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HTC Takes to Vine and Posts Apparent One Max Teaser Clip (Update: Full Video Added)

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We might be getting closer to the unveiling of HTC’s One Max than we previously suspected. Rumors suggested that HTC would be announcing their mega-sized device sometime before Samsung had time to show off its upcoming Galaxy Note 3. With a date now set for a new Unpacked event on September 4, HTC looks to be speeding up the process for teasing this device. 

HTC is utilizing the free web to post apparent “teasers” for the One Max. In their latest Vine post, some guy is waiting for a helicopter arrival and then he gets a big low five from the guy who gets out. There are two shots where a phone is clearly visible, but it’s impossible to tell if its the actual Max or just the regular One. We are leaning towards it being for the One Max given the tag of, “Big Things Ahead.” Either way, HTC is looking to build some excitement surrounding the device.

We got some eyes-on time with the One Max earlier today, and a few of you did show some interest in the phone. It has amazing specs – a Snapdragon 800, rumored 5.9″ 1080p display, 2GB of RAM (or more), UltraPixel, BoomSound and the list goes on. Below we have embedded the Vine.

I would like to go on the record and just state that we might be in for one of the more epic marketing battles we have ever seen for two Android devices. With HTC going after Samsung’s own Note lineup of devices, I would bet that Samsung will likely employ their massive marketing budget to somehow show what the Note 3 would offer over the One Max. The point is, the One Max is said to just be a bigger version of the One. The Note 3 on the other hand isn’t just a big phone, but will probably come with a stylus and a gang of other features that are crafted just for the Note 3’s size. We will have to wait a bit to see if HTC plans on doing any proprietary software of sorts to accommodate the One Max’s large display.

Update: HTC has posted the full 16 second video on their YouTube with much better quality. It’s a safe bet that it is Robert Downey Jr. in the video, the same man/myth/legend that reportedly worked out a $12 million deal with HTC.


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Cheers Scott!

  • That is 100% RDJ. You can tell if you pause the video.

  • Sam

    I really think that this is the HTC “One” Verizon was going to release all along. It’s way too late to release the 4.7″ variant now; seems like a terrible business decision to do so.

  • Ron_Swanson

    Was that Jon Polito?

  • Dave

    In related news, it doesn’t really matter what HTC spits out, a GN3 will most likely outsell it 10 to 1 or better globally.

  • Trevor Clement

    As I get excited about the One Max all I can think is “F**k You Verizon”.

  • jh123416

    Can Verizon just release something within THE NEXT 100 YEARS.

  • kirk ngo

    I don’t see why we need a bigger version of the same phone. Note 3 is a separate thing to this phone. I don’t how it will change the user experience if only thing is its going to have the 800 and 2 or 3 GB of ram.

    • Dee

      because some ppl want the same phone but BIGGER!

      • Weber


    • Sporttster

      Because HOPEFULLY it will contain a sd card slot! If it does, I’m interested

      • Weber

        It’ll probably have a floppy disk drive.

    • Steve

      The Note III is a bigger version of the GS4. Whats your point kirk?

      • kirk ngo

        The gs4 doesn’t have a spen

        • Steve

          Right……But it has all the S Pen features…….hence the Note III being a bigger version of the S4. I know the Note II had them first, but Samsung is becoming boring because everything looks the same. HTC will soon have 3 different variants of the HTC One, but almost everything Samsung has made these days looks the same, from high end to low end.

  • NemaCystX

    Rober Downey Jr has a briefcase with the HTC One Max inside

    What an awesome way to announce him as their spokesman and brand Representative.

    • Toasted_Cracker

      The briefcase IS the HTC One Max! Lmao!

  • RoadsterHD1

    What the hell was that!!!????

  • ToddAwesome

    What in the name of all that is good and holy did I just watch?

  • Butters619

    They should have just called it “HTC One Big Ass Phone”

  • Did HTC seriously change their slogan to Happy Telephone Company?

    • Butters619

      That’s what they get for using Google Translate…

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    I’m going to buy the next iPhone, but you all should probably get the One Max.

    • Butters619

      It was funny this morning when EC8CH said it

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Lol I thought it was supposed to be the next fackwors

        • Butters619

          Sorry I was gone all weekend and missed the context slightly.

      • btod

        Its still funny

  • Mike C.

    Here’s the video…


  • mrbirdman

    coming to Verizon Q4 2014

    • Shane Redman

      or never…

    • jose

      I think you confused the One with the One Max.

    • George264

      you’re missing a digit

  • George264

    They NEED a stylus.

    • mrjayviper

      some people don’t care for the pen. I’ve never used mine (using note2 here)

  • MacNificent

    Ok that’s great! Now bring on the Moto X full review!

    • michael arazan

      And also tell us how long ATT has exclusivity of the customized version so I know how long to wait, cause I am not going to wait 6 months.

  • EC8CH

    Tony Stark would never design a phone with a button arrangement that stupid.

    Wouldn’t happen.

    • PhoenixPath

      It’s not optimal…but you’d be amazed how quickly you get used to it.

      …as with anything, time eases the hurt.

      As fast and glitch-free as this thing is, I’m incredibly happy with it and if the Max is still the “best” when my JUMP! deadline hits, I’ll be all over it.

      heck, at that screen size, I could throw CM or AOKP on it and enable soft-buttons and still have more screen than I do on the One. :p

      • Butters619

        I actually had a friend who is a big HTC fan return the One because of the buttons. He said two buttons wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if the sensitivity wasn’t completely off. You can set the buttons up for double taps and long presses, but the sensitivity is (perhaps was) so bad that it misinterpreted your presses constantly.

        • PhoenixPath

          I don’t know what to tell you because it works on mine so either his was bad or I’m extremely lucky

          • Butters619

            He did buy it on Day 1. Not sure when you got yours. And I saw in a couple reviews (i think even DL) where the reviewer getting frustrated with or mentioning the button sensitivity issues.

          • PhoenixPath

            yeah they kept getting sold out in my area until about 3 weeks after the launch…

          • Butters619

            I’m not calling it a bad phone, I’m just saying the buttons weren’t the best idea.

          • PhoenixPath

            that’s okay. Neither did I. 🙂

          • Dee

            well, the small update a few weeks later fixed that..

        • Dee

          well, the small update a few weeks later fixed that.

    • NemaCystX

      Don’t like different?

  • dtraini30

    Also.. the guy looks like Robert Downey Jr., could just be an ad push with Iron Man.

    • Tyler Durden

      He’s too busy getting drunk and doing lines off strippers

      • JIBberish

        I fail to see the problem with this… And with a name like yours I assume you would also approve of said behavior

        • Tyler Durden

          People down voting didn’t know RDJ before Iron Man. Typical kids

          • Justin Kos

            I find nothing wrong with that

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio
      • dtraini30

        I know lol

    • Very interesting. Now that I’m looking at his hair more, it DOES! What a crazy world we live in.

      • master94

        Robert Downey JR is HTC’s official spokesman and has been for the last two months

        • I know this, but you’d think they’d be paying for more than the back of his head.

          • Dee

            he charges less for that view..

  • dtraini30

    Hmmm, will we be seeing this sooner rather than later?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Probably for IFA