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Nike Announces FuelBand SE With Handful of Useful New Features, Continues to Forget Android Exists


Nike took the stage in NYC this morning to announce their newest fitness product, the FuelBand SE. It’s a revamped version of the FuelBand introduced in 2012, but includes all sorts of upgrades in areas that most users (including myself) were asking for. But for Android users, did we finally get official app support? Ugh, is all I have to say there.ย 

In terms of new features, the new Nike FuelBand SE has an updated algorithm that took hours of fine-tuning, has also been fully sealed so that you can use it in the shower, and even measures sleep on some level. Nike added in hourly reminders to keep you moving, a double-tap of the button to quickly get to the clock, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and the ability to tag “sessions” so that it can re-calculate your activity (for example, yoga).

So, what about Android support? Nike continues to ignore the biggest mobile operating system on the planet. Yes, THE BIGGEST MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM ON THE PLANET. OK, one more time.


As we sort of guessed, this new Nike FuelBand SE has a shiny new iOS app already available for download. If you aren’t an iOS user, they offer you a web experience. In other words, you still do not get the live syncing of your activity, and instead have to take to a computer on an hourly/daily/weekly basis to get your Fuel points uploaded if you are an Android user. What a joke.

We were once promised an Android app. Actually, we were promised for months and months that an Android app was coming before Nike eventually killed it off completely. Since, we have seen Nike and Apple cozy up tightly, swap executives regularly, and give us no sign that Android support will ever arrive.

Even though this new FuelBand sounds like a fantastic upgrade, the lack of Android support is a major disappointment. I had already begun self-discussions over switching to the new Fitbit Force – this news may be the nail in the coffin.



Via: ย CNET

  • matti861

    apple probably has them in their pocketbook….who cares

  • trophynuts

    hahahahah You should replace the word BIGGEST with the words MOST FRAGMENTED. Which is probably the main reason Nike doesn’t waste their time with doing an Android App

  • 655321

    It’s weird that the Nike+ FuelBand isn’t compatible with Mac OS X, requiring Windows to sync but only works with the iOS app.

  • Michael

    its called M7 motion coprocessor, which is avail on iPhone 5S and the reason why androids don’t have it yet.

  • Mike Hilal

    Nike has a contract with crApple

  • ratnok

    Since 80% of the mobile market is Android, there are many other companies that want your money. FitBit Force is actually a much better product, and supports Android and iOS.

    The makers of Basis Band, Jawbone Up, Withings Pulse, FitBit, and others would say “Those guys are crazy! We want your business!”

  • dkbnyc

    If Nike won’t support Android then I won’t support Nike.

    • Mackster248

      I’m sure Nike will miss your business.

  • Mackster248

    Lol. Look at all these people suddenly hating on Nike. Chill out, people. It’s just an app. Don’t buy the fuel band then, that simple.

  • russwc2

    so basically if i already have a fuelband this really isnt worth the upgrade since they still do not have android support

  • Ken MacDougall

    Thanks to the Nike waranty, I’m on my third Fuelband. So, since the hardware is crap and there’s no Android support in site, there’s no incentive to upgrade.

  • Cowboydroid

    And I continue to forget that Nike exists.

  • Tyler H

    Nike is pretty much just handing over that market to everyone else. Polar is about to release is bad item and guess what they support android. All the reviews I have read of it is that the device is better in every way from Nike Fuel.

  • Steve B

    Nike, you’re dead to me.

  • Shawn Spring

    I like the fully sealed part – finally. But no Android integration is just ridiculous.

  • JBartcaps

    Downvote trolls are here, Apple users have class.

    • Guest

      Apple users are lazy ass moth….fu..ers.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Jawbone here. Love it. Even though it doesn’t sync wirelessly it does last ten days. And all I need to do is plug into headphone jack. The app itself has more features than I need. Nike will learn. When its device become niche too. Although I can’t help but think Google Now will probably kill off all of these products once a Google watch is announced.

    • kderentz

      Was just thinking the same thing … If Google does their watch correctly there will be no need for any of these.

  • feres13

    Could this be because Android just recently supported Bluetooth LE in 4.3, and the Android 4.3 userbase is still low (Nexus devices and GN3)?

    • Pedro

      And BT-LE still doesn’t work for those that HAVE 4.3?

  • Booyah

    Kellen rage.

  • turco320

    this is a cult or what?

  • ChrisI

    Look, let’s just get this out in the air since most people are likely to ignore this position. Apple iPhones have essentially become socio-economic status symbols, a smartphone that’s “so simple” it’s clearly designed for a segment of the population that doesn’t understand or follow tech value. That same population segment would also be ooo’ed and ah’ed by something they can attach to their bodies with name brand logos to track every calorie burned, every second that they spend working out, every ounce of sweat yielded, and tracks every single little detail of an individual’s desire when it comes to fitness and exercise. I’ll let you deduce the facts behind this.

    • Raven

      I was just out to lunch today with my wife and I looked over at the table next to us and there were 4 old white haired ladies sitting there and they were passing around 3 iPhones showing off their pictures. I couldn’t help but start laughing and had to quietly explain what I was laughing about to my wife, lol. I actually think they have gone from being a status symbol to being the next generic camera phone for old people.

  • KG

    F Nike, UnderArmour FTW!

  • tyguy829
  • William Ku

    lets be honest here. only reason ppl use this thing is for aesthetic reasons only. theres so many of these types of things out there now that has better options and are cheaper. so why bother with these? and they have android support.

  • Chris

    maybe they don’t see android users using this….

    • Col_Angus

      That’s one heck of a Catch 22

  • KRS_Won

    As much as I like my other Nike athletic wear, I don’t think I will be buying a Fuelband if they ever come to Android.
    I eager to see what Google does anything with KitKat and wearables. I would like if Motorola comes out with an ACTV 2.
    Until then, the UP suits me just fine.

  • TheWenger

    I liked the idea of MotoActiv. A nice update to that would be nice.

  • Stevedub40

    Well, to hell with Nike then. I can’t support a company that supports apple.

    • PolarBear

      How about Adidas?

    • Chris

      hopefully you don’t base your relationships with other people on the phone they use…

  • Col_Angus

    Their shoes suck too.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • PolarBear

      I have a pair of nike shoes and these last me like 2 years and keep lasting. But I had a pair of Adidas shoes and these last me like 6 months and they got horribly broken.

      • made_in_China_Apple

        oh, please, both Nike and Adidas are being made/glued/assembled with the same technologies in CHINA by chinese workers.

      • Col_Angus

        Let me elaborate, I have flat feet. Nike is one of the worst running shoe manufacturers for anyone without a neutral foot structure. They’re all flashy colors and gimmicky features. When it comes to running shoes, I’d choose Asics, Brooks, or even Mizuno over Nike. New Balance has great minimalist shoes too, if that’s your thing.

        Also, my comment was a bit of an indirect “Canadian Bacon” movie reference.

        • I agree

          I agree with this. For running shoes, ironically enough, Nike makes bleh running shoes. None of the runners in my entire family use them. They are just not that good.

        • kderentz

          I have a pair of the Nike Free 3.0 (also have flat feet) and I prefer them over arch supportive shoes. (but I also wear converse daily so I may not be the best judge)

        • carluverdrm2004

          Merrell’s are pretty sweet. Barefoot running.

        • TokenSSDD

          The Nike Free lineup isn’t bad. Their basketball shoes are top of the line, although Under Armour and Addias are making strides. Then again, every shoe I own is made by Nike. Even my dress shoes have Nike Air in the heel! I guess that makes me a sheep lol.

  • duke69111

    If they continue to forget Android, then why give them a plug on your site???

  • Milind Shah

    Probably received buttloads of money from apple, otherwise don’t see a reason not to release an app for THE BIGGEST OPERATING SYSTEM ON THE PLANET. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • MichaelFranz

    i’ve been using a jawbone up….however im just so disappointed in it. And unfortunately im stuck with it and jawbone just keeps replacing mine when they fail. im convinced there was a hardware issue, they failed to acknowledge it after 3 replacements for the same issue

  • NexusMan

    I think it’s time we forget them too.

  • jeff manning

    Apple paying a lot of money for it to be exclusive. Fitbit force here I come

  • Chris

    those complaining are any of you even interested in this product or just complaining for the sake of complaining because theres no android support?

    • BostonB

      Its the comment section. Whenever I see one I instantly have the desire to complain.

    • Buur

      Whether interested or not it sucks to see a major company completely ignore a huge tech segment. The more corporations making quality apps and accessories the better off we all are.

  • htowngtr

    apple honestly must have them in their pocket, no other reason to ignore a huge chunk of the market

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Apple’s dรทร— is up a bunch of companies asses

    • MotoXYZ

      Tim Cook is a current board member of NIKE, Inc and has been since 2005. So yes, they do have them in their pocket so to speak.

      • michael arazan

        1 billion android users, I can see why you would want to avoid that market

  • Capt. Crunch

    I mean it’s not like Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS or anything… oh wait F$#% Nike.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Okay that Fitbit it is.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      10x better and worth the money

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      I have the flex, I love it… Fitbit Force comes out soon. Oh and Fitbits customer service is 2nd to none, washed my old One, and they sent me a new one free of charge.

      • James Friedman

        What do you mean washed? Is it it not water proof at all? I would figure that sweat would go hand and hand with that thing

        • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

          The ONE was worn on your hip, handled sweat well, but incredibly easy to forget when you get home, shower, and do laundry. So washing it in a washing machine is pretty common (#1 FAQ on their site) The Flex, which I now own, is fantastic. impossible to forget about it because its worn on the wrist ๐Ÿ™‚

          • James Friedman

            Okay gotcha, yeah I was considering getting the flex myself. Thanks!


      Nike doesn’t forget.
      It’s called EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP between Nike and Apple.

      SAMSUNG can strike a deal with awesome/cool/hip/wow Adidas and create its own fitness tracker.

      Pure marketing.
      Nothing else.

    • TheKaz1969

      Another Fitbit fan here.. combine this with the new Force, and this is exactly why my wife is getting a Fitbit rather than a Nike…

      • allstar

        except the force is almost as bad. only works with samsung gs4, gs3 and note3. wth???

        • TheKaz1969

          that’s just for syncing, and it is an Android issue with Bluetooth 4.0, not Fitbit’s issue.. there is still an Android app for checking your progress, inputting activities and meals… Fitbit provides a bluetooth dongle for syncing to your PC or Mac…

      • nikesucks

        +1 on the Fitbit. Save your money on the Nike junk. I bought one and the battery didn’t last a year. I have a friend whose battery died also so it’s not a one off. Not replaceable. $150 down the drain. Fitbit is $50, has replaceable battery, doesn’t need to be charged and has all the features of the fuelband minus the Nike fuel(who cares?).

    • Alan Chavez

      Quick question. Does anybody know if the new Fitbit Force will be compatible with any sort of heart rate monitor? I do a lot of cycling and have been reading about issues with the Fitbit due to the lack of a HRM. I have been doing research but it seems that very few bands offer a HRM. I believe that to properly track my fitness I need an HRM, especially during weightlifting.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I’m really not sure. I’d expect most of these to have Heart Rate Monitors? But I don’t own any yet so I’m not sure.

        Wait… Just checked the cnet review, it doesn’t have one.

      • Respen

        There’s not much of a reason for a Fitbit to use a HRM as it isn’t really designed for precise tracking of activities. I use my Fitbit just for a general idea of activity throughout the day, when I go running/hiking/biking I use Endomondo, which is compatible with a few HRMs (although I think they’re mostly only compatible with Samsung phones).

        • Alan Chavez

          Yeah, I’ve been looking into endomodo. I use mapmyride at the moment but I wanted something to integrate all of my activity and keep track of it in one place.

          • Respen

            There’s a ton of trackers out there, most of which have a free version, so it’s just a matter of finding which one fits your use case. I’ve been using Endomondo for a few months now and bought the paid version, it’s totally replaced my Garmin Forerunner.

          • Alan Chavez

            Sounds good.
            I downloaded Endomondo and synced it to MFP. I will also get a chest HRM and possibly a Fitbit to combine all of those together. That should get me more accurate workout statistics.


        • Damon

          Respen, try the Polar Loop, Waterproof, HRM and LED Readout; http://www.polarloop.com

      • Nancy

        You should look up the Polar Loop, it’s a waterproof band that can sync to any Bluetooth Smart enabled HRM and will give you a live reading onto your wrist. Only works with iOS at the moment but they said they’ll work on Andriod when Google manages to release KitKat out to everyone.

  • ToddAwesome

    Serves you right for being so…..healthy.

    • Chris

      are android users healthy? one would think given they spend all that time on tech sites and throwing roms around on their phone they would be fat from eating stale dorritoos and crappy taco bell food

      • ToddAwesome

        If they eat so many Doritos, how do they become stale? Your argument is invalid.

      • Pedro

        Are iOS users healthy? One would think they stand in line for hours waiting for a phone release, and since analytics say wealthy people own more of the iOS ecosystem maybe they don’t go to the gym? What if they sit in their mansions all day and eat whatever they want, or snap chat constantly.

        Dude seriously it’s a phone lol.

        • PolarBear

          I’ve seen many fat people with iOS devices…

          • Chris

            I’ve seen so many fat people with androids and blakcberries and windows phone and even a flip phone…

          • PolarBear

            I’m not talking about other OS’s or non-smartphones. I’m taking about an specific type of devices.

          • I seen a lot of fat people on my Android

          • Patrick Crumpler

            “I see fat people.”

      • Jeff C

        dont talk down on taco bell. that place is god’s gift to man

      • Robert Macri

        Damn, now I want taco bell and doritos.

        • kderentz

          Go get one of the Doritos Tacos and kill your craving with one bite. Those things are good.