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1 Second Every Day App Wants You to Create the Ultimate Lifelong Video Highlight Reels

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Forget Vine and Instagram video for a second, and think long term. What if you recorded 1-second clips of video each day for the rest of your life? Think you’d see the ultimate story that included ups, downs, friends, family, travels, and all of the other things that accompany your ongoing saga? I’d say so. An app called 1 Second Everyday also believes that 1-second intervals could create something pretty unique and entertaining without much work. 

The project was originally developed on Kickstarter for iOS, but within the last week made its way to Android. The app allows you to either record your 1-second clip for the day or pull from previously recorded clips that can they be mashed together into a highlight reel of your life. You can create multiple timelines within the app, so you could have a personal timeline, another for each kid of yours, and maybe even do one specifically for the times you’ve spent in social settings (like say clips of each football season or concerts you’ve attended). You can setup daily recording reminders, specify timeline length, and of course, share it all with your friends on social networks.

It’s quite the interesting idea, assuming you could get yourself to record some type of video each day. In a year or so, you could have minutes of video recorded. In a decade, it could be an hour.

The app is free for the first 30 days of use. Once you crack the month mark, it’ll run you a 1-time fee of $0.99.

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Cheers Nick!

  • dawn m. armfield

    I downloaded it and have been doing my videos for the last week. I’ve just moved to a new state, so this is a wonderful way for me to remember my first days here in both sight and sound. I think it will be a fun reminder, and new colleagues have expressed an interest in it as a teaching tool and/or learning exercise.

  • Andy

    Didn’t click the link but the guy who inspired me to do this was on Ted talks and if you youtube a second everyday, its actually amazing. Videos add sound which triggers your memory better than a photo. I started mine on January third and have kept up to date

  • Ryan Ropero

    Just a heads up. . . if you move your images and videos to the ext sd card, i messes all the dates up as it pulls from the date the files are moved. I was a beta tester and my images and videos were all over the calendar with no way to fix. I really wanted the app to work.

    • Yeah, its a pain point. On newer devices, permissions won’t let us change the mod date on files. Once you move them, they’re all “now”. The date we get is from the media provider. We’ve been working on a way around it, but at this point, I think we’d need to actually build a parallel database that attempts to read video metadata rather than use what’s in the media provider from Android. I personally switch phones often (occupational hazard), so I’ve been in the same boat. Summary, investigating, but focus has been on making everything else smooth.

    • While I’ve got you here, one plan we’ve been talking about is making a specific folder the “transfer” folder. Anything under it would be parsed special for dates. It would mitigate performance and technical concerns, and since the user would probably be doing this once or twice at most, maybe require a “refresh” click in settings. Not as smooth as I’d like, but could get around the issues without impacting the rest of the app too much as its coded today. Just a thought.

  • Sean Bello

    I’ve had this app for years. I called it camera. no subscription fee though.

    • EvanTheGamer

      That requires a lot of work though. This app requires hardly any work.

    • Also, not really a “subscription”. Its $1 if you want to compile videos longer than a month. No ads.

  • Really cool app. This was clearly not iPhone port but a complete redesign for Android. Love it.

  • Godzilla


  • Billy Buttons

    Did anyone else click on the top image and try to play it?

  • WAldenIV

    I’d rather take a picture every day. I don’t see the value of one-second clips.

    • King Lo
      • smartguy05

        I think that is pretty neat, but the shear quantity of pictures makes it kind of distracting and not very pleasing to watch

    • You can actually make 1-second clips from photos if there are no videos present on that day. I think you’d be surprised how much can fit in a second. I know I was. 🙂

      (Paul from Touch Lab)