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Friday App Sales: Final Fantasy V, Worms 2: Armageddon, Pacific Rim, and More

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Hooray, it’s Friday! If you need a couple good games to keep you busy, there are a few deals taking place over on Google Play, including Worms 2, which is a classic. If you are looking for something a bit more epic, then might I suggest Final Fantasy V for just $11? Might seem to be priced high, but that’s down from its usual price of $15, a price that fans of the franchise don’t have any problem paying. It must be that good.

Check out the full list below. 

Friday app sales:

No go forth and support those devs.

  • Jason Tsujimura

    Final Fantasy V remains one of my favorite entries in the series. I remember stumbling through the original Super Famicom version in Japanese not knowing how to read any of it and I still loved it.

    • i9

      Good game. Second to VI and IV in the SNES era for me, but still awesome.

  • JoshGroff

    Too bad I bought FF5 on launch day. Was well worth it until they broke 4.3 compatibility, not sure if it’s back with the recent update since I reverted my rom just to play it.

  • T4rd

    Still playing and addicted to Clash of Clans! =D

    • KB

      Ditto. Are there any DL clans?

    • fanniege

      Still playing and addicted to Clash of Clans! =D=====w­w­w.j­o­b­s­6­0.c­o­m

      • michael arazan

        Suck a 8====D spammer

    • charlotterupp43

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    • Raven

      Me too. Damn game. I love watching the replays of my base defenses crushing the attackers.

  • Blue Sun


    • Ian Smith

      what’s the normal price for Wormz?

      • hkklife

        $3, I believe. Well worth it at that price, so for a buck it’s a no-brainer!

      • Smeckle

        According to reviews it is $5 normally.

    • n11

      They still need to fix the MP connectivity issues. It only works about 50% of the time.