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From a Sales Perspective: How Verizon Looks at the New DROIDs vs. the Moto X

DROID Ultra Family

During the week of the August 20, there is a pretty good chance that you are going to have at least three new Motorola devices to choose from on Verizon. Big Red has already announced that the DROID MAXX and ULTRA will be available come the 20th (Mini launching later), but the Moto X may end up arriving later that week on the 23rd as well. We’ve had a number of readers ask us to do a full-on comparison of the Moto X to these other DROID flagships, and we’ll do that once we have review units. In the mean time, we have already put together a spec chart that compares the Moto X to the new DROIDs that you should probably check out. If you want to know how Verizon is going to approach them from a sales perspective, we have something extra for you to look at. 

Below, you’ll find a training chart for employees who are being briefed on all four new Motorola devices. Rather than focusing on specs, this chart looks at the software and hardware features of each, and how they can be sold to customers as benefits. It compares the DROID family and its set of “exclusive” features to the Moto X in some sort of a showdown. As you’ll see, there are plenty of extra bright red check marks to highlight the advantages of the new DROID line over Motorola’s solo flagship.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 9.06.53 PM

For example, two of the three new DROIDs feature wireless charging – the Moto X does not. They also all utilize KEVLAR around their body to offer more protection, and include the “DROID Command Center,” which is an upgraded version of the 3-circle clock that Motorola introduced last year with the RAZR HD and Atrix HD. In terms of software freebies, Verizon has worked out a deal with Google to give all of the new DROIDs instant access to Ingress, along with 6 free months of Google Play Music All Access access. The ULTRA and MAXX offer a 5-inch display, which ends up being slightly larger than the 4.7-inch panel on the Moto X.

And the top chart doesn’t even mention the fact that the ULTRA is insanely slim (Moto X is slightly thicker than the HTC One). Also, don’t forget that the MAXX offers a reported 48 hour battery life on a single charge, and will also sport 32GB of internal storage.

Keep in mind that all of the new DROID phones are equipped with Active Display, Quick Capture Camera, and Touchless Control, all of which are the Moto X’s best features. So in a way, the new DROID phones actually do have some advantages over the Moto X, for those keeping track. I think what it’ll come down to in the end depends upon how much you prefer a 5-inch display over a 4.7-inch, if 48-hour battery life is a must have, and if you like the look of Motorola’s KEVLAR unibody designs.

I still can’t help but question the need for all four of these devices on Verizon, but I think it’s clearer than ever which phones the carrier will be pushing and which the manufacturer will be using its marketing budget on.

Don’t forget to read our Moto X review if you haven’t. Keep an eye out for new DROID family coverage, assuming we get review units in the next week or so.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.20.46 AM

Cheers B!

  • Matt Hickman

    I’ve seen all four of these now and can tell you that the moto x is not that interesting after you see the five inch screens on the ultra and Maxx. The whites on all of these phones are better than the galaxy. But those 5 inch screens are hard to take your eyes off. The moto x is heavy and dense and just barely larger than an iPhone five. But trust me, the 4.7 inch screen on the X is much smaller than the 5 inch Ultra because you lose .3 for the onscreen buttons. The usable space on the X is more like 4.4.

  • EddieA

    Gimme the Maxx as an upgrade for my Razr Maxx…life is goooood.

  • Steven Elliott

    Good for them. I’m still getting the X in November.

  • Sporttster

    So does the Maxx have the capability to do HDMI out at all?

    • sandbag747

      From the pics on VZW’s site it doesn’t look like it, only one port on the bottom

  • mcdonsco

    I’m super interested in the maxx…I’ve had the RAZR maxx and maxx hd and the battery life is pretty much a requirement for me, even with those two I would often still be dead by 6pm, so knowing the maxx is supposed to last longer = awesome!

    Only problem is every Motorola I’ve ever had has had issues with mobile hotspot. Devices would connect to the device but could only connect to the net 20-30% of the time and I really require reliability there now, thus I’ve now switched to Samsung’s (sgs4 and now note 2)..with Google now firmly in the drivers seat at Motorola, I’m hoping that’s been resolved and I can get this phone and have it actually work with mobile hotspot…I can dream right?

    I see others commenting on no micro SD on this though, really? I haven’t read that yet, if so why would they for the first time not have it? Google? Would suck if true, but not a deal breaker with 32gb, but still sucks.

  • Weber

    I honestly just want to know how all of this compares to my gnex. I need to know what phone will be my next phone on Verizon. With the lack of options we have, this is what’s most important to me.

  • ROB

    Wow, called to order the MAXX and was given a chat code for a discount and guess what…doesnt work…amazing. Looks like I will be waiting for note 3 on another carrier…

  • Stevennnnnnnnn

    What kills me is the fact that it’s a 720p screen on 5”. I’m going to have to look at the screen in store and compare with the S4 first. Get the Droid Maxx or wait for the Note 3?

  • Steve

    One more week in my contract to get rid of my over priced and over rated Galaxy Nexus!

    I have gone thru 4 of them before the warranty ran out. I am tired of sub par reception, soft sound, dismal battery life and all the screeching and battery pulls.

    I hope these new Droids will have high quality loud sound and Motorola’s best in class radios with great battery life. I am willing to give up the sd card and full hd to get what the nexus never even came close to delivering.

    • sandbag747

      My contract has been up since June, I have been waiting for a new Droid

  • jaredgreenwald

    What if you’re already an all-access customer from the 7.99 period? Will you just get credits or something if you buy one of the new phones?

    • sandbag747

      Maybe next 6 months you just aren’t charged?

  • ROB

    Shipping 8/27 now…

    • sandbag747

      That’s only for new preorders, if you preordered before they changed it it should be shipped already. Also available in stores on the 20th

  • Hugh Hansen

    I think there are credible arguments for the Maxx as better than the Moto X. The five inch screen without on-screen buttons is going to seem significantly bigger. Add to that the battery and wireless charging…

    I do think pixel density on a five inch 720p screen would not be high enough for me.

  • Trab Dub da Vet

    When I buy the MAXX I’m going to charge it completely and test the battery if its not satisfying I’m getting a Note lll.

  • trophynuts

    …it sucks donkey balls that 4.3 inch devices are now considered mini…..

    • middlehead

      I’m okay with that, because it means they’re making them.

    • joejoe5709

      At least they’re getting the clue that Mini doesn’t have to mean mid-range.

  • Malcolm Love

    At this point I’m pretty set on a MAXX. I want that battery. I would have preferred on screen buttons, but it’s not a deal breaker to me. I’m not even worried about a locked bootloader. My first phone was a Droid X and development was plentiful for that phone. Although to be honest I haven’t kept up with Motorola development and that could have easily changed. Locked bootloaders didn’t really seem to slow down development for past phones too much. And the screen for this phone is the size I’m looking for, just slightly bigger than my Gnex. The 6 months of All Access is a plus too.

  • Ian Dunn

    The SD Card slot is very important to me just because I have used 2-3 phones a year and have been able to keep my 800+ pictures and my 4 or 5 GB of music on every device that I have owned (with the exception of my old Galaxy Nexus). With all of the rooting and romming I have done over the past three years transferring my pictures and music back and forth to the computer would have taken the fun out of it for me. Until there is a truly fast method to transfer media between the phone and the computer I will be a loyal SD Card fan.

  • Adrelion

    All I want to know is if the Droid phones have dual LTE antennas like the Moto X or not.

    • dizel123

      Why does it matter?

      • Adrelion

        Cause I get spotty 4G LTE data currently on my Razr Maxx and if the Moto X has 2 antennas for LTE so it guarantees data reception then I would get that over having the extra battery. Half the time my battery is draining from the antenna not picking up data. 1x to 3g to LTE like not even my wireless at home gets found. Been like that through like 3 Razr Maxx’s I have. Hence why I’m curious if the Droid phones have that hardware inside or not.

        • sandbag747

          My Razr does that and I lose data entirely everytime it shifts for a minute or two, and it does it a lot

  • I’m on the Guest List

    None of these phones will sell because Verizon will be getting several new iPhones in October. Unlike AT&T (the current king of availability of network and flagship Android phones), Verizon makes their money each Fall and subsequent holiday seasons from iPhones. Sorry Moto

    • sandbag747

      iPhones are losing their popularity, Android is rising to be the king

  • roberthenderson

    Quad core? 1080p?

    • Skittlez


      • roberthenderson

        I believe, when properly set up, that quad cores can run more smoothly than dual cores. Especially if you’re using multiple very memory and processor intensive applications.

        • sandbag747

          The goal on these new phones is to make them fast and retain a massive battery life and since batteries don’t get much better than this they need to make it so less power is used

  • drudometkin

    Those that are planning on purchasing one of these phones how are you buying them? Paying full price to keep unlimited? Plan on dumping unlimited to get subsidized pricing? Its getting so hard to keep unlimited for me and my wife b/c its so expensive to buy new phones for both of us.

    • htowngtr

      I would do what I can to buy older model phones and stay on unlimited. I’m lucky that my wife DGAF about having the latest and greatest.

    • RoadsterHD1

      I did an online chat with Verizon and pre-qualified my account to get the new Droid Maxx on a payment program. They told me I could get the “edge” program and keep my Unlimited plan. Another one told me I could get a five payment plan and keep my unlimited plan. The qualifications were my account needed to be up to date, no service turn off or suspended service due to lack of payment. If these things are good you are good to go.

      Here is part of that chat: JOSE: What are the
      qualification?JOSE: Is this a separate
      deal from my account?

      M: It would be based on your account history, no past-due balances on your
      account or suspensions of service for nonpayment.

      JOSE: OK we’re good there.
      Will the payment be made thru my account?

      JOSE: billing

      M: Yes it will.

      JOSE: NICE. what plan can
      I use? What are the perameters and whats the interest, if any?

      M: There is no interest with that. Since you are purchasing the phone at
      the full retail price, you will be able to keep your current plan as-is.

      JOSE: So I can walk into a
      store on the 20th and purchase the phone on a 24 month payment plan? Is there a
      down payment?

      M: The down payment would be the first monthly payment of the installation

      M: After that, they will all be applied to your monthly bill.

      • drudometkin

        Thanks roadster. Do you know if you can pay for the phone in like 3 payments or something like that? Does it need to be over 24 months?

        • RoadsterHD1

          Yes you can pay it off early. They have from what I’m told a 12 month plan and a 5 month plan. In the chat I mentioned a 24 month plan but later on in the chat she corrected me and said they only have a 12 month and 5 month. First payment is at the time of purchase and then spread payments out.

        • RoadsterHD1

          The plans start on the 24th

          • drudometkin

            Thanks appreciate you sharing this with me. 5 mo plan sounds perfect.

          • RoadsterHD1

            No Worries, glad to help.

    • dizel123

      Upgrading on another line and then switching my number over.

  • JP

    No wireless charging for the flagship phone??? That’s a surprising omission.

    • Kenton Douglas

      Motorola as still under the thumb of Verizon. They’ll only gain their freedom if the Moto X sells really well. Otherwise, Verizon will continue to get the best specs – Motorola need to revenue (and access to Verizon’s network) to survive.

  • AHoL2206

    the REAL question is, will the Nexus 5 be LTE???

    • Kenton Douglas

      Or it could be the new Nexus 4, with the same internals as the new Nexus 7, which does have cross-carrier LTE in one SKU (model).

    • htowngtr

      If it’s not then huge fail.

    • Skittlez

      i’d be completely happy if it had a strong radio and LTE only for data. 99% of the places i go have LTE already so i’d already have data. anything to make these phones available on all carriers. i am praying we get a Nexus this year. The Gnex is on it’s last leg