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Speedtest 3.0 is Now Available on Android

speedtest 3.0 android

Ookla’s Speedtest 3.0 app is now available on Android, just as they said it would be. Gone is the 2009 UI, in is an iOS clone UI. Not much else to say, so let’s have a speedtest battle. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble crushing my HSPA+ and prepaid scores seen above.

Drop your screenshots of scores in the comments!

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Cheers Marco!

  • Jay J

    theres an “easter egg” to the app. a weird cat. If you swipe the center dial down, a series of cats appear.

  • Marco Mendoza

    Att hspa+

  • Milind

    So now it looks just as garish as the iOS version!!

  • Motorola Xoom representin’.

  • planedoc

    Temple, TX from my living room….Droid DNA, rooted CM10.2 Verizon

  • Guest

    Temple, TX Droid DNA rooted with CM10.2

  • thom

    Zürich, Swisscom in a train moving near downtown..

  • Dustin

    HTC One on T-Mobile around Minneapolis, MN

  • A.J.

    For those of you complaining about slow Verizon LTE, the closest server is not always the best. I’m in St. Louis, but I always use Chicago or Memphis servers.

  • TC Infantino

    This is at work, with a Verizon tower just a couple of blocks away. Home is a different story, still get a signal, but barely 4G speeds.

  • Alex Goings

    Consistency. Thanks Verizon.

  • Alex Goings

    My speed on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus at Purdue University

  • VZWshareholder
  • Guest

    My Bad – :-

  • Guest

    New low Score. Fml.
    At work, Verizon, Seattle suburb, 4g (is on) immediately after using “Network Signal Speed Booster”
    Galaxy Nexus – AOKP JB M1 – Sense Theme

  • Scott

    LTE Verizon right smack dab in the middle of downtown Baltimore. The last few months have gotten progressively worse.

  • tharealoc

    Found a bit of an issue with the update, for some reason it says my closest server is in Salt Lake City, Utah at under a mile away. The issue is I live on the California coast….it also says the server is run by comcast, which is my provider. I think something odd is going on to achieve false awesome scores.

  • Zach Armstrong

    AT&T HSPA+

  • blomster

    Why the heck have they changed permissions to access your memory card?

  • Nathaniel Newman
  • Bigwavedave25

    Kellen – Interesting to see in you image the progress graphs between the 4g and 3g phones…
    Is that signifying that you are only seeing a “small portion” of the available 4g connection speed on the HTC1, while the 3g GN3 is showing a network connection to a “majority portion” of the available signal?

  • Ant

    This Is Why I Left Verizon LTE For AT&T LTE !!! Galaxy S4 On AT&T In NJ.
    Dont Regret Losing Unlimited Date With Verizon Either, Not one Bit.

    • Tim242

      You gave up unlimited to get a higher number on a speed test? At&t will slower as well. Fast is fast, limited is limited.

      • Ant

        No Tim.. I Left Not Just Because Of Speed But Because Im Not A Power User, I Don’t Use More Than 3GB A Month My Plan With AT&T Gives Me 5GB And My Monthly Cost With Discounts Through My Job Is $20 Cheaper Than What I Paid With Verizon Not To Mention I’m A Nexus Head So Verizon Getting The Nexus 5 Won’t Happen, And As You Know Verizon Isn’t The The Best When It Comes To Device Release Dates & Love To Alter The Phones Software Compared To How The Manufacturers Intended. So With All That Said AT&T Works Fine For My Needs.

  • JPC776

    GS3 Atlanta, GA Verizon

  • debonu

    Top is on my WiFi at home (Yay gig fiber) and the bottom is three bars VZW LTE at work…

  • coolsilver

    Verizon LTE Galaxy S4. I have even had 16 Mbps Upload but this is best download from last night

  • Dave

    what a waste of time

  • Dre Fay

    Droid Maxx

  • dre fay

    Not bad

  • Weber

    Moto X. Not bad for almost being in the water.

  • Weber
  • Jason Kahn

    Verizon FiOS, this seems to be the limit of my GNEX on Wifi, My Nexus 7 Gets very close to my Bandwidth limit of 75up/35down

    • Jason Kahn

      Verizon LTE This is in the morning it gets much worse later in the day as the city wakes up

  • Michael Lavoie

    Boston MA. Galaxy S4 on AT&T LTE network. Home network (Comcast) one using N the other using G.

  • Ryan

    Southern Minnesota.

  • It’s great, that’s what we’ve been waiting and hoping that it will be good but what is expected.

  • monkey082506

    Moto X, AIO Wireless, Louisville KY

  • View Askew

    @ my place, Charlotte, NC 28216

    Droid DNA, but multiple past Moto devices show similar results. GNex never broke 50,that I can recall.

    • View Askew

      Same report post pretty update.

      • Ian Smith

        HTC EVO 4G on Sprint? Nice!

      • Ajmobileguru

        Pretty weird! I see the same thing. Although the speed test button on Slim Rom is not working 🙁

  • Fresh360

    SWEET BABY GEEZUS! I am getting 3Mbps on VZW 4G in my office WTF! This can’t be right…My coworker is getting 26Mbps on T-Mobile HSPA+…There must be a glitch in the matrix…

    • Jeff C

      nope. im in my office too and only get max like 6 mbps. verizon hates us as much as we hate them. can’t believe im renewing my contract with them. but $40 a month for unlimited data, i cant say no!

      • Fresh360

        Is coverage AND speed too much to ask for…

        • Jeff C

          lol, apparently yes

  • roosterk506

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Verizon in Trenton GA

  • Manny Gomez

    Verizon HTC DNA
    Burbank, CA
    Indoors… Don’t know if that matters