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BBM for Android and iOS Put on Hold as Leak Overwhelms Blackberry


BBM for Android was supposed to launch yesterday and never did. As many waited patiently (though, I don’t know why) throughout the day without a release or update from Blackberry, a leak from the night before continued to circulate, giving many a first-hand look at the messaging service. By the late afternoon, Blackberry announced that they would not be launching because that leak had caused them problems. With over 1 million users installing the leaked app in such a short time, Blackberry could not keep up and has put it all on “pause.” 

Here is the statement from Blackberry:

Prior to launching BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already – more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours without even launching the official Android app – is incredible. Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day.

Our teams continue to work around the clock to bring BBM to Android and iPhone, but only when it’s ready and we know it will live up to your expectations of BBM. We are pausing the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone. Customers who have already downloaded BBM for iPhone will be able to continue to use BBM. The unreleased Android app will be disabled, and customers who downloaded it should visit www.BBM.com to register for updates on official BBM for Android availability.

As soon as we are able, we will begin a staggered country roll-out of BBM for Android and continue the roll-out of BBM for iPhone. Please [email protected] Twitter for the latest updates and go to www.BBM.com to sign-up for updates about BBM for Android and iPhone. These issues have not impacted BBM service for BlackBerry.

I’m just curious, what would they have done had they gone live and a few million people installed it? Maybe that leak was a blessing in disguise.

Via:  Inside Blackberry

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  • AndroidShiz

    Soooo.. I’m taking it that before now, only a million or so people had it on official BlackBerry phones??

  • Adrian

    you know whatever “issues” it had, it was still working great, i think they should just release the same version they leaked because it was working great.

  • AMGala

    ANNNNNDDDDD just like that BlackBerry is for sale

  • chris420o

    i guess this is good and bad news for them lol…i hope bbm does well though to be honest i do miss it it was the one thing holding me back with the og droid came out…glad i didnt let it though…i am still a fan of bb for keeping the keyboard some peopel do like n enjoy it but they took to long to bring their os to a touchscreen interface taht was needed to surivive the rise of ios and android…so let them live on through bbm im 100% giving it a try when its ready…i miss the days of giving girls i meet my pin instead of my number makes it easier when i dont want them contacting me anymore

  • deanwalker325

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  • MichaelFranz

    overwhelmed? I just think it was a bad QA effort. BBM is undoubtedly the best part of the BB OS. I’m sure we can all agree on that. it used to be email but that has changed tremendously over the past few years. They should of done a beta program via invite only and allow a group of 100,000 or so people to try and let it ride from there. Maybe give each of those people 2-3 invites each or something and control it so they can iron out any large scale rollout bugs before official release.

  • BB BB

    After looking at iOS 7 I’m sticking to DROID with BBM. Thank goodness they didn’t break BBM on my BB. Sloppy launch none the less. 25 + hoax apps didn’t help with confusion which is another reason why they hit the pause button

  • melhiore

    Another day, another BB failure… I have left BB because of the issues similar to this one…

  • Gasaraki

    Really Blackberry? You want people to use your stuff but you can’t handle it when it does get used? No wonder why you’re in the shitters.

  • John Clausen

    Why is this significant? I messaging platform native to a dying OS shouldn’t really matter.

  • shamatuu

    another flop from a dead company.

  • moelsen8

    You mean put on hold because of incompetency, right?

  • Dennis Da Menace

    You had ONE bullet left in the chamber BB…

    …and you couldn’t even get that right.

    • MC Wong

      they got it right this time… Russian roulette style.

  • jeanclaude

    just dont get it… why the blackberry make the unofficial bbm as an escape goat for the the delay and its only 1.1 million hit on the server dude compare the whole world. .. why they think all the user on the net are stupid to make such excuse. . . or they just want to make a survey before the company colapse that the bbm still wanted and the result they use it to make the company more valuable in the eyes of the buyer before they sell it .. dude please the world its not only in the north side

  • The. Great. Cornholio!

    So basically, Android users broke it?

  • josephrussell325

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  • S2556

    I’m gonna give it a shot. Being in Canada there are quite a few ppl using bb10 devices. Also it is very familiar with most ppl on other platforms. I think it is getting slept on DL. It has a good chance at taking over the instant messaging scene. Hangouts is completely useless for me as no one I know uses it. What’s app and kik have to small of a following, at least where I live to use more than sms. I use fb Messenger but it’s just not the same. Hoping BBM works out, if not I hope Google can figure out sms in Hangouts so I can actually use it

    • Tim242

      What’sApp has twice as many users as Twitter.

      • S2556

        That may be but it is not that popular where I live

  • Ezequiel Pinus

    Goodbye BB, we had a hell of a run.

  • Craig

    As to who cares, I do. I have friends who’s workplace requires them to use a BB10 device and I’m looking forward to communicating with them over BBM.

  • yummy

    I think they are only interested
    in positioning their assets to be
    as attractive as possible to a
    potential buyer, Sort of what a
    prostitute does. I dont think anything
    else is on their mind.

    Keep paddling HTC, you dont want
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  • wade_county

    I doubt it was that they couldn’t handle the new 1.1M users, as they already have 70M currently using BBM. I probably won’t use it (because most have moved on from BB) but I do miss it.

    Don’t come at me with “Hangouts” its not even the same stratosphere. iMessage is probably the closest to BBM.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Just posting in case anyone cares?

  • Chris

    This is the only Blackberry we should be caring about..

    • jak_341


    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Eat it and die like the fool in Into the Wild.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Well I a’int dead yet.

      • KleenDroid

        That guy wished they had been blackberries he had eaten.

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Lol nobody else got the reference.

      • Haqodeshim

        I’ve been picking and eating wild blackberries since my youth, and I’m 45 now. I loved to put them in Rice Krispies Cereal, and eat away. Mom loved to make Jam with them, and occasionally a cobbler, but I never liked them sweetened up, I always preferred them FRESH!

        Even my pet Boxer learned to eat those things off the hanging bush in spite of thorns, when I went picking as a young TWEEN.

        No deaths yet.

        Don’t know what you’ve been reading, but it either a part of the story was missing detail wise or it was pure fiction.

      • Chris

        Where do you think the blackberries or any fruit you buy in the store comes from?


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    I still don’t see why people want BBM outside of BBs. I don’t really see the point if you have a BB either without everyone you talk to having a BB.

    • Chris

      keyboard, but most software keyboards now are better then hardware. they even provide feedback when pressed and i know with swift key you can customize the vibration.

    • KleenDroid

      Many will download it and try it. By day 2 or 3 it will be down to 1000 people using it.

    • Paul Hansen

      Businesses that are still on blackberry will be able to have their android and IOS users better able to communicate.

    • Jamie Young

      BBM has features that no other IM has, the main one is that it works off a PIN and not off of your phone number or email address. That leaves you with a level of privacy no other IM has. Imagine being at a bar and you someone asked for your number. You can give them your PIN so they can BBM you and they never need to know your phone number or email. If you never want to talk to them again, you block their PIN from your phone.

      • violator702

        I’d rather give them my Google Voice number.

      • Eric Bright

        Thanks for the explanation. I was also wondering why many people are excited about BBM. This privacy thing explains all and I’ll download the app as soon as it hits Google Play Store.

    • everettedl

      It’s the same reason people would want FaceTime outside of iOS – everyone has it…or at least everyone would have BBM because it was so popular before. I hate the defragmented world of IM. If I can’t use just one app for everything it’s too much work. This would be a good stab at towards a solution.

  • bluemon

    I really want to know, Why are people using BBM???

    • Kris Bourgeois

      ^ This! What’s the point of using BBM? Why not just text message? Never understood even when I had a BB.

      • Paul Hansen

        Mostly for FTP reasons. BBM has a built in server so you can send things other than images (read: documents, pdfs, etc). This will primarily be a boon for businesses that still use blackberries and have users with Android/IOS that want to be able to better communicate with their co-workers/clients.

        • KanishkSingh

          The Android versions of BBM only has Voice note and Pictures.

          • Paul Hansen

            Gross. We’ll see if that changes but that was the big boon for BBM when it was on Blackberry. 🙂

    • Larry Bublitz

      It’s really a nice messenger is the main reason: Zippy, responsive, Sent, Delivered and Read indicators that work, and persistent group chats (with a group calendar) that hang around even if you wipe or switch your devices.

      BBM had all this years ago, and it’s very solid.

      (Other messengers have bits and pieces of these features– and the closest I’ve found for my tastes is WhatsApp– but I dislike giving out my mobile number and I lose the group chat when I wipe my device.)

      I’m just excited to have a pro-level messenger on the major platforms and hope it’s as good as it used to be on BBM. I’ll know in a week or so hopefully.

    • BB BB

      1) BBM is encrypted end to end
      2) your phone number isn’t disclosed
      3) group messaging
      4) delivery notifications R for read D for Delivered
      5) cheaper than texting if you don’t have international SMS
      6) new features like screen sharing and BBM video..great for reviewing documents
      7) BBM channels – this is something coming out when BB 10.2 comes out

      I can keep going but I will stop. I am sick of BB but I like it a lot more than iOS7

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    For as much as Blackberry really is finished and how they should explore other OS choices… The fact they had over 1 million people sign up for beta tests is damn impressive… Downright surprising. Maybe they’re onto something with BBM, but I can’t help but wonder how much bigger it could’ve been a few years back.

    • KaZx

      What this really show is that they are not ready. they had a million users sign up and their system died. what is that in tech term 10% of the market? if 10% market share starts using your product and it dies. you are not ready to realese anything yet.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        On the contrary – What this really shows is that BBM still carries a ton of weight, for over 1 million people to go way out of their way and install something off-market/app store. Their potential market is much much larger than 1 million. It’s shocking that of the small number of people that know what an apk is, that over 1 million installed it.

        • KleenDroid

          I think there are more out there than we think that know more than we think.

          I never thought there would be 20 people in my area that bought the entire first shipment of Google Chromecasts the first day it was announced. I was shocked to think I’m not the only one following this stuff around here.

          The real question is how many will really use it. I may download it and try it once.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            This is true. But the number is immense regardless. BBM was a has-been in the eyes of many. Yet it still has the market potential to be huge, as evidenced by this. If it delivers, it won’t be much of a question if it’ll succeed.

        • Chief X

          Yes, lets see Bluetoof Tony, 1 million downloads at $0 each equals $0. They can make up for it in volume. You are very smart. You should apply for a RIM job, junior.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            Are you retarded? Or did you actually think this sounded intelligent when you hit Post Reply? Did I ever mention anything about potential revenue? Or did I say, simply, that the number of people – over 1 million – is shocking? Go back to 1st grade and ask the teacher to give you a lesson on reading, infant.

        • tyguy829

          plus all of the ios people too

        • michael arazan

          Blacberry still released BBM on iOS and on time, should of reported that in the story, but BB never said how many from each OS was being used.