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Android 4.3 OTA Build Leaked for AT&T HTC One, Download Available


HTC One owners on AT&T hoping to see some Android 4.3 action could be in luck if they are into the hacking and rooting scene. A recently leaked RUU has been posted on the web, and is apparently an OTA of Android 4.3 for the One. It has been made into a flashable zip file, so for anyone with the ability to flash it, go for it. Be warned, though – the update brings an updated Hboot, meaning you can kiss any chance of S-Off via Moonshine or Revone goodbye. 

As for what Android 4.3 will bring to your One, it’s hard to tell what HTC has added in since we have not flashed it ourselves. To see what Google added in to AOSP on 4.3, you can see our overview post right here.

Feeling froggy?

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0!

  • Sporttster

    So is 4.3 going to make it alot more difficult to root our phones now because of the increased security?? If so, why would anyone want it????

    • SemahjLam

      it doesnt

  • Luisito Mercado

    But if you’re already S-Off, your in luck (:

  • sith77

    they said DNA was gonna get it in the beginning of september . we are still waiting. at this point i have a note 3 preordered so F HTC and their crappy updating.

    • holdthiscat

      They never said any such thing…they have said by the end of September. Stop being a bitter little troll. Hipster trolls are so much cooler.

      • Sith77

        I have had HTC phones for about 11 years now . Always loved their phones but have grown very tired of them not upgrading or supporting devices once their released . It’s sad cause they used to be THE device to have . Not so much anymore

        • gambit07

          They’ve done decent so far with the One and DNA. You’re right though, over the last couple years they have really slipped. I will be impressed if this September date holds and the One and DNA are both updated in that time frame. This makes it look like that could happen though!

        • holdthiscat

          Information about the 4.3 update for the DNA is now posted on Verizon’s website. It’s happening, and very soon. This will make the DNA one of the very first phones to UPDATE to 4.3. No more dwelling on the past…moving on to the future!

  • Kelly OBrien

    Every time I read about S off , I want to say F off !

  • Andy Stetson

    Here’s hoping they put the notification widgets where they belong, in the other pulldown!

  • PhoenixPath

    Been using 4.3 Sense (Int’l version leak) on my TMo HTC One for over a week now with ARHD and before that with Maximus.

    Where have you guys been?? It’s been on xda for (figuratively) eons…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Hopefully it’s a significant update. The way the HTC guy was talking about twitter about 4.2.2 being a “Minor update) in comparison to 4.3. Because 4.2.2 is what made Sense 5 really since. All the annoyances are gone. The Quick Settings is a miracle compared to the old way. The home button changes too.

    So looking forward to seeing what’s in here. Waiting for it on Verizon…..i know

    • PhoenixPath

      4.3 will be minor in the States. When HTC releases 4.3 for the (Mini or Max, I cannot remember which off-hand), they will release the 5.5 sense update to the US versions then as well.

      Not sure why they are making us wait on Sense 5.5, but…whatever.

      Fwiw: 4.3 isn’t that big a change in AOSP from 4.2.2 as far as user-facing features are concerned. You really won’t see a boost in performance either from what I understand unless you’re using an older device (which definitely does not pertain to us….)

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Making us wait because they want to introduce it and new/update features with the Max, but also wanted to get 4.3 update to the current devices for bug fixes/minor improvements and to be able to say they were first to market with 4.3.
        Sense 5.5 update should come a month or so after the Max announcement, with the international device getting only a 4.3/5.5 build. Verizon’s One will likely jump from 4.2/5 to 4.3/5.5 about the same time the rest of the US carriers are getting 5.5.

        • PhoenixPath

          Heck, TMo doesn’t even “officially” have 4.2.2 yet…

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That’s because they were impressively intelligent. Since they have the GPE One, they knew about when the next version of Android would be dropping and roughly how much of a difference it would be.
            With that knowledge, they decided to skip over the 4.2.x updates for the majority of their US devices. Verizon’s software on 4.2.2 was apparently completed and submitted for testing before that decision was made, so it shipped with 4.2.2.
            Once the 4.3/5.5 updates go out, all the One carrier and international variants should be back to software parity.

          • PhoenixPath

            4.2.2 is the version with the biggest user-facing differences. 4.3 is minor by comparison (unless you’re using an older device).

            The only reason I unlocked my One was for the quick-settings tiles on the leaked 4.2.2 (Had them on my GNex, Missed the heck out of ’em).

            Sadly, VZW beat TMo on updates for this device. I wouldn’t call that impressive in the least. I’ll switch back to stock when they drop 4.3, but honestly would have preferred a quicker 4.2.2 release and a wait on 4.3.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            As you said, the differences were minor. If they determined that they could have 4.3 builds out less than 6 weeks later than a 4.2.2 build, then there is absolutely no reason to do the 4.2.2 build. They have to pay for every carrier certification, so why pay double when you can wait 6 weeks, only pay once, AND get your devices on the latest version all at the same time? It is a win-win-win for HTC, and a win for consumers because they actually get the latest version of Android in a timely manner (for an OEM update, anyway).

          • PhoenixPath

            Sorry. I see your point to a degree, but I just cannot grok calling “waiting another 6 weeks” for features already present on other carriers a “win”.

            Of course, it’s moot…as I didn’t wait for it. XDA exists for a reason, I guess. 😉

          • malcmilli

            i consider it a win, just as 4.3 isnt a big step up from 4.2, 4.2 wasnt a great big step up from 4.1… if i ddint have a nexus, i’d take 4.3 in a quick time over waiting for 4.2 and then waiting again for 4.3.

          • PhoenixPath

            I suppose it depends on what you find useful. The quick settings tiles are a big deal for me.

  • Axel

    Curious, does anyone know if TRIM will come to the HTC One via 4.3 update? I think I read an article saying that it was already included on HTC phones w/an earilier version of Sense or Android but I’m not too sure.

    • Ibrick

      TRIM was added in 4.3, so never a Sense feature.
      If you’re rooted however, LagFix will do it manually or on a set schedule if you’d like.

      • Axel


  • CasperTFG

    If the One Max is exclusive to Sprint, I’m going to be bitter.

    • bkosh84

      What’s this have to do with a leaked OTA for the AT&T HTC One?

    • holdthiscat

      Don’t worry.

  • gambit07

    Anybody who wants a Droid DNA should get on that soon too, since the new 4.3 update will almost certainly break s-off there as well. With s-off the DNA is one of, if not the, best off contract phone you can get right now on VZW while keeping your unlimited data

    • Why exactly is it one of the best phones? It was great for it’s time, being the first 1080p phone and having a high quality plastic look and feel, but the battery is pretty bad and the specs are just mid-ranged now. I’d go with the HTC One if you want an HTC phone.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Its currently priced roughly the same as the Nexus 4 on swappa/ebay (a ~$50 for 1080p and an extra 16GB internal storage is good for me), and is essentially a fairly Nexus-like device on Verizon. If you believe the Nexus 4 is a good buy, then by association the DNA should be a good buy as well with S-OFF having been achieved which makes it just as open as a Nexus device. I know it is nowhere near the same in practice but on Verizon it is currently the closest available.

        • gambit07

          Yep, my experience is pretty much the same!

      • I have one as well, and the reason it’s one of the best right now is for three reasons:

        1) Price. You can get it insanely cheap since VZ and others are still trying to clear out inventory. I never had unlimited, so I just used an upgrade to get mine when it was on one of its Free sales.
        2) Specs. Quadcore S4 Pro, 2 GB RAM, Battery life is good enough to leave me with ~30% after a full day (16 hours) of moderate usage, Display is phenomenal (only bested by the HTC One on VZ now), NFC, Wireless charging, and truly good build quality.
        3) S-OFF. Works really well once you get it (got mine with moonshine), and there are plenty of ROMs around to keep the phone feeling fresh.

        This phone was way ahead of its time when it was released almost a year ago. Today, it is still one of the best on the market. Hands down.

        • gambit07

          Yep, pretty much the same experience for me except that it’s also really cheap on craigslist comparatively,. I’m really happy I picked it up! Also, it feels really nice. I love the way the screen edges kind of bend around the phone instead of being at a sharp angle, if that makes sense.

          • Yea, that’s what I was getting at when I mentioned good build quality. That type of screen design is something that you see starting to pop up in popular phones now.

        • I guess it depends on your use, I had the DNA for 3 days when it first came out, used it on the way to the family for Thanksgiving. I literally could watch the battery percentage drop every few minutes just from normal web browsing. The phone got incredibly hot when charging as well.

          • gambit07

            Maybe the stock Sense and Android version was bad on battery? I didn’t test that at all since I s-off’d right away and upgraded. If you didn’t want to do that, it wouldn’t be as attractive unless you wait for 4.3 for that stock experience, which should be better. But then you’re locked into that as well since we don’t know if devs will get s-off for 4.3. I assume most people on this site are power users though so they would want the ability to root and rom

          • I used the DNA with stock Sense 4 that it came with for a few weeks and I thought the battery did just fine. The main reason I decided to S-OFF was because I was tired of Sense UI. Currently running CM 10.1 unofficial, but will probably try something else in a week or so.

          • LionStone

            Maybe you had a bad unit? Mine does pretty well, stock, LTE all day long…

        • Ibrick

          The DNA did also get Official CM 10.2 support this past weekend, with a few nightly’s already posted.

        • M3D1T8R

          And it has correct buttons. The biggest failing of the One. Only negative with my DNA is the 16GB. Battery isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Especially coming from a G.Nex, lasts over 3x as long.

          • Meh, I don’t really need 32 GB to get by. I don’t store music on my phone really, thanks to All Access, and I don’t really watch movies on my phone either. That’s what the good ol’ N7 is for 😀

            Yea, battery is definitely a plus on this phone.

      • gambit07

        It depends on your use case, but it’s one of the best due to price point off contract. You can pick one up between $150-$250 right now on craigslist. It’s 1080P, S4 Pro processor is still quick enough that I don’t notice a difference between it (running a Sense 5 4.2.2 rom) and the HTC One (which I used on Tmobile for a month before switching back to VZ), 2GB of ram is completely current, camera takes pretty decent pics (much better than my gnex), and the battery lasts WAY longer than the gnex. I took mine off the charger at 8:30am yesterday, took 3 calls, around 15-20 texts, checked email throguhout the day, listened to play music on my motorcycle for ~ 1 hour, and tethered for another 1-1.5 hours at my house. At 7PM I still had 35% battery. On top of all that development for it is pretty solid because of its s-off status and there are some great sense 5 4.2.2 roms for it with working Zoe and some of the other features I liked about Sense. The only downside for me is the limited storage because I have a lot of music, but I’ve just relented to using Google play for all of it and taxing my Unlimited plan, which I’m at around 20 GB for this month. Hope that answers your question.

      • mustbepbs

        I don’t think so, Tim.

      • Shadowstare

        I respectfully disagree with your assessment that the DNA’s specs are now mid-range. December’s flag ship device can’t be just classified as mid-range by September. 2GB ram and its screen is still top of the line. The processor is a step lower than the new Snapdragon chips, but its still fast, powerful and versatile enough to best any ‘mid-range’ device.

        • hkklife

          Agreed. The ONLY areas where the DNA is truly falling short is in storage (both internal & lack of external) and battery capacity. The Soc is a bit slow IF you are into 1080P gaming but for everything else it still flies and that will only inprove with 4.3 and Sense 5.5.

          I was looking at all of thother “free” and

          • M3D1T8R

            Dunno who would downvote you. You’re exactly right. This device has surprised me how good it is. I got it as a free replacement for my Nexus after they sent me 5 bad Nexus’.. Like you say, if it was 32GB or had an SD slot, and just a few hundred more mAh in the battery it would be ideal. Really too bad the Butterfly S, with exactly these upgrades (SD slot, 3100mAh batt, as well as a bit better processor), isn’t going to make its way over as a DNA+. Might have but not now w/ Moto “Droid” brand exclusivity. Really too bad. Nothing else even just now available on Verizon is worth the upgrade (downgrade in some areas!). S4, One, MotoX, G2, all still not worth it for various reasons. Unless the Nexus 5 comes to Verizon by some miracle, I’ll be holding onto the DNA until next year. I just hope when we get the software update (I’m not rooted) it doesn’t kill FoxFi…

      • Kyle Miller

        Its really not none of that stuff you just listed. Its a wonderful, high spec, terrific battery, great screen phone. The phone is not even that old. And with S-OFF its better suited with Sense 5 than the HTC ONE.

        • Terrific battery? Sounds like you’ve never used anything other than an HTC phone, lol. The battery is what, 2020mAh? The One, S3, S4, Note 2, Ultra, MAXX, Moto X, heck any phone has a better battery than that.

          • 1080P 5″ quad 2GB M

            The Ultra, Moto X, and Maxx are mid range with 2 years old design lol , dual cores, xoxo camera if not bad, 720p! have large battery doesn’t make it better phone than DNA , some people don’t mean to have or appreciate truly high end technology, Dna is better phone than the laggy SG4. so first learn and root! dick head

          • I was with you until the last two words, that right there just showed how immature you are. Actually, the Ultra, Moto X, and MAXX are all basically the same phone just different screen sizes and chassis. What good is a 1080p screen if you can’t see it by 7PM because the battery is dead?

          • M3D1T8R

            I was also very worried about the battery when like you I didn’t own one. As someone who actually owns the device, I’m downright impressed. Sure the battery could be bigger. But HTC has done a good job with “only” 2020mAh. Only once has it not made it through the day for me in the three months I’ve owned it. And that was on a long trip starting early in the morning with a lot of GPS nav, wifi hotspot, browsing, etc. I’m a pretty heavy user. GSam battery monitor shows average battery life of 12hrs 40minutes. I’m not exaggerating when I say it lasts me literally 3x as long as my G.Nex. I used to carry around 3 spare batteries with that phone, it didn’t last 90 minutes of screen on time. DNA is 3.5 – 4 hours screen-on depending on other usage. So don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

      • OregonDawg

        I would take my DNA over the One. Wireless charging, larger screen, damn near the same hardware specs and my battery goes 15+ hours no problem with over 3 hours of screen on time.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    hopefully dna comes shortly after this.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I’ve heard that everything is still pointing to having 4.3 on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint HTC One and the DNA by the end of September. The Verizon HTC One will likely lag behind, as it has 4.2.2 already, and Verizon’s approval process is slower than the rest.

      Rumor has it there is another update already in the works to bring everything up to Sense 5.5 shortly after the One Max is introduced. But, rumors.

    • Shadowstare

      Same here. I can’t wait.

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah, I just hope it doesn’t break FoxFi. Or S-off. I’m currently stock because FoxFi works so well.

      • gambit07

        It almost certainly will break s-off, I would not do the stock update if I was you. Just s-off and install an official-unofficial sense 4.3 rom once they come out. I’m using FoxFi s-off’d and it has been great!