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Thursday Poll: Do You Own an Android Tablet?

new nexus 7 wallpaper

In October of 2012, we asked our readers if they owned an Android tablet. We were sort of shocked to find that 68% of those that voted in the poll said “yes,” which was a lot higher than we had expected. But, with so many great options to choose from – such as the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 or a Transformer variant from ASUS, it’s a good time to be an Android tablet buyer.

It has been a year, so let’s ask the same question and see if our results have changed. The new Nexus 7 has been out for a couple of months; time to see if Google has convinced you to empty your pockets on a new Android-powered slate.

Do you own an Android tablet?

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  • Ben Joynes

    Running my Nexus 10. It is definately showing its age now. I’m tuned into the 2nd gen nexus rumours with interest.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    Shh don’t tell Verizon but I tether my Galaxy Tab to my Galaxy Phone with unlimited data whenever I’m away from wifi. Works great. Sometimes when I’m sitting in my car waiting to pickup kids or something I turn on Duck Dynasty and watch on my tablet which get’s used for all kinds of things. Yes tablets do make life more enjoyable 😉

  • Simon Belmont

    Yup, I do. In fact, I own several, and they all get used a lot.

    A B&N Nook Color running Android 4.3 (CM10.2), an HP TouchPad running Android 4.3 (Evervolv’s), and a 2012 Nexus 7 running Android 4.3 (stock). Good times in tablet land.

  • Quint

    When I had my DROID RAZR Maxx last year, I took a chance and bought an iPad. It wasn’t bad, but over time, I was using it less and less. In February, I bought a Galaxy Note 2 at retail and the iPad didnt get used for days at a time… so I decided to sell it. I haven’t had a desire to try out a Nexus tablet, although the pricing is tempting.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    WiFi only Nexus 7 (2012) 16 GB

  • Mark Nguyen

    I have a work-provided phone (various Blackberries, now IPhone 5) which I can’t play with, so tablets have been essential to my work-play. I am in sales, and having a tablet around has been useful to demo elements of my product suite – there’s an app in Android so having an Android tab has been good too.

    Started out with an Asus OG Transformer, but got rid of it within a year because of poor ability to play movie files out to a TV (we principally used it as a portable media device to share stuff I’ve downloaded / streamed) and low resolution for its size to read my comic book and magazine downloads. Upgraded to an Acer A700 and it’s much better on all fronts – full HD is awesome, battery is awesome, but video is still lagging somewhat (and that annoying Tegra 3 really heats up my hand after extended use).

    I’m really looking forward to getting a G-pad 8.3 when it comes out in Canada. I need a smaller tab to use for work and while on the road, and the G-pad seems to be the ideal mix of size, power and screen. We’ll see how well the venerable A700 will fare once I’ve started using this one. 🙂

  • Prodstick

    I’d be totally on board with these things if they were any more than Internet-browsing machines. Give me full Java support for Eclipse and Tomcat for starters. A full keyboard would be nice too. Basically, until I can use it in place of a laptop I won’t have a need for one. It’s an expensive toy until it can be used for work.

  • HarvesterX

    @Michael Paul – I always have trouble posting replies here on my phone no matter which browser, user agent, ROM, or even phone that I use, so I’m replying here (oddly though all other Discus forums work fine, I’ve had this issue for years, starting with my GNex and now my G2). Anyways, somebody commented about how they loved their A7 device and you posted this link (http://community.futuremark.com/hardware/mobile). This list appears to be ranked by rating, not processor speed, but overall device performance IS factored into the ratings.

    The A7 isn’t the 15th fastest device, but the 15th best device to relieve a 5 ranking (according to them at least). This is a global list as well. Obviously we also see Samsung topping the list. This shouldn’t be any surprise as Samsung has been found to artificially change kernel settings whenever popular benchmark applications are running. I can tell you for a fact that the G2 should be nearer to the top of that list as well as some other devices I noticed. They ranked the Kindle Fire higher… Lol..

    But that list seems to sort first by rating, and then overall performance (and other factors I hope). They also seem to not have resigned or renamed any benchmarking applications that they may have used (to level the playing field since Samsung has some rotten ethics). There are better sites to look at if you want to compare, say the processor performance between devices. Since we don’t have a baseline device to test on (a device where we could load all operating systems and where all tthe other internals were identical), it also helps to be able to look at it from a programmer’s point of view and be able to understand which ones are actually more capable then others (For example, a lower clocked CPU that outperforms a faster clocked one due to the instruction sets used). I agree that the A7 isn’t at the top, and the device looks to be ranked close to where I would have put it. I would have moved quite a few devices in front of it however and moved quite a few down. I also would have moved the Note 3 down to second or third place, moved the S5 down quite a bit (of course I don’t have one, but that’s just going by past Galaxy series devices). Sorry if this seems cluttered, I’m in the parking lot outside of work trying to hurrily type this out 🙂

  • Jeff C

    i bought a new n7 and then just got a note 3. for some reason i still like using the n7 while im at home. just feels better. either that or i just dont wanna admit that i have redundant devices.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Don’t need one… When you’ve been getting every iteration of the note you really don’t need a tablet 😛

  • BroRob

    Me – Nexus 10
    Wife – Nexus 7
    Oldest son – HTC EVO View (soon to be replaced with a Chromebook for school)
    Middle son – Visio 8″ tab
    Youngest – Nexus 7

    We hardly use the desktop anymore, but I just switched from Windows 7 to Linux Mint.

  • I don’t have one as I won a free iPad 2 years ago but as my wife uses it I’m really leaning toward a Nexus 7.

  • MichaelFranz

    Motorola Xoom 4G LTE owner and proud!! This thing is a beast and still ticking!! Bought it on release day when it was a straight 3G/wifi device and even sent it out to moto and had it upgraded to the LTE so many months later. I am going to part ways with it shortly in favor of a 7 or 8 inch device, unless the new nexus 10 becomes LTE comtapible on VZW.

    I hate to say it but this device was probably the best Android device I have owned. While its specs are low end now (Tegra 2 dual core, 1Gb ram) The device still runs smoothly with CM10.1 nightlies. Only lag i see is when updating apps via google play. I may even just keep it as a relic after i leave it in favor of something new.

    I also have a Asus TF300T, that belongs to my GF and i like the xoom better. It has a bit more weight to it but makes it feel like more of a premium build vs the asus and the xoom is a smaller profile compared to it.

  • d-rock

    TF101, TF201, Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013

    Love the Nexus 7 2013….hasn’t slowed down a bit. Super satisfied with everything about it.

  • BIG CAT #7

    I currently own an iPad with Retina. By spring though I will most likely sell it and purchase the New Nexus 10. The main reason I bought the iPad is because I was tied up in the Apple ecosystem with all the apps I purchased in the past. I’m starting to now realize though that I really don’t use a lot of them anymore and that I would rather have the Nexus 10 instead.

  • Malcolm Love

    I wanted a tablet even though I had no real practical use for it. Then the HP Touchpads went on fire sale. I snagged one and threw Android on it. I used it when I first got it, but ended up using my laptop for most things. I’ve actually started using it again since getting a Chromecast. One of my friends has also taken a liking to it, using it every time they come over.

  • hkklife

    My first Android tablet was a hideos Archos101 in 2010, before replacing it with a rooted Viewsonic G-Pad (ugh), a rooted Nook Color, and a rooted OG Galaxy Tab GSM. All were pretty unremarkable and/or lousy. I then had a rooted Acer A500 later in 2011 but it was way too bulky so I sold it and got an HTC Evo View. I loved the size but HTC’s disastrous support policies made me give up on that device as well as HTC as a company.

    In fact, by this point (early 2012) I decided to give up entirely on Android tablets until the arrival of the 2012 N7 (replaced by a 2013 N7 and a N10). I now probably use my tablets combined more than either my laptop or my Galaxy S3 when I am at home or traveling.

    Main features I am looking for in my next Nexus tab would be more onboard stoeage, beefier battery and, ideally, an 8″ or 9″ size to split the difference between N7 & N10.

  • Chris

    I bought a Nexus 7 between the time I answered ‘No’ in this poll and today, but it won’t let me change my answer.

  • chris_johns

    Og n7… one the best things i bought… since i got it I’ve read prob 30 books…i haven’t read in ten years… plus i can’t live without watching Netflix n HBO go on it during lunch at work… I never play games really n still one the best things I’ve ever bought i bring it everywhere… My mother still rocks her xoom too…we keep it OG in my house

  • I have an HP Touchpad with CM11 hacked onto it…does that count?

  • schoat333

    I know this is blasphemy, but I actually only own a 3rd gen iPad. I want a new Nexus 7 tho. Maybe for xmas.

    • Scott

      Funny. I have an iPad 2 and a nexus 7 and I never use my nexus 7.

  • JohanV

    I don’t own tablets. I don’t see the use.

  • original N7 and the horrible (but still Android) Tabeo from ToysRUs

  • notab

    Nope. Had an original N7 that ended up on eBay after a few months. Nothing convenient about a device that doesn’t fit in a pocket, not comfortable or able to use with one hand, etc. I already have a device that I can’t comfortably bring with me whenever I go out, my desktop. I thought I needed something to bridge the gap between smartphone and PC, but no, it sat around and collected dust.

  • Doobsky

    no cuz tablets are useless. I did once have a Note 10.1 but I sold it so I can buy the GS5

  • Russ

    My computer is a desktop, so I decided to invest in a tablet earlier this year for something portable, and more conducive to both work and play than a small phone screen. Would have really loved to get an Android, but went with the iPad solely for the pro audio apps that I could use for work. Had I not been a specific case like that where Android just doesn’t have the apps available, I would have loved to jump on a Nexus 10.

    But, getting a tablet has made my G-Nex battery last a lot longer 😉

  • cheese

    For smartphones, I use Android.

    For tablets, I use Apple’s iPad (contemplating the iPad mini. dat pixel density + A7 SoC)

  • Samuel Serafim

    I have a Asus Tf100 and Galaxy Note 8 in my House.

  • Shams Alkari

    Now its time to ask what Android tablet you own? I’m curious to see if Nexus 7 kills it, or if Samsung holds a lead. Because I love my Nexus 7!

  • Nope, don’t have a use case for one either.

  • CompCrash

    I still have the original Xoom and love it. It runs perfectly other than no more CM support so it can’t update past CM 10. That is fine since most apps are made for 4.0 and up and it has the single bar which I feel is still better for tablets.

  • jmsbwmn

    I’ve owned all of the Nexus tablets, and almost every version of the iPad. The geek in me loves tablets, but the brain in me can’t justify the purchase when I have a top-shelf MacBook Pro and a flagship smartphone – currently the GS4 on Verizon.

    If I were to purchase a tablet, though, it would be the new iPad mini with its beautiful retina display. While, I prefer Android to iOS, what matters most to me on a tablet is the apps. I love having the ability to customize my phone and make it more efficient for me, especially since it usually comes out of the pocket, performs a task, and goes back in the pocket relatively quickly. A tablet gets more leisure-time use, so I don’t might the home screen clutter on iOS as much, and the tablet apps in Apple’s App Store just beats the pants off the selection in Google Play.

    • Michael Pahl

      While this is true about tablet apps, the need for iTunes, the lack of a basic file explorer, the current lack of Google Music, and the inability to simply move an icon to the bottom right of your screen make it a giant NOPE.
      Plus the A7 chip is pretty weak. not to mention a single GB of RAM.