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Nexus 5 Shipping Estimates Already Slipping to November 8

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The Nexus 5 went live on Google Play at 11AM Pacific this morning in both black and white, and with 16GB and 32GB storage options. It’s now just past noon and we’re seeing shipping dates creep out. Initial orders were showing a shipping date of 11/5, but now all Play listings for the new Nexus show a November 8 date. I’d say it’s pretty obvious that Google sold through most of their initial stock within an hour. That’s impressive.

Did you get your order in on time?

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  • Jose Portillo

    Got my N5 16 gb! but ship date is in 3 or 4 weeks 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • p

    my nexus 5 has shipped on 1st november.

  • TorontoTim

    My 32GB black model was ordered on launch day with a shipping est. of Nov 8. It shipped today, and is scheduled to be delivered Nov 6 – to Canada. Origin is Louisville KY. UPS.

  • pun

    What is the total cost including shipping and tax for nexus 5???

    • Answer man

      It varies depending on your location and if you get the 16/32. The 16 is 349 and the 32 is 399. So figure the cost of tax for your location, 5.6% for me and then shipping was 9.99

  • Zim

    Nov. 8th – is now pending

  • I ordered at 11:20 PST and got a Nov. 8 shipping estimate. It hasn’t shipped yet since I haven’t gotten a shipping email or been charged.

  • zorg

    Just ordered a 16gb black version. Shipping date is 11/22/13 though!!! 🙁

  • Chris Caldwell

    anyone know how many sold?

  • suxenevif

    3 to 4 week wait time now. This phone was gobbled up quick. Mine ships the 8th

  • GentlemanScholar

    It’s weird. I ordered two 32GB (one black and one white) and my white one has a ship by date of Nov 5, but my black one says “pre-ordered”. What gives?

  • Caveman

    Now 3-4 weeks as of 4:00pm PST

  • Sunny

    Ordered my 16gb Black N5 around 2:30 PM (EST). Email lists ship date BY Nov 8th. It also states that I will not be charged until my order ships. However, I was charged within an hour of my order. I wonder if I will receive mine earlier? I can only hope!

    • Dan Guy

      Same here…

    • Isn350

      I was charge the in less the 10 min after I order, I placed my order in 11:12 AM PST

    • Answer man

      Same with me as well!

  • Sunny

    Ordered my 16gb Black N5 at 2:32 PM (EST) and mine says ships BY Nov 8. My confirmation email states that I will not be charged until it ships. I checked my card and was basically charged within minutes of my order. I wonder if that means it will ship earlier? 🙂

  • Sahil

    How much does the device cost? Nexus 5 32GB after tax and shipping?

    • Dan Guy

      Mine was 436 and some change after tax and 2 day-shipping. I think 3-5 day shipping is 4 dollars cheaper.

  • hassan

    anybody else having trouble ordering mine says cant start purchase due to technical issue and the date shows 8 nov

  • Miles Prower

    I ordered mine almost two hours ago, and Google Play gave me a screen stating they were having difficulty fulfilling orders, so I should check my email for confirmation in 15 minutes. Almost two hours later, I finally received confirmation that the order went through, and I should expect the Nov 8 ship date.

    • R33NA

      Same thing happened with me when i ordered a little over an hour ago. Good to know they still could confirm it.

  • Technician199

    My black 32gb is still listed as pending for a 11/08/13 ship date. Hope it will process and Google doesn’t cancel. Can’t wait to leave Verizon!

  • Javier Irizarry

    and they are now sold out….

    • Drew Moody

      In 16g but they still have 32g.. Also, the site has been pretty on/off so be sure to take a second look at it.

  • Drew Moody

    I got the 16g without hesitation when it first went live, and now I’m pretty worried I should’ve gotten the 32g.. Is 16g going to be enough? And what if I want to root it and etc. Never done it but looks fun? Or can you even with these (since there is no sd, right?)
    Also, what size sim will I need if for straight talk or AIO Wireless? And which of the two should I go for!?

    • Answer man

      Well using the cloud with Google taught me I was able to survive with a 16GB nexus 4 but I have no idea how much space 4.4 will take up. Im sure youll be fine.

  • Pdiddy187

    I ordered a 32GB black and the transaction failed the first time so I did it again. Play now shows that I have two devices shipping, but the receipt only shows I paid for one. Not perfect, but much better. Nov. 5th ship date as well.

    • Drew Moody

      I ordered one and then wanted to switch the order to the 32g one so I went to order that.. It told me my card had been declined (which definitely isn’t possible, especially considering that the 1st order went through and the 2nd did not – yet they don’t charge you until your order ships so how can my first order be OK but the 2nd one not be? and there is plenty of money in there)???

      • Pdiddy187

        I just got off the phone with support and they can’t cancel either of my orders. I was told to refuse delivery on one of the orders and I would be refunded in about two weeks.

  • Andrew

    Purchased mine about a minute after, November 5th shipping baby!

  • Vetal

    got confirmation email at 11:05 32GB Black. Ships by 11/05

  • nivek31

    When I added it to my cart it said 1-2 business days. By the time I checked out it moved to November 8.

  • Also, no 4.4 official for Galaxy Nexus, per Google’s support docs.

  • What type of SIM? I’m seeing conflicting reports online. Am I missing it on support info on Play Store?

  • Droidzilla

    Got mine when it was still 1-2 days. Thanks, Droid Life!

    • jnt

      same here – was completed before the first comment on that thread… but then the email confirm I got still says “by Nov 5”

      surely they ship them in the exact same order they were ordered online right? 🙂

      • Droidzilla

        I can’t imagine them shipping them any other way.

  • xyzlene

    16 gig – SOLD OUT!!!

  • tvBilly

    Yup, got my 32GB black in with an 11/5 ship. Ordered 10 minutes after the release.

  • chris125

    Go figure Google didn’t have enough stock again. No surprise

    • Jeff

      Not necessarily a stock issue. It might just be that they have so many orders they need more time to ship them all.

  • I have the HTC One and I’m very happy with it but as a former Galaxy Nexus owner, I’m happy for the GNex owners that they can finally upgrade to something worth spending the money for a pure Google Experience phone.

    If the reviews about the camera are great, than I may consider buying this in the future. I’m just looking forward to Kit Kat and Sense 6.0 update from HTC.

  • JDMendiola

    hardest decision of my life . white or black ? currently have the all white moto x

  • J Dub

    Black 16GB actually states OOS. No more ordering that one.

  • Toto’s Dewclaw

    How can you say it’s impressive that they’ve sold out when you have NO CLUE as to how many units they had available? If they sold 1,000 in 45 minutes, is that REALLY IMPRESSIVE????

    Also, the dates being pushed out could have nothing to do with availability- rather it could be driven by the amount of time it takes for them to be picked in the warehouse, packaged, and shipped.

    Two Thumbs Up on the Hype-beasting, though!!

    • moelsen8

      it’s impressive they kept the website up all this time, at least. 4th time’s a charm, i guess.

  • lembowski

    16gb Black out of stock

  • code_vii

    I got mine! Of course, I was sitting here waiting all day, so I had my confirmation by 14:09 Eastern, kinda glad I was paying attention…

  • Tyler Kevin Powell

    Got the 32GB White back with a Nov 5th ship date. I am finally jumping off the verizon boat.

    • Don Crist

      Yea you rite!

    • Mike Hilal


    • Me too. Dropping my unlimited stuck with an HTC Thunderbolt. Talk about a device upgrade!

      • capecodcarl

        What do you mean by that? Are you staying with Verizon until your contract runs out?

        • My contract has been up for over a year.

          • capecodcarl

            I’m jealous! 5 more months for me on this crappy carrier until I can jump to T-Mobile and a Nexus 5. 🙁

          • happy0506

            You guys should call Verizon and see what your penalty would be to get out early. On my Verizon contract, they reduce my penalty $10 a month for the time I was a customer. I got out 5 months early for $50.

          • Stephen D

            I just looked it up, and you’re right, it’s reduced $10 a month. My contract is up in February. Maybe I’ll be switching sooner than I thought.

          • longshotx17

            Or you can do an AoL. People would actually pay you to switch your contract over to them, assuming you grandfathered unlimited data

      • JRomeo

        you don’t have to drop unlimited. T-Mobile still offers unlimited, no throttling, no data caps.

    • jnt

      Ok I have a very nitpicky question – does it say it specifically will ship on Nov 5, or it will ship BY Nov 5?

      • nivek31

        Mine says it will ship BY Nov 5…

      • Junaid Ansari

        It says leaves warehouse. I am assuming that’s when its going to be shipped. For me its Nov 8th

        • ButcherChop

          I got Nov. 8th too.

          • michael arazan

            Google Play store officially stating 2-3 weeks for shipping and will notify when it ships

          • Answer man

            It said 2-3 and 3-4 weeks for the Nexus 5 but I bought mine within the first hour, which said 1-2 days….so you add the weekend and you get November 5!

    • Christopher Heuer

      Me too, got a t-mobile pre-paid SIM on the way until I can figure out how to get my wife’s phone off of vzw too. Probably going to end up paying the ETF ’cause the monthly savings will be worth it.

      • Brian Lawrence

        I’m in the same boat. Buying two new Nexus 5’s and paying the ETF will still be cheaper over a two year period by getting service from T-Mo. I figure it’ll be about $600 in savings. It’ll be even bigger if I can manage to keep the phones for longer than two years.

    • Rohan

      Mine ships by Nov 5th. So, I hope it cane be done on or before that.

    • Simon Belmont

      Got the same one and same ship date. I ordered my white 32GB at precisely 2:02 PM EST (11:02 AM PST).

      I am already on T-Mobile. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

  • J Dub

    Mine said shipping within 1-2 days. Then said estimated ship day was 11/5. When I went back a little while later the black 16GB said shipping estimate was 11/8. Other’s showed the initial 1-2 days.

  • Guy Pierce

    I don’t care. My dream has come true.

  • grumpyfuzz

    off topic but, moto g is just a cheap moto x https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/395988463364743168

  • xzero425x

    Will this be sold at carry stores for a cheaper price on contract? I wanna leave big red. Do i buy this phone goto T-mobile and get something with them?

    • Godzilla

      im sure the carriers will carry them yes. Just like the 4

      • xzero425x

        Alright ty. I guess ill just sit here and impatiently wait till a carry picks them up and rush to the store, ugh

        • Godzilla

          Do you realize that if you have a Best buy card or whatever that you can buy it with that and it’s the same thing as buying from T mobile and using the payment plan? Just saying. Plus you get Best Buy points for it.

    • LionStone

      T-Mo carried the N4 but it was more than in the Play Store for off contact price.

    • Droidzilla

      It’s cheaper on contract with T-Mo, but you’ll end up paying WAY more in the long run. Just get it unlocked from Google or Best Buy and go get a prepaid or contract (with no ETF) post-paid with T-Mobile, Straight Talk, or something like.

  • ben

    11/8 32gb Black — Bye! Verizon

  • NTorres

    mine still says 11/5, got the google play receipt at 1:04:13 CDT for a 16gb black. I was a little hesitant because the play store site was not refreshing at 1pm yet there was a link on reddit that worked. I wasn’t sure if it was legit. I didn’t pull the trigger until I hit the link from Droid Life, thanks guys!

  • Kofi Williams

    I bought a black 16GB because I didn’t see option to choose. Cancelled found option to white 32GB and still got the 5th.


    I got mine and my girlfriends, said the 8th

  • Drome

    Oct 31, 2013 11:03 AM order for 32gb. i imagine i got 11/5. how do i check?

    • Jeff

      In your Google Play account, there is a link in your confirmation e-mail. Mine still says “Leaves warehouse by November 5, 2013.”

      • Justin

        Does yours still say “Pending?”

        • Jeff


          • Drome

            I didnt get a confirmation email

        • LionStone

          It won’t charge until it ships out…

        • Mike Hilal

          Pretty sure they all do at this point. They’re prob trying to match up with stock. If mine doesn’t fulfill this round, I’m cancelling.

        • Drome

          mine still says pending

      • Miguel Zamora Oceguera

        Mine also says pending 🙁

  • Razball

    Got mine in and it says 5th but I chose 3-5 because I just kept clicking trying to get it quickly lol

  • omar
    • Godzilla

      are you nuts?

      • omar

        arent we all? why do you ask?

        • Godzilla

          true enough

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Thanks for the email. Copious amounts of pictures of my buttballs are coming your way.

      • Godzilla


      • omar

        thanks i guess. give me a clue before i open any of them up. what are buttballs? have your balls fused to your butt?

        • Droidzilla

          You’ll know from the picture.

        • Dr_Buttballs

          No thanks needed, it’s more of a public service I like to do. As far as your question about what buttballs are, you’ll know soon enough.

      • mustbepbs

        You gonna learn him how to play some buttball?

        • Dr_Buttballs

          I reckin so.

    • eazy

      I’ll send you a picture of me enjoying my nexus 5

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    Mine still says 5th… http://i.imgur.com/8qauR3d.png

  • Blunt Trauma ™

    Dayum, ordered and had ship date of 11/5. Then I read that tmobile might have it, so i cancelled and called them. They said a few weeks, so i re-ordered and now my shipping date is 11/8. Oh well.

    • Meltdown07

      I did the same there here… Frustrated. Hoping maybe Amazon comes through and I’ll cancel my play order again. I hate paying shipping and taxes.

      • J Dub

        Agreed. If Amazon puts the nexus 5 up today or tomorrow I will cancel with Play and go to Amazon.

        • ArrowCool

          Hopefully today, and I will do the same. They (Amazon) are going to start charging taxes for MA residents tomorrow.

  • afunyunyuun

    I got it in early enough that my order shows November 5, 2013.

  • MikeSaver

    Well, if I decide to switch from Verizon, I can probably goto Best Buy and find the Nexus 5 in stock there. I highly doubt there will be such high demand that they will sell out.

  • Luxferro

    Kinda misleading title. They were initially listed ‘In Stock’ and shipping in 2 days. After initial sales it now doesn’t say in stock, and the shipping date is pushed out.. to me that says the initial stock sold out, and the next wave is to come in soon and cover the nov 8th date.

  • Don Crist

    Credit card charged and on its way. Black 16gb! Hello NEXUS, Good bye mean old Verizon.

    • Prox

      mine still says pending, how early did you order? I ordered about 2 minutes after it went live.

      • Don Crist

        I got the email at 1:06 CDT. So 6 minutes after it went on sale. The Biggest thing is if they have charged your card. If so it is in the process of shipping. They never charge until it is shipping.

  • GutterIsATool

    Bah. I was at lunch. By the time I got back to my desk, it was only showing the 11/8 ship date. I didn’t know there was an early one. Now I’m bummed.

  • stockandroidguy

    Ordered 32GB Black can’t wait! 11/5 ship date

  • Nothing I didn’t expect. I’m curious if this will have effects on the timeframe for getting these to retailers (BestBuy, Amazon, etc).

    • Godzilla

      I’d laugh if Best Buy has them tomorrow

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    All but the 32gb white were showing the 8th as of 225 eastern time.

  • zurginator

    Anyone know how to contact Google about accurate dimensions on this beast? I’d like to make my own case via 3D printing…

    • PuttsMoBilesiCit

      If you need general support for your order, visit the Google Play Help Centeror call 1-855-836-3987

      • Connor M

        The phone line has been giving me a busy signal since 3:00 when I first tried calling.

    • Pierito

      That is one cool comment you’ve made there. You’ve been thumbed.

  • Godzilla

    That’s why i keep saying Best Buy. They always seems to have more stock than the play store. Chromecast for example.

    • N7 (2013) case in point. I got there on launch day and they had a mountain of them.

    • stockandroidguy

      The question is will they keep the 350 price point?

      • Godzilla

        I dont see why they wont.

        • stockandroidguy

          I think they would wan’t to sell it on contract with sprint or tmobile

          • Godzilla

            eh, i guess we’ll have to see.

      • I wouldn’t expect a price drop before 2014.

        • Godzilla

          he means best buy charging more than the play store

    • jnt

      any clue when they’ll get them in stock? somehow I’ve missed a timeframe in all this news chaos…

      • Godzilla

        when my neighbor tells me ill tell you

    • JRomeo

      Why can’t I find this at best buy? when will they start selling these?

  • Adam Wells

    Got a 32GB white with a 11/5 ship date.

  • KleenDroid


  • xyzlene

    managed to snag one. shipping date november 5th.

  • Chris Hilbert

    My 32 gb black has an estimate, but my 32 gb white says Pre-Order. They were both ordered in the first 1 or 2 minutes of the site being up.

    • billy

      Same. Ordered a Nexus 5 32gb and a Chromecast, both estimated for 11/5 shipment originally. Chromecast still says 11/5, but phone simply says “Pre-ordered.”

    • interstellarmind

      My 32gb black says Pre-Order and my 32gb says shiping 11/5.

      I, like you, ordered both in the first 1 or 2 minutes of it going live.

    • Matt

      I’m beginning to wonder if this has something to do with ordering two phones. I also ordered two (both 16 GB, one black, one white) and the black one says “leaves warehouse by November 5th,” the white one just says “pre-ordered.” I actually emailed Google support about it late last night, so I’m interested to see what their response will be.

      Edit: Also ordered mine within the first few mins. My order confirmation email is timestamped at 2:07 EST.