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Prediction Time: Tell Us the Name of the “L” Version of Android


As of this afternoon, we know that Android 4.4 will arrive before long, under the name Kit Kat. The “K” name pushes Google’s alphabetical and dessert naming scheme forward for Android, even if we were all running under the impression (for months) that it would be Key Lime Pie or KLP. Yes, Google trolled pulled-the-switcheroo on us this time around, so we’d love to get your predictions in even earlier for whatever comes next.

Assuming the alphabetical, dessert scheme continues, we will arrive at “L.” There are a number of obvious options (licorice, lollipop, lemonhead, lemon meringue, etc.) that immediately come to mind, but knowing Google and the Android team, we could see something unique.

In the comments, drop your predictions (as many as you’d like). Assuming someone gets it right, we’ll have it on the books, forever. 


  • Google

    Its going to be Lettuce.

  • Kyle Barrett

    I’m standing by Lollipop and then Marshmallow

  • WP

    Lettuce Salad, Lemon Meringue Pie, Lotus sth., IDK

  • _insert-name-here_

    Lemon drop

  • Muhammad Khalaf Shaikh

    Android Lemu Paani (Lemonade)… 🙂

  • HighNDrye

    Lemon Longjohn.

  • TH3CH053N1228

    Lemon Bar?

  • Peter


  • anonymouse72


    Android 4.6 Lumia.

    …ok so you can’t hurt a guy for dreaming.

  • gge395