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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Getting Update to Android 4.3 Today

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According to Sprint’s support forums, the Galaxy Nexus is getting Android 4.3 today. The build is JRO03U.L700GJ04. No other details were provided, but it should happen before long. Obviously, this is for the Sprint model only and not the Verizon variant.

This is the first update the Sprint G-Nex has had since January of this year. That update was to Android 4.2.1.

Things are happening!

Via:  Sprint

  • I am in literal shock. I got the Galaxy Nexus in April and after doing a lot of reading I never expected to see another update, which angered me since this is called a Nexus device.

  • VI

    1. Hurray I finally got an update that fixes a bug that’s been in my phone for 10 months.

    2. I will never buy another CDMA based Nexus again now that I’ve learned “getting updates first” means being a full build behind because the carrier can’t be bothered to approve updates in a timely manner.

    What was that? Sprint announced they are offering the Nexus 5? Sorry .. I’m buying off contract and going to T-Mobile.

  • BTLS

    Verizon’s should be coming tomorrow then, right?

  • DanSan

    every VZW galaxy nexus owner just stepped in front of train.

  • Adam Truelove
  • imHOWIE

    Someone please tell me that they see the irony that a Nexus phone, the phones that were supposed to be the first devices to receive new Android updates, is getting the last update on the day when everyone thinks the next version of Android is supposed to be announced and maybe released.

  • Soooo … any hope for us poor saps on Verizon?

  • Sprint is incorrect. It’s JWR67B.L700GJ04. JWR67B is a build we’ve never seen before.

    • thanks for the link, however when i tried installing it says im missing PartnerBookmarkProvider.apk but i never removed that if it existed.

      • Then some root app you use either modified or removed the file. You’ll need to get a clean copy from the stock JOP40D.L700GA02 ROM. I’d give the file to you but I don’t own a Sprint Gnex.

        • i got the file back by installing gapps but now missing another one so i think im better off just flashing the 4.2.1 image when i get home then update from there. 😛

  • Jon Youngblood

    I’m excited to be leaving VZW in the dust in January!

  • finally

  • edmicman

    I had a conspiracy-theory-to-myself that part of the “delay” for KitKat was that Verizon would be announcing a day-of update to 4.4 for their Galaxy Nexus when KitKat was released.

  • Droid Ronin

    This is not the Nexus 5. Does not compute.

  • Menger40

    Depending on official updates for your Nexus = Doing it wrong

    • a3uge

      Galaxy Nexus isn’t really a Nexus. Can’t really do anything about not having the official 4.3 binaries. What you end up with are bugged AOSP ROMs which have bad data drop issues in 4.3.

    • edmicman

      Apple does it, why is it so wrong to want the same experience with updates with Android phones as you get with iPhones? I shouldn’t have to be tied to a specific carrier or have to hack my phone to get updates that are released by the manufacturer of the OS.

      • Menger40

        Why wait for the official updates when you don’t have to?

        • a3uge

          You still have to wait for the binaries to get posted if you want a stable ROM.

          • Menger40

            You guys are right, shows what I know. I didn’t realize the Sprint Gnex 4.3 binaries weren’t available. I have the Verizon version, so my experience has been different.

            I got owned. +10 points to Chase Johnson, a3uge, and edmicman.

          • a3uge

            What ROM are you on?

          • Menger40
          • a3uge

            Haha, that’s what I’ve been using. Wouldn’t call it very stable. Until 4.3.1 it had horrible data drop/transferring issues (3G to 4G to WiFi). My BT still doesn’t work right. Tons of people there switched back to the 4.2 version. They just posted VZW official binaries, so hopefully he fixes some of these issues. Not really the ROM’s fault, more so the carriers fault for not releasing official binaries in a reasonable time frame.

          • Menger40

            My Gnex has always been pretty bad with data handoffs, so I probably have lowered expectations on that front. 😛

            I had a lot of jittery lag on 4.2, especially during app updates, but 4.3 cleared that up (I’m guessing FSTRIM helped). I use BT every day in the car and mine’s been good, but I have read a lot of forum posts of people with BT issues on this phone.

          • a3uge

            I don’t know if it was just the clean wipe, 4.3, or the ROM, but I have very little lag right now whereas in the past I had a considerable amount of lag. Funny, because everyone I know who has owned a Galaxy S3 has complained about the lag.

    • when they dont release binaries for the new software that makes it kinda hard.

  • JZ

    They must have heard you talking about it on the DL Show last night!

  • Dan


  • JimmyHACK

    And the winner is Verizon Galaxy S4!!! (such an embarrassment for “nexus” name)

  • Robert Willis

    Time to go dig out my old “Hate you Verizon” comments from previous D-L posts.

    • Sergio Bridgett

      I’m very pleased not to have to do that anymore….however my Gnex was on Verizon …and it was rooted…still.


  • zzz525

    I bet it needs to be updated to 4.3 to be able to be updated to 4.4 …. VZW NEXUS LIVES ON!!!

    • The Galaxy Nexus won’t be getting KitKat via an official OTA. You might get it via CyanogenMod or some other custom ROM, but the idea of an official Galaxy Nexus KitKat OTA is fantasy. Sorry.

      • BobbyG

        and why is that?

        • Because Google, historically, has never supported more than one hardware generation back with official OTAs. With the launch of the Nexus 5, the Galaxy Nexus is now two generations behind. Therefore, 4.3 was its last update.

          • Adam Truelove

            The Nexus S got 4.1 right from Google.


          • Of course it did. When 4.1 was released in July 2012, it and the Galaxy Nexus were the two most recent generations. The Nexus 4 wouldn’t launch until November and it launched with 4.2, which the Nexus S didn’t get because, at that point, it was 2 generations behind.

  • KleenDroid


    • Mort

      I love you, KleenDroid. Please bear my children.

      • Sirx

        What?! Why is he getting group……he didn’t do any…I could do that too……THAT’S IT, I’M LEAVING! *storms out*

        • Mort

          Woah, woah… come back. There’s plenty of the Mort to go around.


      • KleenDroid

        get in line

    • Menger40

      Never change, Kleendroid. Never change.

  • RhinoShock

    This isn’t the nexus 5!

  • Rock_Kickass

    Whoa, didn’t see that coming.

  • Mayoo

    BWHAHAHAHAHA what an insult. Worst timing ever!

    • miri

      Insult?! This is amazing! We’ve been waiting for the update forever and while it’s not Kitkat, at least we’re in on the update fun.

    • How do you figure that? The Galaxy Nexus won’t be getting KitKat, so this will be the Gnex’s last update.

      • Mayoo

        How do you figure that? KitKat is optimized for low specs and 512 memory or more. I wouldn’t be surprise if they go as far as update the Nexus S.

        • Dude, look at history. Google does not EVER support more than one hardware generation back with official OTAs. With the launch of the Nexus 5, the Galaxy Nexus is now two generations back. Therefore it will not be receiving KitKat. Period. The end. As for the Nexus S, its last update was 4.1.2 and it will not receive another one barring some major security patch, which would just result in Android 4.1.3.

          • Mayoo

            Turns out you were right. Honors to you good sir.

        • zachos

          The Galaxy Nexus won’t be getting KitKat because the transparent status bar and nav bar in KitKat would bring too much attention to the horrible burn-in created by two years of black bars on an amoled screen!

          • Robert Willis

            I have serious Waze burn in after 2 years of Wazing. Sucks.

          • a3uge

            Rotated screen to landscape. No burn…