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Moto X: 9 Things You May Not Know About Motorola’s New Flagship

moto x white back

It appears, at least from our readers’ standpoints, that the Moto X reveal yesterday rubbed many of you the wrong way. It’s pretty obvious that many of you were hoping for a price well below that of the typical $199 on 2-year contract trend. We sort of forgot about the idea that this phone could drop in at some sort of Nexus-like pricing once we saw the pricing of the DROID ULTRA, but it is what it is. And after all, this is Motorola’s new flagship – they fully consider this to be on-par if not better than the competition.

No matter what, we can tell that you aren’t exactly happy, since many of you were focusing on this as potentially being your next phone. I’ll just say this, you have to give it a chance. You have to go get your hands on it once it hits stores. By no means are we done with a review nor do we have final thoughts, but everything we have seen in the last day with the phone has been nothing but positive. It’s a different type of device, that’s for sure. It’ll take a different mindset, one that isn’t worried about quad-cores and 1080p. If those things are the most important thing to you, then maybe this phone isn’t for you.

Over the next week, we’ll be diving fully into this to decide if we are in that boat or not as well. For now though, we wanted to share some Moto X features that you may not be familiar with that might improve your thoughts on it. If anything, at least take a look at the CPU and GPU section, as there is some confusion on this front. 

Same GPU as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, performs better in benchmarks.

ars motox bench2ars motox bench1

Worried about a processor that is a “year old”? We’re seeing that argument over and over again in the comments, so we thought we’d point out a bunch of tests ran by ArsTechnica this morning to kick this thing off. Before we dive into performance, though, we wanted to make it clear that the Moto X, even though it sports a dual-core CPU, uses the exact same Adreno 320 GPU as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The CPU is also more than likely using Krait 300 cores instead of the year-old Krait 200 cores that many think it’s using. By all means, this is a custom job with tech on-par with the Snapdragon 600, it’s just not quad-core, so it’ll lack some overall power, something that seems to be throwing you all for a loop. That said, this phone is no slouch.

In terms of gaming, you may see better performance on the Moto X than you will on the One and Galaxy S4. For one, the Adreno 320 GPU will run better on a 720p display than a 1080p display, that’s for sure. You can see proof of that in the frame rates generated in the GFXBench 2.7 onscreen test above. But even offscreen, where the benchmark scales everything to 1080p, to put all phones tested on an equal playing field, the Moto X tops the GS4 and Nexus 4.

Their series of benchmarks also shows the Moto X beating the Galaxy S4 in browser tests, but overall falling in a full performance bench, but that’s because it’s only a dual-core CPU.

The processor and GPU combo in the Moto X is nothing to worry about.

HD Display may only be 720p, but it sure as hell isn’t PenTile.

moto x display

Full Macro Shot

In the past, we have been extremely critical of Motorola for using terrible (and I mean terrible) PenTile AMOLED displays in phones like the Bionic and RAZR. So when we saw that the Moto X was carrying another AMOLED display, we were initially concerned. That said, Motorola is making it as clear as possible that this is not PenTile and is 100% RGB. There are no shared pixels, as each has its own red, green, and blue sub-pixels. We’re talking no blurring when scrolling through text and sharp images. You are looking at 316ppi for the Moto X’s 4.7″ display.

So no, it’s not 1080p, but you could argue either way that none of us truly need a 1080p display on a smartphone. From personal experience, I’ll simply say that as long as its a great HD display, I could go without the full HD resolution. Remember, I’m the guy that kept going back to the Nexus 4 and its 4.7″ 720p display, even after there were handfuls of 1080p phones on the market. Sure FHD is great to have, to say you have it, but if it’s a great 720p panel, your eye probably won’t tell the difference, other than icons and text will look bigger when compared to a 1080p panel.

Also, the 720p display on the Moto X should greatly improve battery life over other phones using 1080p displays.

Includes Crystal Talk for HD calls and better Touchless Controls.

Motorola has included CrystalTalk dual mic noise cancellation and noise adaptive hearing enhancements to aid in voice calls in noisy environments. This tech features automatic vocal amplification, background noise filtering, and articulation enhancement, but also plays a role in making Moto X’s Touchless Control feature work well, even in loud situations. So in other words, you get better sounding “HD” calls for both you and the person you are having conversations with.

moto x white

Features dual LTE antennas.

This was rumored a week or so before the reveal, but the Moto X does indeed have dual LTE antennas. So you are looking at an antenna that carries the 2G, 3G, and initial 4G LTE signal, like you would see in a normal phone. But then Moto tossed in a second, dedicated LTE antenna to help it sustain and maintain fast connections on 700MHz LTE bands. They claim that this move means less power is needed to transmit and receive data, so in the end, you should see improved battery life and better data performance.

Has water-repellent coating.

To be clear, the Moto X is not a water-resistant phone. With that said, Motorola has used water-repellant coating on the outside and inside to keep you safe in a rain storm or something that would cause droplets of water to sneak onto your device.

moto x white

Custom-shaped battery.

This is sort of a random bit, but cool none-the-less. Motorola told us during a briefing yesterday that they are using a custom step-shaped battery in the Moto X because of the space constraints. To keep the phone small enough, they had to get tricky on the inside, which is also why they went with nano SIM cards. They claim this battery enables 31% additional capacity without impacting the size.

802.11 ac WiFi, custom vibration effects, and speaker membrane temperature monitoring.

The Moto X also features the newest 802.11 ac WiFi standard, uses new haptics technology, so that you can customize vibration effects (though I’m still looking for this feature on the phone), and somehow monitors the temperature and movement of the speaker membrane to enable up to 6x more sound power to be emitted.

Just sharin’.

  • Sarpedon1069


    Thanks for the write-up. But our problem with this phone is not the specs: it’s that one must agree to another 2 year contract to get this phone. I think most people want to get this phone and I personally was ready to break my Verizon contract and go pre-paid for it. BUT this phone (and every other phone, for that matter) is not worth signing up for two more years with the devil. Our problem is not the phone itself but the strings that come attached to it (i.e. price & 2 year contract).
    Keep up the good work Kellex.

    • Scott Webber

      Or, you could just realize that a phone is not as cheap as you think it is. The price is $600, not $200+contract.

      Carriers are going to continue moving away from subsidies.

      • CARPDM

        But if I go in with an off contract phone to Verizon my monthly plan still cost the same? So in the long run I’m saving $400 to be tied up with the devil for 2 years? Am I missing something?

        • Scott Webber

          1) I have unlimited data, so that isn’t an option for me.
          2) I have heard over and over that Verizon is going to eliminate subsidies the same way T-Mobile did. I don’t know what the timeline is.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    I am a die-hard Motorola and Google fan… Actually I am more than happy with 4.7″ non-pentile AMOLED+ 720p edge to edge screen. Lack of QuadCore processor is OK for me too.

    But what I don’t like in Moto X are

    [0] Motorola designs used to be UNIQUE (though NOT all are beautiful), this one reminds design of Nexus series
    [1] Locked BL – Its a first google inspired phone from Moto, then WTF LB doing in X???
    [2] Tiny (in Motorola standards) + Non-removable 2200mAh battery
    [3] Removal of SD slot and tiny phone memory
    [4] Nano-SIM {When tiny battery dies u r left alone – Had very bad xp with adapters}
    [5] Price / features ratio is too high
    [6] Though touchless voice commands are useful, its just a gimmick for people who don’t mind pressing lock button and two cores wasted for just gimmicks..
    [7] Removal of LED notification and adding ActiveDisplay (always on screen notification, though AMOLED, it will kill battery comparing LED light)
    [8] Customisation NOT enough, imho (out of 16 colours there is 3 white, 2 black, 3 red, 3 pink, 4 green, one yellow)
    [9] No HDMI port


    Comparing my current RazrMAXX_HD, this thing gets a slightly OC processor, better GPU, twice RAM, better camera as plus points. But I will be missing great BATTERY LIFE, 32GB + microSD support, unlocked BL, LED notification, HDMI… NOT worth an upgrade for me, imho…

  • Al Scoggins

    j973- Sorry, I agree with you 100% on that issue! It’s the spec’s whiners I was addressing. I am semi-retired and have 6 smart phones on Verizon. All of the new plans they come up with now and no matter what I do, they always win.

  • Jason B

    I guess the only thing missing is LP-GDDR5 for system RAM. Oh, we’re not there yet? Spec whores are a fickle bunch. The specs will only appease them for 6-8 months, if that. If you want to keep going that route, you’re gonna start seeing some extreme clock gating to save power (which also reduces heat). The Nexus 4 already has too much throttling from heat related issues. What’s the point of having a quad-core when it’s mostly held back anyway? You can see the throttling in the off-screen performance test. Throttling affects both CPU and GPU clocks.

    Please, enlighten me. I guess you could say the Nexus 4 is a cheap LG Optimus G and it skimped on some necessary design – like a heatsink.

    Is it sacrilege to speak ill of the Nexus? It’s the truth.

  • Dee

    you can see where some of Motorolas $500m marketing budget is going…right to this site..

  • Roy Harrigan

    Still not buying it.

  • fgonzo98

    This looks pretty good to me…seems to be a lot of nit-picking out there! The only concern I have is the battery life. Will it be good enough to move away from a Samsung with a removable battery?

  • n11

    Good article, and very informative.I just can’t understand people and their “raw specs” = “more better!” argument. At this point, I’m fairly convinced this may be my next phone, now that my GN may be going into retirement for my brother.
    Still curious to know price on Rogers, and the device’s battery life.

  • Tyler Lamb

    Personally I’d rather have a device that utilizes 95% of the hardware potential, versus something that has stronger hardware but doesn’t utilize it well. Who cares if you have a quad core if the phone runs like crap versus a dual core that runs smooth.

    • ShadrachCA


  • MikeSaver

    omg omg omg omg

  • Al Scoggins

    I just have to wonder sometimes, when I read some of these post, if some of you folks still live with your Mother. Oh no Mommy, thats not the kind of cereal I like! Now, can I borrow your car. Even when faced with the facts, as stated in this article, your opinion is superior. Furthermore some of you say really stupid stuff with great conviction. Fact is, its a pretty damn good phone… So get Mom to buy something else on her family plan and get over it!!

    • j973

      I have a family ,house and depend on no one and I hate being ripped off just like alot of people Im pissed that these smartphones cost so much these damn manufactures and carriers make a killing on us its just greed and monopoly . a phone that cost them 200 to make and turn around and sell it for 600 come on really and these damn carriers taking away unlimited and charging outrageous for the stupid share everything plans. Motorola had a chance to change the game did they no so f them . Nexus is where its at if your tired of getting screwed . thats my next device just as alot of other people have stated

  • Michael Hernandez

    Great coverage so far. I don’t care what the nay sayers think. They love to find things to complain about. I am very excited for this phone and look forward to checking it out in person. Keep the articles and videos coming.

  • Jared

    I absolutely do not understand why everyone is being so critical of this phone.

    • StankyChikin

      Because some blogger had some vision that Google would subsidize this thing and they didn’t.. Now they are all mad about it…

    • j973

      Motorola has been in a rut for a long time bring something new to the game give us a awh factor. destroy the market low price attack the market in volume . do you honestly think this will compete with the S4 or One

    • BCoils

      then you haven’t been paying attention. whether justified or not, many were lead to believe they’d see a 300-400 off contract price.

      • j973

        yes put everyone out there misery grab the smartphone market

      • Jared

        Price of being assembled in the U.S. And everyone is freaking out about an off-contract price that has yet to be officially released. At any rate, pretty sure this will be my next phone. Does everything I need…thus far.

  • Scott Webber

    Unlike most of the others, I’m still holding out hope on this one. The price is a bit of a disappointment, but it does sound like the internals are much better than people are giving credit for.

    The only downside to me is the 720p screen. I currently have the DNA (which I find just a tad large in the pocket), with it’s gorgeous 1080p LCD and capacitive buttons. The jump down to 720p with buttons taking up some of the screen real estate might be too much.

    The idea of a small, extremely comfortable phone, with the addition of always-listening Google Now might convince me to “downgrade.” I can’t wait to try this thing.

  • j973

    The biggest negative is locked Bootloader . and the bloatware, off contract price ughh i wanted to puke look at motos update history i know its gotten better but they are still laying down to carriers.
    . I can care less what it does does in a benchmark its the real life experience . it looks like a decent phone but the bootloader and bloat ill pass and motos update history.
    I hope Moto fails with this .

    • ShadrachCA

      All Nexus devices come with a locked bootloader. You have to unlock it manually. Do you know for certain that you will not be able to unlock it on this phone?

  • ShadrachCA

    Honestly, though, tell me a time a phone was released and people DIDN’T go crazy bashing it because it let them down in some way.

    Unless the phone is made of valyrian steel, has a 5″ screen in a form factor smaller than an iPhone, removable battery, SD card slot, 1080p, quad core, headphone jack on the bottom/top, power button on the right/left/top, camera that puts DSLRs to shame, is made in the the town where they grew up, all for $199 off contract, they will whine (before ever even touching or using the device).

    • Jason Downing


    • Alex Goings

      You just excited me in ways I didn’t know I could be excited by the thought of a phone….

    • Franklin Ramsey

      So basically none of us will be happy until we have the technology to 3D print the phone of our dreams.

  • Scott Huddleston

    The specs look like a repackaged Droid Ultra, only built cheaper but at the same cost.

  • jcampbell474

    I don’t care about the customization as much as not having a removable battery/memory. Seriously, I have friends whose non removable battery bit the dirt and it’s a ridiculous amount of work to remedy the situation. It’s also terribly slow transferring large amounts of data through the cable. I pull the memory card, put it in an SD card reader, and zip it all along quickly. Samsung nailed it here.

  • Wow, I went over to macrumors and there is a post about this phone. It looks like ios users are lining up to buy this. Motorola might be onto something, guys. When they were doing their customer research, that might’ve been their target.

    • trwb

      I was just over at macrumors, and what I gather is that forum members are telling people to wait for the new nexus instead of this device.

      • guest

        its possibly you 🙂 or some one like you who desperatly wants the phone to fail because it was selling for $199 off contract

        • trwb

          Yes the biggest issue for me is the off contract price

          • guest

            so why are you not any about s4 and htc one? they are priced similarly isn’t?..

      • Weird, didn’t see much of that in the thread. Most people were interested in the hands free “siri”, screen size to phone size ratio, and the battery life. None of those things come on nexus phones.

        • trwb

          Yea I did see them talking about hands free siri, there are a bunch of different threads. I was probably looking at different ones.

  • Asset Mobile LLC

    I am still excited that this phone has come out. It is only the first of a long line of new devices that will come out of Google and Motorola together. Not a bad way to start off!

    • trwb

      It’s a horrible way to start off in my opinion

  • trwb

    Do a side by side with the s4, like phonebuff does side-by-side videos on youtube. Open apps at the same time on both devices and see how many seconds they take to open. We live in the real world, not in benchmarks-ville.

    • The s4 is lagville. this will trounce it.

  • nobody72

    What kind of dac are they using – i.e, how is sound with iem ?

  • moosc

    Wish my new Chevy truck didn’t cost $54999 before taxes. How dare Chevy over price a truck that chat $10000 to make total bs

  • Jeremy Martin

    Specs are not the problem. The problem is the off contract price.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      If you don’t look at the specs, what problem do you have with the off contract price?

      • Jeremy Martin

        Where did i say that I don’t look at the specs? I said that is not the problem…the off contract price is the problem. The problem I have with the off contract price is, unless you have been living under a rock, was supposed to be 50% percent cheaper than Motorolas competitors. That was stated by their own CEO a few months back. All signs supported that and now that its released it didn’t happen. It went back to business as usual.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Their own CEO didn’t say this phone was going to be cheap. He said “One of the areas that we think is really open for Motorola is building high-quality, low-cost devices. The price of a feature phone now is about $30 on a global basis. The price of a smartphone is about $650. That is not going to persist.” and he also said “The experience of devices you can get for less than $200 is subpar right now, … We want everyone to have access to affordable smartphones.”

          And the Off contract price was supposed to be 50% cheaper based on RUMOR, partially because of those statements. People made the assumption he was talking about this particular phone. It seems like he is talking about the Moto X line in general as we now know there will be other, low cost, phones coming forward. People further made the assumption it would be cheap because the SoC that was showing up in benchmarks and leaks, but not one of those benchmarks or leaks stated it was a modified SoC with additional Cores added on for different tasks. We all wanted to believe this phone would be cheaper, but it was never stated to be cheaper by the CEO or the company.

          • Jeremy Martin

            Fair enough assessment and you do have some value there in your reply. Maybe I should say more of an implication. The CEO implied that the price would be much lower off contract by the statements he made. Sure he never said which Moto X or even if it was the Moto X but implying that with all the hype around the Moto X starting to really churn up it only left people to assume he was talking about the Moto X. The “Game Changer” phone is nothing more than allowing people to put a pretty back plate on a phone they are going to protect with a case anyways.

            Coming from a company now owned by Google and how Google is customer first oriented only fueled the assumption. Just take a look at the other Google products that undercut current established price norms such as Google Fiber vs Verizon FiOS or just plain cable internet. The same was felt was going to happen with the first Google/Moto phone and, once again, the implication made by the CEO is what helped people to assume it was the Moto X.

            The price of a smartphone is about $650. That is not going to persist.” and he also said “The experience of devices you can get for less than $200 is subpar right now, … We want everyone to have access to affordable smartphones.” — that statement alone is what caused all the assumptions to be made based upon the hype of Google owning Motorola and this being the first scheduled Google/Motorola phone. I guess affordable smartphones is up to interpretation but Moto suggested $650 is too much and anything under $200 right now is crap…you are left to only assume that the Moto X was going to be sub $200 dollars to bring an affordable smartphone to the people. I guess the real fault is he didn’t specify off contract.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I think the other thing we all kept forgetting was Google’s insistence that Motorola is operating as a separate company. We all (myself included) attributed Google’s philosophies and attributes to a company, owned by Google, but run separate from it. We all wanted to believe so much, we forgot what was said and heard what we wanted to hear.

  • Andrew Thompson

    I for one, am excited fort his phone.

  • jt O’Brien

    I understand that the software experience and hardware optimization are what makes this phone, but I just can’t justify purchasing this over the Note 3.

    I made the same mistake with getting a GNex over a Razr Maxx.

  • therealwaynebrady

    Gimmick. Scam. Ripoff

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    Waiting 4 -> Super Ultra Maxx Customizeable GPE GSM/CDMA MOTO x

  • JS629

    I like the phone. My disappointment lies with the ATT exclusivity for the customizations, and the fact that it isn’t going to be the contract killer I thought it would be.

  • wolfedude88

    Why does this surprise me that he can live without a 1080p display? Even though he knocked on the Nvidia Shield for only having a 720p display?

    Why the change of heart? Doesn’t sound exactly fair

    • Avery Dejuan Herron

      You could get him to give you a blow job just like he’s doing moto for the right price trust me he’s in their payroll!

  • Tony Stark

    After I hype-beasted this phone to all the iPhone users I know and all my co-workers… I will be forever mocked for not getting it

  • ShadrachCA

    Anyone know if the Moto X has NFC and supports Google Wallet? I’ve decided this is my next phone regardless, but I’d really like to start using NFC for payments. I didn’t care before, but my card information has been stolen twice in 3 weeks, first my credit card then my debit card, but swiping my card at various gas stations around LA. There was an article recently (on Giz maybe) on how card stealing devices are so advanced now they are invisible to the user of ATMs, gas pumps, etc.

  • bakdroid

    Thank you, Kellex, for an extremely unbiased post instead of flamming the phone like everyone on this site. I know I am looking forward to your complete review and I know I am not the only one.

  • Nicholas Kent

    Will this version of AMOLED withstand degradation like my Galaxy Nexus?
    My GNex lasted less than a year before it developed that lovely linen-like pattern across the screen. Since then, I picked up a Droid DNA and fell back in love with LCD screens again.

    I can understand the reasoning behind using an AMOLED screen instead of LCD
    for the notifications on the MotoX, but is the technology really mature enough yet?
    Was the GNex’s screen bad due to the model as it was made or was it AMOLED in general?

  • RoadsterHD1

    How does the processing power and 320 GPU and features compare to the Droid Maxx and Ultra, and Mini?
    Are there any AnTuTu or quadrant benchmarks yet?

  • sirmipsalot

    Put aside price and specs completely. What about this phone, exactly, makes it so awesome? I’m getting nothing but “you just have to think different about this phone”. Okay, I’ll bite. Now tell me why it’s great. Nothing about the reveal or the coverage is even mildly persuasive. “You have to use it!” might indeed be true, but could you at least describe how using it is different/better than other phones in some tangible way that makes me care?

    This article appears to attempt to, and frankly, there’s not a whole lot of “there” there. And short of the dual LTE antennas, nothing in here is making me go “OMG THEY HAVE UPPED THEIR GAME!”. Setting aside all the spec-wars and everything else, this phone is still at best an incremental improvement.

    • guest

      sure al phones are incremental improvement since iphone release in 2007 ..but it does look like it has some unique/usefull and innovative features compared to other smartphones out there ..and ofourse I like cutsomization feature ..I want to carry a phone that is unique to me ..I like that idea ..

      • sirmipsalot

        Not true. The Nexus program is a huge deviation from standard procedures, for example. iOS or Android revisions – some of these have been large improvements, not incremental ones. Battery or cellular performance technology – these are huge improvements. If you want to argue that a stock-ish android ROM on a *mainstream* phone is revolutionary, I can buy that. But as a nexus user (and similarly, many readers on this site), I’m understandably unimpressed.

        Apple phones have had engraving for years, and replaceable backplates are nothing new. I don’t think this even counts as innovative, even if there actually are other innovative aspects of this phone. It may be neat to some, but it comes off as gimmicky to me (similar to some of the schlock shoveled in to the galaxy S4).

        • guesswhat

          all the things you stated are still incremental updates basically user experience has not changed ..my wife uses nexus 4 now and was using OG droid before ..she knows nothing about phones ..she doenst find anything ground breaking about it ..just has better display and UI ..anything is incremental until the way phones look today change fundamentally ..like the way iphone changed the user experience fundamentally..ya you can argue that customization is nothing new ..but this does take it to different level ..just watch motomaker demo ..imagine what motorola can do in next revision of motomaker ..im sure they will allow users to customize hw aspects of the phone more & more like RAM/CPU ..

    • Alex Goings

      I think we will just have to wait for full reviews to start to understand how it is better than on paper. The X8 design seems to be the biggest influence, aside from how it is ergonomically optimized. Most sites haven’t really gotten into specifics about the X8. It takes some digging and I don’t really know much about chip design, but from what I can tell it would make sense that this could change the way phone manufacturers think about processing. Aside from having two additional processors for contextual and language processing, the dual-core snapdragon S4 Pro is modified. It has the newer Krait 300 cores, instead of the older Krait 200 cores which are normaly in the snapdragon S4 Pro. Then they use the same quad core Adreno 320 GPU as the GS4 and HTC One, and that is what the benchmarks above are showing the performance of. Somehow, moto has used a custom dual-core processor and have their GPU preform better than the same GPU used with a quad core. Moto has been very quite about how all of this works and I am confused and intrigued.

  • Chris Dartois

    All that sounds great … but only 16gb (12-13gb after OS) of internal
    storage? That’s just not enough anymore. Esp with the tight data caps we have on LTE these days.

    • ShadrachCA

      There is a 32gb version for $50 more.

      • Chris Dartois

        AT&T Exclusive … so … not helpful on Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or any other carrier.

        • ShadrachCA

          “Exclusive” means for a limited time these days. Doubtful AT&T will be the only carrier that can get the 32gb version.

          • Chris Dartois

            AT&T still has the only 32gb Galaxy S4 and 64gb version of the One … so … it clearly does not always mean “limited time” these days.

            EDIT: Though I see that vzw has 32gb S4’s now.

    • M3D1T8R

      Exactly. I could be fine with the screen and CPU, and very happy with the presumably better LTE radios, great sound quality, some of the unique features… But no SD and not even 32 internal or 64 even as an option that I would gladly pay more for, sadly makes this a non-starter. And I’m on unlimited data so not worried about caps… Just in an area with limited service, needing room for more than one eight of my music. Even the Nexus 7 has 32GB, and it’s only $270!

      So no, I’m not concerned about “last year’s CPU and screen”, I’m dumbfounded by the pre 2011 level of storage (even my G.Nex had 32). Still no upgrade in this area and I’ll be sticking with my DNA until they get it right.

  • guest

    kellex ..can you shed some light on the driving/car mode on this phone?what does it do when its in car mode, does it detect automatically that its in the car? Is it handy? Can your try that & post your expereincein the review? im in my car driving atleast for 4 hrs in a day ..so that feature will be handy ..Also always on voice commandis very handy too while im driving I can see mylself using that already..thi sphone looks tailor made for me 🙂

  • Keith Sumner

    Well said Kellex. After my time with this phone , it’s the smoothest UI on any android phone to-date, in my opinion

  • Joshua Bailey

    Love the change of heart most are having. This phone is a rockstar, and like I have always said, I would rather have Motorola put in the work to optimize the software for the hardware rather than the other way around.

    Definitely still leaning towards this being my wife and I’s new phone.

    • StankyChikin

      Why on earth would anyone down vote this comment lol

  • jdlogan151

    Thanks for the good information, Kellex! Your opinion of the device seems to be shared by others who got their hands on it early. Hopefully the play store price will help make it an easy decision for me. I like a lot of the features that it has.

  • Tyson

    Happy to read this. I am still excited for this phone, and I think that it is worth the $200 on contract. Are you people really that hard up that you can’t spend $200 on a phone versus $100? Sounds like a first world problem to me. Just go buy a darn HTC One or Samsung S4 if it means that much to you. Or buy the Droid Mini if you want to spend $100. There are options.

    I am most upset about not being able to customize my phone on Verizon at the get go. I will never, NEVER understand why companies who want to sell phones take these exclusivity deals. Let me stay on Verizon if I want to, and let me buy a customizeable Moto X on day one. I would if you would let me!

    • StankyChikin

      No… They just seem to have it in their heads now that if Google is involved, the device should be cheap as a candy bar.

  • StankyChikin

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this becomes one of Motorolas better selling phones.

    • RedXander

      I agree, but I think it’ll largely be due to marketing… performance/specs aside.

      • Tyson

        It performs better than the S4 and the One, and gets better battery life. Why won’t it be bought based on performance?

        • RedXander

          You’re looking at one set of benchmarks. Hardly conclusive. What I’m saying is that some *MIGHT* buy it for the perceived/real performance but I believe *MOST* will buy it due to marketing.

          • guest

            not really ..marketting can only make you to consider a phone, so that you can to the store in the mindset of trying it side by side with other phones, most of the people will buy it if the phone looks,runs feels good in the hands. Even after that if the phone doesnt perform on par ..you can always return the phone ..so what your point? if a phone sells and user is happy it cant be just becaue of marketting ..the phone must fundamentally work well ..

          • RedXander

            Fair point and I agree in large part but I also believe that a lot of consumers don’t take the time to get informed on the product and rely on advertising/marketing and perceived performance. I believe this is a main reason why you see Apple stores and now Samsung shops in Best Buy; to generate a certain controlled perception, which ultimately works best when it’s backed up by some actual experience/specs. I agree with your statement that “if a phone sells and a user is happy” but marketing can greatly assist in that perception.

            How many people are running around claiming iPhones are the only ones with noise canceling microphones? I run into quite a few.

  • RedXander

    To a certain extent, a lot of us have Freddy Mercury complex or “I want it all…” (and to Verizon) “and I want it now…”

  • Ted Ockels

    Why would they stop fighting the spec war at this point of history? Get your phone with a base of 1080p and quad core then start this trend…

    • Tyson

      But why have those things? It is performing better in spec tests and performs better in battery life than the S4 and One. Why would they want a lower performing phone with worse battery life? If you want that, go buy it. Its out there.

  • Aprat

    Are there any differences between the Moto X and the new Droid line?

  • CoCoCalypso

    The fact that the device performs well is all fine and dandy, but then my question to you is, at the $200 ON CONTRACT price, why couldn’t they have put this years hardware in it and optimize THAT?
    People were expecting, and the Moto X was made out to be a game changer. I’m failing to see any change here.
    I know that Moto still wants to be seen as a separate entity from Google, but you can clearly see the latters influence all over this device. Why is the only influence that is not present, the only one that we care about: The anti-carrier movement that we have heard so much, and that Google has spoken so passionately about?

    • hkklife

      Amen, what I’ve been saying all along. Just IMAGINE if they put in a Snapdragon 600 or God forbid, an 800 and optimized it to he11 and back. THAT would have been a device that would have stood the test of time for a FULL 2 year contract (24 months now, kiddies, not 20 months). People still are excited that Apple’s 3-year old iPhone 4 is going to receive iOS 7—-with a thoroughly modern SoC Moto could have done the same kind of magic.

      I see NO change here other than a distressing lack of substance from Moto and a LOT of more showmanship and smoke & mirrors PR fluff on Moto’s part thanks to their desperation and the Google influence but STILL with a foot stuck FIRMLY in the camp of the carriers!

    • NeedName

      Oh lord. . .
      1. The did put THIS year’s tech in.
      1a. 300 series dual core cpu. . . not 200 series — quad core would have eaten more battery.
      1b. high-end quad core gpu that kicks everyone’s butt according to recent benchmarks.

      720p display is a high end display not a pentile POS. 1080p would have eaten more battery (getting the idea that battery life matters, yet?) without giving any additional benefit to the user — you cannot see the difference at that screen size!

      Two new processors that have never been seen before to add two killer features — on-screen notifications that don’t kill the battery and touch-less voice activation that doesn’t kill the battery.

      Anyone that thinks this device has “last year’s tech” either isn’t reading much about the device or thinks the number of cpu cores and dpi = current tech and everything else is “old” which is ridiculous.

  • legaceez

    Amen. Hope this shuts up some of the spec whores that can’t get past having the highest numbers possible in their spec sheets.

    I say if performance is on par or close–even better in some cases–I can care less about having the latest S800 CPU and 1080P.

  • Daniel Russell

    The Nexus 4 ruined all expectations for this phone. Because google made an off contract phone that sold at ~$300 we expected Motorola to do the same with the influence of Google. All us Verizon customers are trying to hold on to our unlimited data and this phone was supposed to be the way to do it… I like the phone and might still find a way to buy it, but the price is a major disappointment.

    • deadpenguins

      Yup. I think that is precisely the cause of all the sour responses.

  • Stewie

    I’ll just say this, you have to give it a chance.

    Uhh … How much did they pay you?

    • StankyChikin

      How much is Samsung paying you?