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Deer Hunter 2014 Released for Android, Go Get Your Exotic Hunt On


For fans of large rifles and blasting away large game, then Deer Hunter 2014 is for you. With the next rendition of this popular shoot-em-up, you can fully customize your rifles, take on the world’s deadliest predators, and travel the most exotic locations a hunter has ever known. The game features over 100 different animal species, all of which I am guessing you can hang on your wall in the man cave. 

The game is free to download, so you can expect to see some IAP opportunities for upgrades to guns and other in-game goodies. Just watch out for Sasquatch.

Play Link

  • al

    If your a vegan can you eat pu$$y?

  • Patrykkkxd
  • harvesting deer

    Hard pass on this one. The first one was fun until they changed it and animals attack you all of the fn time! That is not realistic at all.

  • a.d.AM

    I just blasted a baby wolf with a shotgun!


    What just happened to this comment section?

  • Cory_S

    My annoying Brother in law wa splaying something like this on his iPad while we were in the fricking tree stand bow hunting. Every time he’d mess up he’d curse scaring everything off. it was a dumbfounding experience.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Wow…hunting should be an experience filled with as little technology as possible.

    • HarleyFan72

      Solution….Pull, *throws iPhad into air*….boom! Nice shot, Dude! 🙂

    • michael arazan

      Just pull a Dick Cheney, that’ll teach him.

  • geedee82

    I always play this at the bar by my house, never thought of playing it on my tablet though, I hope I’m just as good when I’m sober.

    • the bartender

      I work at the bar by your house and We dont have this game at the bar, we only have pacman! Im really concerned for you, intervention time.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    That’s evolution.

  • Tim242

    As a Vegan, I highly disapprove! But, it is better than killing real deer.

    • mustbepbs

      Go home, hippie. Go back to Dancing Rabbit Farm.

      • Tim242

        Hana : )

    • Eric

      As a vegan, you are missing out.

      • Tim242

        Missing out on cholestorol, hormones, and saturated fat filled meat, puss, antibiotics, hormones, high levels of cancer causing casein, and high levels of saturated fat in milk, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes…and not killing innocent animals. I’m glad to be missing out on all of that!

        • Sherlock Holmes


          • trd105

            Annnnnnnnnnd now I’m looking at my PB&J with pure disappointment.

        • Butters619

          cancer causing casein

          Every time I hear a vegan say this I laugh. You know 40% of the protein in human breast milk is casein protein right?

          Also, everything is about moderation. There have been no studies that show vegans/vegetarians live longer than somebody who eats a moderate diet. Actually all studies about vegans/vegetarians are quick to point out that v/v are more likely to fall into groups that tend to have longer lifestyles to begin with (married, higher education levels, thinner, active, etc) which all have an effect on life expectancy. AFAIK there have been no studies that have eliminated or minimized the other variables and done a true head to head.

          • Tim242

            There have absolutely been studies. Check out “Forks Over Knives.”. As far as milk, see pic below.

          • So that’s why it’s so yum yum in my tum tum! Thanks for the education today. You only live once – might as well fill it up with as much good-tasting food as possible 🙂

          • Tim242

            There are a lot of good tasting foods that don’t include dairy or milk. If you were closer, I’d cook you a delicious Vegan meal : ).

          • Gino Fratto

            no one is saying there are no delicious vegan meals… but there are plenty of healthy meat based meals too.. It’s the extreme nature of vegans that most people find… well… annoying 😉 You can live a long health life eating a bit of everything. The idea that a steak every once in a while or a bowl of cereal with whole milk leads to instant death is just stupid.

          • Rammstein

            Good food exists everywhere and in all forms. We just enjoy meat and other animal products. I just find it annoying when vegans push their propaganda onto others hoping to get converts.

          • feztheforeigner

            Wrong. Only meat tastes good.

          • Sirx

            So basically you’re saying YOLO, bro?! Never thought I’d see Droid-Life hitting us with the kids-these-days talk.
            “Just got yourself a Moto X. You can’t customize it yet but man f*$# it, YOLO, uknowadamsayin!”

          • Butters619

            Have you ever seen how much sugar is in Almond milk? You are replacing fat and protein for sugar and sugar. And traditionally it’s refined sugar. How is that any better? Seriously.

            I actually don’t drink milk though. I stick to light soy milk for beverages. I do eat dairy though. That curdling affect of casein is actually favorable. You can eat cottage cheese before bed and it will slowly digest throughout the night, providing your muscles with sustained protein. As someone who is extremely active in the gym, this keeps me from waking up in the middle of the night starving.

          • Tim242

            Dude, there is regular almond milk, with the same amount of sugar as dairy milk, then there is non-sweetened. I use the non-sweetened, as I use it mostly for cooking.

          • Butters619

            The non-sweetened is like lightly flavored water. It’s far to thin to cook with IMO.

          • Tim242

            I make Vegan Queso and Macaroni with it. See below.

          • eeww gross

            That looks just like the sh!t in my toilet that im taking right now!

          • Tim242

            Nice try…not really though. I just wanted to post aapointless reply to a pointless post.

          • Tim242

            If your sh!t looks like cheese dip, you should probably see a doctor.

          • erwinanciano

            I’m more concerned with the effort you take to eat heavily processed foods like Vegan cheese (which isn’t cheese but a strange unholy concoction that is totally not natural and more synthetic than steak).

          • Tim242

            Hahaha oh, the ignorance. That is not processed vegan cheese. It is made from cannellini beans, cashews, nutritional yeast, green chilies, paprika, chili powder, jalepemos, and almond milk. All organic.

          • Mr. Meat

            I love how vegans brag about how great their food is. I’ve never eaten a vegan dish and said “Mmmm, that was tasty”.

          • Tim242

            If you don’t eat tasty Vegan dishes, you probably eat too much meat and junk food, and are over weight.

          • Raven

            I am about as big of a meat eater as it comes. I just finished slow cooking a very tasty brisket the other day. But, I will say that I have eaten some very tasty vegan food. There were a couple of Indian coworkers of mine that have invited me over for dinner and if I had them cooking for me every day, I would probably eat a lot less meat.

          • Sherlock Holmes

            I drink Almond Milk. I got rid of regular milk a while back. There is more sugar in cow’s milk than in almond milk,

          • Butters619

            If you go with original sure. If you go with vanilla, it has both more sugar and fat than skim milk, plus only a single gram of protein (vs 8g of protein in skim milk.

          • Butters619

            As for why don’t other animals drink milk as adults? Easy. They can’t milk cows. I’m sure plenty of animals would love milk. Actually I know cats and dogs in particular are pretty fond of the stuff. Last I checked, they didn’t have the dexterity or intelligence to milk a cow.

          • Eduardo Cruz

            Just drink some breast milk. And it’s true what Tim is saying I’ve heard that before

          • Butters619

            You can’t be serious…. You’ve “heard it before” so it’s true? Are you 8 years old? You know how many times I have heard Jackie Chan died through social media?

            There are probably hundreds or articles pointing out the major flaws in the study. Read this if you would like http://www.westonaprice.org/vegetarianism-and-plant-foods/the-china-study-myth

          • Stewie

            I hate to break it to you Tim, but besides the basic possible Yuk factor you may receive from the masses, if you could provide human mike in as abundance of cow’s milk – Whom out of the population of females are you going to hook up to milking machines for the job? 🙂 I’m sure the’re will be ano shortage of male volenteers to herd and manage the females, but,… I think that point has been made.

          • Tim242

            The point is, milk is not for adults. There’s a reason that mammals only produce it when pregnant. There are alternatives that taste better, and are healthy beverages

          • Gino Fratto

            I’ll give you that… fine… Nature has said we don’t need milk as adults, that is why woman naturally stop producing it… By that same token, nature has given us canine teeth and a system designed to break down protein from meat BECAUSE WE ARE MADE TO EAT MEAT! We are omnivores, its just a biological fact. if you don’t want to eat meat, that’s fine. Just stop with the argument that we shouldn’t.

            I love a good salad too btw 😉

          • Perv Bear

            With chicken I hope?

          • Tim242

            Animals that eat meat, eat it raw and can only chew up and down. Humans chew side to side, and get deathly sick when eating raw meat. The reason? Animals have short intestines that are designed to push rotting meat through fast. Humans have a much longer digestion process. If we were really meant to eat meat, we could eat it the same as real meat eaters, and wouldn’t pick and choose what meat to eat, and what meat not to.

          • Gino Fratto

            you really are making no sense at all… we are 100% biologically designed to eat meat… we ALSO eat plants. We are in a class of animal meant to eat both.

            That’s why our systems are a hybrid of the 2. We don’t have multiple stomachs ONLY to break down tough plants. We have 2 kinds of teeth for both food types. We have organs for breaking down all kinds of food. We can live anywhere and eat anything. Its why humans are so successful as a spices.

            You can say you don’t like meat, you can say you feel better when you don’t eat it. Saying the human body isn’t meant to consume meat is just anatomically incorrect. BTW, You 100% can eat and simply digest raw meat. Its the parasites and Bactria that can affect you. They affect other animals as well. Would you argue that a dog or cat isn’t meant to eat meat because they can get sick and die from eating rotting meat or die from parasites? Most meat eaters don’t eat rotting meat, they eat FRESH kills. Vultures and other scavenger animals eat rot. They have hire then normal acid levels in their stomachs for just that reason.

            Isn’t this an Android page? what happened? haha… game looks cool btw.

          • Tim242

            You misunderstood the rotting meat part. Meat is like anything else. Once it dies, it starts the decaying process. Carnivores and Omnivores pass it out of their system before it decays too much. Humans, not so much. That’s why they can eat raw meat, and it makes humans sick. I find it interesting that all I did was mention being Vegan, and a few of you started attacking me. I only started arguing facts after I was attacked. You have no right to attack me at all…especially based on my diet.

          • Gino Fratto

            Personally, i wasn’t attacking you at all… just arguing facts as well. If it came across badly, i apologizes. I was using lots of 🙂 and hahas… Really, to each his own… and your on an android forum, so clearly all is well 🙂 Enjoy your Queso, i’m going to make some chicken…

          • Butters619

            There is some proof to that. You should smell my gas when I eat pork chops. It 100% definitely starts to rot in my gut.

          • justin

            ANimals eat raw meat simply because THEY CANT COOK IT!
            How is an animal supposed to cook meat? Cmon, start making sense. Its prob the lack of red meat in your diet that makes you say crazy things. Here, have a steak on me.

          • Tim242

            I see that the point went right over your head. Meat isn’t supposed to be cooked. For the species that are supposed to eat it, they are able to eat it raw without issue. If humans eat it raw, they get very sick, or die. If you were a true meat eater, you could eat meat raw or cooked, and you would eat any meat, not just selected meats and cuts. Go eat like a true omnivore and report back.

          • Steak tartare is quite delicious, and raw 😉

            I promise I’m not rolling. I have a few friends that are vegan and I give them the same amount of crap lol

            If it makes you happy, go for it!

          • Tim242

            I’m not surprised you have Vegan friends…you live in a very green and Vegan city : )

          • Well, considering I was living in SF before, I’m not surprised either. Plus my mother is a vegetarian, ex vegan. We love the salad over here! 😛

          • erwinanciano

            It’s extremely hypocritical of you to make that argument, because you earlier mentioned that you “prepare” Vegan meals — “prepare” as in cook or otherwise process your precious vegetables into something that isn’t its raw form.

            If you want to play that way, then try living on raw grass for the rest of your life. Just eat it straight out of the ground. If you do that then I’ll give you this argument.

          • Tim242

            You seem to not know what a Vegan is. It has nothing to do with raw food. See screenshot below.

          • michael arazan

            I’ve seen puppies breast feed off mother pigs and Kittens breast feed off mother dogs. Just YT it, We are not the only mammals that are fed milk from other mammals.

            Also men should stay away from soy milk, and all soy products as it builds up estrogen in our bodies if we consume it daily

          • Gino Fratto

            i think most vegans are vegans so they can point out that they are vegans…. 🙂 everything in moderation along with exercise is the way to go…

          • mustbepbs

            How do you know when someone’s a vegan?

            They’ll tell you.

        • michael arazan

          Just wish we could outlaw GMO’s

    • Tony G.

      to each their own, but vegans are pansies

      • Tim242

        Healthy pansies : ).

        • TheOiulkj

          You can be healthy without being a vegan pansy.

          You first have to bring your IQ above that of a cow’s, though.

          • TheOiulkj

            Sorry, a sheep would be more accurate.

          • Tim242

            You are like an iPhone user. You have nothing of value to add, so you just result to insults. That is the true sign of a low IQ, and a small vocabulary.

    • HarleyFan72

      Ted Nugent would like to have a word w/you….

    • Rodeojones000

      Killing real deer is fantastic fun.

      • HarleyGuy72

        yes, indeed it is…

    • Jon

      I have never seen someone in the Real Food Store that didn’t look gaunt and pasty. Closest thing to a zombie apocalypse as I’ve seen in real life.

    • Nathaniel Newman

      I’m a vegetarian too. I don’t hunt deer either. Although I have no issues killing other “vermin” squirrel, etc (although I don’t eat them). It’s a game so I see no problem. No different than Grand Theft Auto! In that game you murder people, hijack cars. Things (most people) wouldn’t do in real life.

      • Tim242

        My original post about the game was a joke. While violent games do sometimes lead to violent behavior, I don’t hold everybody responsible for the actions of few. The funny thing is, nobody defended the game, or my post. They all attacked my diet haha

    • hallx01

      are you trolling boy ?

  • Butters619

    I used to love this game as a kid. …..downloading….

    • ahhh yes

      i used to love butters as a kid!….growing up….