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Light Flow Updated With New Features for Android 4.3

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Light Flow, one of the most powerful notification light tools on Android, received an update this morning to introduce new features that work with Android 4.3. In the update, LF allows you to swipe away notifications, remotely clear notifications by reading them on other devices, and “handle” restricted profiles for tablet users.

Outside of the 4.3 stuff, support for Gmail folders, incoming calls, and the new Skype app were added. HTC One root users should have a better experience, plus the app now has the power to exclude notifications from sleep mode. The LF team also added support for an additional 72 apps. 

Android 4.3 features:

  • Swipe away notifications
  • Remote clearing of notifications read on other devices (e.g. hangouts, email)
  • Handle restricted profiles for users

Other features:

  • Support for new Gmail folders (e.g. promotions, social, updates etc)
  • Exclude notifications from sleep mode
  • Support for incoming calls
  • Support for new Skype app
  • Samsung multi-window support
  • Better support for HTC one root users
  • Added support for 72 new apps

Play Link [Full changelog]

Cheers RW-1!

  • muffnman

    Why would someone with the HTC One get this app? I thought it only had a green LED. No?

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Technically you could still setup vibration or LED pulse variations for each app. So something important like a missed call could get a fast flashing LED or an always on, and less important things could get a slower flash. Same with vibrations, different pulses to let you know whats coming in.

      • Andrew

        You get 2 tones of orange and also green. The update allows you to control different flash speeds used by htc.

    • Simon Belmont

      The HTC One has a green and red LED, I believe. At least that’s all I’ve seen on my wife’s HTC One.

      In fact, all of the HTC phones we’ve had over the past 3 years have only been two colors. I think that’s just how they do LEDs.

  • RW-1

    Thank you DL …

    I’m still experimenting with the stock browser labs – quick controls, now that LF doesn’t use accessibility, I was still having issues with it, and on advice of the dev, uninstalled and re-installed completely, tests are still ongoing with that, but it is a nice update!

  • jackbauer24ctu

    Light Flow is a very cool app but I found it to have too many feature when all I want is to change the led color. Also annoying notifications and just a bit confusing. I switched to Light Manager which does exactly what I need without the extra stuff. Works terrific on my Galaxy S3 and like how it cycles through colors for multiple notifications. No battery drain noticed.

  • Vikinglifeguard

    About time they fixed Gmail. That was pissing me off.

  • Jeff C

    love lightflow. and the new feature to clear notifications when i check on another device is much needed.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Where do you set that? I stopped using it shortly after Hangouts replaced talk because my phone would blink all day even though I was reading the messages on my computer.

  • tyguy829

    I haven’t used lightflow in a long time. Does it still destroy your battery?

    • saimin

      I’ve been using lightflow forever. It uses so little battery that it rarely shows up on my battery usage ranking

    • Simon Belmont

      Never had an issue with battery life from Light Flow. It has to be using a fraction of a percent of battery life, because I never see it in the battery usage.

      It seems to be an efficiently coded app. I love it.

  • LucasMonroe

    For some reason LightFlow is now showing a persistent notification on my Galaxy Nexus. Does anyone know how to make this go away?

    • I get persistent notifications sometimes too…I’ve found if you just open the app and then close it again the notification will clear. Not sure what’s going on there, but hopefully they’ll fix it soon. This app is so useful.

      • redbar0n11

        Try changing the clear notification style from “opening app” to “screen on”. That fixed hanging notifications for me long time ago.

    • Andrew

      The persistent notification was requested from Google for 4.3.
      If you switch off “run in foreground” in the settings menu it’ll go, but there’s a slightly higher chance that android will kill the app when running low on memory.

  • It should be noted (for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of using Light Flow yet) that this app does so much more than just let you customize the notification light. You can use it to fully customize all notifications — including custom vibration patterns, and even special ring tones and sounds for specific people…so you could use it to set up a special sms sound or ringtone for your boss, another for your gf, and the default for all others, etc. It’s really a phenomenal app and I highly suggest it!

    • Thanks! I may have to check it out now

    • wade

      This want work with the HTC Evo 4g lte without root!

      • Andrew

        True. HTC don’t let android apps control anything other than 5 minutes flash of green. Therefore I control the drivers directly bypassing android control (but requiring root)

    • picaso86

      I wish they will make a “disco” light notification (a mix of all colors). I had it in my Storm back in the days… it looks really cool when you get a phone call..

      • Andrew

        I’d love to add this, but with the way android works it’s a real battery killer as every color change requires a partial wake lock which stops the cpu being in sleep state. My tests of doing this took about 25 percent of the phones battery 🙁

        I might add it for incoming calls (for phones that support it) as that’s always a short lived notification.

    • Simon Belmont

      I’m a huge fan of Light Flow. I grabbed it when I got my second hand G’Nex (waiting for N5 in the fall), and it’s been a great app.

      It’s totally worth the measly $2 that’s asked for it. Best of all, there’s a lite version so you can “test drive” it.

    • michael arazan

      This app has so much Dev support, well worth the money for all the hard work

  • Very nice!