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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Finally Arrives Tomorrow…on iOS


Well, it’s August and Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is finally launches tomorrow. Wait a tick, what’s that? Do we see an iOS-exclusive launch taking place? That’s right, PopCap’s sequel to the incredibly successful first Plants Vs. Zombies is not launching on any other platform besides iOS, at least for the time being. Are we incredibly shocked? No, not at all, but it still sucks for big PvZ fans like us.

When it was announced that it was hitting iOS, users took to Twitter to find out about support for their favorite mobile platform. According to the official Twitter for PvZ, there is no news to share at this time regarding a release for other platforms, but that we should “stay tuned.” 


Android has an incredible amount of users, so it is still odd to see major titles getting released for the smaller platform. Who knows, maybe Android is just really hard to develop for, given all that fragmentation in the OS. *sarcasm* Sad day.

Once more info goes up on a release for Android, we will let you know.

Via: App Store Facebook | @Plants Vs. Zombies

  • KatieLa

    Still trying to figure out why it was advertised through my android device (an update to pvz added the popup at the start of the game) if it was never going to be on android

  • Sir. Rumor Talksalot

    I have a friend that works with EA and she tells me that Apple is actually paying to have the release exclusively with their platform. This is supposed to be inside information, but meh, I don’t care. Apple tries to control the market like this all the time.

    • commonsense

      As if we are all going to switch phones in order to play a game. Plants vs Zombies was fun, but I will keep my android, screw Apple.

  • Bunky D

    Android game programming is much harder on Android than iOS, because there are no decent C++ programming tools for Android. Google still hasn’t even provided a debugger!

  • sagisarius

    I’ve owned a Mac and PC for like a decade, some tasks just work way better on one than the other. Looks like I’m going to wind up doing that with an Android and iOS tablet as well…. goodbye money.

  • RaptorOO7

    I find platform specific launches as stupid as carrier specific launches. No time frame for Android or other platforms, FU folks.

  • I was playing it on my iPad weeks ago o.O

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    Looks like its been mentioned a bit further down by T4rd but it’s because of the money. Even though android is now the larger market it’s still not the highest paying. iOS users are a much higher percentage of the dispensable income. And since developing for multiple platforms takes more resources than most companies can or are willing to spend, then one platform comes first and that’s going to be iOS for the time being. However with this latest generation of phones I think that demographic will start changing here in the next year or so.

    *Note this is not solely my opinion but has been stated by many developers and people from inside Google and in the tech world.

  • umbrellacorp


  • jamdev12

    Isn’t PopCap owned by EA? If I’m correct they do, hence why their support SUCKS BALLS!!!!

  • Lucky Armpit

    Yet again, the world’s most popular mobile OS plays second fiddle to iOS. *sigh*

    • Tim242

      Ron did a great job at explaining why that is. Be sure to read that opinion piece. Haha

  • Rithvik Rao

    There’ll be a leaked APK soon enough… not that Ron will care. 😛

  • matti861

    I say we all boycott the download of it once it comes to android just to prove a point. Who’s in with me?!?!

    • Tychon

      Only commenting to say this- boycotting on a market like this is just counter productive. If you want them to recognize your dollar, you gotta surprise them with sales. Instead of telling people to boycott them, you should be trying to drive up sales so that EA won’t want to renew a Apple-exclusive agreement again. If they recognize Android as a market, they’ll avoid agreements like that.

      Boycotts only work when the environment is toxic for the consumer. Ironically EA is as toxic as it gets. So take from it what you will I guess?

      • adam

        Uhm, its a free to play game

  • Dave Bell

    THE RON GODS HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!! ALLLLLLLLLLL HAIL IOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • irtechneo

    Cant wait to play the Xbox One version. This one not so much.

  • Tim242

    I bet this makes Ron happy. He’s giggling and screaming like school girl.

    • KleenDroid

      As he prances about.

      • umbrellacorp

        With J Lo.

        • CasperTFG

          Inside a Movil store.

  • beng8686

    Salt, meet wounds.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Lazy developers

  • Sirx

    I’m sad that I have neither the time nor talent, but I really wish some brave developer would journey into the lawless, untamed frontier that is developing for the current Android, and document his/her experience. I feel like a lot of the “Fragmentation! Piracy! Murder!” arguments are just developers parroting other developers talk about their experience back in the olden days of Android. As polished as the OS is nowa days, I’m suspicious that it’s really SO hard to develop for now…

    • Mark2134

      I develop for both iOS and Android. I personally prefer x code environment over eclipse but that’s certainly my opinion since eclipse isn’t really bad at all. I started on ios code to learn because honestly apple basically held your hand and got you to publishing whereas google was scattered. In truth it was a little intimidating. Now they’ve gotten so much better as they grow. I’m no dev expert by any means but I do hear a lot of piracy and side load chatter amongst those I know in the android pool. I’ll ask them their thoughts and see if they’ll chime in.

      • Sirx

        Awesome! And thanks for the response! Maybe you could turn it into an article if you get some good inputs from your sources.

        But see, that’s exactly what I mean: “…hear a lot of…”. Did THEY also “…hear a lot of…”, and are just paying that forward? Have they experienced just a bit, and is using that to justify a much-worse reputation that’s already in place? Are there any statistics? Specific apps they’ve developed that have been pirated? At what rate? Things like that. Heck, you’d think that with so much Android marketshare, developers would be able to turn a profit just be sheer volume of people who pay vs. pirates.

        • einsof

          I’m a developer but I’m out of mobile dev, however, I associate myself with a lot of them, including ones that have made multi-million dollar apps. Its always the same stuff you hear: fragmentation, tough to maintain quality across multiple phones, ios users spend more money, less piracy on ios, and blah blah blah. I wouldn’t say its ever about laziness, but clearly people do make the effort to make the app (eventually). its about profits and cost. if you make more money on ios, why spend time on android when you can invest that time on ios to make even more money? a lot of my friends factor in opportunity costs and they figure they lose out on a lot of ios income if they try to create for android, which is typically 50% harder to maintain and make. Its not to say that there is no profits, its just how you factor in your time and effort to make the most you think you can make. Stats don’t lie, and its not about android hate. developers are driven by money.

          • adam

            Even if iOS user spent twice as much as android users. There are so many more android users it makes no sense. I am willing to bet apple is courting these devs with some sort of insentives.

      • adam

        I am not sure how piracy could affect a free to play game. You can’t pirate the iap’s.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Ummm…. Tim we’ve been telling you this for months that it’s an iOS exclusive in the comments. There really isn’t a surprise at all.

    Now. Any news on of 4.2.2 is coming preloaded on the HTC ONE For VZ? Hmmmmm?

  • tyguy829

    ERMEHGERHD Ron was right. iOS always has better apps. Switching now. /s

    • JoshGroff

      They do typically get apps much faster, not just games. For some, that is a selling point.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Maybe ios is just easier to develop for.

    • T4rd

      I think there’s more money to be made on iOS, last I saw, people on iOS are more likely to buy apps than on other platforms. Makes sense since there’s rarely free versions of apps on iOS and people are already used to being ripped off from biting Apple products.

      Inb4 someone talks about how much they’ve spent on Android apps and downvotes.

      • JoshGroff

        You called? 😉 I upvoted though.

        • adam

          Its free to play

    • Bunky D

      Yes iOS is easier to develop for. And that’s Google’s fault. Games are written in C++ and Android still doesn’t support C++ well, though it’s gradually getting better.

  • Kane Desousa

    Whatever games not that much better then the first one ; played the new Zealand release ( in denial here)

  • Greg Morgan

    Maybe Ron can review it for us? 😉

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      It would be nice if he would come back and play some of the secondary markets, too. It’s been years since he’s played Birmingham,

    • EC8CH

      definitely a third degree right here

    • EvanTheGamer

      Let’s hope not.

    • Jeff Ayers

      Definitely not simple enough for him.

      • qivucuzusywa

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        I think there’s more money to be made on iOS, last I saw, people on
        iOS are more likely to buy apps than on other platforms. Makes sense
        since there’s rarely free versions of apps on iOS and people are already
        used to being ripped off from biting Apple products.

    • JoshGroff

      Well played.

    • Thomas

      Please no. Ron is the whole reason I stopped watching The Droid Life Show.

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