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Google Search Update Rolling Out on Android as Well

google search google now

Google Search just received an update to build on Android as well within the last few minutes. It’s like a Google app update holiday!

We are installing now – will fill in the blanks if there are new goodies to talk about. So far, the changelog on Google Play appears to be leftovers from the previous update.

Play Link

Or you can sideload it thanks to brkshr in the comments and @WinDroidGuy.

[Download Link] [Mirror]
  • Jake

    The Google Search update fixes a bug with sending text messages by voice action. It would send duplicate messages and the screen would go blank rather than go back to the main search screen.

  • Russ

    Search has 4.4 stars in the Play Store OMG KIT KAT COMING SOONZ!!!!!!!1

    • Addison

      Half life 3 confirmed

  • joejoe5709

    I know Google does updates like this pretty regularly (meaning several in one day) but I’m hoping this means KitKat is coming soon!

  • rabidhunter

    I hope this gives helps with the multiple texting issue in the new Motorola phones. There was an issue with Touchless Control sending many texts, I was sending six at time. The issue was fixed by unstalling the previous update to Voice Search. Interesting.

  • bfjdsn

    Someone is getting their apps ready for kit kat?

  • This APK is 2.7.9, which is a month old.

  • Lte_Addict

    Waiting for the kitkat goodness!!! Lol and just think..last week my s3 suffered from sudden death so I had no choice but to get a new phone…boom got a nexus 4…got it right on time! It was fate lol

  • br_hermon

    FWIW, users over at Android Police were reporting suffering from bootloops with the Gmail app. Just to be precautious, I might hold off on today’s updates. Just puttin it out there.

    • Adam Truelove

      Yup, happened to me. It happened when I had auto-sync off and the gmail app prompted me to turn it on. When I pressed the button to turn it on it sent me into a boot loop.

  • Gnex

    I need some Nexus 5/Kit Kat leaks!

    • Adrynalyne

      Your phone is not. :p

      • Gnex

        My Moto X is ready, but I don’t know if Kit Kat is ready for Verizon’s “rigorous testing” 🙁

        • Adrynalyne

          Give it 12-16 months.

          • Gnex

            You’re being too generous.

          • umbrellacorp

            18 just to be double-sure.

        • Kie

          So true and so upsetting

  • Google Apps updates.. I want some Kit Kat now!

  • @bleakneonblack

    I heard the new Search update makes your phone waterproof.

    • breadable

      Let me get the Thunderbolt out of the drawer to try

      • Eric

        The Thunderbolt deserves to be at the bottom of the ocean.

        • joseph barrientos


    • Jeff718


      • Cory_S

        My Xperia Z is fine…must be a bug on yours.

      • Guest

        Yea my Razr i is holding up well too. Corrupted download?

    • Swoops212

      I come for the posts, I stay for the comments

      • Uncle Ruckus

        I come for the comments. I read the article afterwards.

        • umbrellacorp

          I never learned how to read.

    • panicswhenubered

      No, dude, that was the Hangouts update that does that. Search update makes your phone fire proof.

      • DanSan

        no it makes it immune to attacks from dinosaurs

        • zurginator

          No that was Gmail.

          • DanSan

            you sure? i keep getting these updates mixed up. I remember the YouTube app helped protect against diabetes

          • zurginator

            I’m sure. Mail is a type of armor after all. 😉

          • jmsbwmn

            Chain mail! Ha!

          • T4rd

            Beetus beetus…. diabeetus!

          • Jared Tau

            Wilford Brimley makes me lol!!

        • Jimeong Lee

          Those pesky dinosaur attacks are coming to an end!?

          Thanks Google! 😉

    • Trelelelfag

      Oh really? I’m going to go dunk my Xperia Z with the new Google Now update!

    • Gaz Almonte

      These are not the droids you are looking for. iPhone owners are the ones to fall for that.

  • hfoster52

    As we all are side loading I want you to remember you can not do this on an iPhone.

    • JD_26

      wrong blog 🙂

  • Swoops212

    Change Log?

  • zepfloyd

    Search, Gmail, and Hangouts all updated at once = Android 4.4 coming ASAP. …or something.

    • Swoops212

      Zep I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we will see 4.4 on Monday October 1st?

      • LewisSD

        Maybe this is the 4.4 update…..

        • Ryan O’Neill

          Seriously tho. What if Google silently updated a ton of Androids to KitKat through Play Services.

          • Adrynalyne

            The OS framework would be a real problem.

        • Adrynalyne

          There is no way to update the framework or libs without crashing the device. At best, these would be gapps for 4.4.

    • Analytics and Voice too.

      • zepfloyd

        yep. I was only counting system apps for my trifecta remark 🙂

        • Tim242

          None of those apps are system apps. They can all be downloaded in Play.

          • zepfloyd

            Okkkkk…they are deeply embedded core apps that come out of the box on a Google Experience based Android device, that are updated via the Play Store(as are the Store itself, Sync, Maps, Keyboard, Music etc). Things like Voice, Analytics, Keep, Finance etc are not.

          • Tim242

            Not just updated. Google took every one of those out of the system and put them out for anybody to download. They just put the keyboardin the play store last month.

          • zepfloyd


          • Adrynalyne


            I don’t think he understands that they are still in System/app, and updated versions are in Data/app

        • michael arazan

          All I have updated is a Chrome Beta app

      • pretty big deal!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Eric Schmidt on cnbc if anyone is interested in where the company is going. Can’t wait to see the updates for search. Hoping for new cards.

  • MK17

    My 2 favorite apps, Google Search and Hangouts… It’s a good day

  • brkshr

    Glad to see you guys providing apks now