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Download: DROID ULTRA Wallpapers


We got our hands on the DROID ULTRA (hands-on here) today, and came to find out that there is a set of sweet wallpapers onboard. You’ll see beautiful landscape shots, as well as a few surreal photos that show off space and windmills. It’s quite the pack of papers. Great job, Motorola. 

Definitely worth a look for all you wallpaper addicts.

Download (Size: 10.4MB)


  • Leonardo Rojas

    Thanks!! n.n

  • adam lamb

    The wallpapers look great, even on a FHD optimus g pro screen. Not sure what people are taking about when they say they won’t look good on newer devices.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    That black and yellow flower wallpaper gave me flashbacks of liberty rom on the DX 0_0

  • chad harrold

    Download the app Droidpapers. It has the wallpapers from just about every phone and popular rom out there.

  • chris420o

    Doesnt look good on new phones…..new flagship phones with lesser specs and same price…bravo motorola…bravo

    I have a droid razr hd so im assuming they look nice on my phone…will check shortly

    • Tyrus

      looks good on my droid razr maxx.

  • Rithvik Rao

    As a bonus, could you throw in the wallpaper you used on the X (in conjunction with FlatSense) in your first couple pieces on it? Been trying to find it, but no success yet.

    • Leonardo Rojas

      O.o Could you share it please?

  • Mike

    Yeah they don’t look too great on current top tier phones due to the lower resolution

  • Stevedub40

    They look nice, unfortunately no good for new phones because of the resolution.

  • Billy Buttons

    Can you do this with ringtones or would there be some legal issue?

      • Justin W

        Does this include the OG “DROOOOIIIIIDDD” one? At work and can’t check 🙁

        • anezarati

          You can find that on zedge

        • it does, I went through the sounds to find that specifically

      • rice2345
      • kixofmyg0t

        I want that wallpaper you’re running on X. It looked pretty snazzy.

      • Trueblue711

        I like collecting stock images/ringers from phones. Where do you usually get them from?

      • Billy Buttons

        Appreciated. Could this be a regular thing like the wallpapers? I like hearing, and often saving for my own phone, stock ringtones from new devices.