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Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 14


We have been so tied up with new phones, traveling to and from press events, Android versions and other great news that we have been too busy to accommodate for a Q&A session. We finally get a breather this week, so it’s time for Volume 14! The Q&A Sessions are a chance for you, the reader, to ask any and all of the DL staff a question that has been on your mind. It can be Android related, somewhat personal, sports related or anything else you can think of.

We would love to share some thoughts on the Moto X, DROID devices and Nexus 7 tablet or maybe share insight as to what we can expect to see from Google in the last half of this year. It’s up to you, the readers!

On Friday, we’ll grab a handful of the best comments and let the team tackle them.

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  • Chris512

    With all these new phones on the horizon, when do you think Verizon will get rid of unlimited data? My guess is June/July-ish 2014 since the GS3 was the last phone you could buy on-contract (summer 2012) and keep unlimited data. What do you guys think?

  • Dave Bowen

    I would like to know why Android has not incorporated a settings that allows you to turn off notifications like you can set up your alarm. So that @ 4am I don’t start getting spam emails and waking me up. It can’t be that hard to incorporate it into the OS. it seems like that would have been baked in a long time ago. I know i can turn my notification volume up or down but inevitably I’ll forget, and being able to just set it up like the alarm to silence them say Monday through Friday from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am is a NO-BRAINER.

  • Higher_Ground

    Anyone looking at buying the new gen consoles? Personally I just bought a 360 a few years ago and won’t even think of replacing it until they stop making new games.

  • Chris

    How will the future customization of the Moto X for Verizon work? If you purchase a white or black towards release, do you suspect a full new purchase would have to occur to get a custom Moto X? or will Verizon do some sort of voucher deal, as you wait for its availability?

  • Tyler

    With the always on voice on the moto x, is there any special features that aren’t found in Google now for other phones?

  • Joel Hardman

    Do you guys ever see the industry moving away from the subsidized, on-contract method to the off-contract full price model that we were hoping the moto x would usher in? To us as the consumer it would make sense, but I don’t think we really know what a phone really costs to make and to be profitable. I understand google can absorb a lot of money with the nexus 4 just to show other developers what they want to see in a phone. But is it really possible to release a good performing phone like the moto x at a $300 price point?

  • Chris King

    If Google invited you guys to come and design a droid life edition phone what would It be like, hardware and software wise.

  • Melli Mel

    I have an S4, I use a Motorola bluetooth, and I have downloaded My MotoSpeak for handsfree use. Is there a way to disable the S Voice completely, and I don’t mean just disabling the home button. When I press the button on the bluetooth, it is suppose to activate the MotoSpeak handsfree app with, “Say a command.” Instead, this stupid S Voice starts and it is annoying. I haven’t found an answer anywhere. Hopefully this can be done without rooting my phone. Please help.

    • evltwn

      Have you tried disabling the S Voice app?

      • Melli Mel

        On the S4 you can only disable the “double click the home button to dtart S Voice” feature, but nothing about disabling completely. I’ve been on YouTube and every blog and no info about how to turn off the S Voice without rooting.

        • evltwn

          I was able to disable it. I don’t use a Bluetooth but that shouldn’t matter. I’m not rooted either. Menu>settings>more>application manager>all. Scroll down to S Voice. Click disable.

          • Melli Mel

            Thanks man. I believe I can to this area before trying to access this but “disable” wasn’t available. Well it’s there now and I disabled it. My level of frustration probably prevented me from seeing it.

  • evltwn

    What do you think of the Chromcast device so far? You did an in-depth look, but not a review. Will you be doing one? The device is sold out everywhere, and they are going for 3-4 times their original price on ebay. Looks like Google underestimated the demand for it. But they always seem to do that. Or they just hold back production to keep interest high.

  • Andrew Kennedy

    When you go to press events what’s the worst/weirdest/most shocking thing that anyone of you have seen or experienced while traveling?

  • Justin Larmay

    Is there a way to quickly download your entire library to your device on google music? Am I missing something?

  • Dorian Brooks

    I still have not purchased a Nexus 7 (2012 or 2013 version). The 2012 now has 4.3 & I have no need for a rear camera. The 2013 has that awesome screen & better processor. All things considering should I spend the extra money on the 2013 version or buy the 2012.

  • Daniel Walsh

    What’s the #1 thing you want in an Android phone?

  • Trevor

    Another question: what city (or cities) are your favorite to visit for press events (for those of you lucky enough to go)?

  • Sporttster

    Ok…so I ‘was’ interested in the new Droid Maxx but it not having a sd slot to me is a travesty. I need storage space as my phone is my camera, my video camera, my ipod, my movie machine etc etc and that all requires storage space. I’m not about to rely on unreliable cloud storage. So what new phone that has a sd slot and excellent specs should I look for? The S4 I’ve heard the radios aren’t that great. Want close to 5″ screen or larger, 1080p, 2g ram, and a good processor. Which new phone should I be looking at??? On VZW.

    • JoshGroff

      S4’s radios are fine, and if you need an sd slot, and the specs you listed, it’s your only choice on VZW.

  • Trevor

    If Android didn’t exist, what would be your mobile OS of choice and why? And Ron, could you just elaborate as to why you’ve chosen iOS over Android?

  • mike

    What is the “best” way to get android on my big tv? MHL adapter, some sort of doc, Google TV, chromecast, or some other option I dont even know about.

  • TankerTuff

    Kellen, do you guys need an east coast rep? Just got out the Army and don’t have a job yet so I have a lot of free time. You guys can send me out to do all your dirty work. I’ll do it for free cuz I don’t know if y’all get paid. I spend most of my time on my phone so I’m tech savvy. If not its cool, I’m still a fan of u guys.

    • Higher_Ground

      I’m not volunteering, but as someone who’s usually browsing the internet in the AM on the east coast, a little earlier posting would be appreciated.

  • TankerTuff

    Personally I think people should stop hassling Ron. I think he’s on the crew so they have a iPhone users perspective so they can give fair reviews. We get to see what might bring an iPhone user over to android. If he uses an iPhone so what. You probly have a relative or friend that owns one. If they said I have an iPhone but the motox or note3 looks cool, but I’m still waiting on the iphone5s are u gonna comment them to death? So my question for the Q&A is: When are the guys giving Ron a bad time(I’m sure he doesn’t take it personally) gonna get a life? Go customize ur home screens or something. Enjoy being on android and stop hatin.

  • XvierX

    Do you think that the Moto X is only the beginning and will Motorola dish out a top tier device soon to appeal to the enthusiasts?

    • Kamesen

      You bet they will. They’re just fundraising. Wait and see.

  • Michael Permana

    Android phone material issue

    It’s widely known that Apple usually produce a better phone material (using glass in iPhone 4S, and metal in iPhone 5). How do you think Android makers will try to address this one?

    A little background, I’m using S3 and although the plastic is indeed light n have a better scratch proof, it’s true that it lacks the premium quality and look compared with Apple products.

    Can I know your 2 cents for Nexus 4 material (and if any word about Nexus 5 will be much appreciated!)

  • Alex S

    If you each had to chose between buying a Nexus 4, one of the GE phones (which), the Moto X off contract, or waiting for the Nexus 5, which would you chose? And if you chose the last option, what phone would you buy right now to tide you over?

    • Higher_Ground

      personally I was in this boat last year and bought the gnex even though it was going on 7-8 months old. Suffice it to say I don’t have *many* regrets (the signal reception is really atrocious) but I would be hesistant to do it again. I did it to save unlimited data, but if you could hold off until october or whenever they give more details on the next Nexus, you’ll probably be a lot happier.

      • Alex S

        The problem is my contract is up with Verizon in mid September, and I don’t want to keep giving them money longer than I have to.

  • rk

    Instead of quoting specs do a real comparison of the moto x display with the s4 and htc one. Performance comparison based on real usage instead of artificial benchmarks. Things like lag, touch screen responsiveness, app launch time, etc would be potentially interesting.

  • Hayden7200

    Do you guys get manicures before big press events that you know you’re going to do a hands on video at?

  • Dominique Ovalle

    Two Questions
    One when i get old enough could i possibly get a position as a writer here i love mobile phones and especially android
    And what do you think the nexus 5 will be like???

  • MichaelFranz

    OK so now that moto x is upon us we are being shown that spec wars might be coming to an end and that the optimizations on newer chip sets is what we will see. But what do you think needs to be the next WOW in the mobile industry? I personally am still waiting for someone to say we have a 2200mah battery but wait this isn’t a normal battery its made with unicorn parts causing your 2200mah to go 2 days without a charge. Obviously unicorn parts can be subbed out for real tech terms. 🙂

    Another question I have is that do you ever think we will see some of our favorite custom ROM features included in android. Anywhere from PIE controls to toggling Navy bar or status bars or even small things such as battery icon changes or giving a centered clock or removing to status bar clock anything like that. I personally think if it was made an option at least to some extent not many people would complain about unlocked boot loaders. As nice as they are I bet if you ran a poll asking why you really need an unlocked bootloader options being A. Because you want to install a custom rom/kernel B. To unlock it to other carriers or C. Because you want to stick it to a carrier and its your phone and no one else’s, I think A takes 75% of the vote. What’s your opinion?

  • Richard Giordano

    I have a droid bionic and I’m planning to get a new phone soon and I was wondering if I should get the new droid ultra or maxx or should I wait for the x to come out for Verizon?

  • coffeechip

    Sorry for the uncool question, but lately on my Note 2 on Verizon running 4.1.2,I’ve been getting a lot of junk notifications from publishers clearing house and others. How do I find out what program is bringing them in to my notification area or how do I stop them?

    • MichaelFranz

      I think you have s crap game causing it. Best way is to uninstall any weird apps from not so known publishers. Or factory reset if you don’t mind losing data

    • mule0331

      Go to the play store and get an air push detector. It will tell you what app is spamming you

  • Mike Smith

    Moto X or droid ultra which one would you get?

    • Tim242


    • mule0331

      Between the 2, I like the ultra because of the bigger screen, everything else is pretty much the same.