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Video: NVIDIA Showcases Tegra Note Tablet and DirectStylus

Tegra Note 7

Back in September, NVIDIA introduced Tegra Note, a tablet platform and device to show consumers that a powerhouse unit with great features doesn’t need to cost much money. The tablet features a 7″ HD display, Tegra 4 quad-core processor, 5MP rear-facing camera, full stylus, as well as stereo speakers. It’s a great little device, and comes with an even better suggested retail price of just $200. NVIDIA took to the Web recently to show off a few ways to get some major use out of the Note’s Stylus, so have a look down below. 

The device comes running stock Android, and NVIDIA has proven already that they take device updates very seriously. If you think about, this device is just about as good as any Nexus 7 tablet, plus comes with some bonus features and a cheaper price tag. Not a bad offering by any means.

Once availability information is finally made available NVIDIA, we will let you know.


Via: Notebook Italia

  • So basically what the Samsung Note series and LG Vu has implemented on their line of products… Sometimes I just want some tech company to admit that they do all the same thing as the other guys but we call it def instead of abc… and magically they do it better lol

  • Robert the Strong

    Anyone know how this compares to the N7?

    • renz

      So far N7 have better res and more RAM. But looking at N7 spec i haven’t seen other android tablet that able to beat N7 based on spec/price metric. Performance wise Tegra note will definitely be faster due to Tegra 4 and low res than N7

  • Tojen1981

    Last I seen, this had just 1gb of ram. Hard to call this a powerhouse with that in mind. Looks likes a budget tablet at best with stylus capability.

    • Dana W

      With that /CPU GPU? Thats the one in the shield and it screams, I’m buying one and putting my iPad mini away.

    • renz

      The device were intended to be budget tablet no doubt about that. The res and RAM directly reflect that but so far there is no tablet in this price range have cpu/gpu performance this tablet can offer. Also that 1GB is reference spec if nvidia handle this exactly like they did with their gpu they might allow board partner to make little customuzation to the reference design to differenciate their product from other partners. So it’s possible to see the same device with more RAM inside.

      • Crisis

        So far there’s only 2 companies that will be selling the Tegra Note and since this is pretty much a “white label” device you’re not going to see any variations of the reference model.

        • renz

          personally i’d expect all partner will sell the same device without any variation for this device. i’m only talking about possibilities. Maybe not for current Tegra Note but for future product if nvidia intend to do this further in the future. so far only HP (HP Slate 7 Extreme) have different look than other Tegra note but i’d expect the internal to be the same as others.

  • JMonkeYJ

    the responsiveness of the stylus does not look very good… :-/

  • rthvk

    Pretty far off topic, but any plans on doing a KitKat Update List like you did with JB and ICS? I know those helped a lot of people out, so that would be nice

    And, oh, I’ll just pass on this guy. My N7 2013 is laughing. Hard.

  • Yeah, I REALLY want this. I know HP is releasing one of these. Not sure which other companies are rebranding it as their own.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    How can they use the name Note? Isn’t this just asking for a lawsuit from Samsung??

    • Weber

      Pretty sure you can’t patent or trademark a word.

      • dunning-kruger

        Not nouns, no I don’t think so, BUT if Samsung could prove that it causes confusion in the marketplace I think they may be able to win.

        Back in the 70s Gibson and Fender were able to successfully sue a bunch of Japanese guitar manufacturers because of the shape of the headstock and while I do not believe you can patent the shape of a headstock either if you have an iconic one that people use to identify your brand you can win by showing that they are copying you to deliberately mislead consumers.

        I know guitars not law so forgive me if I butchered the law parts.

        • Weber

          I can see that. I wonder if the companies making cheaper versions of the classic guitars have to license the shapes from the companies that made the originals. I know Fender and other companies have their cheaper, non-American versions. I have an SG I’m trying to get rid of, but no one wants to pay haha. It’s at such a good price!

  • Salvationalizm

    Is it fair to say I wouldn’t even consider a note-style tablet unless it’s made or co-developed by Wacom? All of these features are neat, but seem like just a novelty.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Agreed. Hopefully Wacom did not sign some sort of [initial] mobile development exclusivity with Samsung. I would love to have a mini android Cintiq without having to deal with TW.

      • JC Williams

        The site- Tab l e t Sp r i nt — soon has availability of the new Tegra Note and lots of details – worth reviewing

  • Justin_Herrick

    Why is he not using Chrome? Ugh

  • Matthew Merrick

    So… it’s a standard capacitive stylus, just with a wedge shape? Sorry, not impressed.

    • renz

      The stylus is just regular capacitive one but it will work with new tech that comes with Tegra 4 called DirectStylus. The combination of the two should give better experience than using capacitive stylus alone. At least that’s what they say. Need real review to know how well nvidia DirectStylus works

  • willl03

    Nice stylus features working on AOSP, hope it can be ported to Galaxy Notes roms

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    what does “HD” mean?

    • Chingiz Saidov

      I think they mean Full HD

    • Res is 1280 x 800.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        How very last gen nexus 7 of them.

        • Dana W

          Except for the expandability, the decent audio, and the much, much better GPU/CPU.

    • sc0rch3d

      high definition 🙂