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Motorola Adds Sprint’s Moto X to Its Bootloader Unlock Program

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The Sprint Moto X is available as of, well, today. If for some reason you decide to leave your carry and join Sprint, you can pick it up for as little as $99 on-contract. If you are already a Sprint customer, you aren’t quite as important and will have to pay the typical $199. Either way, if you picked up (or plan to) a Moto X from Sprint, understand that your model comes equipped with an unlockable bootloader. Like the T-Mobile version (whenever it becomes available) and the developer editions (who have already moved out of the “days” away category and are now on 2 weeks), you can unlock to your heart’s desire with Motorola’s bootloader unlock process.

Motorola added the device to their supported devices list this morning, along with the Latin American variant. All you need to do to unlock is hit up the link below, and follow the few easy steps which include an adb command or two to find your device ID. It’s pretty simple, assuming you have the Android SDK and adb all setup.

Keep in mind that unlocking the bootloader of your device will void its warranty.

Via:  Motorola

  • KH

    Would a Developer Edition still have all of the Verizon Bloat?

    • antinorm

      Only if you want it to.

      • KH

        So does it mean the bloat will be removable or just disabled? Cause if I can’t have a Nexus 5 (as it stands from rumors and fcc filings, no carrier compatibility is listed) the X is the next best thing, but Verizon bloat is horrendous.

        • Mike Hilal

          removable, if i recall from other dev editions

        • Obsidian_22

          All you need is root to debloat, not unlocked bootloader. Bootloader is the hardware side people. Kernel, radio, modem etc…

  • CHRIS42060

    So what if my LTE speeds are slightly better than most carrier’s 3G speeds…… I am suddenly happy to be a Sprint subscribers….. It will fade I am sure.

  • jamesmmiller803

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    Sad really.

  • Eric Lauber

    The Moto X is supposed to support multiple LTE Bands. Does that mean a VZW user could buy an unlocked Moto X from Sprint, put their Verizon SIM card in the phone and be good to go? Or does it not support both carriers in the same model?

    • Adan H.

      Verizon’s network operates on a device ESN whitelist. If that device isn’t on the white-list, the network will refuse to allow it to authenticate. Verizon’s network will refuse the Sprint version of the Moto X. Even if you (illegally) modified the ESN of the phone the radio for the Sprint version isn’t tuned for Verizon’s LTE bands.

  • Gnex

    Can someone please tell me why Verizon/AT&T don’t allow unlocked bootloaders on their network? Honestly.

    • Ben Niederer

      Because they’re paranoid pricks who hate the idea of their customers doing anything they can’t monetize.

      • Marcus Schoen

        Or that they cant ensure the quality of the software on the device once the bootloader has been unlocked and new software is installed. That is, it you buy the carrier-speak.

        • RetrunOfTheMack

          I see people aren’t reading the last line of your comment.

          • michael arazan

            All that effort just to make sure you can’t uninstall their apps on YOUR phone

          • Obsidian_22

            That’s root not bootloader. That’s why they don’t want people messing with stuff they don’t understand. Root allows you to change your phone from a read only system. Bootloader effects everything on the hardware side. Kernel, radio, modem.

      • Gnex

        lol No doubt, but does it actually endanger their network in any way? I’m thinking no.

        • Ben Niederer

          Of course but you asked for the honest answer. They sure aren’t going to say “If we allow customers to install their own ROMs we won’t get sweet kickbacks from EA and the NFL for their uninstallable crapware” out loud are they?

          • Gnex

            Here, take my upvote.

          • Mike Hilal

            Dont forget the tethering lock! You cant forget the tethering lock!

    • Steve Ballmer

      Verizon and AT&T have a lot of contracts with government offices and businesses. In order to keep the clients mind at ease they can’t allow bootloader unlocks/bypasses since it is seen as some security vulnerability. This is why dev editions exist.

      • Mike Hilal

        Or, they could do what every good gov’t and business does and lock the phones active on their accounts. This is not an excuse to lock them for everyone…it’s complete, utter, crap.

    • Butters619

      For Verizon, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it originally stemmed from people returning bricked phones or phones in general with unofficial software on them. Even if it’s an extremely small percentage, they probably saw it as affecting their bottom line, and they thought blocking it would reduce returns.

      • trumpet444

        I can see that, but the HTC unlocker program solves that right? You sign your name to it, acknowledging that if something gets effed up, you are solely resposible….. and yet Verizon still put a stop to that with the One

        • Butters619

          There is a huge disconnect between the carriers and the unlock programs. I have never once heard of anybody taking their phone back for any problems and the carrier calling the manufacturer. Sure that is all on the carrier for not making the effort, but for them that is additional effort and additional expense. So they make the easy choice: no unlock.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths
      • Gnex

        Awesome. It seems like a good sensor, but everything has a purplish hue and looks over-processed. w00t.

    • Mike Hilal

      Because they are assholes. That seems to be the only reason.

    • Obsidian_22

      The small amount of people they lose to not allowing it pales in comparison to the amount they lose/gain with their corporate accounts. TBH we are just far too small of a group to change that.

  • Pedro

    Now, why in the world would I leave my carry to join Sprint?
    Is this some crazy Japanese translation error?

    And I ain’t leaving T-Mobile $30 for anyone. Not until I can get a better price.

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