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Android 4.4 Build Number KRS74B Spotted in Chromium Bug Tracker

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Ever since Google and Kit Kat came together to shock us all and announce that the next version of Android would be Android 4.4, the only question we have is “when can we have it?” We have been waiting patiently, but another Kit Kat reference coming out of the Chromium bug tracker has us excited. 

The Chromium blog earlier this week had a response with the mention of a Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 running a build number KRS74D, which is a build we have not seen yet. The last time we got a taste of Kit Kat/Key Lime Pie build numbers was back when it was KRS36BUnfortunately for us, there is not any more information to give, but we know that Google is working on their next version of Android behind the curtains.

Ever wonder what those build numbers actually mean? The guys over at myce have an explanation:

The build number KRS74D likely means that it is Kitkat / Key Lime Pie  (K’) builds from the primary development branch (‘R’). Made in  the third quarter of this year (‘S’) and the final number is x-th day in the quarter, in this case 74. The final character remarks the build of the day, the D is the fourth build of that day.

Interesting, isn’t it? If that naming scheme is true this build comes fresh from September 12th, just last week. All of the rumors point towards October for an unveiling of this new Android version, so it certainly looks on track to make it.

Via: Chromium | Myce

  • kalle629

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  • TheDrunkenClam

    Both Key Lime Pie and Kit-Kats are scrumptious.

  • CHRIS42060

    I think it would be a pretty tasty treat is Nestle made a key lime pie flavored KitKat.

  • joejoe5709

    Cooooome Onnnnn Google. Hoping for some truly exciting news to carry me through the weekend! 🙂

  • acras

    I’m thinking they might be off on their explanation of the build number. they say “R” means primary dev. branch and “S” is the quarter . Unless they changed their build code , J.B. JWR66Y would have the “dev. branch” and “quarter” reversed (KRS74D vs JWR66Y). Also , if the last character in the string denotes the day of the week , and “D” is the fourth day , then what day does “Y” equate to?

    • Brian Menius

      Build of the day, not day of the week. With the in-quarter julian convention, there’d be no need for a day-of-week notation, anyway.

      The explanations for the quarter and branch indicators are a bit suspect, though. If “S” does mark Q3, what marks the other quarters? If it’s like an automobile VIN, wherein the year indicator starts at a given year and goes through an entire sequence, I can understand how 13Q3 could be S. That would imply that the referenced JB build was 13Q2. That would mean this convention started with indicator A in 09Q1.

      Then all that leaves unexplained is the branch, wherein W comes after R in the alphabet, but is used in a previous build. Maybe the branch indicator resets with a new master build? That is, Jellybean started as JAx##x, and then KitKat started as KAx##x.


      • acras

        Thank you for the correction , I was looking up previous build numbers while reading that and lost focus.
        with reference to what you are saying the last character being the build of the day , JWR66V and JWR66Y would have been built the same day just a couple builds apart I think . They were released a couple weeks apart if I remember , I would think that if this numbering convention was accurate they would have numerous builds in the time between , so changing the “66” portion of the build #

        • Brian Menius

          Yeah, I’d think so as well. Maybe there’s some cloudiness around how they assign the build day, though one would reasonably expect it to be fairly straightforward.

          The build on my Galaxy Note II on TMo (4.1.2) is JZO54K. That would imply that it’s toward the end of the branch and from 12Q3. I can buy that it’s a 12Q3 build, absolutely. That would imply that it’s the K-build on November 23, 2012. Plausible.

          I think there’s probably some voodoo inherent in the branch notation; I just wouldn’t even begin to be able to postulate what that voodoo might be. 😀

          • acras

            Yea , I think your master build theory might be right ( JA , KA ) but the rest of it doesn’t seem right . Build of the day being a single letter , does that mean if they hurry up and build 26 in a day they get to go home early? JWR66Y almost got there , or do they then go to double letter at the end of the build?

    • Peter

      here’s the official word on build numbers:

      • acras

        Thanks , I couldn’t remember where that was . Still an inconsistency in what they say and J.B. releases it looks like. according to them J.B. is coming from the “W” branch code , but they say R is the standard release branch

  • jbdan

    banging head over going with the X now to replace my S4 or wait for Kk and the N5…..

    • The X is a sweet phone, don’t be upset with your decision.

      • jbdan

        Haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I really like form factor most about the X. I want a phone sized phone. But the N5 is taunting me..

        • Curtis

          Give in brotha… You won’t be disappointed. The only problem I have with my Moto X is that when it lays on a flat surface and I try to swipe anything with my finger it rotates. This is due to the curvature on the back of the phone. I primarily see this when unlocking using the Pattern method.

          Note: The phone is not wobbly or unstable, but if my finger gets stuck to the screen it will easily rotate the phone.

          • jbdan

            Good info thank you

    • Ryan Cota

      The Moto X is a awesome phone, you can’t go wrong with it. Ultimately it comes down to who your carrier is though. For me its simple, if the N5 somehow comes to Verizon, and isn’t junk, I will most likely get it. If not, Moto X for me, hopefully with MotoMaker in tow by then 🙂 and I would be a very happy man.

      • sk102704

        This is the conclusion I have come to as well

      • jbdan

        With tmo

        • Ryan Cota

          Then since the N5 will most likely be an option for you, will till after they announce it in October, and see what it has, then you will definitely have a better picture of what to get. That wait might even let you get a MotoMaker Moto X if the N5 turns out to not be very good.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      its too close to stock for it to take too long. maybe because of carriers, but the update will happen.

  • T4rd

    This article prompted me to walk outside my office and buy a Kit Kat bar out of our vending machine where I payed $.85 for a Kit Kat and found $.90 in the change return! Thanks Droid Life/Google! =D

    • JohanV

      I did that last week. Reading about Android Kit Kat gave me a craving for one.

  • chris420o

    pretty interesting if thats how they truly name the builds

    • Stephen D

      Just like the VIN for a car.

  • Mike Aurin

    inb4 Key Lime Pie was a better name

    • T4rd

      Kit Kat is definitely the better name. I mean, who the hell eats Key Lime Pie..? =p

      • mh0520

        Key Lime Pie is delicious.

        • Zach B.

          GOOD Key Lime Pie is delicious.

          • supermiah

            As opposed to “bad” Key Lime Pie? lol

          • acras

            I’d say yes , try Denny’s for bad key lime , one of the ones thats been in the display since you were in middle school , then you’ll know “bad” key lime pie

      • Mike Aurin

        I do…and it is delicious.

      • I’m about to eat some key lime pie yogurt if that counts.

        • T4rd

          Nice.. well I’m enjoying my free Kit Kat bar! X-D

        • jab416171

          dare I say, key lime pie froyo?

      • acras

        key lime pie is delicious ! Is the “eclair” such the dessert juggernaut that it deserves a build above KLP?

        • Litso

          If you’d ever had my mom’s eclairs you wouldn’t have to ask that question.

          • acras

            While I’m sure they are lovely , and I do on occasion have an eclair , I was going with more of a “global popularity” comparison. I think the naming scheme would get a little crazy if they had gone with ” Litso’s moms amazing eclairs” . Would just open the door for everyone wanting them to honor their moms. Got to stay somewhat generic ( well , until Kit Kat )

      • jbdan

        “real” key lime pie is heavenly. I love kit kat as well 🙂

        • The_16th_Doctor

          its very difficult to find real key lime pies

        • pocketdrummer

          Never had it…

          I feel like less of a man.

    • rabidhunter

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