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DROID MAXX Developer Edition Back in Stock for $649

droid maxx developer edition

The DROID MAXX Developer Edition is now back in stock at Motorola’s online shop for $649.99. After having initially gone live the 18th of September, this battery behemoth sold out within a few hours. If you’d like to make 3,500mAh of juice and 48 hour battery life a part of your daily digital ritual, I’d jump on this quickly before they are all gone again. Motorola is claiming that they have “never seen demand like this!” for developer editions of the Moto X and MAXX. 

On a related note, the Moto X Developer Edition for Verizon is also showing as back in-stock with a slashed price of $449. Problem is, once you add it to your cart, the price jumps back up to $649.99. This is clearly just an error on Motorola’s site. So if you see this pop up, I hate to break it to you, but you won’t be receiving the steal of the month.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 7.45.13 AM

Via:  Motorola

Cheers arcanexvi, Matt, Felipe, and billy!

  • xXAaron04Xx

    How do you know if you have a Dev edition? It will have an unlocked boot loader? That’s it?

  • Brian Lemert

    Any update if anyone’s has actually shipped?

  • googlyeyedfrog

    Just ordered my Droid Maxx Dev Edition. After a year with the Samsung GNEX I just miss the amazing radios on the Motorola. Having service is the most important aspect of a phone to me, so I had to go Moto on this one.

  • Davis Darvish

    That is obvious. The demand is this high because many of the people who have unlimited data plans and choose to not lose them are also the same people that care to mod their phones and its just about time for us to upgrade our phones..

  • Brady

    Is the basic difference between Developer Editions and Google Play Edition phones that the Google Play Editions have no carrier bloatware whereas Developer Editions do, but you can remove it after unlocking?

  • Gr8Ray

    At $449 I would be clicking the BUY IT NOW button repeatedly.

  • ColoradoXJ13

    Has anyone who ordered the VZW Developers Edition actually received their phone? I ordered on the 18th, still hasn’t shown any move past processing, and I asked Motorola customer service, who told me they take 4-5 bus. days to process/ship, and with two day shipping, that would be Friday before I get my phone. Oh, and if the price really did drop almost $200 in the span of a week, I am going to be miffed.

    • Brian Lemert

      Still waiting, have called both Friday and today and they assure me it’ll be here tomorrow. The online system seems to be a mess.

    • theycallmerayj

      I have talked to moto multiple times and have had different responses. I ordered on 18th too immediately after seeing it on droid life. They have told me it is being processed, about to ship, and finally that it is out of stock. They are sending me a free bt headset which I don’t want, and are still claiming it is sold out even though you can still add to cart and order online.

  • Malcolm Love

    I hope carriers (especially Verizon) are paying attention to how much the dev editions are selling. I would have waited, but I didn’t think they would make a dev addition Maxx. I hope the dev edition also helps development for the locked Maxx. From what I understand it did with the RAZR.

  • overclock

    Must. Resist. Or. Wife. Will. Kill. Me. Curse you Motorola!

  • Stewie

    Moto and VZ can suck my … Not paying extra for what I should be able to do with my phone.

    • Paul Hansen

      It has the same full retail price as the one you buy from VZW?

  • Dylan

    Are the unlocked version of MAXX and X (being “world” phones) compatible on TMobile/AT&T? I wanted to buy a GSM Phone to test out TMobile coverage in my area in case grandfathered unlimited data goes away. Would rather buy a phone that works somewhat universally so I wasn’t locked down to any carrier in particular.

    • Walter Partlo

      The Maxx appears to be a word phone that has the GSM bands, but the real question is whether the phone ships GSM unlocked. I thought that most of the last generation of VZW phones (fruitphone 5, DNA, RAZR M) did. It would be reasonable that the Maxx would as well.

  • Walter Partlo

    I was ready to jump on this. Oh well, I suppose it is back to waiting. With the combination of the VZW getting motomaker, wood back options, and the price being dropped in the future, I think I will be waiting. If all of these rumors are true, that would mean that I could get a custom 32 GB phone with a wood back for the same price as the white and black 16 GB models that are currently available. Doesn’t make sense to upgrade yet, unless my GNex dies, which it might get help doing.

  • Var

    moto x is listed as out of stock again T_T did I miss it?!?

  • Kevin B

    Looks like the VZW Moto X is back out-of-stock again

  • Justin Payne

    Does the Maxx have the same “dual LTE antennas” as the X?

    • gabe


  • chris420o

    nice…for that price id buy the moto x right now like seriously right now…i went to at&t store up by me in yorktown after the giants made me contemplate suicide and i tell you…VERY impressed with the moto x…it will be my next phone…but i want moto maker so once verizon has it im getting one my mother probably dropping her dumbphone for one my sister father we all might get one…it seriously feels AMAZING in hand so solid great build n nice weight to it and perfect size i never seen a phone with a smaller bottom bezel it puts every other phone ive held to shame thats out truly premium device(even more so then the htc one(which i really liked) and besides the g2 ive yet to hold it but from the look of that shiny plastic im staying moto x all day)

  • kixofmyg0t

    Strange. It works sometimes.

    Stay tuned folks.

    • T4rd

      I’m not quite sure what good these dev phones are if no one is developing for them. I’m sure there’s a few people, but nothing like other phones that are normally unlockable and are much more popular.

      • kixofmyg0t

        People are deving for them. X and Ultra are so similar that development works for both. Even the CWM recovery for X works on unlocked Ultra’s.

        On the flip side my Nexus 7 2013 hasn’t received nowhere near the support I expected. So far nothing is official yet, and the “best” ROM is a stock deodexed build. We have like 2 or 3 kernels and a handful of unofficial ported ROM’s that’s it.

        Hell even the DROID Bionic has more official support from the big name ROM’s such as CM and AOKP and it’s still locked!

        • T4rd

          Yeah, as I said, I’m sure there’s a few people deving for it, I just wouldn’t think it would be near as popular as other phones that you can unlock yourself. It’s good to know that devs are still picking this phone up though. Just curious too; is it unlockable on Sprint/T-Mobile from the carrier? If so, I’m sure that helps this phone out a lot. Not sure who the hell would pick an unlocked Ultra over the X though. =p

          • AlexFirth91

            I believe they said the Sprint version is already unlocked, but I saw that on Engadget I believe.

        • mustbepbs

          That’s really surprising.

    • Jerry Huster

      What’s the code you used to get that price?

      • T4rd

        Try FKUVZW. 😉

        • Paul Hansen

          How hilarious would that be if it worked lol.

    • Bluebanzai

      Says employee discount…

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Slashed price of $450….uhm…

  • breadable

    $449 developer edition and $399 standard retail? Could this be happening in the near future?

    • NexusPhan

      $399 was my max price where I was willing to buy. Now I’m completely over it and I’m just getting the Nexus 5. Sorry Motorola. You had an easy sell to me and you blew it.

      • hkklife

        Had they done that kind of pricing from day #1, Moto could have incited a mini-revolution. Now, it’s likely too little, too late. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that this pricing IS an intentional ”accident” designed to gauge what the response is like online.

        • NexusPhan

          I was the number one Moto X fan before the announcement. The staggered availability and extreme prices made me hate it. I don’t care if they eventually price it cheaper than the Nexus 5, they lost my interest.

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            I was number one

  • Var

    When I try to order it says item unavailable…

    • trwb

      That’s your computer telling you not to spend $649 on a phone that will be a lot less in a month from now.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Knowing Verizon, I guess that 449$ price applies, if you are going to sacrifice unlimited plan…

    • T4rd

      Nope. Doesn’t affect your data plan or contract date. This is off-contract.

  • jo

    meh. hard to justify paying that much for mid-range specs. phones really show their age within a year…

    • Derp

      Haha, whatever you need to tell yourself. These phones and Motorola’s new X8 architecture and OS make these phones the smoothest, most responsive phones I have ever used. Oh, and I can actually use it since it doesn’t run out of battery

      • Alex

        no one wants that cheap plastic pos moto x and anyone that gets it make sure at least you get kissed by the sales rep first be for they f#$% you 🙂

    • Paul Hansen

      We’ll have to see what Moto does with Android in the next year to see if that statement holds true. The GPU is far stronger than most products on the market (roughly 3-4x that of the GS4) and since multiple reviewers have detailed that EXTREMELY few apps can utilize more than 2 cores at a time anyway… I’m not seeing any issue with the specs. Now if that changes in the next year I’d agree with you but as it stands the experience on the new moto X8 based devices (2 processing cores, 4 GPU cores and 2 contextual cores) is wildly different than my GS4. Way smoother and far more optimized. With the 2 additional cores that rarely get utilized and the far inferior GPU, my GS4 lags behind in general operation and gaming… The X8 also doesn’t heat up to the point where I feel like i could cook something on it (which also leads into arguments of thermal throttling on the quad core chips where they take a big performance hit as well). Anyway, only time will tell but figured I’d throw in my 2 cents 🙂

      • jo

        I didn’t know that the GPU was stronger. Does Samsung just have a heat problem? Do you know if the Galaxy Note 3 will also have a weaker GPU?

        • Paul Hansen

          I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked at the Note3 at all as it’s just too big for my liking but all of the Samsung devices traditionally have had thermal throttling issues. They pack these big CPUs in them without adequate cooling (to keep the size down which is understandable for marketing/feel) to make them look good on paper but real-world performance they tend to suffer. A 1 min benchmark doesn’t adequately stress the hardware. It’s when you’re gaming and after ~5-10 min or so and the game starts stuttering/lagging/etc because it has slowed down to accommodate the thermal thresholds that you discover the problem.

      • Butters619

        and the far inferior GPU

        Just throwing out there, but the GPU in the SGS4 is identical to the GPU in the X. They are both the quad core Adreno 320 clocked at 400Mhz. Identical.

        • Paul Hansen

          Yes, but real world and benchmark performance of the two is very different in favor of the X due to a combination of thermal throttling, resolution and optimization.

    • hkklife

      A shame Moto didn’t bump their Dev edition phones up to 64GB storage like HTC did with the One. I can like with the dual-core /X8 architecture but I really would have liked to have seen a better camera and a microSD slot. 1080P screen would be lovely but not mandatory.

  • MichaelFranz

    I’m quite happy with my regular edition. I got root which is what i wanted. The phone is exceeding my expectations. Battery is phenominal, 5+ hours of screen on time and not having to charge in 36 hours before it got below 20%, can’t complain

    • Paul Hansen

      I was averaging about 7-9 hours of screen on time before I returned mine to exchange for the dev edition since i paid full retail anyway. It’s an amazing device.

      • MichaelFranz

        majority of mine was on LTE, about a 60/40 split of LTE/wifi. I haven’t really pushed it through heavy use to see what i can squeeze out of it. if im doubling what i was getting on my razr hd im happy. Im sure with heavy use and not letting it sit for long i can probably get numbers like you have. I wish i could of got the dev edition, just couldn’t pony up the extra $$. and like i said, im happy with root and i think enough people are hopefully working on moto x bootloader that if it gets unlocked it will apply for the droid line.

        • Paul Hansen

          Wifi? What’s that? 😛 I’m still grandfathered on unlimited so I rarely turn on my Wifi unless it’s to use my Chromecast.

          • MichaelFranz

            That’s the same reason mine is on.. My lte at home isn’t as good as my wifi (fios quantum) so I toggle it on when I’m home

          • Paul Hansen

            My bathroom is a dead spot in my place (concrete walls all over the place in an older building) so I turn it on when I’m on the crapper 😛

      • prestone1

        I would have done the same if I paid retail.

  • hoodieNation

    Now of only I had $650 laying around…

    • Paul Hansen

      I actually returned my MAXX that’d I’d bought outright and ordered the dev edition. Very happy that it became available before my 14 day return policy was up 😛 Supposed to be here any day now. With the lower tax rate online it basically washed the $35 restocking fee VZW charged me. Now if only I can survive on my GS4 for a few more days…

      • Kenneth cox

        Same thing happened to me with a moto x…except i ordered it 5 days ago and still havent’ recieved it : been using my iphone 4 until then and it is terrible.

        • Paul Hansen

          I’d forgotten in a week how terrible the reception is on non-moto phones and the battery… oh how quickly we get spoiled lol.