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High-Res LG Flex Pictures Leak Showing Off 6 Inches of Curved Glass

gflex_3_verge_super_wide (1)

Just last week we got early renders of what LG’s G Flex might look like when we eventually see it. Flexible and curved displays seem to be the new buzzwords following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Round and this new LG device. An Argentinian broadcasting station got their hands on the device for an on-air review and sent a few high res photos over to The Verge for us to inspect. 

As we like to say around here, nothing is confirmed, but we do get a pretty good look at the Flex from these photos. It is still reported as being a 6″ screen with a fairly pronounced curve across the horizontal axis of the phone; the exact opposite direction of Samsung’s curve. The camera is said to be 13MP, most likely the same one you would find in the G2 because the Flex also features the buttons on the backplate of the device. We do not know any other specs at the moment, but if they line up any more with the G2 the Flex might just start looking like a re-release for the sake of having a curved screen.


The reporter at the Argentinian station says that the Flex should launch in South Korea next month, but no official announcement has been made by LG about this device’s existence. Until we hear from them, we just have to live off these leaked photos. If you want to see the whole hands-on video with the Flex and brush up on your Spanish at the same time, hit the video below.


Via: The Verge

  • Joey Funk

    I love my gnex’s curved glass, and i feel like this phone would be awesome to use.

  • LG is increasingly investing in design and. It really is a good news. I love this phone. It is not like previous LG product, only strong but not strong configuration design

  • Ron Burgundy

    It’ll look like a 6 inch curve in your front pocket too. “It’s the pleats of the pants”

  • John Friend

    Anyone else find the Super Mario esque music a little funny? Also when all I understood was “LG FLEX”. Lol.

  • TalonDesigns

    After reading a lot of “why do this” comments, I figured I would toss in my best guess.

    I would think that the ‘curve’ on the phone, would make it feel a little more comfortable to use. Especially as phones tend to get larger as the time moves on.

    Just my thought though.

    I don’t have any issues with my current phone, I don’t feel that current designs have ‘problems’ so to speak, so certainly this idea is more ‘novelty’ than anything right now.

    The question that I have though (and the answer may already exist, and I’m just too lazy to see), if I were to pull this display out of the phone, would it be flexible. If so, then there’s a serious advantage. It should ‘flex’ when it’s dropped/smacked against something. Which in turn should help keep a display from breaking behind the glass.. However, I don’t believe that is the case here.

  • Caveman

    Is that a curved screen in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me.

  • Michael Nyitrai

    can somebody explain the benefit if any of a curved display? i dont get it, and i still dont get the appeal of curved glass T.V.

    • Mike Hilal

      They LOVE glare. Persistent, maddening, glare.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    What was with the 8-bit video game music playing in that video?

  • abqnm

    If I owned this phone (given to me of course; I would never buy it), I would be constantly anticipating the inevitable “crunch” that will happen when the phone decides it no longer wants to be curved and tries to flatten out.

  • Joe Cross

    What the point of the curve? How does it help the performance of the phone or the user experience?

    • mjmedstarved

      That’s my question.

      Why the hell do I want it?

      • derp

        So what? Complaining about innovation? It’s something different. If it doesn’t float your boat, great. Doesn’t kill anyone for phone companies to stop releasing the same thing month after month. Everyone crapped all over the G2 buttons too when I thought it was at least an attempt to do something different for once.

        Guess what, none of you have to buy it. Cool huh?

        • mjmedstarved

          What are you smoking?

          Who said we were complaining? We’re asking for the use of this; I don’t go buying things because I think the hype about how cool they are is ‘in’.

          Sounds like someone needs to take a pill; a chill one.

          • grayson360

            Easier chin to ear contact for talking(despite 6 inches) and I don’t know what else but there was just something about the slight curve of the Gnex that made me happy. Idk. It was just nice. Feels nice. I guess its more subjective but the fact that this one is curves means a greater push for display technology. Like in 2006-7 alienware had a huge curved display. No one liked it because the tech back then was meh. I bet of they did it now with glass and an IPS people would eat it up. Oh and increase the resolution. It was like 30+ inches wide and only like a weird form of 1680×1050. So basically we need a curved 21:9 2560×1080 IPS monitor. Damn BF4 would look good on that….with my GTX 780…….*nerd comatose*

        • Raven65

          It just seems like an answer to a question nobody asked. How does it make the experience of using my phone any better? What problem does it solve? I can’t think of anything. …and it WILL make glare problems worse.

          • Michael Atkinson

            Makes the experience better as it should make it easier to reach the top and bottom of screens less of a stretch for some people if you curve 6″ ur not reaching as far from the middle of the phone and should allow easier 1 handed control.

    • abqnm

      It is to increase the likelihood of the phone going “crunch” and you having to buy a new one, thus increasing their sales by selling a self-defeating product.

      • Joey Funk

        well the display will still work since it’s flexible, but everything else will be broken. :]

  • chef

    I’m gonna heat up my G2 in the oven and see if I can curve it myself.

    • jimbob

      Remember shrinky dinks?

      • HarleyGuy72

        I was in the pool!!

      • HarleyGuy72


        EDIT: sorry for the gif fail…

  • samosa king

    It looks as if the Galaxy Nexus and the LG G2 had a baby.

  • samosa king

    100% better than the Samsung Galaxy Round.

    • LionStone

      Haha! The Samsung engineers just said, ‘oh shiz, we curved the Round the wrong way’! 🙂

  • One of the most useless advancements in display tech, until they release a phone with a display that actually “flexes”.

  • Cameron

    I would buy the phone/tablet concept at about the 3:20 mark of the video in a heartbeat.

  • Mike Aurin

    What is with the backing soundtrack from the huge Spanish hit Mario de Súper?

  • David Benson

    Its not everyday people get excited for something 6 inches and curved

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Oh sure, when LG shows off thier 6 inch curve it’s news worthy, but when I do it I’m a “sexual deviant”. Double standards, man.

    • OnlyNexus

      That’s because 6 inches is only impressive for a phone.

      • Owned

      • rodney11ride

        im jealous…

      • Dr_Buttballs

        I may not be able to reach the bottom of a soup can but I can sure as hell dint the s**t out of the sides.

      • cizzlen

        187 SHOTS FIRED!


    • shelooga

      This contest is over, give that man the 10,000$ !


      newsworthy when you do curve too

  • Nagateja

    When it is just a question of talking CURVED displays why the hell are OEMs faking with naming it FLEX when it isnt actually flexible. Flexible displays are something far different from these curve gimmicks. Talking flexible displays, Samsung showed them off in their prototype device Samsung YOUM

  • jbdan

    The landscape orientation/view for videos looks nice. So if it’s on a hard flat surface (face down especially but either way) and you accidentally sit on it or put pressure on it will it snap…

    This thing is gigantor!

  • Shane Redman

    Waiting for someone to pitch to me the “Why”.

  • TSK

    is it just me or has the Nexus 5/Kit Kat 4.4 news gotten eerily quiet…

    • Shane Redman

      Calm before the storm?

    • jbdan

      The silence before the storm….about to explode

  • A.J.

    In all honesty I think it looks pretty cool, but it looks absolutely massive. My G2 is about the largest phone I can use one handed.

  • mustbepbs

    I’m surprised The Verge had time to write up any other articles after their collective mouth was wrapped around Apple’s balls.

    • T4rd

      Just FYI, Josh Topolski (their owner/Editor in chief) has went on the record in recent Vergecasts that he preferres Android to iOS. But yes, the rest of their staff seem prettty Apple biased to me, esp. David Pierce and Nilay Patel (I prolly butchered their names, but oh well). I still enjoy their mobile podcasts for and Vergecasts and other news coverage though.

      • mustbepbs

        Really? Because last year during the iPad Mini launch, he was drooling all over the thing like it was the second coming.

        I have such a hard time reading anything from them as it’s just oozing with fanboy. The comment sections are pretty painful too, especially last night. People were basically replying to any comment with “stretched smartphone apps” and “tablet optimized apps” like they just drank the Koolaid at the keynote, basically copying Tim’s speech verbatim.

        • the ipad mini is amazing. i recommend you check one out.

          • LionStone

            Just the other day an Apple friend was showing another friend, who’s in the market for a tablet, his Mini. I said, ‘oh I have the N7’13 here if you wanna check it out’. He basically tossed it to the side and was all over the Nexus… and our Apple buddy just sat there like a deer in headlights. Then the Mini looked up at its owner and said, ‘do you still think I’m pretty?’ 🙂

          • Cool anecdote.

          • LionStone


        • T4rd

          Eh, maybe so, but I didn’t catch that last year and over the course of a year, opinions can change drastically. But it wasn’t 3 weeks ago that I was listening to the Vergecast and he said he still preffers his Nexus 4 over the iPhone, then Nilay was like “REALLY?!” lol.
          But yes, there are plenty of fanboys there in the comments.. from both sides (Apple and Google). I haven’t really seen one side outweigh the other.

          • mustbepbs

            I used to consider myself a fanboy, but then I realized how it makes you look and sound. It’s sad. Both “sides” have compelling products, and both “sides” can falter. I’m heavily considering the new Mini because it looks like such a complete package at a nice price.

            Still can’t get used to iOS though. I feel like it’s made for retards, like a Leap Frog or something.

          • red014

            I got a Mini last year on launch day in lieu of a Nexus 7 (I felt the screen was too small to have that aspect ratio). I still think the Mini is just about the perfect size screen to have for a tablet, but I hate it because of iOS and it’s stupid restrictions. The 7 is still too small/narrow for me, especially when you lose even more real estate for the nav buttons. If we could get a Nexus 8 or something with a 4:3 aspect ratio, I could get a small tablet, but now I’m waiting on the new Nexus 10. FWIW.

          • mustbepbs

            My new LG G Pad 8.3 will be here tomorrow. I agree that 7 inches is too small for a tablet for my needs, so 8.3 should be perfect. 10 inches was too large for my usage.

          • Where’d you buy it from?

          • mustbepbs

            Best Buy. They’ve got them for sale on their website early before they hit retailers on November 3rd.

            You wouldn’t know it though. You have to KNOW they’re there because they don’t advertise them at all.

          • Thanks!

          • jose

            Leap Frog lolol. I’m using that on my Appletard friends.

          • michael arazan

            Most people don’t have problems with apple’s products, like myself. People have problems with their business practices and their ethics, that is their real problem imo

          • John Friend

            I did a literary analysis on Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford and his biography. I did this because of my love for Android and wanted to really see if my thoughts and views were valid. Also it was a way to pique my interests in my COM 101 class. He blatantly lied to the public about his health and even said “I am fine now” when he clearly was not. His fear of death was even reflected in his products (lack of a real functioning power button). Jobs also was allowed backdated stock options totaling millions. What is with this company???

            I found a Mac Mall and PC Mall catalog from 13 years ago. Both sides have decreased their pricing. But if I wanted to fully enjoy the apple ecosystem now, I would need a $400 iPhone (subsidized), a $500 iPad air, a $1300 macbook pro, and a $99 apple tv. That is $2300. Now I have a Droid maxx that was $109 (after discount and rebate), paired with a roku 2 xd that was $50, a xtreme tab 7 that was $40 and my compaq mini netbook that was $149 black friday 2008. Total cost, $348.

    • Android_1.5_BILLION_by_Christm

      don’t be surprised, it’s MARKETING – media network writing WHAT APPLE WANTS.

    • Tucker Nebel

      The Apple event was yesterday, of course they are going to be writing about Apple. U MAD BRO?

  • joejoe5709

    *waves hand* This is not the LG you’re looking for…

  • C-Law

    So it’s a galaxy nexus?

    • gnex never had a curved display, only curved glass. That´s a slight difference at it wasn´t curved that much,not even close

      • Shane Redman

        Technically yes, but visually……..

        • I agree at first glance yes but I worried. The big curve doesn´t really leave much space for a battery also why do all curved phones have to be those huge 6″ devices`?

          • grayson360

            It leaves more room for components. Longer curve allows more “flat” areas. Like you can go faster around a long curve than a short quick turn. Like an exit ramp that’s 45 instead of 25. MORE POWERRRR

    • jonzey231

      ^This is what I have been thinking since all of this curved phone stuff started getting popular a couple months ago.

    • rodney11ride

      going from galaxy nexus to maxx HD makes me miss the curve… very thumb friendly

    • Cowboydroid

      It’s what the Galaxy Nexus should have been.

      • John Friend

        Thank you for saying this. I was thinking the exact same thing. I remember seeing photos of the galaxy nexus before it was released, then being disappointed at its lack of curve compared to concept pics. It is easier to have a curve. I too came from a galaxy nexus to a razr maxx HD. Now with a Droid Maxx, I have almost forgotten the experience. I do remember the issues with curved glass. My otterbox Defender had major issues with its built in screen protector. It was constantly collecting dust in areas, or leaking adhesive. All due to the curvature.

        I think the curve is nice though.

  • anon

    This wont launch in the US.

  • Seth Rosenblum

    This is the greatest droid-life headline ever.

  • The only problem I see here is the logo on the front and (presumably) back that says LG.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I don’t mind the back Branding but the front yeah, I want that clean like the moto X or the GNex

      • abqnm

        I think you missed the point…

        (brand bashing)