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Google Keyboard Screenshot on Google Play Shows Potential Android 4.4 Grey Color Scheme, Key Lime Pie Debug Icon

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.40.57 AM

Thanks to a recently uploaded screenshot to the official Korean Google Keyboard listing on Google Play, we may have our first look at Android 4.4, which has officially been dubbed Kit Kat. The screenshot, as you can see above, shows a grey notification color scheme along with a Key Lime Pie debug icon. As you all know, Key Lime Pie has been Google’s internal codename for Kit Kat as they get Android 4.4 ready for release. Depending on how recently this screenshot was taken, they still may be running with KLP up until the last possible minute. 

So what can we learn? Well, a recent rumor suggested that Android 4.4 may offer users the option to customize the default system color scheme away from the Android blue and onto whatever you’d like. For example, you could go straight up DL pink across the system if you’d like. Seeing grey doesn’t necessary confirm this new feature, but I certainly hope Google wouldn’t force a drab black and grey scheme on us without the option to change. Color is a good thing, right? Other than that, not much else can be seen.

For reference, the Jelly Bean debug icon is just that, a Jelly Bean icon.

As we inch towards October, we should learn more and more about Kit Kat. This is only the beginning.

Via:  Google Play | Android Police

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Looks like a keyboard. Check.

  • Enrique Labrada

    I kinda doubt this is Kitkat, especially when the background features a download for a Android Keyboard.

  • amulya

    Please just fix the bugs in 4.3 you put on my Nexus 4. You screwed my phone with bugs for signal, battery, and randomly shutting down my phone.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Thats the moto in them.

  • Epic Tea

    What if the kitkat thing was purely promotional, also heard rumors of both a gsm and CDMA version of the Nexus 5.

  • Malia Obama

    It looks exactly like the keyboard on the Surface…

  • Christian

    What I want is the return to the one notification/ virtual button bar for 10 inch tablets. This is shown in the most recent update screens for Google Drive too…so….!!!

  • Brendan Owens

    I really hope 4.4 will give the option to change away from blacks and dark greys to whites and light grey, just like many of Google’s new updated core apps. Doing that and then also being able to customize your accent color would be awesome!

    • Cowboydroid

      I think it provides a nice distinction between the apps and the OS. The OS is the layer underneath on which everything runs…makes sense to give it a darker scheme than the apps and services that run on top.

      • Brendan Owens

        I would at least like to see a light themed settings menu

  • Flat_Stanley

    “not much else can be seen.”

    What about the fact that there are FINALLY secondary functions to every one of those keyboard keys. If this is true, then goodbye Swiftkey for me.

    • Christian

      And the new Tab key!!!

  • “Not much else to see”? Are you kidding me? Check out that new keyboard! Long press punctuation! That’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time on the stock keyboard. I love them on Swiftkey.

  • pcdroidski

    If this is legit 4.4 – why the Android team hasn’t added a % in the battery icon or next to the icon is beyond me.

    • mgamerz

      Cause you can just do a two finger swipe down and see it at any spot in the OS.

      Plus do you think average users really care what exact % the battery is at?

      • pcdroidski

        Adding a % in the status bar is one of the most used customizations in ROMs these days. You’re right about the two finger swipe- but it would be nice to just have it displayed right there.

        • Skittlez

          i absolutely hate seeing my % icon. makes me feel like the battery is draining faster. i’m glad it’s not there

          • JoshGroff

            Same, the battery icon is enough for me, and if I care, the toggle screen is a quick swipe down. Would be a nice option to have though, for those that do want it.

            To be honest, I’d really like to see a toggle to center the clock built into AOSP.

        • mgamerz

          I think that google builds AOSP for the masses and not specifically for the people who like to run roms and stuff. I quit using roms a while ago, theres too many options in the settings menus and I don’t like how puzzle-piecey it feels, and I think that’s why some things are left out.

      • turdbogls

        it would be nice as an option…for those that do and do not want this.

    • amulya

      i just download a third party app called battery, it puts the battery percentage in the notifications bar.

  • Mike Boodoo

    I like the blue….

    • JoshGroff

      I don’t mind what color it is, but green/yellow/red transition makes more sense for the battery bar.

  • enigmaco

    That’s interesting there is a key lime pie icon with a kit kat os name hmmm…..

  • joejoe5709

    This whole Kit Kat/KLP thing is bound to cause confusion. This is obviously a very recent change.

    • Tim242

      It is not a recent change. It was called KLP to keep the KK name secret.

      • joejoe5709

        Then why the debug icon?

        • mgamerz

          They had to debug the OS as they built it… likely hasn’t been changed in this screenshot yet. Or maybe its an easter egg.

      • JoshGroff

        Or the Kit-Kat change was still in the works and they needed a temporary code name until it was approved, but that just makes too much sense.

        • Tim242

          According to Google, The KitKat name was pitched in Nov 2012, finalized at CES in early January 2013.

          • JoshGroff

            An Easter egg nodding to the Android fan base than?

    • Brian Menius


      Nestle is going to release a special-edition chocoloate-covered key lime pie KitKat.

  • ddevito

    The color scheme is user selected in 4.4 – you pick the color for the OS.

    • jbdan


      • JoshGroff


        • Christian


          • DJ SPY


          • Enrique Labrada


          • Aaron


            (filling in for KleenDroid who missed this somehow)

        • amulya

          a lot more revolutionary then apple putting the iphone 5 in plastic and calling it “intuitive” and “unapologetically plastic” lol

          • JoshGroff

            Oh god, I was laughing so hard at that. I feel bad for anyone who buys it over the original 5. (Or worse sells their 5 to buy one.)

    • Allen Byrd

      That’s really awesome. It’ll look great with red and the SunBeam live wallpaper.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    That Key Lime Pie ADB icon kills me…screw Kit Kat.

    It was going to be Key Lime Pie!!

    • MikeCiggy

      It definitely was internally. Maybe they will keep that icon and use it in other places also.

    • amulya

      I thought 5.0 would be key lime pie.

    • Kagnon

      Use it for next release.
      Lime Pie

  • jbdan

    “away from Android blue” yeah! Flippin awesome

    • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

      For those of us on touchwiz, we’d welcome the blue with open arms.

      • jbdan

        I’m on TW / gs4. No custom rom for you?

        • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

          I’m on the S4 too and usually stick with AOSP. It would just be better if touchwiz came out with an updated look rather than the ugly color combinations it currently has. Not all touchwiz roms come with a theme though. 3minit/Xposed can be used to change some colors but system apps remain unchanged.

  • Jeff Tycz

    Can we start the rumor that based on the clock in the screen shot KitKat will be released 10/7

    • Dale

      You may be on to something. I have a hard time believing Google ‘accidentally’ leaks anything (except for when the FCC screws up).

      • Dale

        Do you not agree?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Hell yes. October has always been Nexus month the past few years so the earlier in the month the better.

    • JohanV

      You mean 10 July? lol jk.

    • Detonation

      Might as well also point out that 10-7 = 3…Half Life 3 Confirmed!

    • WillHJ

      Android G+ just shared a KitKat promotional video in which a “have a break time” was set on the seventh minute of an hour (14, 15) suggesting even further that the launch will be on the 7th of October.

    • kalle629

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      • Just_Some_Nobody

        FFS! Do people _really_ click on these links? Why can’t these posts go somewhere and die?

  • Kane Desousa

    Nice, hopefully itll be released soon

  • Butters619

    Maybe Samsung will finally update from GB Green with Kit Kat….

    • zurginator

      You mean Froyo green? (yes I know Froyo wasn’t green, but Froyo TW was)

  • Dale

    Hopefully this would give the ability to change the color scheme on TouchWiz away from that awful green.

    • Stewie

      Doubtful, since it doesn’t touch touchwiz ….

  • Eric

    I would love to take advantage of this color feature on touchwiz…but I’m sure Samsung would find a way to remove it.


    how about a kitkat red theme…

  • I’m excited for a changed color scheme. Two major revisions of Android using nearly indistinguishable blue color schemes has gotten a bit stale. I hope this is legit!

    • Tim242

      Deodexed ROM.

      • Thanks, but no thanks. I unlock the bootloader on my devices but otherwise I keep them stock. I actually like the plain, stock Android experience because it has everything I need and nothing I don’t. I know how to root and install custom ROMs, but once I knew how, my curiosity was satisfied.

        • Tim242

          Why would you unlock the door, but stay out in the cold?

          • Weber
          • An unlockable bootloader makes it easier for me to fastboot boot a custom recovery and make fingerprint changes to my build.prop to get OTAs from older builds every time a new OTA comes out.

            For instance, when the JLS36C OTA came out for the Nexus 7 LTE, they obviously released a delta to update the shipping firmware (JSS15J) to JLS36C, but the European LTE models shipped with an even earlier build…JSR78D. So having the unlocked bootloader allowed me to quickly boot CWM, get a root shell via adb, go into build.prop, change my fingerprint and build date to match JSR78D. This tricked the OTA system into thinking I had a different build, and provided me with the URL to the direct update for JSR78D to the current JLS36C update.

            I maintain a website where I mirror all official factory images and OTA deltas for Nexus and other Google Experience devices, and the unlocked bootloader is the best way for me to be able to be thorough in cataloging OTA updates.

          • Tim242

            That makes sense for your uses. But, that’s a lot of trouble for OTA’s haha

          • Eh, it’s a hobby. I do it as a service to the XDA community. After all, we all have to go back to stock eventually for one reason or another. Google is known to take down OTA updates when they get old, so the website allows me to provide the community with pretty much everything. I have all known OTAs for the Motorola Droid all the way up through the most recent Nexus devices and the Google Play Edition phones. Basically if it was a Nexus, a non-Nexus that got updates from Google (Droid, Xoom) or Google has an indirect hand in it (Google Play Edition phones), I track the OTAs. The only ones I don’t have pages for are the Google-updated variants of the G1 and the Magic/MyTouch 3G. By now, all the needed information for those updates is long gone.

    • jbdan

      Stale is a kind word. Agreed!

  • Derek Duncan

    I really think it would be cool to change the color scheme. Something that normal people would probably really enjoy. Maybe during setup you have the option and of course can change later.


      Something like Windows 8’s color choices would be nice. A handful of neutral themes, a handful of really colorful themes, and something in between that uses a calmer color as the main color with something a little louder for the accents.