Additional Photos and Specs Leak for the Motorola DROID 5


Back in August, we caught our first glimpse of what we believe to be the DROID 5 from Motorola. There have been many readers who continually hope to see another phone come out with a full-QWERTY keyboard, and finally, their time has come. Or has it?First to be thought a mythical device that could bring honor to the OG DROID’s name, featuring decent specs much like the DROID Ultra or Moto X, a new leak shows that this smartphone is a mere mid-range (could even qualify for low-range in our books) device that may not even come to see the light.  (more…)

Did the Motorola DROID 5 Just Make Its First Appearance?


Earlier in the week, we were joking about the death of the QWERTY keyboard after seeing LG’s new low-tier slideout device called the Enact. We even wondered during the DL Show if there was a chance that we would ever see a DROID 5 since it has been well over a year since the DROID 4 made its debut. And what do you know, before the weekend could even arrive pictures of a new QWERTY device made by Motorola and headed to Verizon has made an appearance.  (more…)