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Chickens are the Inspiration Behind the LG G2 OIS Camera


We’re big fans of the camera on the LG G2 – it’s insanely fast and is capable of taking pretty fabulous smartphone shots (our full review). But for video enthusiasts, the optical image stabilization is your key to buttery smooth footage. Think of a chicken’s head…with a helmet on…doing action sports. That’s apparently where LG found inspiration for its camera magic.

Well played, assuming no Lizzys were harmed in the making.

  • Kevin

    i’ve noticed on my vzw G2 that i’ve got to have a pretty steady hand or pictures end up blurry. some slight shaking is OK, but any sort of movement, and the picture is completely blurry. is that how it’s supposed to be? i thought it would capture faster than that. i’m on default settings.

  • luke

    You like the camera? Did you use it only once? Me and my wife have had the phone (both of us bought one) since release and it is absolutely the worst camera on a phone for 2 yrs. My 2yr old HTC Rezound took a better photo in every side by side shot I tested. I just was at Bon Jovi and didn’t get a single usable picture, while people right next to me were shooting away with their ancient iphone 4 and getting great shots. Seriously, this camera is terrible. Even outside, if the subject moves, the photo is blurred. Not only that but LG didn’t even test it. The video mode has a serious orientation problem! When you view the video you can only look at it in portrait, even though the video was shot in landscape.

    • Kevin

      i’m having the same problems, if i move more than just a gentle shake, it’s blurry.

  • Ever

    I’ve been using my lg g2 with my bluetooth for almost a week, but today left the bluetooth downstairs so been making calls like a regular phone and all my callerssay they hear their voices echo. I noticed the problem happens when I have the volume on all the way up. so it looks like the ear volume is leaking into the microphone.

  • NexusMan

    Ok, so they stole an idea from a YouTube video, and this is great?

  • ezpotato

    my g2 is the best phone (and first phone i’ve used my wife’s long waited upgrade for) i’ve ever used. I waited for the HTC one, but it was too late. with the basic gel-case from the vzw store, this phone feels absolutely amazing in my hand, and the small bezel is incredible. UI is okay, i loaded the “vanilla” JB .apk file onto mine, to help with the fonts, but over all the stock UI is pretty awesome outside of the “Fatter” version of the roboto font. THe buttons are no issue, the knock feature i used on my lumia 928 had me used to “knocking” so i think it’s awesome, on top of wireless charging. camera is amazing.

    The only thing i am having issues with is the on screen buttons dont always disappear, esp when playing certain games like Real Racing, etc. anyone else deal with this?

    Well done LG, you got my $ when many other company’s had a chance to

  • A.J.

    I’m surprised nobody has asked this yet…
    Are they going to release the chicken wallpaper?

  • EnX$$

    Chickens running the world. Mercedes and LG

  • Caveman

    Love my G2. Like the video. But the way he lifted the chicken up and down….no, just no, lol.

  • A.J.

    I’m loving my G2 and with all of the advertising I’m seeing on tv from them, I’m starting to think LG is seriously trying to become a legit player (i.e. trying to become at least 3rd behind Samsung and Apple). I love the LG UI and I’m coming from a Galaxy Nexus. LG has really done some cool stuff with their UI like the fact that when a call comes in while you are doing something else (in a different app) it just puts the call in a small window and you can just continue on with your business and not have to actually hit ignore if you want it to ring through and allow the person to leave a voicemail.

    • BobButtons

      Yeah, I like this feature as well. I’m also a big fan of their video player. There are others that let you pop out the video like this one but the ability to fade it and work through it is awesome. I also like when you seek through a video it plays a miniature version of it above where you selected so you can see if that’s the spot you want to jump to.

    • Caveman

      Hope the advertising pays off. The store employees don’t seem to be pushing this phone at all. Bought mine at Best Buy on 09/13, went in today to see if they have any new cases yet (they don’t) and asked 3 of the reps there if they had sold any, none of them had. Went to Verizon corporate and one of the “Premium” exclusive retail stores (no other cases there either) and none of the employees that helped me had sold any either. Customers are missing out on a great phone.

      • CTfromDC

        this phone has what Damsung functionality, but expands it to another level. The stock UI is badass, I haven’t even thought about changing the launcher. Definitely happy with the purchase….I’ve owned the Note, S3, Note2, and I needed a change from Samsung, it became gimmicky too me with little to no real innovation.Had my run HTC devices too, LG came on time with this one. Slim Armor case looks to be the best out, just released 9/27

  • bigV

    apparently Mercedes and LG have something in common


  • Ian Smith

    best chicken ad i’ve ever seen:


  • lembowski

    Must say this video has surpassed the Samsung next big thing videos in the iphone line for me. Good job LG, look forward to the Nexus 5 hopefully it has the same camera tech.

  • vs8

    Mercedes Benz has a new chicken inspired commercial too.

  • Fabyloso

    I’ve had the VZW G2 for about a week now. The LG skin does not bother me at all, and the screen and speed exceed all other phones I’ve seen. Said that, I’m returning it and getting a Moto X. I can’t get used to the back buttons to save my life, and it’s slightly too wide to hold in my average sized hands. The Moto X feels much better in-hand.

    • BobButtons

      The size thing makes sense if that’s your preference. Just as I don’t knock people for getting the Note 3 for the bigger screen. I just personally couldn’t stand a phone that large. I rarely ever use the rear buttons. With KnockOn and a volume slider present whenever I have something playing I rarely ever find the need to use the back buttons. I pretty much only use them to boot it up.

      • Fabyloso

        The knock works, and I love it especially when it’s sitting on my desk. I see the LED, knock on it to wake it up, slide it to unlock, and boom I’m in the phone. Much easier than finding the side/top lock button, and then sliding to unlock. Although the knock does not work 100% of the time, and I sometimes find myself knocking 3-4 times, when I could easily just press a side/top lock button and it wakes up the first time.

        • BobButtons

          The only time I have issue with KnockOn not working right away is immediately after I lock it. If I double tap to shut it off and immediately double tab again to turn it back on it doesn’t always respond. I hear some people always tap 3 times and that it gets it to work 99% of the time.

          • Fabyloso

            I like that idea; I’m gonna start doing the 3 knocks.

        • MacNificent

          You could also just remove the lock screen period and just knock to unlock. it’ll be .6 seconds faster..

  • BTLS

    I usually don’t take the time to watch most videos, especially commercials, but I have to say I agree that this was done pretty well! I almost gave up, but it got better and better… The waterfall drop was great! I have so many cool and perfectly timed “shots” from my gnex, and this just makes me pissed knowing how much better/clearer they could be if I wasn’t so stubborn about losing unlimited or the nexus experience…. ugh big red, ugh

  • Pakmann2k

    I know for a fact, this wasn’t the first time someone mounted a camera on a cock….

    • Jeralmac

      Bang! Good one, in poor taste but funny just the same!

  • EC8CH

    Well played LG…

    Which is amazing because most of your marketing is really bad.

  • part of me wants CM 10.2 on LG G2 verizon but i know that software may ruin the camera experience…

    • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

      That’s why I always have a backup of a stock rom. AOSP builds almost always ruin the camera experience.

    • BobButtons

      I’ve been going back and forth in my head about jumping on CM/AOSP ROMs when they come out or sticking with an optimized stock. I’m usually one to go for 100% pure Android but I’m finding myself using a few of the added ‘features’ a lot more than I thought I would.

  • Jeralmac

    I found this video absolutely hilarious. Probably partly because I raise chickens…..

    • Eric

      I used to own Chickens myself. I must say they we’re a mess. lol

      • Jeralmac

        Indeed, they are nasty little effers.

      • Daniel DS

        They we are a mess?

        • Eric


      • michael arazan

        Innovations always come from men playing with their cock-a-doodle-doo’s

  • Gnex

    So it doesn’t have anything to do with the Vienna boys choir? What a disappointment /s

    • What’s a quire? 😉

      • Jeralmac

        Wow, so many directions that could go…..

      • Gnex

        Early morning brain fart. Fixed haha

    • BobButtons

      While I personally don’t care either way about the choir tones they included, I don’t understand the negative hype about it all. Not saying it applies to you right now, just in general. For something that is so easy to change it doesn’t make sense to make a big deal about it. Next reviewers will be knocking phones because of their choice of wallpaper.

      • Gnex

        It was just a silly idea. The kind of thing that makes me say “Really, LG?”.

        • Dane Carpenter

          It should have come with the new Nine Inch Nails album designed for audiophiles. I’m happy to see a company put 24 bit audio into a portable device. It’s about time we get beyond 16 bit. It’s crazy to think that we plug high-end headphones into devices that can’t play high-end audio playback.

  • Chickens are also the inspiration behind my love of chicken wings.

  • epps720

    LG really is doing a great job showing off their OIS camera. To the point where my wife actually said she would get rid of her iPhone for the G2 based off their other commercial.

  • Booyah

    I’m not a huge fan of the phone, mainly due to LG’s skin, but I must admit that’s pretty legit.

  • Steve Ballmer

    I love me some fried chicken.

    • Fried chicken ain’t nevah done nuttin’ to you ‘cept be delicious!

  • BobButtons

    I love my G2. I’ll be able to truly test out the camera on my honeymoon in a few weeks.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      i didnt know it that the g2 had night vision too.

      • tomn1ce

        he can always pick up a an app the the play store 🙂

      • BobButtons

        The OIS will really come in handy.

    • KingKwon

      i’m sure it’s a great tool for filming gonzo type porn.