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Any.Do Opens Cal Beta on Android, Go Get It!

any.do cal androidany.do cal androidany.do cal android

As of this afternoon, Any.Do has opened up a beta program for their incredibly popular iOS calendar application called Cal. Users of Any.Do’s task app know that the design and functionality used in their work is almost unmatched by most apps in the game. All of the beauty and ease seen in Any.Do is carried through onto Cal, which means a minimal and clean white theme and all sorts of features.

With this beta, understand that you are testing the app before it officially launches, so there may be bugs or lag in some transitions or features. I’m definitely experiencing some already on my Moto X. No matter what, I think you’ll immediately appreciate the look and functionality of Cal within a couple of minutes with it. If you are a calendar addict like me, this is one to pay attention to. 

Here are some of the features:

  • Your events will come to life beautifully with smart maps, contacts, apps and social integrations.
  • Seamlessly connects with all your existing calendar services so you’re always up to date (supports Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL & iCloud)
  • Each day starts with a fresh & gorgeous photo to celebrate the day in a fun way.
  • Daily Planning is made simple. By connecting Cal with Any.DO you can check out your Any.do tasks for the day.
  • It’s always someone’s birthday. Write on your friends wall, buy a give, make a call, or send them a message. It’s really easy.
  • It’s easy to find great places, restaurants & bars nearby for your events.
  • Scheduling made easy – Simply jump to a specific date from the month view or swipe to next week.
  • Need a ride? Call an Uber with one click from Cal (available on supported locations)

We just jumped into it, so we’re still getting used to the Android version. We’ll have more in a minute.

any.do cal androidany.do cal android

In the mean time, hit up the G+ link below, join their community, and get to testing.

Links:  Join Any.Do’s G+ Community First | +Any.Do | Play Link

Cheers Michael!

  • Mr Canada
    • mattforchi

      what virus am I gonna get from that link?

      • Mr Canada

        You frustrating wanker. I actually took time out of my day to help people that are stuck in the pending super user join limbo. And I don’t get thanks I get you. You cynical ass is the reason I will never try help again.

        • mattforchi

          Sorry mate, I didn’t want to be offending. It was just I haven’t found this link anywhere else on the internet but under this one month old article by a user who has only submitted 2 comments yet, both at the same hour with the same link. Looking at these hard facts, I think my caution is explainable.

          If it’s safe, thank you, it really is a pain waiting for the invite.

          • Mr Canada

            I have also been waiting and checking most days, Was pretty annoyed that even tho I joined that list I didn’t get a email about the beta untill it was obviously full. But today I got my hands on the apk, never bothered to post anything before but it was so hard for me I thought I would help out . 100 % promise it’s the real thing( Not that a word of a stranger is worth anything butg to tell you the trusth I couldn’t make a virus ) I just posted on the top 5 google results .

  • Mr Canada
  • Jose Carmona

    No link works. I’ve been waiting for an approval for 15 days now.

  • triumphtriple

    Still getting a 404 when I try to join >:-[

  • Michael Shorey

    put in request to join community.

  • J Dub

    Still getting a 404 error at 10:22 ET.

  • PolarBear

    Laggy in my Epic 4G Touch CM10.1 Nightly Official…

  • Trooper311

    Thanks for the heads up K!

  • Jason Kahn

    Possibly one of the most beautiful Calendar apps i’ve seen. I’ll judge it’s usefulness over the next several days

  • rthvk

    You’re going to be in Vegas running like hell?

    Lucky guy, Kellen.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    This is what i want GEL to look like. Oh kellen you use a moto x? I didn’t know.

  • Stewie

    All this time and it’s just a basic beta? Hmmm…. Well I can wait for the public release ….

  • Cliffon
    • Joshua Seeley

      Hey this one actually worked for me. thanks man.

    • Keith Rodrigues

      Worked for me too. Thanks!

  • Droid Ronin

    Can’t access the link either. Someone post the APK?

  • Alireza Hosseini

    Crashes at startup 🙁

  • Rob Delaney

    I can’t recommend this enough. I use it on my 5s and wish I could have it for my work phone HTC One. I am trying but the refreshes are no luck.

  • CCN4

    If the link above doesn’t work, try joining the community and then on the right side of the page there use the “Become a Cal Superuser” link.

    • epps720

      This worked perfect for me, thanks

  • FragDroid

    You must join their g+ community first then the link will work fine.

  • Adrynalyne

    Crash, lag, crash, lag.

    Yep, I know its beta, and no, I am not knocking it.

    • Adrynalyne

      Tip: Disable themes (all but one) if you are in a low signal area and it clears up.

  • aBabyPenguin

    I got it, it looks really great so far. I love the style but I wish there was a Week view instead of just Month and Day. I also can’t figure out where the widget is… maybe it is coming later.

    • Michael G

      The widget disappeared after this afternoons update.

      • aBabyPenguin


  • steve james

    I know I posted this before but I didn’t realize it was an older story, trying to get some visability. Before you flame me I am googling as we speak I just want some aditiional help from my favorite droid community. — Hey Droid Life community help! I know it has been asked before but I can’t find it. I have my newly upgraded to Note 3 in hand and my toggle widget that turned on my hotspot on the downlow on my Galaxy Nexus now brings up a must subscribe dialog! How do I get tether back? I am not paying for data twice. Please tell me there is a no root way to accomplish this?

    • steve james

      So 4 down votes and not one comment. Shame on me sure and shame on this android community. You make me sad if you can’t help one of your own droid fans are you really a fan? You won’t see me ask you guys for help again. You 4 down voters lost my respect. Small thing in the scheme of things but I am very disappointed. Had my Joy of new phone brought down a little thanks anonymous internet dudes.

      • Adrynalyne

        Discus is for commenting on articles, not tech support. That said, check for tethering apps on google play. If the non-root ones won’t work, root yourself and then use a root tether app.

        Example (not endorsement):


        • 1bad69z28

          Actually this blog was intended to not only discuss about articles but also for community members to ask questions so other DL members can help each other.

          As the Blog has grown other sections and referrals to xda is a great source of detailed information. But, if someone is new to root or has a question that can be quickly asked then this is still a great spot to show a willingness to help other Android Users 🙂

          Just my 2 cents from a member since Day 1 🙂

          • Adrynalyne

            It wasnt intended for a Note 3 user to get tethering help on a beta thread for a calendar app.

            Just sayin. There is a time and a place. This was neither, but I helped regardless, because I understand frustration.

          • 1bad69z28

            Adrynalyne, I totally understand and see your point, but I can also show you where newbies or new members to the Android community have asked question on different threads that had nothing to do with the articles. (going back to the beginning of this Blog to present day)

            Answering the question and guiding the person to other detailed forums/tech support is great and I have done the same at least a hundred times. Some new members are not experienced as the some of us on blogs. 🙂

          • steve james

            Thanks so much you fellas have made me smile again:) It is always interesting in life to see people justify to themselves and make excuses as to why they don’t help others when they are presented with an opportunity to do so. I wasn’t asking for a detailed troubleshooting walk through fellas just a quick app referral. Again thanks to those that did help and to everyone else I am sorry I was impatient with my new toy, still thought you guys would be the quickest way to get an answer as I come on here several times a day and didn’t want to sign up to xda just for a question as simple as that.

    • epps720

      I used to use FoxFi. Give that a whirl. Best site for tech questions is xdadevelopers.com

      • steve james

        Thanks for that also if my toggle app doesn’t work I sure will. I am debating a root if I can keep the spen goodies. I have to say some of Samsungs decisions are very annoying coming from a Galaxy Nexus.

    • 1bad69z28

      @Steve, This is a great forum for All Android users and questions. My apologies for the members who think they know everything about Android and how the blog is suppose to operate to new users/newbies. Even some of the guys that are well versed in Android will ask a question or two.

      As someone who is a long standing member of this forum and brought in by one of the main writers. Kellen wanted this forum to help new Android users as well as well versed Android users to help and guide each other. You can also find more tech help in the Xda forum which has a wealth of information and answers to your questions in more detail.

      Also, don’t be worried about down votes LOL You can always shoot a message to Tim A Tato who is a Master of the Android World 🙂

      • steve james

        Thanks so much for taking the time. I am always amazed that people would take the time to click on a down vote but not the reply box. I have found that it seems the pop up wanting you to subscribe does not prohibit it from turning on with this app. My understanding is that it still works as before. Time will tell, that is the first bill will have the answer that counts.

  • Blue Sun

    “Call Jonny Ives”… and tell him iOS looks awful?

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  • marcowhereru

    I get a 404 as well.

  • Michael G

    Woo woooo!

  • Dan Lopez


  • Brendan Owens

    I’m just getting a 404 when I follow the link

    • Brendan Owens

      Any.do says “Guys – please try again in a few hours, it takes some time for the app to be available for everyone.”

    • Michael G

      Just took me a few minutes. Keep trying.

  • skillz360

    ..looks like the links down