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BulkyPix Releases Meltdown to Google Play, Arcade Shooter With Co-Op Multiplayer Mode


Game publisher BulkyPix, known for big hits such as Dead Effect and Type:Rider, launched another good-looking game to Google Play this morning titled Meltdown. In this game, you play a typical, hardcore arcade hero complete with a big armor suit and waving red bandana. Once you are suited up, you go through 30 randomly-generated levels of bad guy destruction, and equip big weapons that make the jobs even easier. 

The feature that should have players excited is a co-op cross-platform multiplayer mode, which allows you and three other players to take on the game’s villains together. It’s a pretty impressive offering for the price of free.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the trailer up top, be sure to; there’s some wicked dubstep in there.

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  • mahsa

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  • VialK

    Am i missing something? I don’t see any options on the main menu to start a multiplayer game… does anyone know how to do that?

  • HarvesterX

    “Impressive for free” – is it really though.. My first thought was Gun Bros too until I read it had a more tactical style to it.

  • Daistaar

    Soooooooo….. Is Dub Step really here to stay?!…

    • Trevor

      Let’s hope so.

  • BarkLeesDad

    Looks a lot like Gun Bros…

    • TheDrizzle

      I thought so too. Gameplay is completely different. There is more tactic to Meltdown. Seems like it will be a lot more fun than Gun Bros

      • BarkLeesDad

        Thanks! I’ll give it whirl

  • runner30

    I’m new to android games…how does multiplayer work? Is it over wi-fi?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Android games with an online multiplayer component usually work via wi-fi or 3G/4G. Basically as long as your Android device is connected you’ll be able to play in multiplayer games.

      • runner30

        Great, thanks. This game looks right up my alley. I just need a phone with 4.1+ to play it!

        • Justin W
          • runner30

            Verizon 🙁

            Will upgrade to Moto X on the 11th!

          • kstrickland05

            You won’t be disappointed with the X. I switched to AT&T and got it day 1. Still love it.

          • Justin W

            Picked up the Moto X recently… Can’t be happier with a device. Something about what Moto’s doing with their devices just gets me (and TouchWiz on my Note 3 was horrid, that played a small part in it too). Excited for Project Ara next year though!

          • Jack Jhonson

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          • Justin W

            I’m not clicking on that.

  • Colton

    I love when games get the “cartoon” graphics down. Like it’s not supposed to look real, but it looks GOOD

    • Exactly. Pretty great looking title.

      • New_Guy

        Week executed as well.

    • panicswhenubered

      Yea, I love these kinds of graphics. Kind of like Valve got Team Fortress 2 cartoony graphics with just the right balance.

      • Colton

        that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking!