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Nexus 5 Shipping Estimates Already Slipping to November 8

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The Nexus 5 went live on Google Play at 11AM Pacific this morning in both black and white, and with 16GB and 32GB storage options. It’s now just past noon and we’re seeing shipping dates creep out. Initial orders were showing a shipping date of 11/5, but now all Play listings for the new Nexus show a November 8 date. I’d say it’s pretty obvious that Google sold through most of their initial stock within an hour. That’s impressive.

Did you get your order in on time?

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  • Jose Portillo

    Got my N5 16 gb! but ship date is in 3 or 4 weeks 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • p

    my nexus 5 has shipped on 1st november.

  • TorontoTim

    My 32GB black model was ordered on launch day with a shipping est. of Nov 8. It shipped today, and is scheduled to be delivered Nov 6 – to Canada. Origin is Louisville KY. UPS.

  • pun

    What is the total cost including shipping and tax for nexus 5???

    • Answer man

      It varies depending on your location and if you get the 16/32. The 16 is 349 and the 32 is 399. So figure the cost of tax for your location, 5.6% for me and then shipping was 9.99

  • Zim

    Nov. 8th – is now pending

  • I ordered at 11:20 PST and got a Nov. 8 shipping estimate. It hasn’t shipped yet since I haven’t gotten a shipping email or been charged.

  • zorg

    Just ordered a 16gb black version. Shipping date is 11/22/13 though!!! 🙁

  • Chris Caldwell

    anyone know how many sold?

  • suxenevif

    3 to 4 week wait time now. This phone was gobbled up quick. Mine ships the 8th

  • GentlemanScholar

    It’s weird. I ordered two 32GB (one black and one white) and my white one has a ship by date of Nov 5, but my black one says “pre-ordered”. What gives?

  • Caveman

    Now 3-4 weeks as of 4:00pm PST

  • Sunny

    Ordered my 16gb Black N5 around 2:30 PM (EST). Email lists ship date BY Nov 8th. It also states that I will not be charged until my order ships. However, I was charged within an hour of my order. I wonder if I will receive mine earlier? I can only hope!

    • Dan Guy

      Same here…

    • Isn350

      I was charge the in less the 10 min after I order, I placed my order in 11:12 AM PST

    • Answer man

      Same with me as well!

  • Sunny

    Ordered my 16gb Black N5 at 2:32 PM (EST) and mine says ships BY Nov 8. My confirmation email states that I will not be charged until it ships. I checked my card and was basically charged within minutes of my order. I wonder if that means it will ship earlier? 🙂