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Google Makes It Easier to Book Hotels From Your Phone

google hotel search

Google’s Hotel Finder, a service I use almost every single time I travel, is now better suited for mobile browsing. Google updated the hotel-deal-finding site with a mobile UI that makes it easy to sort by price, hotel class, user rating, and distance. They also show you photos, hotel amenities, reviews, and location on a map with a simple tap or two. Once you find a hotel to book, you can do so via partner sites like Priceline, Booking, Orbitz, etc., or quickly check out using the “Buy With Google” button.

So if you are a late booker, simply want a last minute upgrade to new digs, or only have your phone handy for trip planning, feel free to jump in your browser to www.google.com/hotels.

And seriously, I constantly use Hotel Finder on trips, along with Google Flights. These are by far my best travel tools and often tip them to friends and family who are booking vacation or even work travel. With Hotel Finder, you can section off areas of a city you’d like to stay in, sort it by hotel class, check quick reviews, and even see photos. With Flights, you can customize a trip and also see clearly which times and prices will work best for you. Outside of Hotel Finder, Flights is my go-to source for flight booking.

Via:  Google Commerce

  • Brandie Black

    I use to search all the different travel sites for good deals and I finally used this google service and founds some nice kamloops hotels. I like to go on road trips and I need to find a hotel to stay in for each night and this worked perfectly.

  • JMonkeYJ

    I love Hipmunk for flight search. Their UI is really great for very quickly sorting through lots of flights for the best combination of time and price. Also, the tabbed interface makes it easy to run multiple parallel search (for different days, etc.). It’s like a flight search productivity tool!

  • Liquidretro

    Do they automated the filling of information to make it easier yet?

    • Grasshopper239

      Since it is web based and not an app, I assume if you use chrome, the autofill would be functioning

  • eli

    Wow who made that render? Couldent even center the bezels lol.

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    • aBabyPenguin

      lol Pretty painful to look at, eh?

      • eli

        lol as a ocd idiot….yes lol

    • rthvk

      Same guy who made the “Nexus 8”

      • eli

        hahahaha almost forgot about that.

    • Michael

      Not to mention that the top is blue…

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  • Daniel Cabrera
  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Easier than Kayak?

    • Calvin Williams

      That’s what I use. I’m gonna give this a try now.