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Moto X Feature Tour: Active Display, Touchless Control, and Quick Capture Camera

moto x active display

Oh the Moto X, I get the feeling that it’s going to be quite the aggressive conversation starter over the next few weeks as we approach launch through U.S. carriers. I love it that people have opinions on both sides about this phone. If anything, it’s going to make for some entertaining chatter in the comments. But no matter what, our coverage will continue! With its $199 price and specs that on paper aren’t matching up to other flagship phones, we are as curious as many of you to find out if this phone can compete or even stand up to its competitors, for that matter. As I’ve said three or four times now, so far it’s doing just fine. 

To move forward with our deep look at the Moto X, we’re taking you on a tour of the three features that Motorola is going to highlight time and time again during their marketing blitz. Here we have Active Display (probably my favorite feature thus far), Touchless Control (Google Now voice actions), and Quick Capture Camera (which I apparently suck at using). Check out the video below to see them all in action. 

YouTube Preview Image

Update:  A number of people asked about security and how this will work with a PIN. With a PIN set, you can still touch the notifications to see previews, but if you swipe into one, it’ll then take you to the PIN unlock screen. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to use Active Display if security is an issue.

moto x active display moto x active display

  • Carmelo Abelita II

    Does the touchless control include answering voice calls? Hands free is important to me, I work with my hands all day. This is imperative to me choosing the Moto X

  • Greg Barrett

    The 4.3 update will probably come sometime December 2014

  • wolfedude88

    Kellex does the Moto X have the motorola circle widget? The original leaked video of it has it on there but I have yet to see it on one since the announcement. I actually loved their clock widget.

  • Hoffman

    The strobing of Active Display is annoying to me. Since it works in conjunction with the proximity sensor, it should just stay on all the time until you put it back in the pocket. I already have a version of Active Display on my Note II with Nova Prime. When I pull the phone out of my pocket, the lock screen turns on without touching any button. Touchless Control is very cool, but is it a battery killer?

  • Yakuzahi

    Hey can you check if it support SVDO on 3g?

  • Pavel Lukyanchykov

    I want these features in Droid MAXX.

    • guesswhat

      all the features are there in maxx

  • rotard

    maybe you have to shake it so that the top and bottom actually move? instead of the sides rotating? so holding your phone then shaking so the top and bottom move more than the sides

  • bremberdee

    can’t wait to see people jerking their phone off in public to take a picture

    • right_hand_man

      Well, there’s no denying that phones have become everyone’s right-hand man…

  • Justin Watts

    Go Braves!

  • flick_off

    Kellen, just a suggestion…I noticed when the camera flick didn’t work, you were actually doing like a 1.5 flick. It seemed like after the first flick you would slow down about halfway into the second flick in anticipation of the camera turning on. At the end of the video when you were more forceful, it may have misinterpreted your motions because you were also moving “forward/backward” in addition to the flicks.

    I would say try go for three flicks and flick it like you would if you were shaking a can of juice or something with just your wrist. No elbow. See if that works out.

  • Sporttster

    Hilarious with the shake to take pic nonsense. I can see people suing Googlerola with carpal tunnel syndrome from trying to get their stupid phone to go to camera in two seconds. Stupid feature that doesn’t work right…what else is new….

  • RedBeaVeR

    lol so how many youtube videos will we be seeing on people throwing their phone around accidentally as it slips out of their hand when they want to take a picture?

    also, can i just “shake it up” instead of doing it exactly two (2) “shake”?

  • RedBeaVeR

    Great video. I’m sold.

  • Karl Ludwinski

    I may be getting a smartphone again on AT&T (used to have the Galaxy Nexus on VZW), so I really want some comparisons of this and the Nexus 4. Size, feel, speed, battery life, etc. Would it be worth a contract to get the X at $200 vs the N4 unlocked at $350?

    Also, is it still assumed there will be a Nexus 5 (Nexus 4 2013?) this fall/winter? Is anyone else waiting to see what comes of that?

  • ARP

    Can you bump the phone to light up the notifications, like I’ve seen in some of the Droid videos?

  • chris420o

    i really really realllllyy….want to like n want this phone…but no custimization and only 16gig(possibly) on verizon at launch…and 200 for 2 year…suck my fat one vz n moto

  • jaredgreenwald

    What about “OK Google Now” + lock screen PIN or pattern?

  • Ryan Cota

    How does the Active Notifications or the Lock Screen work with Lock Screen widgets? Are there even Lock Screen widgets available on this phone? Curious how the notifications and gestures work with these on.

  • guest

    from the looks of it ..always on voice command, active display looks like they are really addictive features ..if you switch to other phone after using this phone you will them .

    • guest

      correction…if you switch to other phone after using this phone you wil miss* them

  • Butters619

    “Who is Heidi Klum?”

    Next Droid Life t-shirts…..

  • Shane Redman

    I don’t want to get tennis elbow starting an app on my phone….however, everything else looks really good.

    • RoadsterHD1

      That’s hilarious!!!

  • RoadsterHD1

    Kellen, can you do a demo like this for the Droid Maxx and Ultra, and Droid Mini? Let’s be fair and look at all of them…. Thanks man.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      He hasn’t gotten a version of those phones yet to do this yet.

      • RoadsterHD1

        My bad.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          No, worries! Just pointing it out. Lol

  • JakeS41

    I think you’re supposed to twist the phone to the back Kellen. Try reversing your twist so it goes towards the back of the phone, not towards the screen.

  • Boe Kelley

    Hey Kellen does the Moto X have wireless charging like the new Droid Maxx and Mini?

  • tonytj

    I really hope VZW is going to have this out on the 23rd ( i think that was the leaked date we saw).

  • nerds

    The most important thing to me that you guys can tell us is how the battery life is. I know this will take a few days to gauge.

    The other thing I want to know is when will this be on Google Play and what Moto x features will be retained? That is something you guys can’t answer just yet.

  • RedXander

    So far Moto has yet to do one thing: Given the hardware/software changes over my GNEX, convince me to pay that speculated full retail price to upgrade. Just my opinion…

  • T.K.

    So are these 3 features exclusive to the Moto X and the new Droid lineup, or are they features that would eventually be pushed to older phones? I don’t know if it’s a Jelly Bean feature or actually new hardware..

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      They are exclusive, as they require the X8 MCS to be efficient so they don’t drain your battery in ~6 hours purely on standby.

      • T.K.

        Ah, okay. Thank you.