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Recent HTC Exec Comments Point to New Tablet and Future Wearables?

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HTC’s place as a smartphone maker has been somewhat questioned lately when considering poor sales and rough earnings figures, but the company’s lead executives still look to the future and how the company can continue to innovate. In a recent discussion with Financial Times, when tablets were brought up, it wasn’t a question of if HTC would launch one, but when

When the tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive. There are a lot of devices to innovate, ubiquitous intelligence is not just wearables.

That was said by HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang, who was seated right next to the company’s CEO Peter Chou. So clearly, if her quote is taken literally, HTC is definitely working on some type of tablet and they have high hopes for it.

What has us more excited (possibly), is the CEO’s mention of future wearables from the company. When questioned on the current offerings from Samsung (Galaxy Gear), Pebble, and other manufacturers, Chou comments that the products are just too gimmicky and don’t meet any consumer needs. He states clearly that HTC, if they do end up making a wearable, will need to release a mature and more advanced product in order for it to succeed. Apparently, HTC is currently throwing around a few ideas internally on what would make people focused on their watch and not any other offerings currently on the market.

What do you think – should HTC continue its forward progress and push out a new tablet and even a smartwatch? Is there anyway they could make it not gimmicky?

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  • Daistaar

    Build an aluminum smartwatch with dual speakers, Beats Audio for thumping alarms and Sense UI with Blink Feed. I’d purchase LOL

  • Jon Berg

    Here’s a thought for HTC – Build an attractive tablet with an excellent screen and leave Android as close to vanilla as possible. Abandon Sense and become the Other Android Tablet. Yes, you’ll compete with Nexus but you can build an attractive tablet that one ups google – can’t you?

  • Dre Fay

    I see bendable screen sleeves for each arm phablet mutant camera 6 sense, sense 6!

    • Dre Fay

      i down voted that too

  • iNomNomAwesome

    They need to get their sh*t together in the smartphone market again before they try tablets and wearables, especially since their last tablet was such a flop.

    • Chris

      the one seems to be doing well…

  • Walter Partlo

    Wearable Fail.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I think what will save HTC is to focus on what my friends were bragging about them a few years ago. Great camera (why not partner with Nikon to make lens elements for them?), solid build quality like the HTC One, but make it for compelling. Actually the more I write about this, it seems that the HTC one was suppose to be all these things, but failing miserable. No idea what can save HTC.

    • Tyson Wald

      well beats is out so they lost the one good thing they had going

  • Tyson Wald

    no new nexus 5 news so we revert to talking about HTC. i think id rather have the fake nexus news 🙂

    • Chris

      well here you go

  • Tim242

    HTCoffin. Last two nails.

    • LionStone

      No way buddy, they made a deal already with the devil so, if they have to they’ll just get a loan from money bags Apple Daddy! Ha! 🙂

  • mustbepbs

    HTC made two good smartphones this year: One and DNA. I believe they can make a compelling tablet. They just need to seriously consider what they’re going to do with Sense 5 in a tablet, and in what size screen. Sense 5 would lend itself well to the 7-8″ form factor, but I shudder at the thought of Sense 5 on a 10″ tablet.

    As far as “wearables” go, I think they need to sit back and see what people do. They are in no shape to blaze the trail on smartwatches. Let Samsung throw their piles of cash at the wall first to see what sticks and what doesn’t.

    But hey, this is HTC we’re talking about. I’m sure they’ll figure it out… >.>

    • Tim242

      The DNA came out last year. Their tablets failed misersbly.

      • mustbepbs

        Oh that’s right. Durr. Oh well, close enough.

        • Tim242

          The crazy thing is that the One is bigger than the DNA, but with a smaller screen. First company to go backwards in screen size…then they release the ridiculous Max. They are so clueless and lost.

          • mustbepbs

            Yeah the Max is certainly questionable. I’m very happy with my DNA, though. The One is certainly a nice looking phone.

          • LionStone

            Well they sacrificed a bit of screen to bring Front-facing Boom Sound! 🙂

      • Chris

        Read again:

        I believe they can make a compelling tablet.

        • Tim242

          If they could make one, they would price them ridiculously high. The Jetstream was almost $800. The tablet market is saturated. Nobody will buy an HTC [email protected] tablet. HTC has no clue what they are doing. They are releasing the Max, with nothing to use its display. When asked why they didn’t include something like multi-window, HTC said “Who uses that?” “Why would someone want to use that?” “What use would it really provide?” Yeah, OK HTC. They are going the way of BlackBerry ..sadly.

          • Chris

            I doubt they said those things. Don’t like HTC then don’t biuy them. Pretty simple.

          • Tim242

            Yes, they most certainly said those things. They told both Android Central and The Verge those very quotes.

          • Chris

            care to show proof. actual links. no photoshopped images or fake websites that look like the real thing.

          • Tim242

            That’s easy. Go listen to their podcasts. They talk at length about it.

          • Tim242

            You can’t down vote the truth away. Join reality.

          • Jared Carter

            Actually I doubt most people use multiwindow. I RArely used it in my stint with the note. Although its a nice feature I don’t think it makes or breaks the device. I do think HTC made the Max a little too big.

          • Tim242

            I don’t use it all day, but there are many times when it comes in handy. I use it mostly to watch a YouTube video while surfing. You can shrink the window down to just the size of the video. I also use it for Hangouts. It’s so nice to not have to app hop. The new drag & drop is a very nice addition. I understand that not everybody uses them much, but I think more do than not.

  • Ryan Markwald

    We’ll see if HTC learned from the Flyer. I hope they don’t jump on the “wearables” bandwagon, seems like a smart move to wait and see if that market takes off. No need to flush more money down the toilet if it can be avoided.

    • Tyler

      Whoever does a smartwatch right first is going to make bank, if they can set themselves apart from the rest why wouldn’t they? Hopefully they do a good job in the battery life department.

      • Ryan Markwald

        We are talking HTC here though, that’s the issue. I agree, first one to make the watch that hits consumers just right wins, hands down. HTC just can’t price themselves out of the marketplace right off the bat like they did with the Flyer, so hopefully they learned something from that. Battery life is a must as well, I agree also.

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  • Chris

    i owned the jet stream. It was a nice tablet but blogged down by aT&T, a terrible version of sense and a crappy screen res with even more crappy PPI. Hopefully HTC learns their lesson


      A “nice tablet” but the screen and software interface are terrible. WTF?

      Typical htc owner/apologist.

      • Chris

        if you ever used the jetstream you’ll know what i mean.

        Theres more to android then just samsung.

        • Well explain to me what you mean.

          And nobody here mentioned Samsung except for you. This thread is about HTC and their terrible products.

        • Essentially, you are saying the plastic casing is good, i guess? I’m sure there are chinese tablets with equally good plastic if that’s your #1 feature.

          For me, screen and software are kind of important.

          • Chris

            did I?

          • Chris

            who said anything about plastic?

      • Drome

        thebeeobee – you are literally the worst. How do you have enough time to spew these ignorant and inflammatory comments on every droidlife article? You have just about single handedly ruined the entire comment community here. Get a f**king life. There isn’t a single right choice to android phones and tablets but even if there was, your opinions are no where near them.

        • htchurtsmybutt

          single (handedly) not a word… lol. i don’t think he’s has ruined anything. you seem extra butt hurt over some common internet debating.

        • I’m sorry, i’m here to discuss the merits of a piece of technology. Not sure why you a. take it personally and b. why you’re attacking me personally.

          Odd behavior, Drome.

          Have you used a Jetstream or Flyer?

          Have you ever used a tablet? Do you think the screen (the thing you interact with) and the software interface (the virtual things you interact with) are important?

          Sorry that I ruined your community 🙁

          But my “inflammatory” comments are about a manufacturer who has consistently let down owners of their products over and over again and I’m sticking up for said owners

          • htchurtsmybutt

            cheers beeobee, don’t let his butthurt hurt your butt.

          • Chris

            I’m a HTC owner and I’m fine with them. HTC still has a strong user base. a lot of females left samsung after the stunt they pulled with the s4 launch.

          • Can you point me to some documentation about their user base and docs about “a lot of females” leaving samsung. Thanks. I’d love to read it. Most articles just point to dwindling marketshare, bad products, mismanagement, etc.

            Maybe they should be highlighting these secrets that only you know about, Chris.

          • Chris

            did you even see their launch? making fun of woman….

            and we all know HTC is struggling but they still make great products. they just need to get rid of Peter and get some fresh faces in and everything will be alright.

          • I have no idea what you’re talking about at this point.

            Your first post said you used a nice tablet with a terrible screen and terrible software and now you’re just making things up.

          • jose

            Thanks, but we don’t need you. Came from the Rezound and now the One. I have zero intention of buying a phone from any other manufacturer.

          • Oh, i had to return 3 rezounds because of overheating/resets. Was yours the size of a brick from the extended battery, too?

          • Chris

            your judging the past my friend. this is the now. get used to it.

          • In the past, they actually made a profit, Chris. The “now” is looking pretty bleak.

          • jose

            It sure was! But it was a great phone. Almost two full years a daily driver without a single issue. Wife had the same phone too. We both upgraded to the One.

          • Yikes. My condolences.

            At least this one fits in your pocket (width wise)…pretty needlessly tall, though. And shame about the non-removable battery. I suggest you take a trip to your local store and try some other phones and you can live without those terrible compromises next time. Good luck! Glad you like your phones.

          • jose

            LOLOL that’ll be the day, when I take advice from an internet troll fanboy.

          • Chris

            same. I had all the EVOs to date and a short 7 months of the rezound. The rezound had some nice things to it

          • THE EVOS! lol. those were some of the worst products in android history.

          • Chris

            The first evo was a game changer when it came out in 2010

          • Drome

            “Typical htc owner/apologist.” I have owned samsung phones (g nexus and briefly an s3, LG Nexus 4, and now own an HTC One. The htc one (running GE rom) is by far the best phone I have ever owned. I realize HTC has put out some bad products in the past like the thunderbolt and the flyer. But HTC is capable of making amazing products and really impressed a lot of people with the One. But even if you think otherwise, you can just have your opinion and reasons but not put down or judge others for having a different opinion on which smart phone they want. Instead, you spam the comment section of this great blog to the point where it is not as enjoyable for me to visit. I sure that others have the same sentiment. If you acted like this in public you would be punched in the face, so why act like this on the internet?

          • Dre Fay

            I don’t know about any of that but i’m waiting on the Thunderbolt 2!

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Was there ever a good version of Sense?

      • Chris

        Sense 5.

  • cHRIS

    Yay :/

    • Chris