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Comparison: Moto X vs. DROID ULTRA vs. DROID MAXX vs. DROID Mini

moto x white

We had a couple of readers ask that we compare the Moto X to the other recently announced phones for Verizon (DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini), but since review units for the new DROIDs aren’t currently ready, we’re stuck looking at the four on paper for now. This is a quick spec comparison to show you the subtle differences in each phone. Some differ in display size, battery capacity, and of course, they almost all differ in price.
We’ll compare the Moto X to other OEM flagships here in a minute. For now, here is your new Motorola line-up, on paper. 

Update:  After you are done here, check out the comparison of the Moto X to the Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Nexus 4.

motorola specs

  • DJ Lawless One™

    $299 for a phone with a dual core version of last year’s processor.


    • TheSimpleTruth

      Yeah for all that heavy computing you’ll be doing with it….

  • wintercold74

    I think the maxx is the best, same as moto x but better built and way better battery.

  • UpdatesFromHTCAreAJoke

    After getting a Razr M to replace HTC Rezound, I have to say that 4.3″ size is absolutely perfect for me. Droid Mini looks like a perfect choice if I was looking for a new device

  • Charley Birkner

    Maxx and Mini do wireless charging? But none have the removable battery, correct? How is this possible without a “dongle” case/cover?

    • sandbag747

      I would assume something along the line of how the battery is made, the cover would be built in to the battery

  • technohead95

    The Droid Maxx looks mighty more desirable than the Moto X. What’s the main features of the Moto X that the Droid Maxx doesn’t have? Same hardware spec and has same always listening features and camera gesture features. The 48 hour battery is a huge huge plus though. Moto X is slightly better looking but no where near compensates compared to the huge battery in the Maxx.

  • jhed

    I think I’m in love with the DROID MAXX. Moto X’s edge is only its customizations. gonna buy one :3

  • Matatat

    Can someone tell me how in the hell the ultra gets 4 more hours of battery life with a smaller battery and a larger screen then the x?

  • pat kerby

    I can’t wait for the Droid Maxx! It looks exactly what I have been waiting for, I hope that they either put the speakers in front like the HTC One or give us a flip open keyboard like the Droid 4!

  • disastrousrainbow

    I’ll take the X’s ridiculous customization options over the Spike TV design school cutting room floor lineup that is the new Droids.

  • MotoFan31

    Why is the Moto X rated at a lower “usage” than the Droid Ultra which has a larger screen and smaller battery, I don’t get it?

  • Craig

    All i gotta say is you guys are awesome. I’m one of those couple people who asked about this.

  • Free thinking person

    The maxx is the better phone, but the x is sexy in white. If you abuse the battery / leave on the charger, neither of these phones will last very long. I just popped a new battery in my note 2 and its like new. Two year contract for a one year phone? I don’t get it.

  • Kyle Grimes

    If there all basically the same phone then why such a big price difference??

  • JRW78

    My Droid Razr Max HD runs Android 4.1.2. What is the difference between it and Android 4.2.2?

  • Sam_K

    Can someone confirm if any of these phones have the nano coating that makes them water resistant like the older Droid Razrs. Some websites have indicated that they have the nano coating but there’s no mention of it on the spec pages of any of these models on Motorola’s website.

  • bobd1950

    IMO- VZW, will sell A LOT of D-Mini$..to the masses.

  • How does the Ultra have longer “usage” with a smaller battery and larger screen?

  • Adrelion

    Do the other Droid line devices have dual LTE antennas like the Moto X? Anyone know?

  • MGardnerDA1235

    @kellex:disqus When it comes time for the full review, and I’m sure that would also include cross comparisons with the HTC One and Samsung Gallaxy S4, can you pay particular attention to how you perceive the Motorolas will survive the test of time. As a disgruntled Bionic owner, I’m particularly sensitive to what feels like Motorola’s lack of concern for long-term build quality.