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Gmail for Android Receiving Update to Conversations View, Other Minor UI Tweaks


Today for Android users, Gmail is getting a minor boost in its user interface. Starting with the conversations view, threads that have multiple messages back and forth will be better paired with a card-style UI, allowing for an easier time viewing messages. In addition, when you select multiple messages for archiving or deleting, a large “check” will appear, making sure you know exactly which messages you are working with. 

To top it all off, there is also an “account sync” notification inside the app, just so you can be sure to never miss another important email.

You can expect to see the update live in Google Play sometime this week.

Play Link

Or you can sideload it thanks to @WinDroidGuy. [Download Link] [Mirror]

Via: +Gmail

  • AeySimp

    Finally made it to RAZR M, a week later

  • TimTheK

    I like it. Cleaner conversation views make long conversations easier to deal with.

  • pocketdrummer

    I can see the update on the play store, but the app isn’t updating. Am I doing something wrong here, or do updates not roll out for everyone at once?


    Very good little update

  • Jerry Rose

    You guys can thank the old Mac and iPhone Sparrow team for the new design of the Gmail App!

  • Adam Truelove

    WHOA, turning auto-sync on using the prompt from this feature rebooted my phone. That can’t be good.

    EDIT: And now i’m in a boot loop. Crap!

    “To top it all off, there is also an “account sync” notification inside the app, just so you can be sure to never miss another important email.”

  • Omar McFarlane


  • Tim242

    I am not liking it. It is showing the dumb letter blocks within conversations. I have it disabled for inbox view, but no such setting for inside conversations.

  • shelderman

    Great update. Much needed

  • joseph barrientos

    annoys me that the iOS UI is better than androids on a google app. show some love google!

    • Indianajonze

      this comment makes me think you’re a troll. the UI between iOS and Android is identical these days…

      • Inquizitor

        It’s far from identical. Just because someone criticizes something about Android doesn’t make them a troll, learn to argue.

      • joseph barrientos

        lol im a mobile ui designer myself, trust me, i know the differences, theyre different, iOS looks a lot cleaner, has a nice subtle refresh icon and it categorizes just differently in a good way, our version seems so basic and blah, makes me feel less interested in the uninteresting email i have.

  • JBartcaps

    Just installed it, great improvement for the conversations. Makes email conversations easier to go through.

    • hfoster52

      I agree. So much nicer.

  • Daniel

    Question: But do chat histories properly show up in the app now?
    Answer: NOPE, if you click to view labels/folders and click on Chats, I get chats from May, but nothing newer…in my desktop browser in gmail I see every chat history up until right now…wtf?!

  • @1MPitts
  • EC8CH

    Oh Man…. does James ever love corgis.

    • Took me forever to figure out what you were talking about and why people were liking it…. then I figured it out and I had to like it too 🙂

      • EC8CH

        Ha! I just looked at it again, and I just noticed his email address!

  • Vik

    Still needs delete button back on the bottom especially for note 2 users

  • LewisSD


    • Dominick White

      its over at androidpolice

      • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

        What is this androidpolice? :p

        • Dominick White

          place that always seem to have the latest Apk before anyone else haha

      • LewisSD

        Thanks! You da man!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    That looks more manageable.

  • JBartcaps

    That card style looks niceee

  • duke69111

    I dislike the conversation view. I wish we could turn it off in the app.

    • wizteknet

      You can say that again!