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Did the Motorola DROID 5 Just Make Its First Appearance?


Earlier in the week, we were joking about the death of the QWERTY keyboard after seeing LG’s new low-tier slideout device called the Enact. We even wondered during the DL Show if there was a chance that we would ever see a DROID 5 since it has been well over a year since the DROID 4 made its debut. And what do you know, before the weekend could even arrive pictures of a new QWERTY device made by Motorola and headed to Verizon has made an appearance. 

The device appears to sport a decently sized edge-to-edge display with very little bezel. On the front, we have a front camera along with Motorola and Verizon logos. The slideout keyboard situated underneath it has a full five rows, plus a voice-to-text button.

On the backside (in the picture below), we’re looking at a massive coil which could mean that this phone will have wireless charging. A 4G LTE logo can be seen as well, along with a camera lens, flash and speaker grill.

We don’t know any of the other specs, but how could this not utilize some form of Moto’s X8 Mobile Computing System?

What we’d like to know now, is when it’ll arrive. Is this a holiday device? Motorola just released the Moto X, DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini, so there really isn’t room for this phone at this time.

Who wants it? #QWERTYCULT


Via:  Weibo [2] | New Cell Phones

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  • sev

    Moto still has a contract with Verizon to make droid phones.

  • akhi216

    Thank God, I never really warmed up to a virtual keyboard. This will be a lifesaver if it ever sees the light of day.

  • Steve B

    Dat Chin

  • carolinalykins32

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  • The problem with a QWERTY phone is the thickness added by the keyboard. I used to a QWERTY hardliner, but in consideration of the above, I’m not any more.

  • file35765

    When are V and Moto going to learn to stop half ashing the droid slider line? They just slap a qwerty on something , throw it at us and then wonder why it doesn’t sale. Looks like they have half stepped it again. The droid 4 it was the screen and non removable battery. That alone slashed the droid4 sales by a good half. Several people in the store with me put it down with in a few seconds and went back to the brighter screen that Moto had on other phones that were older. These were people who missed qwertys keyboards , didn’t know they still had them and would have gotten one. Slider users will use their phones on the go more often, easier to type and respond to emails and texts, so the removable battery helped a lot. They had the best reception too. If not for the insurance company sending me the droid 4 I’d stuck with my original Droid.
    I wish they would stop making this more and more for fanboys and concentrate on what actual sliders want. Send emails to slider users registered on their site. It isn’t hard. Fan boys will never buy sliders. It’s not thin enough for them no matter now thin it gets with a key board. Now the micros sd card is gone. People would love a new qwerty but don’t want to lose functionality with each new edition of the Droid. It seem their way of saying we don’t want to make these but make them to keep you off our back so we will punish you by taking away the stuff about it you like till you go touch only. The V area supervisor in the store I was in seem to agree.

    • KewlDawg

      I think you need to face reality, and stop advocating that the “V and Moto” are doing such only to the QWERTY phones.

      Just in case you have not noticed, the new Motorola phones have a non-removable battery. Its not just the Droid 4.

  • MartMart

    Who keeps wanting a keyboard on their phone, the phones are big enough where the touch screen makes using a keyboard so easy.

    • Chris

      Jeez. Can’t you be accepting that not everybody is like you? That was THE thing I liked about Android from the start. That it allowed for diverse form factors and setups. For me, a physical keyboard is a MAJOR bonus. I had the Droid 1, 2, 3, and 4. I went away from it with the Galaxy Note 2 because I *thought* the bigger screen would make it okay. I spent about 85% of the time working on my phone using Remote Desktop to a PC. Virtual keyboards do not work well with this AT ALL. I so want a physical keyboard phone again. I just want one with top-end specs and a larger screen. I hope this will be it.

  • Jonik Cannon

    D5, im in

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    Sorry, but did no one notice, that it has the exact same metal frame and body like the Razr M / Razr i ??? So I guess, it will likely have a 4.3 inch display. I really hope that this qwerty device will make it to europe too…

  • joyceyazzie21

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  • Raven

    Yes, yes, 500 times yes. I can’t wait to replace my Droid 4 with this, especially if they come out with a developer edition.

  • dcc_tech

    As a person with shaky hands, on-screen keyboards have always been super cumbersome. Moving from OG Droid to GNex was pretty rough. Swype style keyboards helped with typing speed, but are not a silver bullet by any means. Physical keyboards allow for better typing and gaming experiences period.

  • islandak

    This is a definite buy for my house! Assuming it’s out within a year. Ha Ha.

  • more droid 5 photos!
  • samosa king

    I swear the Droid 5 is basically a Droid RAZR M with a physical QWERTY keyboard?

    • imnotmikal

      Looks larger. I’d say its on-par with the Droid Ultra, spec wise.

  • Skittlez

    wow, motorola. you should chill

  • dannydarko

    The keyboard is the reason for lack of hardware keys on the front. I don’t want a keyboard but, it does look good. Now we’ll see about the specs. It makes me nostalgic for the original O.G. Droid. So, I am toying with mine now….;)!!

  • Heimen Stoffels

    Fake. Everyone on the interwebz was literally calling me names whenever I said Motorola would release the Droid 5 in 2013 because everyone believed they weren’t going to make a new phone with h/w keyboard anymore. So these pictures must be fake.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Will the back have a dimple? Game changer if so!

  • Chris

    Please at least 5″ screen and top end specs. I will buy two immediately.

  • skubadoo

    I think this is a left over from last year’s Razr models. Verizon didn’t pick it up.
    Those semi-tapered corners are reminiscent of the Razr HD line, as well is the motorola logo on the front. They don’t use that Jha-era logo anymore. The screen looks like the Razr M of last year to me.
    I would hope that if they came out with a new Droid 5, it would have decent specs but with no prior talk or rumors of this phone and then all of a sudden there’s a prototype model that doesn’t jive with their current line of phones makes it seem like this is old pipeline stuff Verizon just didn’t bother with..

    • KewlDawg

      I have to agree, unfortunately.

      We have no idea how old these pictures are. This could have easily been a prototype to “sell” a phone to VZW, failed to generate any interest (orders), and simply died. So old and dead, that someone thought it was OK to throw their pics away in the garbage can without shredding them.

  • duke69111

    Give it a snap dragon 800 pro, 3gb ram and a motorola max battery and I’m sold.

    • hkklife

      Sounds like you’re going to be in the market for a Note 3 in a few months!

  • hkklife

    I personally don’t believe this is an upcoming device. I think it’s a leftover from the very end of the Jha era…..remember all that talk about clearing the pipeline of legacy product?

    Remember, the RAZR HD seemed a bit late in coming to market. I think Moto had this Droid 5 on the roadmap for early 2013 along with the previously rumored RAZR M2 with a 4.5″ screen. Either VZW bailed on them or Google decided to can them for any number of reasons.

    The styling of this device seems much more reminiscent of their 2012 releases. Secondly, it has onscreen keys which is something none of the new Droid have. Finally, & I think this is the most glaring example, that is the old camera app that is devoid of Google’s UI influence. Also, Google has gradually been removing keybowars shortcuts and functionality from the OS since Gingerbread.

    • Marcus Schoen

      The thing is is that this phone resembles the Ultra rather than the HD. It has the Droid Ultra chin and the Droid Max wireless charging. Wireless charging wasn’t really a thing when the HD came out.

      • KewlDawg

        My Droid 4 has wireless charging, as did my Droid 3.

  • Allen L.

    I’ll buy this. It’s just too bad that Google and app devs have been gradually removing keyboard shortcuts from the OS and apps. The Droid 4 already had less keyboard shortcuts than the Droid 3 by not having an Alt key. There will probably be even less shortcuts on this due to the on screen buttons. They should replace that .com button with a Ctrl/menu button.

    Oh well, screen space and SSH are still benefited by a physical keyboard.

    • Qbit

      Without the Alt key to go to the start or end of a line, it’s been annoying entering commands in an SSH or any other terminal type session. They should put back the =/+ button instead of the .com button. I use it often in Octave. They should replace the caps lock button with a Ctrl key though. Or they could use the space on the left/right to add more buttons.

    • eyeDroid

      Yeah, it’s really been annoying how Google and 3rd party app devs have been killing off special keyboard support. Developers haven’t been responsive when asked why they actively removed them too.

      I would have backed the Ubuntu Edge campaign had it been a slider. I’ve checked out the terminal app in Ubuntu Phone/Touch and it still needs a physical keyboard despite the attempt to make it touch friendly. With the Ubuntu OS, it would be easier to run Bash scripts and install/compile any necessary command line software. Not being a slider, I wasn’t willing to take the risk of the unkown hardware quality and thought I’d just be better off installing Ubuntu on a phone with a known build quality even if it’s not a slider.

      Anyway, for what I do on my phone/mobile PC, having both touch and physical keyboards would make my experience much easier.

      • Jenniferlavalle325

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      • Matt Klein

        I’m hoping the Ubuntu Phone/Touch (don’t know what it’s called now) OS succeeds. Android is nice but being able to run Bash scripts and apt-get install or compile necessary command line software would be great for what I’d like to do. It would be preferable for the phone to be a slider with a great terminal oriented keyboard.

        Too bad Canonical has done things to anger Linux developers and FLOSS idealists. I don’t really about the idealists but I do care about angering the developers. I may write scripts and C/C++ code but I’m more a Linux end user so I’m not going to be contributing much, if any, to the core Ubuntu Phone/Touch OS.

    • Leannem_riley

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  • Joshua Morgan

    I love my droid 4 and would not get a phone without the hard keyboard at this time. I might change my mind later but for now that’s just my preference.

  • Dcdanger

    This is terrific news as my wife will only use a qwerty phone so I now have a choice of getting her something half decent when her contracts up.

  • Godzilla


    • Godzilla

      uh oh, i put 2014, LOL

      • Tyler Durden

        God damnit Godzilla!!!!!

        • Godzilla

          yeah i failed

    • ROB

      If it only has 16gb I will probably pass though…

  • chris420o

    To be honest also…being motos stance on custom ui’s n such…this might actually be the true rebirth of the og…basically stock android with all motos build n goodies…im so tempted for this over a moto x or the next nexus…but im su used to a slab design not sure i can go back to keyboard quarty thickness although i dont have a need such a big screen anymore(ala nexus 7 for media)

  • RaptorOO7

    Glad to see Moto still can’t make a keyboard worth a damn. Let the slider keyboard die already. I have owned several Droid(s) 2,3 and 4 and frankly none of the keyboards were worth using.

    • chris420o

      go buy a sensation sammy boy…bc your just talking absolute nonsense

    • BOB Dudek

      Guessing..Your first job wasn’t in the downtown secretarial pool.

      Shocker..There are some smart phone users that actually watched the first MTV show as an Adult and voted for the first time in 1968.

      I watch my WIFE do over 75 WPM on that crappy D5 KB ..so its possible its worth using.

  • chris420o

    wow…this phone looks fantastic…it even looks pretty thin for a quarty…damn what i would do to relive my droid days of smashing that keyboard to bang out emails and to always be the winner in a text argument with my exs because i could type a mile a minute

  • BOB Dudek

    They would have the over forty (?) crowd in a second..and WOMEN love the keyboards.

    You 70 wpm D4 users..?..this is the device…that will be under the Xmas tree.

    • Raven

      Hey, I am under 40 (but over 30) and I will buy that in a second. And, my wife will take that 70 wpm challenge.

  • Part of me wants to go back to the good ‘ole days of the OG and get a slider again.

    • C-Law

      Me too except I remember I used the keyboard all of three times probably. I think I just miss those days when android was young, roming was easier and we didn’t have crazy boot loader encryption

  • bassman418

    I took my wife DROID 4 and my old Galaxy Nexus which has a 4.7″ screen and placed it over the D4 screen next to the keyboard and it looks just like the size of the screen in the picture. That screen is definitely isnt 4.3″ its between 4.5 and 5″.

  • WeSecureNL
  • yummy

    I am itchin and scratchin to know
    Will it be on jlo”s network?

  • Adam Collins

    New Moto QWERTY?!

  • Guest
    • Joshua Morgan

      I second this

  • Theme Park Pro

    I bought my Droid 3 off contract almost 2 years ago with two extended batteries and battery charger. Had the OG Droid but gave me problems so I bought a Droid 3 but now its dying and I was starting to give in and get a Droid Maxx until I saw this. If its like the Droid Maxx with a keyboard then I’ll pay for it in a heartbeat. Droid 4 was some bs. I’ve been waiting for over a year for any rumors of a Droid 5. Now this might be the first VOLTE phone Verizon will launch. I still got unlimited but honestly I feel Verizon is going to pull the plug on it next year, I’ve spoken to Verizon and went to the store a few times in the last few days. The Max and Edge programs are kinda tempting but overall bs. So I’m either going to buy the Droid Maxx using someone else contract and on Amazon since they have it for $199 and join the Max program or wait and see if this Droid 5 thing is for real. But if Verizon is for sure going to pull it then I’ll take the 6 GB for $30. Better than 2 GB. They told me the promo will be going on for at least three months, maybe longer if people like it. Also that they can’t take away your unlimited by force. The guy said himself that he doesn’t think much about Verizon even though he works for them. The day they take away unlimited is the day I go to the 6GB’s for $30 plan and don’t use my upgrade. So they can’t f*ck me over with the monthly cost. I’ve had unlimited since June 2010 after coming from [email protected] The OG Droid was my first smartphone and I’ve been hooked on Droids and Motorola ever since. I love Android but they need to do a better job with the updates.
    From a OG Droid user.
    My ideal Droid 5
    720p or 1080p HD display
    Droid Maxx battery 3500 mah or bigger – removable
    12 MP camera, 5MP front side camera with 1080P recording and video calling on both ends
    Motorola X8 processor with Snapdragon S800
    Wireless Charging
    Kelvar backing without gloss
    In black and red like Droid Ultra
    SD card slot
    dual band connectivity – looking at you moto x

    • Theme Park Pro

      Forgot to add between 4.5 – 5 inches.

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    Please have a MAXX battery!
    Please have a MAXX battery!

    heck, make it the Droid MAXX with QWERTY and you can take my money!!!!

    • Godzilla

      No maxx. Per sarge ♡

      • Joseph Cotz

        There were no sliders in the pipeline “per sarge” as well…

  • GM49

    The two main reasons I left the droid keyboard phones was for more screen real estate (stuck at 4″ with D4) and the loss of remobable/exchangeable batteries. I greatly miss the physical keyboard, and would get this in a heartbeat if the battery were removable. Give me a large screen and a super battery and I might learn to live without an extended replaceable battery.