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Nestle Continues to Troll Kit Kat Launch, Convinces Internet of Countdown to October 21

android 4.4 kit kat kitkat

As expected, the Nestle Kit Kat Google+ page continued its fueling of internet conspiracy theorists this morning after it posted up a photo of a Kit Kat bar. Yes, that’s all they did along with a message of “The future of confectionery has arrived…” But wait, how is that fueling? Let me attempt to explain how Android enthusiasts have come up with their latest theory, which suggests that this is now a countdown to a new potential Android 4.4 release date of October 21. 

A couple of our readers, plus another handful of like-minded folks across this fast internet, started this latest theory based on a post from back on October 14, where the Kit Kat G+ page posted up a picture of “007” and mentioned James Bond. Keep the “7” in mind for a minute.

007 kitkat

On October 15, a new post went up of a Kit Kat Android bar dancing. Depending on how you look at it, you could suggest that there are 6 bars in this piece of candy. So we just went from 7 to 6.

6 kitkat

Yesterday, a post went up with the note “THIS IS IT” shaped out of Kit Kat pieces. You could potentially interpret the S in each word as being a 5 or even look to it as a reference to Michael Jackson who happened to be a member of the Jackson 5. So we’ve got from 7 to 6 to 5.

5 kitkat

And then today, the Kit Kat G+ page posted this image, which is simply a full Kit Kat bar and the words “KIT KAT 4.4.” There are 4 bars to this Kit Kat, along with a mention of “4.4.”

See where we are going with this? It’s a countdown!

4 kitkat

If the trend were to continue tomorrow with a 3, then a 2 on Saturday, and a 1 on Sunday, we end up at Monday, October 21. Yep, that’s the latest theory. We’ve even seen the word “confirmed” tossed out there. Woof.

Update: We’ve got new items to add to the theory thanks to commenters. There is a Google Ideas event on Monday, October 21 with Eric Schmidt. Not that that means there will be any sort of announcement since it has to do with world matters, but hey, October 21! Oh, the description also says “will explore the nexus between technology and conflict.” Nexus!

Update 2:  Oh it gets better. If you flip the “This is it” picture, the “is” becomes a 21! I seriously can’t make this stuff up.


Just yesterday, conspiracy theorists and pattern finders were dead set on October 28. Oh how quickly things can change when you are looking for things that likely aren’t even there.

Brilliant job, Nestle and Google. You are winning the day.

Cheers BiggiePhat and Josh!

  • Tom Wolf

    James Bond’s Birthday is November 16th… just sayin’.

  • Bartek Juszczak

    In the “THIS IS IT” picture, only 5 of the letters have had bites taken out of them 🙂

  • MrWicket

    it’s getting kind of crazy but hey, it’s fun! 🙂

  • Larry the toucher

    I’m not sure if these “clues” make the sense the article is suggesting, but what I will say is GIMME A BREAK! Oh and I’m now more interested in the candy bar than the update and phone.

  • Arshley Giraldo

    3 kit Kat pieces in 007….. 3×7=

  • huffimus_prime

    It’s all part of an experiment designed by Google and implemented by Nestle to determine how conspiracy theories spread.

  • Alex Goings

    I found the real hint. The angle between KitKat fingers. 21 deg. was too small and 28 deg. was too big. 26 deg. was just right. Check it yourself. October 26 confirmed.
    gif of measurement at link.


  • Shagnscooby

    Maybe the 28th and 21st theories are both right. 21st is just the announcement of the event and the 28th is the actual event showing of the new stuff. I’m guessing press events would have had to go out by now if the 21st was the whole event.

  • cns2007

    Well, if there is anything to this theory, it should be confirmed tomorrow.

    • Detonation

      Which could still mean nothing if Nestle just decides to play along and continue to troll us. Either way, they’re getting a ton of free press they weren’t getting before.

  • Nelly547

    I have always thought that KitKat would be released on Halloween. Google is always up to tricks. This would be the perfect treat!

  • seeingwhite

    With Apple’s event on the 22nd, it makes sense that Google would try to have their event first on the 21st.

  • Chris Grosvenor

    wasnt there an oct 21 date in those two latest google spots as well?