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Nexus 5 Orders Already Shipping!

nexus 5 official

Whoa, Nexus 5 orders are already shipping just hours after some of you placed your orders. Ours have yet to ship, but at least three readers have pinged us with shipment notifications. Assuming you all placed your order with 2-3 shipping, you could have your phone by Monday. Good job, Google, you may have done a launch right.

If yours has shipped, let us know which model you ordered and what your shipping parameters were.

nexus 5 order

Cheers @BillStebbins, @mpetty423 and Droidzilla!

  • WooChop

    32GB Black Nexus 5. Shipping says it shipped Friday and should be delivered Tuesday, November 5, but the most recent status says “Departed Hodgkins, IN” on Saturday at 5AM. Status hasn’t changed as of 3:30PM CST on Monday, November 4. It was standard ground shipping to Minnesota, but the lack of updates since Saturday has me worried.

  • gregcoonie

    32gb white ordered on thursday has shipped waiting for the delivery… hopefully will get it tomorrow

  • ArunNexus4to5

    Tax – $33.49 USD in IL… My device has been shipped and should have it by tomorrow. 32 GB White Nexus 5

  • Shane Draper

    $92.70!!!! tax in UK and $16 shipphing a 32gb cost me $556.26

  • Erik

    Just shipped this morning, which really means it hasn’t shipped because it’s Sunday =p. Will ship tomorrow, and will probably arrive Tuesday. Excited! 32GB Black

  • NewNexusUser

    Mine has shipped (which surprised me) because it had said it wouldn’t ship till the 8th. It’s scheduled to arrive by Wednesday.

    Ordered the…
    White Nexus 5 16GB
    w/ normal standard shipping!

    • NewNexusUser

      P.S. Paid $21.54 in taxes and 9.99 in shipping

  • Daniel

    Mine already shiped! Black, 16Gb.

  • David Gray

    I ordered mine at about 7:15am on Friday (Melbourne time). It’s currently Monday, and my parcel is in Australia, apparently in the hands of the “authorized agent” who will be making the final delivery.

    I didn’t order the Nexus 4 when it came out (I had only just got my Galaxy Nexus around that time) but it sounds like the launch was much smoother. There are delays in shipping units that were ordered later, but nothing too drastic (shipping later this week)

  • Sandy

    I just ordered mine and it says “ships in 2-3 weeks” Oh dear!!!!

  • rlorenz

    Mine had an expected ship date of 11/15, and it just shipped! Ordered at 6:30 PM after work

  • Michael Robinson

    I ordered min at 4pm mst on Halloween and just got an e-mail this morning that it shipped. It had previously stated Nov. 15th, so it looks like they are shipping fast.

  • Kaenon

    Ordered a white 32GB at 3:02pm EST launch day and just got the shipping notice today at 4:14pm EST

  • newgen87

    Just got my shipping notification today and my est ship date was by November 8th, this is for the 32gb White! Sooooo Excited already ordered some other cases too!

  • theNewerYork Press

    mine just shipped 🙂

  • nexusonthebrain

    My 32gb black was bought with the November 8th ship by date, just got the email that the shipping label was produced this morning!!!!

  • Mallahet

    Just got an email confirming my shipment last night! No actual tracking yet, so the same label printed that others have had. Ordered the 32gb Black at 5pm CST on Thursday. My order on Google’s page still says leaving warehouse by 11/15, but I have the shipment confirmation email.. So maybe it’s shipping soon, or on the 15th?

  • tgfjljgc

    Don’t cry The price in Finland is about 530€ – 650€ which is 715$-877$….and you guys say You have big taxe’s

  • tdot321

    $50 tax in toronto think you guys have problems ?

  • nnyan

    Just got my shipping confirmation email at 1:54am this morning. Order was for 32GB black with 2nd day shipping to California (total was $446.91). Checking the tracking number it indicates a label was created but has not shown up in their facility yet.

  • Joe Mihalich

    Mine shipped on Friday. Did 2 day shipping. I ordered it around 1pm on day it was available.

  • Keith0606

    My shipping confirm just hit early this morning and I placed the order at 2:11 on Thursday.

  • Iyvin Benjamin

    I just looked at my tracking number and it shows that it will be delivered tomorrow by the end of the day

  • The article is confusing. The screenshot says “ships by Nov 5” which is a Tuesday. It also shows the customer chose 2 day shipping, which is by far one of the fastest methods. If it ships on tuesday, with a 2 day shipping the earliest one can get a Nexus 5 is a Thursday or Friday Nov 7-8. Not moday. Am I missing something?

    • Karthik

      Mine also says ships by Nov 5. But got a mail from google play saying the order has already shipped. Its a case of early delivery by google 🙂

  • Karthik

    Ordered from Durham, NC. The order has already shipped B-) Tax still high at 25 bucks :-/

  • Shawn Magm

    Ordered a 32 GB Black within 2-3 hours. Got estimated shipping date of 11/8, but got notice today (Friday ~ 20:00) that it shipped.

  • Darien Folden

    32$ in tax New York 🙁

  • Jess B

    My black 32 GB shipped from KY today, 2 day to MD with delivery expected Monday.

  • Joseph Williams

    Got a shipping email last night around 2AM (ET). 2-day to PA.

  • Evan

    white 32gb got confirmation that it shipped last night.

  • me

    I received the Gmail showing that my order had shipped, Black 32GB Nexus 5. I did the 2-day shipping. They’re using UPS, so delivery on Saturday is unlikely. I should be receiving the phone Monday night.

    Now the question is, What do I do with my LG G2?

    • vincent scala

      selling my G2 on craigslist for 350 already got like 10 people interested in buying

  • JeffColorado

    Mine has not yet shipped =(

    • John Motschenbacher

      same here….wtf my order was complete 7 min after launch

  • heroooooooorara

    Anyone else having the tracking not show up? I’ve clicked the tracking link in the email and says cant find my shipment. I NEEDS DA NEXUS NAO!

  • markgbe

    Google did a very good job with this roll out. Mine shipped, can’t wait to get it.

  • trwb

    Anyone’s still not ship yet? Ordered mine early yesterday.

    • grumpyfuzz

      Did you get two day or ground? Yours could have shipped by now, since you made this comment 6 hours ago. But mine still hasn’t shipped with ground.

      • trwb

        My shipping was 3-5 days, which is ground I believe. Mine still has not shipped yet unfortunately.

        • Adham Naiem

          Same here 32GB,White ordered at 2:20 PM Thursday. got (3-5 day shipping) still hasn’t shipped. If I knew they were processing all the 2 days first i would shelled out for the extra 4 bucks

          • ilovetechnology

            I ordered at 2:12pm ET with two day shipping and mine hasn’t shipped yet.

          • ilovetechnology

            For what it’s worth: both my orders (one at 2:12pm and the other at 2:17pm eastern) have now shipped. Hopefully they get here Tuesday!

        • grumpyfuzz

          Mine shipped! Ordered at 2:11 eastern, shipped 9:30 today.

          • trwb

            Mine finally shipped too!

  • Tony Byatt

    Ooops, couldn’t wait until next week…

    Ordered a white 32GB, no tax in Louisiana…

    Now the wait begins, listed at 2-3 weeks but the money has already been taken from my account, maybe it’ll ship sooner…fingers crossed…

  • Humberto

    any of you guys with shipping notifications getting a log from UPS yet? any delivery dates listed?

  • Daniel Garcia

    Got the notice last night that both the White and black I ordered are shipping. 🙂

  • Jeff

    Nexus 5 (32GB, Black) – Shipped (2 day shipping)

    • JayBeeZee

      Cheers! I also ordered around 1:05 Central and it has shipped.

      Or at least a tracking label has been generated so UPS pickup is imminent.

  • 16GB black ordered at 11:20 PST with 2-day delivery, on its way.

  • jesse

    32gb white , Austin Texas, ordered 11:06 am pst. Shipped receipt 9:52 pm pst. 2 business day delivery.

    Switching from Verizon to Tmobile. Goodbye verizon unlimited data, it was a good run.

  • Frank

    Mine just shipped. 16 gig Black. Ordered at 2:03 EST. Shipped at 12:52 EST. 2 day shipping to New York. Still not in UPS’s system so not sure when arrival is yet.

  • Suby

    Just got my shipping email. 16gb black here. Ordered at 2:06 pm est. 1-2 day shipping

  • Vetal

    Just got my tracking # 32gb black. Order went through 11:05:07pacific. 2 day shipping. This is way better than last year’s nexus 4 purchase.

  • Allan

    Just got my shipped confirmation at 9:38 PM PST and I ordered at 11:20 AM PST. Good enough for me!

  • cromo8

    Where is it shipping from

    • Mine says

      Google Inc.
      1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
      Mountain View
      United States

    • Allan

      Depends where you live. I’m sure they have more than one distribution center. Mine is coming from Louisville, KY.