and things are piling up! Fixed! 🙂

      • Fozzybare


    • Ryan B

      I see you following the east coast trend of being a dick.

  • Ben Murphy
  • Xious

    Here is the list of compatible devices…

    • GutterIsATool

      Though it’s not currently on there, this list makes me happy that I dropped Verizon for the Nexus 5.

    • VicMatson

      Good find, I wonder if they will list what the mod will do? Example: LG g2(not supported yet but) Fixes the GPS issues on the ATT model.

  • Graham Schiffman

    What is the name of the app

  • Graham Schiffman

    What is the name of the app?

    • sean.yesmunt

      CyanogenMod Installer

      • kaufkin

        NOTE!!! there are several other programs that hit to that name as well. be careful use the direct link above.

  • Greg Morgan

    It’ll be interesting to see if carriers or even google block this app on the play store.

    • Albert

      Google won’t. Thats why they removed root requirements when they went incorporated. That way they can use GAPPS, etc. Carriers may block it though, but I doubt it.

      • Adrynalyne

        Actually, unless they have signed an agreement with Google, they cannot use Gapps.

        The original loophole was that you could backup your gapps and reinstall them if on the same device, not redistribute. Maybe that is what the PC software does. If it does, Google has no reason or grounds to block the app. Even if they did have grounds to, they ignore quite a few rom apps out there.

  • duke69111

    It shows download compatibility from the play store with my VZW G2, G Nexus, Original Kindle fire and OG Droid.

    • Kaufkin

      Nexus7 (2012) as well.

    • grumpyfuzz

      Only actually works on the Galaxy Nexus, the app is just downloadable on any of those phones.

  • Curtis

    Motooooooo X… here we go!