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Galaxy Nexus Will Not Receive Android 4.4 “Kit Kat”

galaxy nexus verizon

For the most part, today is a day of cheer and joy in the tech world. Whenever Google announces a new version of Android and a new Nexus phone, we can’t help buy throw our own little party. But if you happen to own a Galaxy Nexus, and plan to hang on to it for a while longer, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the phone will not be updated to Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

According to the official Google support page for Nexus devices, only the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 will see the update to Android 4.4 outside of the Nexus 5 (which is already running it). The G-Nex has officially been retired. 

galaxy nexus 4.4

Update:  Keep in mind that the Galaxy Nexus runs a Texas Instruments OMAP processor, and TI isn’t really in the mobile game anymore. Can be difficult to support a device when the chipset manufacturer isn’t really around. This is tough news to swallow for many of you, but the phone is now two years old.

Via:  Google Support

Cheers Marco!

  • zaimthedream

    That is such a shame on google called a device named nexus but not recieving a new droid. Such a shame on google its too bad that who believe google coorp. That is sucks

  • XboxOne

    Galaxy Nexus owners – upgrade or don’t complain.

  • NeedName

    XDA now has 4.4 running on the Galaxy Nexus. . . So, stop saying it’s TI’s faulT!!!! Google simple doesn’t want to support devices after 6 months from end of sales. . . end of story!!

    Pretty sad how many google apologists there now are. . . feeling a lot like ifans these days. They are both corporations that SUCK!

  • Saber.t

    Spread the word, tell people about the petition, share it on GooglePlus, Twitter, Facebook and whatever else you can use! https://www.change.org/petitions/google-update-the-galaxy-nexus-with-android-4-4-kitkat

  • donkeykong85

    honestly, if i am going to get a phone and only have it for 2 years i am probably going to get iphone – i will actually get apple updates and google will give me great app support and probably better app support than they give android (ie maps and hangouts)

  • Tyler Lane

    as much as it sucks, im okay with this. the phone is starting to show its age and agreed on the fact that if the chipset manufactor isn’t supporting it anymore.. I’m hoping to upgrade to a nexus 5.

  • James Hill

    It’s still a good phone, just not good compared to anything released in the last 12 months.

  • rogerdanielpaul

    I wonder if this means Nexus 4 owners wont be getting an official 5.0?

  • GNex

    Unacceptable, say so here …
    The online petition calling for Google to update Galaxy Nexus with Android Kitkat https://www.change.org/petitions/google-update-the-galaxy-nexus-with-android-4-4-kitkat

  • Catalin

    I was thinking of getting the Nexus 5 and leaving the Galaxy Nexus to my wife. But if Google’s commitment to Nexus devices is only 18 months, then I’ll have to reconsider. F*** you, Google and your “Android for all” crap!

  • the galaxy nexus won’t get android 4.4 because it carries a chip made by Texas Instruments, a company that no longer produces mobile silicon

  • Marsg

    So Google isn’t supporting the Galaxy nexus anymore and Verizon isn’t getting the Nexus 5 or 4, i hate to say it but im stuck in a tough situation where im really considering the iPhone 5S, if i get a HTC One which was promised to get the update within 90 days, i will be getting a device with older hardware, which i don’t like, LG and Samsung haven’t said anything about update plans but knowing their track record i wouldn’t expect it any earlier than this time next year when 5.0 will be showing up. I really liked the 4.4 and nexus 5 announcement, but for someone in the same situation as me it was very disappointing.

    • donkeykong85

      the iphone will continue to get updates for the next 3 years…even if they are just partial its still support. google really needs to make sure companies that use its software adhere to this.

  • edmicman

    My wife’s iPhone 4S (purchased same time as my nexus, and it was out for awhile before that) got iOS 7 the day it was released. Any chances the VZW Gnex will get 4.3 at least?

    • donkeykong85

      this is where apple shines.

    • LANCE

      the binaries are available on the developers site, so its more than likely being tested now

  • Seriously? Screw Google. The only reason I use Android is because it’s least awful mobile OS out there. But this total betrayal. The GNex was marketed as a long term support, flagship device, and it’s EOLed after less than 2 years? So what, we’re supposed to spend (on average) $350/year on phones now? This is ridiculous. Google has stabbed its early adopters and loyal fans in the back at every turn.

    PSA Mountain View: when you sell a flagship device, you line up long term supply chain support. This news shows that Google has no idea how to run a hardware business. Even Apple does far better than this.

  • Johnny Whales

    Well you can still root the phone and install the future CM10.3 🙂

  • Blaine Harris

    why are people upset, i don’t get it… verizon gnex. cm 10, cm 10.1, cm 10.2, cm 11… i don’t remember getting any of google’s or verizon’s images, yet i’m still up to date… CTFO

    • donkeykong85

      yes but we do not have radios for 4.3 and there all sorts of data drop issues because of it.

  • Luke Thomas

    It’s only a matter of time before my Gnex is rocking 4.4 😉

  • Brandon Hoffman

    They created a petition to get the galaxy nexus 4.4 so if you want to sign up maybe we can fix the issue https://www.change.org/petitions/google-update-the-galaxy-nexus-with-android-4-4-kitkat#share

    • the galaxy nexus won’t get android 4.4 because it carries a chip made by Texas Instruments, a company that no longer produces mobile silicon..

  • Brian Tibbetts

    It’s as if the Gnex was no nexus at all, which is definitely what it felt like sometimes. I’ve moved on to the LG G2 and am stoked about it even one month in.

  • tech247

    Time to let the GNEX go guys. Laid mine to rest a month ago. It was just getting slower and slower….

  • Bobby Phoenix

    What about the Nexus S? They said no to the Nexus, and yes to 4, but what about S?

  • jmasterj

    Quoted from the source: “Galaxy Nexus, which first launched two years ago, falls outside of the
    18-month update window when Google and others traditionally update
    devices.” So this is likely the last update for the original Nexus 7.

  • steve

    I thought kk was suppposed to be geared towards updating older phones…what total b.s.

    • hkklife

      Yup, Google is becoming more like Apple every day in all the bad ways (fixed batteries, no support for expandable storage, no more QWERTY devices) and in the few areas where they SHOULD emulate Apple (simultaneous updates without carrier meddling or bloatware, 64/128GB internal storage, 2+ years of updates) they fall short.

  • steve

    130 million devices shipped last quarter yet they cant update there devices…

  • Mike

    Not really sure why, but there will be plenty of Custom Roms out there based on Android 4.4 for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • The Nexus program is a marketing gimmick. You are basically settling for lower hardware and 1 Android update earlier than everyone else.

    • joejoe5709

      Massive dev support and stock Android out of the box is a pretty big deal.

      • Stock Android can basically be replicated with a launcher and a lot of OEMs have useful additions like the Moto X shake camera.

  • ody

    that’s it.. bye bye google..

  • Meticode

    It doens’t matter to me anyway. I’m almost positive it can run 4.4 nicely and they’ll be ROMs for it. Probably CM10.3?

  • Aaron

    Sure it will, I’ll just wait for the awesome dev Baldwinguy to update shiny rom.

  • Anthony Gomulka

    This is why custom roms exist. 🙂 I haven’t touched stock on my Gnex for over a year.

  • John

    Please sign and share the petition for 4.4 update for Galaxy Nexus https://www.change.org/petitions/google-android-os-keep-the-android-updates-for-galaxy-nexus

  • Kakaxa Bugaga

    Dear Google! Update Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.4. Please.

  • fallsgable

    Forget the G-Nex…..
    What about my OG….is IT gonna get Kit Kat???

  • T4rd

    It debuted 4.0 and didn’t even make it to 4.4. Sad it didn’t see a major Android revision.

    • hkklife

      Agreed, it should have been sent out in style to close out the 4.x era. Its specs are MORE than up to the challenge!

  • Kalaster

    im sure someone will port 4.4 to the Gnex eventually

  • WPNX

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That my friends is why I left Verizon months ago, have a nexus 4, and soon a nexus 5. HELL YEA

    • socarwolverine

      You do realize the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t only on Verizon right?

  • anthony jones

    yeah well, if you had a Nexus on Verizon, you’re used to not getting updates.

  • RW-1

    I dont wish to rain on Googles parade, but that’s just a bunch of $hit, that excuse. Especially when they tout the new OS for lower devices.

    This is nothing more than $299 for Gnex, now you can up the price point by $100 for the larger screen and processor, OS, but other than that, same thing.

    I’m not opposed to the extra $100, and we all know dev’s will be all over AOSP do the GNex will get 4.4.

    But that’s as lame as your next incarnation of Glass Google.

  • morpheus282

    “The G-Nex has officially been retired.”
    For all the support Verizon, Samsung, and Google showed this device, I could have sworn it was retired in January 2012.

    • mrjayviper

      you meant the verizon version of this device. this was sold worldwide

      • morpheus282

        Yes, that’s why I said “For all the support Verizon, Samsung, and Google showed this device…”. The GSM version did at least have a decent phone dock available, but the CDMA version was an orphan from the second month of release. The GSM version didn’t seem to fare too much better compared to the love shown to the Nexus 4.

  • SewWhat

    4.4??? Hell I’d be ecstatic to receive 4.3…

  • NorCalGuy

    Title should say “officially” because I am pretty sure ythe gnex will see 4.4 a dad or two after all the other nexus devices just via very talented devs at XDA, just like it has with every other update that has taken place, that’s why we have nexus devices right?

  • duke69111

    Now that its confirmed no nexus and no kit kat, I just wish I would of updated to the G2 sooner instead of a couple of weeks ago.

  • duke69111

    Hell the Vzw Nexus can’t even get official 4.3

    • Mike Hilal

      I wasnt holding my breath…we got a memory leak sieve known as 4.2.2

    • Flyinion

      My guess is that it will at some point. They just released the 4.3 binaries for the Verizon version. Even if it doesn’t that will be helpful for ROM developers to get 4.3 ROMS working correctly (and maybe use them to build a 4.4 from AOSP)

  • Barrett Justice

    It was never a super popular phone in the first place and I imagine most people who had this phone have upgraded by now. Why would they waste their time with this phone?

    • Pakmann2k

      I think a few thousand readers of droid-life would say you are wrong. That’s just a small sampling of Gnex followers. Look at how string the development community is behind it.

    • mattybeee

      Because some of us are stuck on a two year contract with a certain red carrier – and other than paying full retail for a new phone, we have to wait. The N5 is not an option as it is not a supported device.

      • hkklife

        Guys, I was in Target last night and they are *still* selling the VZW Gnex for $50 on contract! And another 3rd party Verizon reseller still had the 16Gb Gnex in stock a few weeks ago. Really disappointing. At least the GSM Gnex has been relegated to the used market by now…

    • Mike Hilal

      Oh yes it was. It was sold out all over central florida for the first 3 months. After that, it was old news anyway.

  • Brandon Hoffman

    FYI the world doest revolve around america there are other countries that want the android 4.4 who are NOT on Verizon.

    • David Henry

      While I agree, I will also say that (as I recall) the initial focus of this blog was around those who had Verizon and even more on the OG Droid. I think it is a good thing that more international attention is being put onto this blog, but some lingering affects of the focus on Verizon (and/or American networks) will happen. And until more authors are added that have more impact from international markets it may take time to get focus on them.

  • tom

    Carriers have two year contracts. The device should supported and updated during this two year period.

    • Adrynalyne

      That has happened for like…one device ever.

      • Mark Curtis

        The iPhone?

        • Adrynalyne

          Well, ok, two.
          I think the Droid 1 saw up to two years support. Someone correct me if I am wrong, I can’t confirm at this moment.

          • Kal5el

            More. Anyone else remember that security update out of left field like a year ago?

          • hkklife

            Droid X also got a random update quite late after the fact, IIRC, as did the original HTC Droid Inc and the Droid Charge earlier this year to remove some bloatware. I think the Thunderbolt got one final bloatware-removing update after ICS arrived as well.

  • Artune

    It’s been two years, most people who had the Galaxy Nexus (like me) already upgraded or were awaiting the Nexus 5 so it’s not the end of the world really.

    • CKJ

      I bought it on release and my contract is up late December. I was considering this but why should I when you won’t support it for 2 years? Especially when this is supposed to be the phone that assures you “always have the cutting edge software”. And I can’t even get it for 2 years? Another reason why the Nexus means nothing anymore. I’ll pass on the Nexus brand now and forever. It’s pointless now.

    • NeedName

      My GSM gNex runs fine. . . don’t see a need to upgrade other than piss poor support from Google.

      All Google’s 18 month (from release date) update policy does is resign perfectly fine devices to landfills quicker.

    • Gr8Ray

      Sorry, but no it hasn’t been 2 years. I bought mine on release day, and that was mid December of 2011.

  • regbs

    Nexus: guaranteed to get the latest and greatest Android iteration without need to root and unlock. If you got one through your Verizon unlimited data plan, you learned you had to count out Google Wallet, timely updates, tethering, unless, of course, you rooted and unlocked. You can unlock any Android, so what’s special about Nexus? Nothing. We get that Verizon lied about honoring the Nexus model, but this is on Google. Even Google’s own Motorola has always fragmented its phones like a fiend. I suffered through Moto OG Droid’s incessant promised-then-missed update launches. Apple’s and Android’s behavior is indecipherable. Next: proprietary chargers.

  • gorkon

    Don’t worry…if you are still stock and run a Gnex on Verizon you probably have at least ONE more update….namely 4.3. Bastards.

    • Mike Hilal

      Maybe sometime in summer 2014

    • Scott

      That is exactly what’s going to happen. 4.3 will come to the VZW GNex, but we won’t see it coming. People will be thinking about Easter, then suddenly the OTA will appear.

  • Eric

    I’m on Verizon, I wouldn’t get the update anyways. I’m pretty much relying entirely on ROMS, as I have been since I got the phone.

  • Eric G Canoy

    sigh… jumnp from Verizon or get a new moto phone?

    • SplashMTN

      Jump from Verizon.

    • Michael Pahl

      root unlock and ROM that beetch

  • sophocles

    It’s certainly true that this affects all Gnex users, but it just hurts a little more for us Verizon users, since we can’t update our phone to the Nexus 5 AND we don’t get KitKat either. 🙁

    • Michael Pahl

      R – – O – – M


  • Told you so.

  • LionStone

    I had a weird feeling the Galaxy Nexus was snake bit from the start 🙁

  • jaredgreenwald

    I’m kinda confused as to why there was no presser for this…

  • riff

    My nexus 10 feel so happy because he said jellybean not delicious anymore…..he want kit Kat…hahah

  • downtownjeff

    I’ll be getting it. Pre thanks to the team over at Carbon!

  • jnt

    Is 4.4 really going to support OLDER devices? Or just newer lower end devices? I honestly can’t see carriers, or even OEM’s for unlocked phones, pushing 4.4 to a 2 year old device with 512mb or RAM just because it can now… I have a feeling this applies to devices going forward.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      It would seem it is going to support new low end devices. Not older devices.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I’m leaving my Gnex for my newly purchased 32GB black Nexus 5. This news won’t affect me any longer! 🙂

    • NeedName

      till 18 months from now 😉


    Doesn’t matter really, just flash CM or something when it rolls out.

  • lol

    And the true face of Google …….no difference between Samsung and Google now!
    I have a Galaxy Nexus bought with the hope that it will be different with
    Google! #$*@* Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NeedName

      That was my thought. . . all OEMs and Nexus (Google) are equal. . . only thing is if you care for Google’s version of android vs OEM’s. . . all give piss poor long term support LOL

      While I hate apple, I will be recommending the iphone to non techie users that are OK with the screen size. . . . sad f’n day!

      • hkklife

        Agreed 100x! Preach it, brotha!

  • fauxshizzl

    Pretty clearly Verizons fault. Google just wants to wash their hands of that phone.

  • GotSka81

    I’d just be happy if my VZW GNex would get 4.3…this crappy data connectivity is killing me.

  • schoat333

    It won’t have it officially, but I guarantee it will have ROM’s like CM.

  • HotRodJohnson

    It was a good run brother.

  • joejoe5709

    I am a little bit surprised, really. I thought for sure Google would keep it updated for this one last update especially if it’s supposedly better on older phones. But that’s alright. The devs shouldn’t be too far behind – maybe a few weeks or a month. And I’ll put Kit Kat on my Nexus 7 as soon as possible and I’ll enjoy it from there while I wait.

    • zurginator

      This update isn’t about old phones – they won’t get updated regardless.

      This update is about low-spec phones, which still seem to be released running GB.

      • joejoe5709

        That’s… really just about the same thing. Splitting hairs if you ask me. If it works on an older phone running GB, it should run just fine on the GNex. So it’s not for a lack of hardware. They just didn’t care enough to update it.

    • hkklife

      I agree. I know the non-VZW GNex had a good run but I was REALLY hoping it would have gotten one final round of official updates to close out the 4.x era.
      Its specs are still substantially better than many lower-end devices coming out nowadays with GB or ICS.
      Just last night I saw a VZW GNex at the Target Wireless kiosk for $50 on contract. Oh, woe to the poor sucker who buys that phone and signs away their life for the next two years!

  • Andy Stetson

    My guess is the typical reader of this site shouldn’t really care that google will not officially support the GNex by giving it 4.4. Remember how awesome our dev community is? The GNex will have 4.4, just not from google.

    Now pull yourself together and relax.


    • brkshr

      It would be better to have updated binaries for 4.4 from Google as well. Other than that, I agree.

      • Andy Stetson

        Agreed, but this will be better than nothing.

    • NeedName

      Disagree. .

      I recommend the Nexus to friends and family that are NOT tech savvy because it gave the most fluid user experience with fast updates, etc. . . so, ROMs are not always the answer to OEM lack of support.

      • Andy Stetson

        not so fast…
        virtually everyone that i know near me has verizon, and iirc, it took forever to get updates (on the GNex) from big red. That and the big worry for most users lately has been camera quality, and until today, nexus devices have been severely lacking in that department.

        • NeedName

          You do realize the gNex was worldwide and on every major carrier in America?

          You verizon people seem very enculturated. . . just sayin.

          • Andy Stetson

            we were talking about what we recommend to friends and family. i’m in the midwest of the US, the best signal we have everywhere is Verizon. Thus, i recommend verizon. At&t doesn’t have as good of coverage here. Sprint and T-Mobile are pretty much non-existent in my area.
            Yes, i know the GNex is available everywhere. Trust me, if TMobile was here, with LTE coverage, i would leave big red in a heartbeat.

    • rogerdanielpaul

      You should have like a 1000 upvotes. Android Dev community what makes Android so awesome, not Google.

      Most of the new features seem to come from Custom Roms anyways.

    • A.Miller

      ANd the typical reader of this site isn’t keeping a phone past that date.

  • Higher_Ground

    Not that I didn’t see this coming, but this is exactly why some people will never buy android phones. Even the release directly from Google gets dropped after 2 years. Are you really telling me they can’t update more than 1 phone?

    • hkklife

      Agreed. The 3 year old iPhone 4 is still getting plenty of update love and look how long the 3GS lasted before that.

      • Droidzilla

        If by update love you mean a newer version number that has half the features of the real version release and causes terrible headaches for its users all while still being two years behind on features, then yes. The iPhone 4 is indeed still getting plenty of update love.

        • “half the features” is a sweeping generalisation. iOS7 runs pretty damn fine on an iPhone 4, and while it make lack some of the visual gimmicks, air drop and phone features, pretty much everything else is there.

          • Adrynalyne

            iOS7 runs like poop covered in molasses trying to roll up a hill against the wind on the iphone4. I know this, because I installed it for my daughter.

          • qwerty

            it’s working perfectly fine for me right now……. so which one of us is the exception?

          • Adrynalyne

            Looking at reactions online?

            You are.

          • qwert3y

            if you say so….. i guess i got lucky

          • Adrynalyne
          • Droidzilla

            Everyone I know with a 4 was pissed at the big reveals being missed, like Siri. Also, most people I know with a 4 had a lot of issues with lag and battery life after the last OS update. Guess you’re one of the lucky ones.

        • NeedName

          You know, I bashed apple fans on this very point, but now it’s a hell of a lot clearer that they’ll get a hell of a lot more updates than Android users, and Nexus users. . .

          They may not be getting all features, but they are getting more than the gNexus will get. . .

          • Adrynalyne

            It probably doesn’t help that TI quit the game.

            Where did you suppose they would get proprietary binaries from?

          • NeedName

            TI still makes chips. . . . they “quit” the competitive mobile landscape, but still support their SoC. The OMAP 5 isn’t that old.

            There is NO evidence, at this point, that the drivers are an issue at all. This is only a bunch of speculative nonsense through about as an excuse. . . If someone has knowledge of the drivers being the reason, as opposed to Google’s own FAQ page, please let us know.

            Nonetheless, Google is being very clear about NO UPDATES AFTER 18 MONTHS.

            You want to make another excuse for Google 18 month update policy?

          • Adrynalyne

            Except that, the OMAP 5 isn’t in the Gnex, and, a different SoC would have different proprietaries.

            There is no evidence of any real reason. Do you want to keep crying about something some service rep posted or do you want to find out the real reason?

            That is a load of crap response.

            Go get an iPhone if it bothers you that much.

          • Adrynalyne

            Nexus One released 1/10, lost support 20 months later on 9/11. Nexus S released 12/10, lost support 21 months later on 10/12.
            Gnex released 11/11, lost support 23 months later on 10/13.

            This 18 month nonsense is something newly made up.

          • NeedName

            Google published this “18 month nonsense.”

            What, are you an idiot or can’t follow along?

            And the OMAP 5 is mentioned because it is the last OMAP released, and still supported thus TI is still supporting chips, unlike everyone trying to say TI is out of the biz. . .

            You sound like the ultimate apologist. . . guess android fanbois are just as bad as ifans now. . . nice work!!

          • Adrynalyne

            Aww, look at the big man calling people names.

          • Droidzilla

            The GNex right now, at this moment, is more up to date than the iPhone 5S will be after three OS updates. Version numbers are meaningless; feature set is king.

      • rikomenzies

        It is worth noting that there have been performance issues running iOS 7 on an iPhone 4. That said, I’m also considering that we’re only hearing the complaints, and that there are plenty of people who haven’t had problems and don’t see the need to speak up about it.

        It’s still something Apple is doing right, to make sure that their latest release can stretch as far back as possible with the hope that it might bring a legacy device back to life. It may not be executed perfectly, but it counts, and they do it regardless of the carrier. It helps when they have these telcos by the neck.

        • Adrynalyne

          I can confirm that complaint, first hand.

          • rikomenzies

            Do understand I’m not trying to discredit the complaints by any means. I knew enough people who had problems with the 4S when it was still the newest device. I always just lucked out with mine where everything worked perfectly, and there were a couple others who were in that same boat.

            Just considering both sides. Someone who had problems with their device is more likely to speak up about it than someone whose experience goes uninterrupted.

    • NeedName

      Google is essentially saying, you NEED to get a new device every contract period — expecting contracts to be only two years.

      Yes!!! Google. . . . way to help fill up the landfills quicker!!! Well done!!

    • jefbystereo

      Agreed, I’ve been contemplating the switch to an iphone (after original droid, Gnex, and nex7) and this is probably going to drive the last nail in android phones. That’s pretty weak support on Google’s part, and one of the reasons I bought a nexus to begin with was because i believed updates would at least last the length of the contract.

  • Pratik Holla

    Whats the big deal? A custom rom on 4.4 is going to be on it in no time. Thats the beauty of android. Nexus S is being supported by devs out there

    • impulse101

      Agreed only tech illiterates care about official updates

      • Ben

        and people with locked boot loaders. Which, of course, doesn’t affect the Gnex.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I prefer the official builds well over hack together builds from most of the dev community. While there are many talented people out there, I’ve yet to have a stable as official ROM for any of my devices.

        • Sort of agree. I like the “stock/pure” Google experience. Most 3rd party ROMs i’ve tried come stacked with preinstalled apps and custom launchers that get in the way.

        • tomn1ce

          I prefer roms over the official builds. I find the official build to be boring and far less room for customization. I like the tweaks in the roms especially the nav bars customization that Google does not offer.

      • mrjayviper

        And those illiterates probably outnumber the techies a 1000 to 1

  • zzz525

    Awwww guess I was wrong 🙁

  • zurginator

    Who is surprised? The Nexus One got dropped at 18 months, the Nexus S got dropped at 18 months, now the Galaxy Nexus got dropped at 18 months. The Nexus 4/5/7/10 will be dropped at 18 months. Google explicitly states this all over the place and all the time.

  • John Davids

    Um, who cares? Lets be honest, the bulk of people hanging on to this phone are nerds with unlimited data running the latest CM / AOKP / et al anyway (which will assuredly have Android 4.4 in their nightlies in a matter of weeks)

  • enigmaco

    well at least i saw where sprint is rolling out 4.3 for the gnex, I am sure there will be rom support for it.

  • ckj

    Good to know. All the more reason not to purchase this one.

  • OG Droid
    • elms

      your GIF responses are emotionally astounding

    • triumphtriple

      I guess this means no support for OG Droid either…. :'(

  • R2deetard

    I for one, love my GNex, and i plan on using it for a while yet, at least until the N5 is released on sprint. Which leads me to this question… Since the n5 offers many different radios and lte bands, would it be possible to jump ship from sprint and take my N5 to t-mobile without any hiccups? assuming that the model released for sprint is the same as all the other ones.

  • Droid Ronin

    I can see the GNex people throwing a tantrum when a dev ports 4.4 to the G1.

    • zurginator

      I might actually buy a G1 if 4.4 gets ported to it…. just for lulz.

    • impulse101

      Why? There will be 700 4.4 ROM’s for the Gnex

  • Chris Schmucker

    It can still get 4.4 ROMs right?

    • Flyinion

      Yes, it will be just like when the OG Droid got Gingerbread ROMs but never got it officially. Let’s just hope that 4.4 runs better on the GNex than GB did on the Droid lol.

      • Tyler

        It should considering the Verizon GNex is still running 4.2.2 if you havnt rommed it and there are plenty of stable 4.3 roms.

        • Blue Sun

          I agree. 4.3.1 Shiny Rom has been the stable ROM I have used since 4.3 went live.

          • Flyinion


          • Jeff Martin

            What he said. It works very well.


    good thing it’s Halloween because I’m not doing Jack today with this Android news

  • Flyinion

    Here’s a Google post detailing why it’s not getting it. Note that this says NOTHING about Verizon. https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/3468085

    • J. Gilbertson

      I hope Motorola doesn’t hold true to this “18” months. They killed my Bluetooth MAP support with Jellybean and I’ve raised cane with them over the fact that my phone cannot connect to my car anymore. They told me that the phone is still “supported” and that the bug is on their radar but I couldn’t get a word out of them on if and when my phone would get fixed. Probably after I’m past my 2 years with them and don’t care anymore.

    • NeedName

      Yeah, officially pointing out Android devices have an 18 month life span. . . NICE!!!

    • timrcm

      Uh, 18 months? What the hell is Google smoking? Wasn’t the Nexus S older than that for its last update?

      I hate to pull the Apple card, but the iPhone 4 was released three and a half years ago, and is currently running the latest version of iOS. Consumers DO care about staying up to date without having to buy a new phone…

      • zurginator

        No, both the nexus one and nexus s were killed at 18 months.

        • Adrynalyne

          20 months for Nexus 1, 21 months for Nexus S.

          Gnex made it 23 months.

          Support stops the day its announced, not the last day of an update.

  • Jon Garside

    Using a verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus is a bit of a misnomer. There are many more using the GSM variants. Lack if support has nothing to do with Verizon. Its a bit galling when they are touting the low memory and lower performance requirements that its not happening. I can only assume thats an engineering resource issue, one I am sure the rommers will provide by the back door

  • Godzilla

    I saw the verizon logo on the phone and i thought the article was about the verizon only version, my mistake.

    • tomn1ce

      Did you read the article? Or you go around just looking at the pretty pictures?

  • wills96


  • yodatom10

    im pissed off to. but I have faith in our dev community we will have a fully functional 4.4 build up and running in no time. and most likely before devices such as the s4 or note3

  • Mike Aurin

    The theory of “Verizon and Google” hate each other doesn’t make sense here. Sprint has a Galaxy Nexus too.

  • Adam Truelove

    OMG people, the Gnex is not just on Verizon. The Galaxy Nexus is an actual Nexus device that was sold through the play store and everything, just like the N4 and now the N5.

    Also, the Gnex will get plenty of 4.4 ROMs I’m sure.

    • Godzilla

      i know that, i dont know why the other carrier versions wont get it.

      • Brian Himes

        Because they are probably weeding out the Galaxy Nexus.

      • R2deetard

        because it is more than 18 months old.

        • Ben

          More like 2 years, right? I was thinking it launched with ICS in October 2011.

          • Adam Truelove

            No, he means Google officially drops support of hardware that is more than 18 months old.

          • Ben

            ah ok. I thought he was saying it was only 18 mos old. Sorry about that.

          • Pakmann2k

            December. I bought a RAZR in November of that year and luckily was allowed to ditch it for the Gnex. Bought one right when they launched.

          • Adrynalyne

            Unveiled October, released November, unless you were on Verizon. Then it was December.

        • Cael

          because TI doesn’t support OMAP

      • J. Gilbertson

        because they want to forget the nightmare and headache it gave them. if they had never released it on Verizon it might still be living. but for the sake of “fragmentation” they probably don’t want to officially support the play version but not the verizon version.

        • jnt

          In other words, you’re saying Verizon is the one bad apple that’s screwing it up for all the other carriers and unlocked Gnex, right?

        • Ben

          That makes zero sense and there are way easier explanations. Occam’s razor and all. The age of the device, TI getting out of the ARM SoC business, the overall performance…those are all way better reasons.

        • Adrynalyne

          Wow….you blamed them dropping the Gnex globally on Verizon. I dislike Verizon, but that bullcrap takes it to a new level, LOL.

        • Adam Truelove

          That makes absolutely no sense. The Verizon version has nothing to do with what happens with the other versions.

          • antinorm

            It would be 2017 before the Verizon version got it anyway, with as slow as Verizon is at “testing” updates.

      • tomn1ce

        They are not getting it because Google is not updating them….stop the bitching already…

    • Brobama

      human stupidity is infinite. that’s why you see all those “hurr only a verizon device durr” posts.

  • AnotherAndroidKid


  • Shane Redman

    Any word on a Google Experience Launcher?

    • Adam Truelove

      There will be plenty of ROMs for it.

      • Shane Redman

        Well yeah, but in general…

    • Chris

      I was super excited for that one.

  • Godzilla

    Ok guys stop saying 4.4 is supposed to support older devices, it has nothing to do with that. It has EVERYTHING to do with Verizon’s way of doing business and how google absolutely despises them for it

    • tomn1ce

      You started your post in a fair manner but why blame vzw when the GSM version is not getting 4.4 from Google either! I see a lot on here blaming vzw but none of the G-Nexus version are getting updated to 4.4 by Google….

      • Godzilla

        I mistakenly thought the article was about the verizon only version.

  • deadsix

    Wow, I guess I really have to get a Moto X now (I own a Galaxy Nexus). Unless I rely on custom ROM’s from now on.

    • NeedName

      Don’t know how you can use custom ROMs. . . all the Google apologist here are claiming it’s TI fault and that they aren’t supporting the OMAP 4 drivers.


      probably be a ROM out in two weeks. . . then I want to hear about why Google couldn’t do it from these same apologists.

  • red014

    Android 4.4, the update for everyone*.

    *everyone is exclusive to people that did not buy a Galaxy Nexus.

    • Brandon Golway

      Yea it’s kind of ironic that they say that every phone, even low end devices will get it, except for Google’s own Nexus phone.

      • AndroidUser00110001

        That’s what I was going to say

      • Tim Swann

        but the GNex was never their phone or a real Nexus.

        • Pakmann2k

          If you had it on any carrier besides Verizon it was.

          • T4rd

            Tell that to Sprint users who are just now about to get 4.3, lol. But I think you meant to say CDMA instead of Verizon.

        • le happy merchant

          yes it was, you imbecile.

          • Tim Swann

            you must feel big and mighty referring to someone as an imbecile.

            Was it theirs, yea, but my comment was more referred to the interference from VZ. It was definitely NOT a real nexus though.

          • Adrynalyne

            You don’t even know what the definition of a a Nexus device is, then.

            Did it have images from Google? Yup
            Proprietaries from Google? Yup
            Unlockable bootloader? Yup
            Updates from Google? Yup
            AOSP support? Yup

            Did Verizon interfere? Yes, but that doesn’t make it not a Nexus.

          • John Motschenbacher


        • John Motschenbacher

          it was a real nexus on any carrier. some carriers such as vzw are at fault for the lack of timely gnex update on vzw gnexs

      • John Motschenbacher

        And it most likely is nothing google can help due to TI dropping chip support. No drivers means no new software. 4.3 is basically the same as 4.2 so that is why you still get it. 4.4 is most likely along the same lines as ics to jb. there was a lot of issues without the appropriate drivers.

        • Adrynalyne

          Be careful.

          I was called an idiot by @blatant for mentioning that.

          I feel like posting a meme, but am lazy.

        • Whatawood

          Google could always make their own drivers for the TI chip since this is a certain one-of-a-kind anomaly.

    • Eric R.

      KITKAT can run with 512mb of ram but the Galaxy nexus isn’t getting it

      • John Motschenbacher

        yes due to not having software drivers for the new system since TI isn’t really in the mobile business anymore.

        • NeedName

          that is speculation. . . TI still has SoC in the mobile market and is supporting them. . . not to mention the OMAP 4 was on several devices that sold pretty well. So, I’ll stick with Google’s official statement that “we don’t support devices after 18 months.”

          • Aditya Ghosh

            Isn’t TI making rifles now?

        • rogerdanielpaul

          Was TI in the mobile business less now then they were in July of this year?

        • 4n1m4L

          interesting, considering glass runs on a omap…

        • osgoodschlotter

          It’s also because all GNex Android updates have to receive VZW testing approval before being pushed out. And Google doesn’t want to deal with VZW’s bull$h*t ever again.

      • Pepe L

        Galaxy Nexus = One of the worst phones of all times. Voice and data reception was horrible. Junk. Nexus never again.

        • Whatawood

          Certainly not true about voice and data. It has always had better reception than everyone else everywhere I go. You obv. had some freak experience.

          • osgoodschlotter

            I actually agree with Pepe. I had the GNex here in Denver, and Verizon coverage was atrocious. I held it side-by-side with my N4 on Tmo… the N4 would have full bars, and my GNex would struggle for two.

            I spent 30 minutes on the phone with VZW support trying to understand their poor connection/coverage, and finally said “ef it” and dropped them. I think they intentionally crippled the GNex, and I hope Google never gives VZW a Nexus device, ever… again!

          • Scott

            Gotta agree with Pepe, really liked my GNex but couldn’t wait to get rid of it. Poor signal reception meant my batter drained so fast. Calls were always an adventure. It wasn’t until I got a backup batter with a stand alone charger that the phone became tolerable even then I would drop calls on a regular basis.

            Agree osgoodschlotter, hope Google steers clear of VZW. I have the Nexus5 on Tmo and am quite happy with the change. Verizon’s act was wearing thin with me.

      • Marsg

        Yea right like any of the older devices are actually getting it

    • John Motschenbacher

      It isn’t about the specs. Texas Instruments doesn’t do mobile stuff anymore and Sammy is out of the Nexus program. I think the bigger issue is the TI part since the GSM gnex wont be getting it more then Sammy being an issue. Sucks yes but no ones fault. Hell I can’t get parts for my 1967 Sears Garage Door Opener either but I deal

      • NeedName

        There is currently NO evidence that drivers are a problem. TI still makes chips, their OMAP 5 isn’t very old. They just dropped the “competitive” mobile fight. So, it’s very doubtful TI dropped support for anything — the driver issue is speculation on some blogger’s part. . . nothing is truly known.

        And yes, it’s Google “fault” as they chose the hardware and designed the device specifically to be a Nexus device. So, they are telling us that Android has an 18 month shelf life from date of device introduction.

        That’s piss poor! And makes Apple look fantastic FFS! Hell I’m about to join Ron and start recommending the iphone to people. . .. ugh!

        • Cael

          Motorola also isn’t updating any of their phones with OMAP processors. It’s TI. NOT Google

          • NeedName


          • Cael

            Motorola’s own website. Every phone with omap is remaining at whateverwhatever is it is

        • Bob

          What does “shelf life” mean? You think the phone is no longer usable because 4.4 exists and it doesn’t have it? Yesterday it was great running 4.3, but today it’s just a paper weight?

          Or does that relate to how long it’s on the shelf? If so, Google took it off their shelf over a year ago. However, I bet if you walked into any carrier’s local retailer store, you’ll see many phones on the shelf that aren’t even as up-to-date as the 2 year old GSM Galaxy Nexus.

          As to “fault”, maybe it’s yours? Google told us about the 18 months back in May 2011, well before the Galaxy Nexus went on sale.

          • NeedName

            Show me where Google states 18 months of updates only on the new Nexus 5 page?

            OH, I guess everyone is responsible for knowing every single Google policy.

            Here’s the reality. Google stated this 18 month policy about their partners in that, their partners agreed to give updates for AT LEAST 18 months. That does NOT mean stop updates for a NEXUS device at 18 months.

          • Adrynalyne

            And they have not. As of right now, each Nexus has lasted 20+ months before being announced as non-supported.

          • NeedName

            Are you an idiot or what? Google posted 18 months as their updated police. . . . FFS! Even 20 months is crap support!

          • Adrynalyne

            LOL, there you go again.

            Big man insulting people.

          • Bob

            I could just as easily ask you to point out where Google states they will provide any updates at all for the Nexus 5 (or the Nexus 4, GNex, etc). You seem to want it both ways, you now claim the 18 months doesn’t apply to Google phones, yet your initial contention was the 18 months is a huge liability of Google phones that will drive you to Apple.

            I assumed that since you recommend phones to people, you took some effort to be informed about them, beyond just reading the product’s description. I guess that was *my* fault. I suppose that with the reasoning you’ve displayed so far, anyone that looks to you for phone advice gets back in value about what they paid for it.

            The reality here is, you didn’t address anything about your meaning of “shelf life” nor the usefulness of the Galaxy Nexus. You tell other people they need proof before stating TI is to blame, but don’t feel you need to offer up any before you blame Google. You change your position when questioned about it. And you insult people that you can’t convince.

            And the reality of the Galaxy Nexus is, Google sold a phone 1-2 years ago that up until today runs the latest available version of Android. And that is still more up-to-date than the majority of Android phones currently for sale. And that will continue to get new features as Google rolls them out via the Play store and not just through OS updates. The GSM GNex was and is a great phone. It is too bad that Google aren’t providing another update to it, but it’s not overly surprising.

        • Adrynalyne

          Omap5 is relevant….how?

          • NeedName

            They still have relevant mobile SoC on the market that they have staff supporting, thus doubtful they would turn their back on support for OMAP chips that are reasonable to support.

            NONE the less, I’m not saying it isn’t TI or a driver issue.

            I’m saying, there currently is NO proof and everyone speculating it’s TI’s fault are being nothing more than Google apologists.

            The fact is, Google publicly published a page stating 18 month update policy.

            Those are the facts, deal with it!

          • Adrynalyne

            Here is another fact for you. OMAP 4 was announced almost 4 years ago.

            Is TI supporting OMAP 3 still?

            And another, TI cuts jobs in their mobile sector and moved people to embedded.


            It could very well be this support cycle of Google’s is due to the SoC manufacturers supporting them for a limited time.

          • NeedName

            Look, until you have some proof that the drivers are the issue and NOT Google’s explicitly stated official FAQ reason. . . . stop being an apologist for Google.

          • Adrynalyne


            How about realist.

            I am sorry if I am not a monkey see, monkey do sort of person like you are. Just because it is on the Internet, don’t make it true.

            At least I am trying to find a reason instead of throwing up my hands and eating whatever PR poop is fed to me.

        • arsalan

          yeah i think apple is fantastic! 😐 i have Gnex and im sad that will not get the update!! but the old iphone 4 gets ios 7 😐 im done with android…goodbye android…hello ios!! and sorry about my english! from iran

          • James Hill

            You can stop commenting on Android websites anytime you feel like it.

          • You will loose everything that makes iOS 7 new. Maybe the icons, you can keep the pretty new icons but not much else.

      • trumpet444

        Yeah, but the Gnex came out 2 years ago, not 46 years ago. Whatever the reason, legitimate or not, its pretty freaking lame. I’m sure it’ll get 4.4 “un”officially anyway through non-google dev support but to have Google snub their own phone….. ridiculous

        • Adrynalyne

          Yeah but 2 years in the mobile world is 46 years.

  • arod111

    Well I’m running 4.3 on my VZW GNEX and that hasn’t been released yet either so….


    I’m still ashamed of recommending it to several people and they bought it

    at least it gave us pure Android on Verizon

    • hc

      im ashamed i bought it my damn self…

      • JRUIV

        I know what you mean but it did give us pure Android on Verizon

        • Eric

          SO would rooting a device and throwing cm on it and you can update the device yourself once the rom comes out…

      • Chris Schmucker

        Same, 4000Mah battery and all

        • TonyK

          I feel no shame for my 400 mAh battery or my GNex. Nexxxxxxussss! *Shockwave Voice*

    • Adam Truelove

      I still love mine.

      • nate

        Its got a few problems, but I bought mine refurbished off of eBay for $140 in January. I have yet to regret it.

    • MikeCiggy

      I actually had a few friends get the phone when it was about a year old because it WAS a great device at the time especially for a penny on Amazon. Sadly one still uses his, and the other has purchase an iPhone 5c.

      • Higher_Ground

        yeah I bought it about 8 months after release… and will be stuck with it until the summer :/
        If it wasn’t for the terrible reception I wouldn’t mind at all. The terrible battery life is probably just a consequence of never having signal.

        • rikomenzies

          Yeah, it wasn’t until after getting one that I heard of all the antenna problems that it had. This was in January of last year. As much as I loved the device itself, as a phone it was near unusable at times.

  • Cory_S

    I don’t get it…they hype up how well it runs on devices with lower specs then don’t push it out to a 2 year old nexus?

    • Godzilla

      cuz its on verizon

      • Cory_S

        Who cares..it’s also on every other carrier in the world

      • Mike Aurin

        Wrong. Moron. There is a GSM and and a Sprint version of the GNex as well. Care yo explain that?

        • Col_Angus

          Lighten up Francis

        • Higher_Ground

          can you please act like an adult and quit calling him a moron? This used to be a place where people acted their age.

          • blatant

            >random third-class blog
            >expecting polite discussion

            lawl no.

        • jnt

          The implication here is that the Verizon version is bringing all the others down, because of the difficulty Google would have in trying to update the Verizon Gnex.

  • Godzilla

    Anyone who does not understand why does not realize the politics involved between google and verizon. They basically hate each other.

    • Daniel Smith

      That totally explains why the GSM version (which was out before the VZW non-Nexus version) is not getting the update.

      • Mike Aurin

        ^This. Godzilla is ignorant.

        • Godzilla

          not really, im fully aware of it. Just saying it is the main reason for the verizon version. I dont know why the others are not getting it.

          • Daniel Smith

            Two possible logical reasons

            Because the company who made the chip are no longer supporting it (or making processors anymore).
            Because the Galaxy Nexus has surpassed Google’s 18 month support window.

          • Higher_Ground

            18 months is a joke for a company that releases 1 phone a year.

  • litobirdy

    Wait, but 4.4 is all about supporting older devices. and this being a nexus makes NO SENSE at all… The phone is on Sprint and globally as well. Strange

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Well, actually it says lower end devices get support. Doesn’t say old. We all took low end to mean older.

  • Shane Redman


    Further proof it wasn’t a real Nexus….and we blame VZW

    • Brian Himes

      No Galaxy nexus will receive the update outside flashing a rom.

    • Mike Aurin

      Blame Sprint and all the other GSM carriers that had this phone too…It’s not always Verizon, troll.

      • Shane Redman

        “Troll” is not a nice word, sir, and completely unnecessary. I blamed who I had an experience with, so i can’t rag on Sprint

    • Dominick White

      no galaxy nexus will get the update

  • Rodney Figueroa

    Well, not officially at least. with the post release support from things like Paranoid and CM, the device is definitely going to be around for a little bit more.

  • Godzilla

    LOL, wow. Further proving the point that if you want a nexus device you cant be on verizon, period.

    • Flyinion

      Not quite. If you look at the website they state the device is outside of the 18 month window that they normally update devices for and this applies to ALL versions of the GNex not just the Verizon one.

      • Mike Aurin


  • PuttsMoBilesiCit