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Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 15


With a ton of new devices hitting the streets, and things coming up in the future, now is the perfect time to get your questions in for a new DL Q&A session. Curious on if we think the next Nexus will hit Verizon? Should you invest $300 for a new Samsung smartwatch? We know you have plenty of questions, so throw them down below in the comments section and we will do our best to field them.

On Friday, we’ll grab a handful of the best comments and let the team tackle them.

To see all of our previous Q&A’s, check them out here.

  • DL should have an author BIO section.

    Also, I’m interested to know what computers you guys use/prefer and like. …hoping it’s not all macbooks…

  • Is the “chrome” edge around the note three going to be made from plastic like on the note 2? because thats the only thing i don’t like about my 2. real metal or unchromed plastic, come on, eff.

  • robertlwalters

    I purchased a Moto X Dev Edition to replace my wife’s Galaxy Nexus (I know but I have to pay full price anyways to keep unlimited), my question is can i just cut here micro Sim into a nano Sim and pop it into the new Moto X.

  • Higher_Ground

    What do you guys see yourselves doing in a post-DL world? How long do you think this site will stay active? How long do you think android will hang around?

  • Ethan Pelham

    What should I do with my gnex (besides selling it) now that I’ve upgraded?

  • Ben Myton

    I hope I’m not too late here, but reading the LG G2 Review made me think of this.

    What DL Post had your favorite discussion of all time? Or was it a specific topic hijack within a thread?

  • clarkj705

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  • sourabh

    When will Droid life get a holo makeover?

  • imhowie

    After some time with the Moto X, have you gotten where you can consistently access the camera with the wrist flick gesture in one try?

    • Yes! You get the hang of it after a few days.

  • Maximus

    Any news on a Pokemon: anDroid? I’d really like to battle yinz.

  • me

    Did Tim move, or just relocate his webcam?

  • atbayllc

    Is the Samsung Gear water resistant? Has Samsung mentioned the range of the Gear in terms of making/receiving calls/notifications?
    Which features of the gear work without being paired?

  • Ryan

    I know you get asked this almost every Q&A, but with so many good phones out there like the new Moto lineup, the G2, the S4, the Note, to name a few, what is your favorite overall phone, considering camera, speed and battery?

  • Shane Cottrell

    Is there going to be a holiday flagship device for Verizon or are the devices that are out now, all Verizon customers have to choose from?

  • Jeff Mowbray

    Will you be creating another DL app and widget?

    • Pedro

      I believe they said that they were going to release another app, because the first one was… lacking.

      Apparently, Fede was hired as the developer.

      • Jeff Mowbray

        Thanks for the update. That would be fantastic. I miss having a DL widget on my phone.

  • DainLaguna

    Is the spec race truly dead? With flagships like the motox packing what many in the community perceive to be ‘underwhelming’ and Google constantly focusing on making their services simpler, more intuitive fun to use…have we turned a tide in android? Is focus on experience going to be king? Do you prefer this approach or do we still want 3gigs of ram in everything?

  • austin

    If your on Verizon and a nexus fanboy is it best to jump ship ?

  • Ravi Rao

    What non-Android tech are you looking forward to?

  • Steveo

    I also am also curious about the Sony Xperia Z1. I assume Verizon won’t get this phone. What’s the deal? Why won’t Verizon get this phone? It’s amazing as awesome as this phone that someone like Verizon would not get it.

    • man I’d love to keep Verizon and my unlimited data but still be able to get an experia Z or a nexus device 🙁

  • BaconEater

    How come none of you utilize Google+? It’s really had improved over the years.


    Who’s going to the Super Bowl?

  • Inquizitor

    What do you recommend to a Verizon GNex owner who intends on buying full-price to keep unlimited data, and is currently waiting for one of two unicorns: the black HTC One or the Nexus 5.

  • I would kinda like to know about everyone’s thoughts / opinions on Google’s All Access especially since it has been out for a few months (you’ve had time to nit pick about the interface and library).

  • Richard Giordano

    which phone do u prefer on verizon the moto x or droid maxx?

  • Patrick Crumpler

    When do you think a GP edition of the X will hit the play store? Or do you believe the 4.4 rumors?

    • hans007

      the t-mobile one more or less is a google play edition. i just got it. its unlocked, it has no carrier branding or carrier apps.

  • justjmatt

    What do you think of the wearable tech landscape right now and in the foreseeable future?

  • Travis Oakshott

    Thoughts on Google Watch and what it might be?

  • Cody Hickman

    Do you think the new Sony Xperia Z1 will make it to Verizon?

  • Richard Giordano

    will the nexus 5 hit verizon if it doesnt then how google hasnt commited to having there phone on verizons network?

    • Brian Wolfman

      already known, it doesnt have the verizon radio bands…no nexus on big red

  • Mando

    Do you think the nexus 5 can come with active display and all the other features found on the new droid line?

    • Tyler

      No, those are a motorola thing, and I doubt that the Nexus 5 will have Motorola’s X8 mobile computing system which is required for those features, and an AMOLED display for the Active Display feature.

  • Eric

    When it comes to packing in features, such as all the sensor tracking/gestures in the S4, when does it begin to cross the line from useful to a novelty feature that is just bloat? I understand that OEMs need to set themselves apart when it comes to software, but at some point doesn’t it just become too much and software optimization is completely ignored?

  • Trevor

    Do you ever think it’s weird how obsessed we all are with something like cell phones? I mean, legitimately take a step back and look at it from a different perspective? Connected question, what is it that got you guys into cell phones so much (a specific experience or phone? Something different altogether?)? Thanks!

  • Matt Judkins

    Any news on when Moto-Maker will go live on Verizon?

    • Tyler

      Just talked with a guy from the Verizon store and according to their Motorola rep it should be sometime before black friday which is in November. There was an article awhile back saying the same thing too, I couldn’t find the link to it though.

      • Matt Judkins

        That’s what I figured and all the early leaks pointed there, just wondering if there was anything concrete yet. Thanks for the update.

  • Tony Kuligowski

    What phone would you recommend to someone coming from a Verizon Galaxy Nexus that is used to a strong developer following?

  • David

    I was originally the person that recommended to start this Q&A series. Could you answer at least one question for me? What cars do you drive?!

    • We get asked that quite a bit, but if you watch the DL Show, you will know that I drive a Lamborghini thanks to my deal with Moto and Ron drives probably some type of 90s Honda…..kidding. 🙂

      Hope that helps.

  • Knlegend1

    Best job you ever had?

  • elvisgp

    What features do you expect in kitkat? Do you think there will be a slightly new design?

  • googlyeyedfrog

    If the Moto X sells extremely well, will Samsung see Google-owned Motorola as a direct threat and try to develop its own UI distinct from Android? If yes, do you think Samsung would be able to pull of an OS comparable to Android? And if they do, do you think it will be good or bad for Android in general? Thanks

  • LoganLopez

    What is the biggest feature missing from Android that you would like to see implemented?
    What is your least favorite feature that you wish was improved with Android?

    For Ron: What would it take for Android to become your OS of choice again?

  • s23

    What would you do with the website if Android would happen to die? Would you expand to cover technology in a broad sense?

  • Nick Bell

    When is the VZW S4 going to get a bootloader unlock or similar that allows for custom ROMs? Or do any of you even use Custom ROMs anymore?

    • Steve Ballmer

      No one can really answer that. Hashcode is working on safestrap but that’s the only real development that has been going on pertaining to ME7 devices.

  • Cesar Morales

    Do you think the MotoX will serve well deep into a 2yr contract or will buyers be wishing they got something with a Snapdragon 800?

  • FelisLachesis

    For all of you, but especially Tim: Why do you guys think that a mid-range phone (like the Moto X) will be sufficient for the next two years. It always seems that any phone seems to struggle by the end of a two-year contract, though high end phones seem to struggle a little less than the mid-range devices.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      THIS. the phones are usually fast within a few months of release, but with my GNex the age showed, about a year in. Cant imagine 2 yrs with that phone when a G2 is worth the same but newer specs.

  • CiPearman

    Do you guys think that VoLTE will cause VZW to fall back a little bit in the call reliability department? I say this because the LTE is supposed to be just about fully built out. I live in an area with superb VZW coverage (never drop calls), but I drop back to 3g all the time. If I have a phone without 3g, will I be dropping calls all the time? It seems that the GSM that LTE is based on is not nearly as reliable in terms of dropped calls as CDMA.

    • Brent Cooper

      I agree. I drop back to 3g all the time in the basement area of buildings. And somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I thought LTE was suppose to penetrate buildings better than 3g…maybe…I thought

      • michael arazan

        I travel by car a lot 3-400 miles and most of the Highway is 3g only, how is that going to affect lte only devices? Can Verizon cover the entire highway system. The only time I get 4g on the highway from St.L to KC and Chicago is when I hit a large populous for about 3-4 miles then switches back. And if you breakdown you are going to be screwed with a 4G only phone

        • shoot when i moved back to Michigan from Arizona there were a few 20+mile stretches where I didnt have phone service period. let alone data service.

          I dont see exclusively VoLTE being a reality any time soon

  • DanielP

    how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

  • Hunter

    In the likely event that the Nexus 5 not coming to verizon, do you recommend the Moto X or the HTC one?

    • Tucker Nebel

      I got the Moto X three days ago and absolutly love it. No regrets.

    • michael arazan

      I like stock Android, so I would have to lean towards the Moto X. If the N 5 doesnt come to vzw, I hope the Dev Edition of the Moto X will be out, it is 32 gb storage and unlockable

  • Art

    for the consumer that just wants the best all around phone, is it the LG G2, HTC One or S4

  • Alix8821

    Making the jump from S3 to the Note 3…
    Going to root to help with bloat. But it’s been said the UXs have improved. are all of the S-Pen features worth keeping TW? I’ve been Rooted since my DInc. Don’t Even know what “stock” is anymore.

  • Ben Myton

    Do you still use your Pebble?

  • bonix

    I just got the MotoX and have been loving it. Do you see it having a decent future, updates/roms/community love? Will it’s specs handle 4.5 and beyond?

  • tomn1ce

    Do you guys think that the vzw G-Note 3 will come VoLTE ready?

  • bobbymay1

    What’s your favorite beer?

  • imaletufinish

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 seems to be king of the hill in confirmed overall smartphone specs at the moment, but the announcement of the Samsung Gear smartwatch seemed to have overshadowed it. Why do you think this beast of a phone isn’t getting more buzz? (From your website especially).

  • Ronald Bernard

    Not so much a question but just wanted to get an opinion. I’m a huge Android fan and love your site, the only problem is I am not to tech savvy. Do you think Google will ever create something like an Android University were people like myself can go online or even to seminars to learn all things Android (on a common folk level) I love my Gnex and I have learned a lot from here and other sites about rooting and such but it would be nice to use and know Android to it’s fullest potential. I would also love to learn the basics of coding on Android and such….So what do you think? Should I pitch Android University to Google?

  • Greg Morgan

    What’s everyones phone of choice right now? And Ron, will you be getting the s or c?

  • EricRees

    This question is for Eric: how many hours of GTA5 are you going to play this week?

    • EricRees

      Over 9,000.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Haha until that big paper due date creeps up.

        Eh…play on.

        • michael arazan

          Maybe his degree is in video game design and he is doing “research”, I hope.

  • Warwick

    Are you guys going to be playing GTA V?

  • Derek

    If google did it with the Nexus 7, why can’t they include all major carriers LTE bands on nexus phones? Tired of them neglecting Verizon customers…

    • Greg Morgan

      They can’t do it bc Verizon’s voice data right now requires cdma which Verizon has to approve. Until voice over lte rolls out, Verizon won’t have a nexus.

      • Thats actually sooner than you think, Verizon laid out their roadmap and as of right now they plan to flip the switch on VoLTE in Mid 2014 but of course as of now we have no idea what stipulations they might put on the new framework (I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna find a way to force users off unlimited data).

  • Charlie

    OK, i’ll bite – is there a snowball’s chance in hell that VZW will get the N5…?

    if not, what about a Dev Ed of the G2?

    • michael arazan

      Is the Nexus 5 going to release on every carrier but Verizon is the real question

  • Reid Wolcott

    What’s the deal with Sony’s new Z1? Coming to any US carriers? Will you be reviewing it? I’m looking to get a good camera in one of these Android phones. Thanks!

  • Ricky Ortiz

    What do you think is more important for Android OEM’s now, software or hardware?