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LG G2 Drops to $49 On-contract at Verizon Until November 11 (Whoa: $199 Off-contract at Amazon?)

lg g2 sale

Update:  Forget Verizon for a minute, Amazon is listing the LG G2 as being $199 OFF-contract. Yes, that’s $199 for one of the best phones of the year without a contract. I’d imagine it’s a mistake, but hey, might be worth attempting to buy. (Edit:  AT&T Black G2 is $199 off-contract as well.)

Update 2: Amazon has corrected the pricing. If you got in on the deal, now we wait to see if anyone’s orders ship.

Update 3: Since the Amazon deal is dead, feel free to use coupon code “slick50” during checkout at Verizon to get the phone for free on-contract.

Update 4: Folks are pouring in saying that their devices are shipping from Amazon. That’s great to hear, and we are excited Amazon decided to honor these deals. If your order was canceled, feel free to call them and state the situation. Some are reporting that they are reinstating orders now.

Who here has a new device on its way?

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 7.41.28 AM

If you thought yesterday’s Moto X price cut to $99 at Verizon was a good deal, take a look at the new LG G2 price. How does $49.99 on-contract sound for one of the year’s best phones? As you know, we reviewed the G2 and had very few negative things to say about it. It has a class-leading full HD display, powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, great mobile camera, amazing battery life, and all sorts of productivity tools that are actually useful. It’s easily LG’s best work yet, and is probably one of the reasons we were all so excited for the Nexus 5 to arrive, since it’s loosely based on the G2. 

So the deal is, the LG G2 is $49.99 on-contract from today until November 11. Yes, you only have a few days to get in on this deal action. If you want to buy the phone off-contract, you are looking at $449, which if I’m being honest, is one hell of a deal as well. Most phones this good tend to retail at around $599.

Get to it, if you were looking for a new phone that is.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Louis and R!

  • TJ Walsh

    So as with everyone else, I jumped on this deal and bought a VZ GS4 and sold it to a friend of mine who broke his for $300 about 3 weeks ago. I made a little and he got a good deal.

    Well now I was an idiot and got my phone wet and it is gone. I wanted to see if someone is willing to sell me a phone, GS4, Moto X, LG G2 for around the same price. If interested in the excellent karma you will be receiving, please let me know 🙂 .

  • Nathan Moffitt

    i got my lg g2 for FREE from verizon with a 2 year contract. this is NOT spam. if you’re considering buying 1? ask for the promo code. i don’t remember what it was now? i was chatting with a customer service rep when the lg g2 was $49.99 & he said he could get it for me for free. so make sure you ask if there’s a promo code. i love the phone! especially because i got it for free.

  • MR. B

    I did get my G2 for FREE from Verizon on Sunday, and have been very pleased! Even my teenage son says that someone finally built a non-Apple phone that looks high-end and cool. I last unplugged my phone from the charger 28 hours ago, and I have 43% remaining! I have used social media, taken videos, been on wi-fi about two-thirds of the time, watched YouTube, read Flipboard, streamed a few songs from my Play account, plus the usual phone calls, texts, and email activity. Brightness is set at 60% and vibrate on about 50% of my notifications. Amazing battery life. A good deal at $149, I should be locked-up at $0.

  • bummedout

    My phone just got delayed due to TRAIL DERAILMENT… dang you UPS!!!!!!

  • Colin Huber

    Anybody want to trade me one of these for a G2?

  • DanielMena9

    My phones have shipped ! Free Shipping for me.

    Recap: 2 LG G2 on Verizon were cancelled. 2 LG G2 on AT&T went through . and 2 Moto X on VZW went through

    • arthur2142

      What was the off-contract deal for the Moto X? I missed that one. I did end up getting (2) GS3s, which should arrive in the next hour or so.

      • BSweetness

        The Moto X was $199.

        • DanielMena9

          Exactly. I’m hoping many others didn’t see the deal and I won’t be affected adversely with the excess supply of LG G2’s. I am thinking that I will return my N5 and keep my LG G2; one for a gift and one for my daily driver. The batter life is insane and kit kat is coming later this month or next on it.

  • David Benson

    My LG G2s came in safe and sound on Saturday. I am liking the phone a lot. My only issue is that the knock-on does not work every time and the back buttons are hard to adjust to. I can’t tell yet just by feeling if I am pushing the Volume Up or the power button. Something I was afraid of since the Verizon version is different than all the other version.s

  • joejoe5709

    Bought myself a G2 on contract using the above code for FREE. THANKS DL!! It’s not a Nexus but I’m pretty damn happy. Hoping LG/Verizon gets Kit Kat soon. If not, I’m already rooted and the bootloader is bypassed waiting for a ROM.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    MINE FINALLY SHIPPED! will be here monday

  • fillyo75

    All I got was a tired S3 for $99

    • bholt6

      Same here…Ah well. Still a good deal. My wife currently has a 8gb iPhone 4 so she’ll be extremely happy haha. I think anyways.

    • hkklife

      Tied, yes, but not totally ready to be put out to pasture just yet. The S3 is getting 4.3 later this month or in Dec and unofficial support/development should continue for a long time thereafter. And don’t forget there are probably more third party accessories for that phone than anything out there not made by Apple.

      • fillyo75

        Agreed, but I already had one for over a year, just switched to GS4 last week, bought on Craigslist. Wife still has one, and giving my daughter my old one. Definitely still plenty capable, but a GS4 or Note 3 would have been a better grab.

  • HarvesterX

    Not even gonna read this. Bought mine off contract way back when it was shiny (lol, well still is but..)..Bye!

  • KCCO

    Swappa flooded for sure.. Good luck to everyone. 🙂

  • AndroidCentral

    Guys im on the line with a guy from amazon, He doesnt think anyone else got there phones? He wants a email of someone that got theirs so that I can get the same price. Can anyone help me out. Thx

    • Kelly

      You crazy. No

    • ihtpbp

      I asked for the same thing and nobody jumped. Some community right.

  • mackjao

    Fresh off the boat from the Fedex guy … thanks Droid Life!

  • paticao

    where’s the guy that was here saying that they were going to reroute the package…..

    • bholt6

      I was one of them, bud. That’s what I was told by Amazon when I tried to reinstate my order for the S4. Actually that’s what several people were told. I’m sure some were just trolling, but don’t think everyone is full of it. I was worried when I was told that because I had an S3 on order. It came in today though.

      • Ben Murphy


        Your package with LG G2, Black (Verizon Wireless) is on a carrier vehicle and should be delivered today.

      • paticao

        i know amazon was saying that so you could not argue with them but im glad everybody is getting their orders!!!!! that was for sure one of the best deals of the year only losing to the walmart fiasco…

        • mackjao

          what happened with that one?

          • paticao

            They were selling some TVs that were worth 1400 for like 349 plus some 27 monitors for 8.95 plus a whole bunch of stuff

          • mackjao

            damn that’s freaking awesome … wish i could have cashed in on that one too!

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Swappa is getting over run with people hot sell. Just bought a G2 for $420 cheaper than anywhere else.

  • moelsen8

    got mine delivered today. nice.

  • my5elf

    Hey guys,
    Quick question: My Lg G2 for Att is due to arrive today…any chance I can make this work on Verizon?

    • moelsen8

      umm no

      • my5elf

        There is no way to unlock it? I rather keep it if possible…

        • moelsen8

          no, there’s not.

    • LaFave07

      How much do you want for it? I’ll give you $300+shipping

    • Casey Miller

      I unlocked mine, but I plan on using it with T-Mobile. I don’t think the D800 (AT&T) version has the compatible LTE bands for Verizon.

  • bd1212

    Just took delivery of my Note 3 for $299. Woohoo! Love this glitch. 🙂

  • Louis

    *If you look at the end of this article under “Via” you see “Cheers Louis and R!, Louis that’s me!
    How it all happened, I had woke up early Thursday morning to find that the LG G2 was on sale from Verizon with an off-contract (unlimited data) price of $449.99, I had been looking at this phone for my daughter’s birthday which is on 11 Nov, I was just hoping for a promo code or discount before I made the purchase at $549.99 before taxes, but low and behold a $100 discount. I made the purchase and I immediately contacted Droid Life about this great offer, about an hour or half hour before 7:00am, I then started to play GTA 4 online. Something told me to check back on DL to see if it had been reported yet, it was and I started to read comments and such about Amazon offering these phones off contract for these unbelievable prices, It probably took another ten minutes to register in my mind that I needed to get on Amazon and check this out, it was true of course. I figured 2 LG G2s and 1 Samsung Note 3 would be awesome at those prices and I couldn’t afford much more.
    Well, I guess I should thank Droid Life for my good fortune, my Note 3 ($323.99) made to my house this morning early, which surprised me because I was expecting a late delivery or not at all. FedEx tracking was behind the whole time. Now the two LG G2s that I had ordered on a different order at around 7:00am – 7:30am that morning were cancelled, “bummer”, but that was my fault cause when I put them in the cart they were in stock, then I figured I need to have protective cases for them, so I start looking for cases, found the ones I wanted, which I guess took about ten minutes, went to check out and they were no longer in stock, but it took my order and put it on backorder, put a pending charge on my cc and then later cancelled. Congrats to all that got to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity save money on these expensive phones and to those that were able to get extras to make a profit (I will not hate on them because I wanted to sell my extra LG G2 also for a modest profit.). To those that didn’t, I hope there is another glitch soon, whether it be from Amazon or Verizon, these phones that we want and love are so expensive and I think most people deserve a break, let’s keep our eyes open and if you find a amazing deal please contact Droid Life. Cheers!

  • KCCO

    Delivered in FL.. 🙂 S4

  • mackjao

    On Fedex vehicle for delivery … awesome sauce 🙂

  • Famouz Starz

    Anyone want to trade their g2 for a s4 vzw …..?

  • globster2000

    Moto X on dell.com $200 no fields to input contract? http://forums.androidcentral.com/showthread.php?t=332329

  • SpinDisc

    Anyone willing to trade one of their extra Note 3’s for a GS4 & $200 (Verizon)?

  • Rob

    Was able to get a Galaxy Note 3 on VZW for $272. Decided to open up an amazon credit card and they gave me an additional $50 off and I figured they wouldn’t cancel my order cause of the credit card.

  • bholt6

    Just got notification that mine finally shipped. Also, for those of you on ATT looks like Dell is selling the Moto X off contract for $205 (2nd down from the top).


    • LaFave07

      Still works for me

      • bholt6

        Ah perfect! I’ll remove the edit…my phone must just be acting up.

        • LaFave07

          Hopefully they ship or don’t send an email requiring a new contract or something. There is nothing about a contract on the description though. I ordered 1 white and 2 black.

          • bholt6

            After the Amazon craziness I bet you’ve got a good shot. Did you do next day air? My wife saw me ordering some and shut me down. I guess she doesn’t like profit. My Amazon order should hold me over though.

    • Ben Murphy

      You’ll have yours before me! =)

      • bholt6

        It’s out for delivery. I really can’t believe they let it leave the warehouse. I think Amazon handled this pretty well (other than telling some of us the reroute nonsense). Sounds like everyone who got charged is getting a phone for the most part.

      • bholt6

        Just arrived. We’ll see if I can convince my wife to ditch her iPhone.

        • Ben Murphy

          What phone did you get again?

          • bholt6

            Unfortunately I only came away with an S3. My S4 order was cancelled. But for $100 I’m definitely ok with it. Kinda wish I had a nee model though.

    • LaFave07

      They still haven’t cancelled my order yet! Maybe they will ship them! And they figured out this glitch by the way about 2 or 3 hours after.

  • tylerj

    Anyone intersted in a verizon note 3 for 600? Gonna post on swappa but figured id offer here first.

  • Bob

    Arrived in Newark NJ…should be here tomorrow

  • Nick Floria

    Hell yes just refreshed my ups tracking and it arrived in PA shipping says one more day extremely excited.

  • David Benson

    I have two LG G2s coming tomorrow. I am going to keep mine but if someone wants to trade the 2nd LG G2 for a Moto X let me know. Wife likes her Nexus and she wants to keep on as vanilla Android as possible. Thanks! Oh and Verizon only

    • moelsen8

      if all works out here, i have a white verizon moto x coming. i could be interested in a trade assuming the wifey doesn’t want to swap her black one for it.

      • David Benson

        Let me know

        • moelsen8

          if you knew of a convincing way to swap these so that neither of us has the chance of being screwed by the other, i’d be open to it. big risk to just drop in the mail to someone i don’t know though. if you want to take offline leave your email. located anywhere in the ny/nj area?

  • KCCO

    Goodbye Memphis.. Hello FL.. Tomorrow is my day. 🙂

  • [email protected]

    Have a couple G2s coming Monday, would like to trade for Note 3s. Shoot me an email if you are interested. A like new used Note 3 might be acceptable too

  • Nuggen99

    Verizon G2 in hand, anyone in So Cal interested? $350 or better offer, if you want it shipped that will be extra as well.

  • asorrentino

    Has anybody had their package shipped and in some location or another and an email saying their money was refunded at the same time?

  • stacky

    Welcome Home!!!!!

  • LaFave07

    Anyone have an AT&T G2 they’d like to get rid of for a reasonable price?

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    still farking sitting on Shipping Now. no cancellation, card was charged. says it’ll be here monday, so i’ll have to bite my nails and twittle my thumbs till then. again, congrats to everyone who has theirs in hand. 😀

    • Jason

      Same exact situation. Crossing fingers

      • bholt6

        Had any luck?

        • Alex Coldstone Simon

          still “Shipping Now”.. crossing fingers

          • bholt6

            Looks like you’ll get yours. Mine shipped at around 8 or 9 last night and this is the update this morning.

          • Alex Coldstone Simon

            awesome! mine is still shipping now but it says the estimate is monday, and i did “one day”, kinda weird but whatever… so hopefully tomorrow or today i get some information!

          • bholt6

            Nice! I’m pretty pleased with Amazon and how they handled it.