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AT&T to Sell Pebble Smartwatch Beginning September 27 for $150


Still haven’t decided whether or not to pick up a Pebble smartwatch, aka the darling of Kickstarter? AT&T is giving you another location to purchase the e-paper-powered-notification-wrist-thingy in yet another “exclusive” deal. That’s right, AT&T is the exclusive carrier partner of Pebble, though we’re not exactly sure of the point there or what that means.

The watch will run $150 starting September 27, and no, there isn’t a contract anywhere in sight, which is surprising. Even with no connectivity other than Bluetooth, we’re almost shocked that an “exclusive” carrier partner wouldn’t figure out a way to lock you into something extensive during your purchase.

Our Pebble review is still around, in case you haven’t read through it yet.

Best Buy also sells the Pebble for $150, so don’t feel like AT&T is your only option.

Via:  ATT

  • Dave

    I bought my watch through smartwatchbrands.com

    Very pleased with it and love the snazzy orange!

  • BiG_Weasel

    I bought a Pebble at Best Buy and returned it three days later. Notifications and all are neat, but I need more “oomph” in a smartwatch. There aren’t enough useful apps on it, and the total number of watch faces/apps you can have installed at once is small, and its a shared total. I’ll wait for the Hot Watch to see what its about.

  • Rob Delaney

    That is great, its the same price as other retailers and you don’t have to go to AT&T if you don’t want to! /s

  • kevinc

    it’s not e-paper Kellex, it’s “Memory LCD” made by Sharp.

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  • Wahhhh

    Does it come with a big AT&T logo on the screen?!

  • Nexus_FrEak

    No contract that you can see… Ol’ bait and switch!