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Question of the Day: What Does the Moto X Need to be to Win You Over?

motorola moto x

In less than two days, we’ll know everything there is to know about the Moto X. We’ll see a confirmation on specs, how Motorola plans to let you customize it, if there are any extra tricks in store outside of what we saw last week during the DROID unveiling, and probably most importantly, when it’ll be available and for how much. But what we want to know, since this has been one of the most hyped phones since maybe the Galaxy Nexus LTE on Verizon, is what do you need to see on Thursday to make the Moto X your next phone?ย 

The specs, from everything we have seen, show a phone on par with the DROID ULTRA. We’re looking at a phone with a dual-core processor (with some special Moto tweaks), 720p display, and mostly stock Android. Compared to the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, it can’t really compete from a spec standpoint. But even though we have known that side of the equation for a few weeks now, people can’t seem to stop talking about this phone. In fact, we seem to know so much about this phone, yet tech enthusiasts are still buzzing with every story we write about it.

Is it because we’re all realizing that the spec wars have finally come to an end? Do we believe that Motorola will show us a phone and experience that won’t need to have the ultimate in processor and display? Are we expecting the price to be so good that we can’t sayย no? How innovative can their team of engineers be in terms of smartphone technology? Will there be surprises that push it all over the edge? Or are wis it simply because we are all ready for a new player to emerge?

With less than 48 hours until the official unveiling of the Moto X, tell us, what do you need to see to go back to Moto? Or have you already made up your mind?

  • With less than 48 hours until the official unveiling of the Moto X, tell us, what do you need to see to go back to Moto? Or have you already made up your mind?

  • Freezer

    That it’s available outside of the american countries.. and cheaper.

  • Adam Haas

    I just know that as soon as I get this phone, they’ll release the Droid X Ultra (or some other absurd name) that will have a 1080p screen.

  • cp2

    The only line item that will keep me away is no SD Card slot. 32Gb of music doesn’t fit in a free cloud drive nor are they accessible at all times.

  • Sabrina Steele

    Slide out keyboard. None of the new phones have this anymore. I hate the on-screen touch type style. Also available on prepaid w the 4gb of data plan for $70 like I have now. I cant afford the expense of the “deposit” they want of me or the monthly overage that comes with plans.

  • Michael Collins

    A phone just like the OG Droid (specs and all… JK), but seriously, that phone first, got me on android, second, since the bootloader was unlocked, i rooted and ROMd it. It was a great feeling as a techy. If they say it has the technology that they say it does, with an UNlocked bootloader and a pure (or almost) version of android, Id deff buy a Moto X. Im rockin the Gnex with Paranoid Android Rom, OCd, etc…
    Itd be pretty awesome to get one for free either way! ahaha
    I cant really upgrade without losing my Unlimited plan so id have to buy full retail :
    …guess we’ll see…

  • BOB Dudek

    What Does the Moto X Need to be to Win ME Over?…

    Be as NEW, cool and useful as my new StarTac was, back in ancient times.

  • Peach

    Software updates at the the same paste as ร  regular nexus device.

  • botop

    Price and pure Google

  • itsgonnalast

    4,000 mAh battery.

  • guesswhat

    I cant believe everyone here wants to buy a phone for $200 just because they read 2 less cores in the spec sheet, Just adding the two cores does not make the phone highend or removing makes it mid-low end. It takes lot more to make a phone high end than just throwing 2 more cores and showing 2 more cpu cores on paper. Read this http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2422513,00.asp to get an insight of what motorola is doing ..and it does look like this phone will be high end in user experience department, thats what matters. It is still possible that moto offers this phone for nexus like prizes cutting down there margins to gain market share but they wont be doing it because it is some cheap low end phone …

  • neowiz73

    All I ask for is timely updates… and standard oem unlockable.
    Or better yet, come out with the enthusiasts version and put Cyanogenmod on it OTB, with a cool Cyanogenmod logo on the back. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The biggest thing to me that I see so far is they finally got rid of those hideous icons and kept the aosp icons. Since it’s pretty much aosp with their own tweaks now, it makes it that much more appealing. The mini version is appealing to me because I prefer the 4.3″ to 4.6″ screens. I don’t want a 5″ phone…

  • 1TallTXn

    Available on VZW.
    Good radio(s).
    Efficient use of it’s specs.

    • Mike Hilal

      This. And timely updates.

  • guest

    more details about motorola x8 computing system http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2422513,00.asp

  • Nathan

    I dunno…Motorola screwed us all over with their lies about updates for the Atrix and Photon, which never got updated. I’m not likely to give them my money again unless it’s something particularly open, particularly cheap, and particularly amazing.

    • Mike Hilal

      The photon and atrix never made it to verizon. We got the (much delayed) bionic, and it had decent updates for the first year.

      • Jason B

        The Atrix and Droid X2 shared basic firmware. The X2 was the gimped version though with 512MB of RAM versus 1GB, no front facing camera, etc.

        Oh yeah, and no 4G LTE even though the firmware clearly has hooks to a 4G LTE modem (in the X2, anyway).

        • Mike Hilal

          On top of all that, it also was festooned with a Tegra 2. The only halfway decent device with the tegra 2 was the xoom. We’ll just leave it right there.

          Another thing…nobody (that I know) actually bought an X2. It was issued to them as an insurance replacement from Verizon. Terrible, just terrible. A lot of them sent them back to use their X’s with cracked screens.

          • Jason B

            Lol I actually bought one new (only because I liked the X). It was an upgrade from the OG Droid and my worst mistake ever. That was before I was on Android sites reading about phones.

            The red flag should’ve been when I first got it and it rebooted 8-10 times (at idle) after connecting with my Google account with no 3rd party apps on it (completely factory). *facepalm*

            “What happened to my music?”
            “DROID …”
            Oh … yay, another reboot.

    • Jason B

      The only Tegra 2 device that was updated was the Xoom, since it was a GED. The rest were abandoned by both the manufacturer and NVIDIA (despite what they said in press releases to the contrary).

  • The Cube

    Love my GNex and feel this is comparable spec wise but there’s two things I’d like from this phone besides an affordable unlocked price

    1) better battery life

    2) improved image quality of photos taken with the camera. Photos taken look like crap with the GNex even when playing with all the setting to make improvements

  • turdbogls

    unfortunately this thing has to be at like the $200 range for me to buy it. this will let me ditch my gnex for around $120 and pay the difference. outside of that, i will “live” with the G-nex for 5 months and upgrade to the nexus 5 and T-mobile in January.

  • Higher_Ground

    Well seeing as the main reason I wrote them off was the humongous delay in providing updates, I’d like it to have a good developer following as a bulwark against an out-of-date OS.
    To be quite honest, I’d like a bigger/better screen. The processor will be just fine. If it has great reception, that can more than make up for some of the other short comings.
    I’d like a great camera and better battery life, but they’re often so subjective there’s not a lot of distinction between phones unless one just really sucks.

  • Skittlez

    Unlockable bootloader and a clean no bug AOSP ROM. Kinda like a Bugless Beast or Shiny ROM on GNex

  • Animate

    32GB for around $350 and I’ll bite. I’d like an SD slot for me to go with a 16GB model. Battery life as well.

  • GS4 or better specs. It’s really as simple as that. Google/Motorola can’t avoid the fact that this is a specs war. Period.

  • Asmodai

    Replaceable Battery, micro HDMI, SD Card, at least some of those things to differentiate it from the DROID Mini. I don’t think the Mini looks bad and I don’t have an issue with hardware buttons so this needs to have SOMETHING. Or a $300 off contract price would work too.

  • hoosiercub88

    $300 off-contract and Verizon compatible. That is all.

  • Jeremy Gross

    micro sd card slot (or big internal storage with at least 64 gb), and a decent camera unlike other moto phones

  • Gretbtor

    My main question is what is the different between the MOTO X and the DROID MINI? I was totally going to get the MINI since I loved my RAZR M and I just want a compact, long battery life phone.

    It seems like they are the same phone. Can someone help me out? Is it a battery life issue? Price? I guess we’ll know tomorrow…

    • j973

      i dont think anything is different in my opinion but like you said we will find out tomorrow . I will be suprised if moto x goes to verizon since verizon has all the Droids

      • grebtor

        OH! I didn’t understand that it wasn’t for sure that it was gonna be on Verizon. Is that why everyone is getting crazy about the off market price?

        Thanks for the info.

    • Steve B

      Relatively the same internals. The Droid was designed specifically for Verizon with the terrible old Moto design. The MotoX was designed with Google’s influence for the masses. Main difference is the Droid has the outdated hardware navigation keys and the X has the on-screen navigation keys.

      • grebtor

        Google’s influence…That’s also the to edge to edge display feature and a few other ascetic choices?

  • j973

    Motorola has to be different , they have to set there pricing lower from the rest . Get back into the game by volume lower costing phone more people having the phone off contract attack the market in a different way not a 600 dollar phone really these oem’s are so full of S**T isnt everyone tired of being screwed with the pricing and these contracts . damn companys make a killing off of us

  • rutgersjaffo

    What does the Moto X need to be to win me over? The Note 3.

  • not again…

    Post-Bionic, id be a fool to buy another motorola phone.
    Helloooo Samsung!

  • TrevorKai

    If this phone is affordable and future-proof for at least a year, I would highly consider the purchase.

  • Ciencianf

    All known specs sound good. What I need is an IPS display. In tired of AMOLED.

  • coolsilver

    Releasing them months ago before my S4

  • needa

    it already has won me over. but being an off contract buyer… i need it to be $499.99 or less for immediate purchase. otherwise ill wait for the reviews and decide. but by then the hype within me will be gone and i will just stick with my tried and true gs2.

  • Jonathan Paul

    $249 for $16gb
    $289 for $32

    • needa

      you might get that as a used price a year from now.

  • EvanTheGamer

    No micro SD slot + Only 16GB of Storage = No thanks.

    Gotta have my storage!

  • Jes Marwaha

    As Motorola is a Google Company now, do you think immediate updates from Google, like the Nexus range would be possible?

    • Steve B

      Not immediate, but they should be much more prompt than any other company.

      • Jes Marwaha

        I agree, as long as don’t have to wait months and months for an update, I will be happy.

        • Steve B

          You gotta hope that Google will be pushing Moto.

          • needa

            hope being the key word there. i expect them to be quicker than the rest. but i am not holding my breath.

  • MikeSaver


    Give me battery life without sacrificing performance, and I will buy it. Everything about it looks awesome, but I can’t deal with the Gnex running out of battery after 6 hours anymore.

    • Kris Wise

      When they mentioned the “customizable” Moto X… my first thought was can I get a triple size OEM battery and back cover.

  • kuki

    So looks like the question triggered the “price dragon” in all of us. Trust me it is going to be a cheap phone. Google works for the people and will not let that card slip from its sleeves. Whatever the case i was waiting for a Motorola high end phone. I am getting this in any way

  • Geo

    I don’t understand why you guys need unlimited data. I’m on a family plan with my gf and her mom and we have 4 GB to share and we only ever use 2 gigs. Do you guys not have WiFi at work/school/home? I even stream music on Google play music on my drives. Is it the price you’re keeping too? Do you have unlimited 4G LTE? I didn’t think the unlimited plan included that as my gf used to be on that before we merged into one plan and the Verizon rep said if she upgraded her phone she’d need a new plan to use 4G LTE, that unlimited didn’t include that. Please inform me some more. Edit: I’m on Verizon too, with a GNEX.

    • Bryan

      For me it’s both to keep unlimited data and also be locked into a great plan that’s no longer available.
      I got in on the special plan they offered a couple of years ago where unlimited 4GLTE data only costs me and my wife $10 each a month. They basically credit us $40 ($20 X 2) each month to make our data $10. We get 1400 shared minutes (with 10 numbers for friends and family calling) and unlimited texts. I could potentially give up the unlimited data and go to a shared plan, but I would end up paying way more for less.
      As it is, I have 2 smart phone lines, unlimited data, 1400 minutes, unlimited texts, and 2 feature phone lines and I pay a total of $158 a month. That also includes a 26% (or somethine like that, might be 28% now) corporate discount due to where I work.
      I would be over $200 a month with a new plan and have limited data. It would be better for me to buy the phones outright as I would end up paying more than the cost of the phone over the life of a 2 year contract.
      I will do everything I can to keep the plan I currently have.

      • Geo

        Now I feel like my gf got lied to by that rep to get on a new plan couple years ago, they told her it wasn’t possible and that this plan was cheaper/better anyway. I was on a plan by myself back then and when she got her plan changed her mom was the main person on the account so I didn’t want to say much anyway.

    • Animate

      1. I’d prefer to keep my personal browsing off of my work network since I can’t get to gaming sites and other filtered things.
      2. I stream Play Music a lot. Like a lot a lot. I’ll cache the songs I listen to but I’ll always get a random song and want to listen to it and things just snowball. With the 16GB on my One S this can take up space along with the other media I have there.

  • Jonathan

    My main concern is battery. With barely more juice than the GNex will it actually last for at least a day? WIll the extra radios and the X8 processor really make a difference?

    • Steve B

      Lay your concerns to rest. The Gnex had one of the worst processors/radio combos, which led to terrible reception and battery life. Most every phone that came after had/has an SoC which drastically improved battery life.

      The MotoX will destroy the Gnex battery life, probably almost double it.

  • John Davids


  • Franz

    $199. That’s it. I’ll buy two.

  • Guest
  • Rotkaeqpchen

    Everything it doesn’t have: Replaceable Battery and a MicroSD Card Slot…

  • FullSignal

    I’m going with Moto X because we know that Motorola makes quality products and my GNex radios suck mostly because of samy.

    • Steve B

      No, the Gnex radios suck because the LTE technology wasn’t evolved enough to be efficient at the time. GS3 came less than 6 months later with zero problems in the radio and battery.

      • j973

        gs3 was the worst phone i owned went through 8 replacements samsung = worst radios its bad when the workers at verizon admit saying samsung radios arent as strong as other companies

        • Steve B

          This like with most phone hardware is pretty subjective. I had a Gnex and it was pretty decent compared to others. I upgrade to a GS3 and it was an unbelievable difference. I never drop calls and rarely drop out of 4G. Just depends.

  • Maci

    up to date specs, no bloatware, chingon camera, low full retail cost

  • Brady Wassam

    Great battery life, good price, on Verizon.

  • MGardnerDA1235

    Need to be convinced it has better long-haul build quality than all previous Motorola offerings. This is one disgruntled Bionic owner who can’t believe how Motorola could sell phones so poorly designed (to not last).

  • Lucky Armpit

    It needs more than 16GB of internal storage. Or, a MicroSD slot. That’s the issue for me, plain a simple. I’m not a spec whore as I don’t need the latest/greatest processor nor do I need a 1080p display (c’mon guys, can you REALLY tell the difference between 720p vs. 1080p on a 4″ screen? The answer is NO). If I hear the specs change to 32GB of storage, or a variant with that much is available, I’d definitely get this over the Droid Maxx.

  • Ken

    It has to be the next Nexus for me to put my money on it. If it is, I will be very disgruntled paying for what I bought last year, again. If it isn’t I will just let it pass on by like all of moto’s very nice products. I want latest and greatest OS without all the cracking BS that most OEMs make you do.

  • Jarrett Guma

    Im worried bout the rumor that it will use a nano-SIM card, how will this affect those currently using a GNex on Verizon with unlimited plans?

  • Zach K

    Needs to be priced like the Nexus 4 so I could get one despite having a new GS4 with Verizon.

  • JeffColorado

    Vanilla Android. SD Expansion.

  • ToddAwesome

    Longer (much) battery life than my GNex, perform better than my GNex, oh, and be no more than $300 off contract. Otherwise, the GNex lives on.

    • PowersUSA

      I would add, must have a better camera than my GNex too. I’m willing to go to $350.

      • ToddAwesome

        I suppose if it had a better camera I’d actuallyuse it more, or at least it would change my opinions on using my cell phone camera for anything more than something I use in a pinch, or to remember where I parked. I may be exaggerating a tad, but, I still lug my dslr with me when I know pictures will be taken.

  • Jarrett Guma

    $300, keep my unlimited on Verizon, that is all

  • mmm

    cheaper retail / off contract price, better battery life (~2500mah at least?), and decent camera at least on par with S3, close to stock android. seems so simple on paper.

  • mike w

    definitely cheap price for example 299 like the nexus 4 and I think the phone has to be better than the nexus 4 or equal to and of course unlocked

  • it doesn’t need to be somehow special, it just has to be cheap phone with decent specs (doesn’t need to be quad core, dual core is enough) 2gigs of RAM, good camera, well optimized OS… and… it has to be available in Europe (and I really doubt it will, Motorola doesn’t care about other countries than US)

  • bkosh84

    Price and Battery life as of right now.

  • n11

    Long Battery life comes to mind, the slick design is a big plus, price that isn’t too high, the specs don’t need to be top-notch really. Front-facing speakers maybe? Great camera.
    Some other innovative hardware features would be great.

  • chikpee

    Why, Moto, can’t you make one of these with the same battery as the DROID ULTRA MAXX? I can only hope that maybe a Moto X MAXX might come later (like how Samsung released Mini and Active versions of their handset).

    After being so spoiled by the RAZR MAXX I’ve been carrying for over a year, I don’t think I can go back to a sub-3000 MaH handset.

  • Brandon Golway

    5″ screen, quad core processor clocked at 2.3 ghz, massive battery. I wouldn’t give up my S4 unless it had that.

    • GoBlue

      Seems a little out of reach in today’s age. I’m sure you’d also include .01″ bezels on all sides and a 500 ppi screen?

      • Brandon Golway

        Little out of reach you say? Not at all considering Samsung has already made it: it’s called the Samsung i9506 which is essentially a Galaxy S4 with a Snapdragon 800 (clocked at 2.3 GHz) instead of the current 600 (clocked at 1.7 GHz). The only thing it doesn’t have is a massive battery which can easily be fixed by buying an extended battery.

        Proof: http://www.gsmarena.com/android_for_43_caught_in_the_wild_nexus_4_system_dump_available-news-6406.php

        • GoBlue

          I stand corrected. Maybe I should have said this: just because it meets those specs doesn’t mean it has any less lag or uses any less energy.

          • Brandon Golway

            You’ve obviously never used the S4, this thing is amazingly fast. I can’t imagine what it would be like with the snapdragon 800. It’s pretty damn good on battery with stock settings. Before I messed with anything I was getting 20-30 hours out of it, with only about an hour screen on time though but streaming music and stuff.

        • GoBlue
          • Brandon Golway

            If you actually read the article you would see that it was for the Exynos version of the S4 and not the Snapdragon 600 version. What are you trying to prove with an article about Samsung OCing their phones to bump scores? I have mine OC’d to 2 GHz currently.

            I have the Google Edition ROM on my phone and it’s still fast as hell. Easily 12,500-13,000 on Quadrant just to give you an idea.

  • Justin Kos

    Nothing, I have a nexus 4

  • SizzlePhizzle

    Full HD screen, bigger battery, micro SD, faster processor

  • DanWazz

    Unlocked bootloader, $300-350 price tag, good camera. Pretty much just want an newer phone until my contract expires and I can get that Nexus on T-Mo off contact.

    • Steve B

      $299 off contract EVERYWHERE, even Verizon. If this happens, I will buy it the second it’s available.

      If it’s $299 through the Play Store/other carriers and $399 or above from Verizon, they are dead to me forever and will never get business from my family again.

  • Wolfpack93

    Is having this phone release on VZW at the same time as the other carriers too much to hope for?

  • Bretton Key

    I’ve been a loyal droid head from jump but moved away from them for the following reasons:
    1. UI too starch and low customization
    2. Camera being subpar
    3. Locked bootloader
    4. Build quality (use of gorilla glass is not as strong as they say, and carbon fiber/plastic just not eye pleasing)
    5. Price
    6. Updates/development
    If these issues were tackled I’d gladly come back Motorola products.
    I’m on Verizon which is one of the slowest carriers to allow updates, but OS and other firmware updates for my motorola devices have been minimal or just very untimely.
    Currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
    I will give them credit for the battery department and at least trying to implement some customer request in their builds of phone. But Motorola phones really are using what competition as a barometer to what they create versus being pioneers, especially since they have google directly backing them….
    Follow me on IG & Twitter @GOGETEMB

    • Steve B

      Good thing the MotoX isn’t a Droid then.

      • Bretton Key

        Steve hahahaha, very valid point LOL

  • Mordecaidrake

    I’m skeptical about this phone. The sub-par hardware leads me to believe it won’t be that powerful of a device and will suffer some serious lag. However, if the updates to the device can be pushed from Google rather than Verizon and potentially sold through the Play Store for a cheap price, I might drop my Razr HD and pick it up.

    • Steve B

      With the X8 chip can you really say the hardware is sub-par now?

      • Mordecaidrake

        I guess the lack of a quad-core chip, the 2gb of ram is nice though.

        • Steve B

          This phone is essentially an optimized octo-core phone. Each core has a specific function. Some cores are more powerful to handle the big stuff and some cores are less powerful to handle the background stuff, like the always listening function and on-screen notifications.

          • Mordecaidrake

            Yes but will it actually perform this way with heavy use? The listening stuff they’re adding I’m sure is a heavy amount of bloat, which if I got I’d instantly turn off. I’m also curious how much other crap they’ve added on + the crap the carriers add.

  • Just price. If they come in at $299 or less I will buy. I loved my OG Droid, tolerated my Bionic, and moved to GNex solely for the stock experience — I hate the hardware. If Moto X is Motorola quality hardware with near stock software, all I need is for it to fall into my price range.

  • USAndroid

    made IN USA!
    designed by me

    • Steve B

      I agree with everything accept $700. This phone will fail hard at $700. Needs to be somewhere in the $299-349 range to compete and be successful.

      • guesswhat

        It will be priced like any other phone 199 subsidized ~500 off contract ..and it will sell OK with all marketing moto Google will put behind it.

        • Steve B

          I think you’re way off on that.

  • Jon

    Removable battery!!!

  • Tim Swann

    unlockable on VZ with solid camera and good battery life. not sure I’ll get one of them let alone all three

  • Tristan

    I think the specs wars had to end, at least if the specs are limited to “CPU, RAM and memory (and maybe SD card slot).” That would be like judging cars based only on horsepower or torque or top speed. There’s lots of other things that determine how good a car is – how it looks, it’s fuel efficiency, the ride, even things like how comfortable it is, which is a very subjective judgement. And of course price.

    It used to be an accomplishment just to get a fast processor and stuff it in a phone, along with the “most” of everything else, and then pack in a huge battery to try to keep it all running.

    Hopefully the Moto X (and the droid line) will show that there’s a big market for phones that are a little more balanced, or have specs that are “just right.”

  • Casey Maines

    At least 5 inches!

    • fd2blk78

      That’s what she said

  • Jรฉrรดme Besnard

    Cheaper than the Nexus 4. Otherwise, might as well stick with the program…

  • Drayton Fair

    Really, as below, it has to have more memory, either internal or SD. My Gnex is almost maxed out with its 32gb. There is no way anyone with typical apps and photos alone will not require more. Maybe they are going after the same start-up market that is gobbling up Chromecast because they don’t have a “smart” TV (or internet connected DVD player, HDMI cable, etc). The processor tweaks are all well and good, but services don’t cover enough to allow all off-device storage yet.

  • Ned Danov

    I am looking for top end hardware specs available around the time, CAMERA significantly improved, replaceable battery, sd card slot, latest software updates and promise to be upgraded to at least one more major Android OS.

  • brainstorm

    First a 6 inch screen. Second a powerful high speed process chip with high resolution.this is the future.I want to do everything on the go without having a laptop.oh a flip out key baord with a phyical key baord. Last but not least a connection so I.can run a.printer cable to my office printer. I will pay 500.00 with a contract without a second thought!!!!

  • socalrailroader

    GSM ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Robabobbob

    If it is definitely dual core and only 720p then I won’t own one but it does look to be a good entry level phone and will likely recommend it to others who don’t want to spend the money for a flagship device.

    Some people would say this is mid rather than entry level but I think the entry level devices are so sub par that they do Android more harm than good. I know a lot of people that tried an entry level device and had such a bad experience they bought an iphone. Therefore I see this as an entry level and anything less than this is just a lost Android consumer waiting to happen.

    • Allas

      gtfo your opinion is so stupid to take it seriously

      • Robabobbob

        In what way?

        • Steve B

          Entry level? This phone is just a notch below the One and S4. This is more than simply a dual core phone. With the X8 chip it functions similar to an optimized octo-core phone. It should perform as well or better than the One and S4. My only gripe is the 720p screen as I’d love for it to be 1080p. If Motorola hits a low price point with this phone they’ll a $#!T ton of these.

          Here, this will explain a bit more: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2422513,00.asp

          • Robabobbob

            Well maybe entry level is doing it a dis service but it’s not exactly cutting edge. I’ll wait to see the official announcement before I make a complete judgement. More my point is that I think manufacturers should stop making the low end phones as they do nobody any favours.

          • Steve B

            Yeah, I agree on the low end phone stuff. I can’t stand it and it dilutes and tarnishes the Android eco system. Most of the bad press Android gets comes from the cheap phones. Luckily the high end phones are good enough that it keeps Android competitive and the #1 OS in the world.

            With that said, the MotoX is not a low end or even mid level phone in my opinion. However, I too will wait til I see the MotoX tomorrow to cast final judgement. One thing is for sure, Moto is heading in the right direction with their design and software, thanks to Google.

  • trophynuts


    engadget reporting that it will use a nano sim. I’m a fan

  • Mike

    If I can sell my Note 2 and buy it out right then I will get it. Oh wait, it must also be unlockable from the start. Seeing what people are going through with the S4 on Verizon is enough to make sure that I only buy unlockable devices from now on.

  • digital4trees

    Basically it needs to convince me it’s nothing like the last Moto I had many years ago….and it needs to beat out the LG G2

  • thelolotov

    Needs a keyboard. That’s all.

  • Price. This reminds me so much of the pre Microsoft Surface release. There were rumors of it being super cheap… turns out it was not super cheap (despite the rumors) and look now how much of a failure it’s been. I really hope Moto/Google get this one right.

  • Jerome Liamzon

    low cost, good battery.

  • nobody72

    It needs a micro-sd slot.

  • kcmanuel

    Would love it to habe microSD card support, if not, at least make it availabl in 32GB and 64GB

  • Marcus Low

    I just need a great camera and great battery life. Beyond that almost everything I want to do on my phone is hindered by the software side.

  • Moto X a phone par with DROID ULTRA. It can make a lot of people pay attention because this information.

  • Emily

    A micro SD slot

  • Bjรถrn

    A price below 350โ‚ฌ Yes โ‚ฌ

  • EnterTheNexus

    5 inch screen, 1080p, unlocked bootloader, Android 4.3, and SD Card slot.

  • Matthew Merrick

    It’s already a VERY intriguing device, but i simply cannot use anything smaller than a phablet (5.3″ minimum)

  • David W. Skyview

    if this warrants a ‘meh’, ‘not meh’ question, imagine come October/November when new SKUs from other OEMs release. most likely a super meh a week after release. the ultra has more of my attention than this, or even a red One on vzw.

  • JMonkeYJ

    i definitely don’t think mobile spec wars are anywhere close to their end.

    to win me over, the X has to have comparable day-to-day performance to other top-tier smartphones (i know it might not be priced like one, but i’m just being honest as to what would win me over), a Nexus 4-esque full-retail price, OTA update support from Google, and some trick up its sleeve that we haven’t seen yet and isn’t gimmicky (or evidence that the ones we already know about aren’t just gimmicks).

  • Patrick Bateman

    I’m still rocking a palm pre 2 on verizon… (unlimited everything plan)….. soo i hope they make a cdma version for $299 so i can fuq verizon for the rest of my life!!!

  • Bruce

    cheap, long battery life, smooth and enough storage

  • jo

    Not me. I m done. I m happy with my note 2. Will look forward to note 4.

  • Dude

    Honestly, if it had the same specs or better than the S4, I would have waited and gotten this over the S4.

  • badnewsbear

    Nothing. Ill stick with my s4. You guys are dreaming if you think this phone will be $300 off contract. Look at the new Droid pricing..

  • James Hill

    At this point, nothing.

  • Al-Burrit0

    If its $300 off contract I’m in! If not HTC One i say!

  • David Marzluf

    I have been a droid and moto fan since the first droid and love them will never change but my wife has an iPhone 5 and I will have to admit it is smooth with no lag if moto can provide a no lag and that smoothness and 32gb then I will be buying

  • refthemc

    I’m thinking that because it will be off contract and around the $299 price range, specs are enough to last at least a year until the next version of the phone is released in 2014. Maybe Motorola/Google is going for the strategy that we will buying a new phone every year if they keep selling them off contract and at such a low price.

  • Daniel

    A physical keyboard. :-

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      keep dreaming

  • jt O’Brien

    If it’s cheap enough to buy off contract on Verizon (Around N4 pricing) I’ll buy it. If it’s priced as a flagship, I’ll wait for the Note 3 and get a real flagship phone for a flagship price.

  • Preach2k

    If it had Micro SD Slot I would purchase it.

  • Knlegend1

    32 gb

  • Zack Krocek

    Unlockable Bootloader

  • Ryan N

    A 64GB version at $349 and available on google play store for verizon. I have been waiting 6 months with an upgradable line for this phone. Googloroa, please don’t let me down.

    • Ryan N

      *32 GB Version

  • bos

    under $350 full retail, unlocked bootloader, at least 32GB

  • Jeremy Martin

    Quality Verizon phone for a low price off contract will win me over.

  • John Lenny

    It needs to be cute

  • Shawn Pierce

    SD Card slot would sell me.

  • j

    No and no to every phonetard here, go into the retail store of any carrier store please and get a Nexus 4 for $349 hahaha not going to happen on Verizon duh… You slaves to big red will drop $499 on it or more. Go to t mobile and get the nexus 4 for $349…..nope! Google will only sell the cheap version for cheap carriers is non CDMA! You people are crazy no sub 300 phone will ever I repeat ever be on big red! Call me a god in a few days please!


      Are you done with that rant?

    • Jeremy Martin

      Well what would you rather do…buy a phone cheap and have hardly any coverage or pay a bit more and have great coverage across the nation with Verizon? I don’t like Verizons policies but I’m not a slave to Verizon..I’m a slave to coast to coast coverage. Soon as TMobile or Sprint can offer that then I will consider switching. Until then you can keep your cheaper paper weight.

  • Nah, I’ll just wait for the next one. {{-_-}}

  • Pattarawat dhanespramoj

    32 GB+ storage 64GB will be great

  • Nanda Linn Aung

    for me? better
    power management system, no bloatware and must be Quad core.. I am not
    sure it’s Nexus type, but i want minimal installation.

  • John Aguirre

    Released 2 months ago.


    Around $300 from the Google Play store. If it’s closer to $400, I’m really going to have to think about it. $300 and I buy it in a heartbeat. $350 is a definite maybe.

  • Capt. Crunch

    I’m hoping for a $350, or less, price tag contract-free

  • cheeto0

    From everything that leaked Im pretty much sold. Icing on the cake would be a low price, dual lte antennas, promises of quick upgrades to the latest android. Launch on all carriers at once, I say that because im on verizon and verizon tends to launch phones later than the others.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Well technically been a promise of quick upgrades? That is sort of just hope at this point.

  • beaumac

    Has to be 300 or less off contract and have an unlocked bootloader. Otherwise I will get the One or G2 on contract for 200, most likely

  • notatechie

    Great battery, decent display, very good camera. That’s it. Made in America is a selling point, to me.

  • Shaggy723

    I just installed android 4.3 on my supposedly aging gsm gnex. This phone, which is not rooted and is running completely stock, is running smoother/faster than it ever has and I get almost two days worth out of the battery before charging (sorry Verizon cdma/lte gnex users, but it’s true – you all got boned). In order for the me to get this phone, the Moto X better be one hell of a phone that runs stock android, gets updated at the same time as nexus devices, is unlocked, and costs in the $300-400 range. That’s my 2 cents.

  • thebigmann

    Realistically I’ll be using a custom ROM, so I’ll settle for midrange specs if it has a great camera and battery life.

  • Guest

    I will definitely settle for midrange specs if it has a great camera. Motorola has always left me disappointed in that respect.

  • Chris Dooley

    Honestly the fact that it is made in the USA is enough for me. If Google is smart they will advertise that heavily

  • Eric R.

    If its 300 off contract on Verizon, I will take my case off of my Droid DNA.

  • austin

    I want an amazing phone experience, it doesn’t have 2013 specs at all, so in order to win me over it better have something eles up its sleeve

  • AHoL

    i think (HOPE!) the Moto X can be a reasonable off-contract price….if so DONE. i NEED my unlimited data (i used .5gB last WEEK!)

    that being said, i dont think the DROID line recently released has any bearing on the Moto X pricing at all. The Moto X is the new vision of “Motorola: A Google Company” just look at the new logo…while the Droid line up is the “make nice with Big Red, so we can put their LTE in cheaper off contract devices” line up. just look at the new Nexus 7 in all of its $349 glory with, thats right, VZW LTE…….

    PLEASE be under $400…..PLEASE

  • M3D1T8R

    Just give me a 64GB+ storage option. That’s the biggest requirement, with the expected great Moto radios, add a good enough screen, camera, sound quality, and battery life, and I just might sell my DNA and give this a try. Otherwise, I’ll stick with the DNA until the next Moto X or hopefully DNA+ (Butterfly S) if we ever get it..

  • Chris Amaya

    at least a 2600 mAh battery with 16 and 32 gig models being the only options for memory. I had a 32 gig galaxy nexus and that was enough memory for me.

  • MagicMike Kelley

    Free and with a $100 kicker.

    (i just picked up the S4 on Saturday so there’s likely not much they can do)

  • nerd

    A Google edition version. Photospheres FTW!

  • jtc276

    I’m cool with all of the rumored specs as long as the screen isn’t pentile and there’s a 64gb variant (I don’t care about the price). I have an S4 that I don’t really love that I’d gladly sell for a well-built Motorola phone with a near-stock experience. Samsung has gone downhill. I’m still not convinced the Moto X will be able to win out against the HTC One. In fact, I’m almost sure that it won’t. But the HTC One truly is a smartphone masterpiece.

  • staticx57

    An actual flagship phone not a budget phone.
    1080p OLED
    2GB ram
    lots o storage
    Amazing Camera
    Unlockable bootloader ala nexus

  • Christopher Moore

    Price, price and price. If Motorola could come out at $200 off contract that would be a game changer for the entire industry. At $300 it’s nothing special and has been done before.

  • samari711
  • Godzilla

    Subspace Radio or GTFO

  • Ken

    to have the same specs as a motorola ultra maxx. i like the new ultra maxx’s stuff but i want the customization of the body like moto x. i’m hoping they’ll reveal a moto x maxx. if so, that’ll probably be my next phone.

  • Michael Adeshina

    1. Use it on any network.,
    2. HD Nexus7 like screen
    3. 5.5″
    4. Bad Ass Camera(s)

  • yellowflash94

    The screen and battery! AMOLED has horrendous blue tinting and black cutting. This has been improved on the s4 but not close to LCD. Plus the burn ins! This is still an issue even on the s4 look up the theAngelofmusic1989 Erica’s review. And 720p? If its pentile no thanks.

  • me

    LOL what makes people continue to think they will be able to buy this phone unlocked for Verizon?

    Better get your wallets ready, you will be paying Verizon’s full price for this or signing a contract.

  • Bharath

    I would like to have a nice device that is affordable at full price like $399 for 32GB and $349 for 16GB

  • d790

    Cheap Price Off Contract. Longevity.
    Screw Verizon I’m off contract and plan to go to another carrier so i don’t care if its compatible or not.

  • Tom Nichols

    I would need a Verizon compatible Moto X, if that happens, I’m getting it.

  • RobRomeo

    All I need is…
    1. $300-$400 price range
    2. Great camera
    3. Better battery life than my GNex (Which considering its a GNex should be simple)

  • AndySamberg

    Battery life
    Low Contract free price

  • Marcel Jeannin II

    Low price

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    I just just a brand new gnex directly from Samsung. This thing came from the factory with 4.2.2. Reception is so far very good! The device is blazing fast on Verizon even with LTE turned off, but battery leaves me desiring moto again. I had to get something. Stupid OG droid was so show!

    If they launch the moto x at 349.99 with 32gb on big red, I’ll put my gnex in the car add my back up phone and buy one on launch day.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    1. Decent “off-contract” price.
    2. All Day Battery Life (comparable to OG Razr Maxx)
    3. Super tough dark/light wood case.

    Still want the phone for most of the features.

  • rawheat

    Don’t care how much this costs…at these specs an S3 is probably a better value. No disrespect to the S3. I think the S3 is still a fantastic device.

  • Alexander Garcia

    No greater than $400 off contract!

  • jcorf

    Excellent battery and camera

  • StankyChikin

    I find it really hard to believe that a Moto device of this caliber will sell for $300

  • Tim Buchanan

    Honestly, there’s very little likelihood I’ll be grabbing one of these. I’ll spend a premium if it means getting a device that doesn’t demand sacrifices such as onboard storage/SD Card, killer battery life, accessory options, and simple luxuries like a notification light and removable battery. Unless almost all of the leaks are way off, I’m almost definitely going to take a pass on this one.

  • Lloyd BrokenMachines Jones

    Unbranded and available at Verizon the same time the other carriers get it not 5 months L8r…

  • Anon

    More than 16GB of storage.
    Amazing battery life.

    So, it probably won’t. Which is sad, because I was looking forward to this phone, and the Razr Maxx will probably be the only Moto phone that has a chance…which is VZW only.

  • Eric R.

    A big or removable battery.

  • WilDawes

    As a Galaxy Nexus owner it has been hard selecting a new phone to replace it. Once you get used to the nexus experience, it is hard to surrender your freedom back to a normal device. I have grown used to not having a physical button on the front of the phone, and I am happy that the Moto X will not have one. I am not a spec whore ( more power to you if you are) so I do not care if it competes with the high end 2013 offerings. I do not need or want a giant 1080 p screen in my pocket. I do not care if the chipset arms race affects my device. Optimized software goes a long way in my opinion. If the user experience is designed well, it is a winner in my opinion. The price really is not an issue to me either, if I want it, I will buy it regardless.

    Is it the S4 or the HTC 1, no, do I care, no. Not everyone, even tech enthusiasts want/need a larger screen and the newest chipset. The user experience should be important as well. I do not pretend to speak for the masses, but people will buy and be happy with this phone, and we should let them be, if they are. We are individuals and belittling peoples choices because they are different is more a sign of immaturity than anything else. A lot of people on these sites know a lot about technology, it is time that they stop trying to prove they know MORE than everyone else, We will all learn what is under the hood of this phone on Thursday, and I will most likely buy it.

  • Bryan

    If this is $200 – $300 off contract on Verizon, it will be mine (and probably my wife’s) as an upgrade from our Razr Maxx’s.

  • rabidhunter

    Solid phone for an affordable price

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    max of 300โ‚ฌ (off contract), ALL designs offered in the US also available in Europe, easy to root. Guaranteed Updates for at least 2 years and i would buy it for even more money ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Adam Worley

    Make the price affordable (prob. not) and have an unlocked bootloader from the start (again wont happen) and have some innovative features like my galaxy device. I was extremely loyal to moto till i got screwed with the Bionic (AKA POS).

  • Jonathan Bolt

    two words- battery life

  • Christian

    Unlocked on Verizon around the price of $350-$400. Need to replace my Galaxy Nexus without killing my unlimited data. Whether Verizon will allow this is another story but I hope it’s possible.

    • Christian

      $350-$400 of less. Wouldn love to see it at $300 like all the rumors but that’s just unrealistic to be honest. I do want to see Motorola make some kind of profit and not put them in the negatives just because I want a good phone at a really low cost.

  • MrJigolo

    $349 and updates like a Nexus

    • Anon

      Exactly what I need. Nexus like updates that bypass carriers.

  • pd240

    If google can sell a new Nexus 7 with every LTE radio in the US for under 400 dollars, there is no reason this phone shouldnt come in at a really low off contract price. I am hoping $299.00 off contract 16GB model.

  • D3lusionz

    An option for 32GB of storage & steady, reliable updates from Google.

  • Robert Graham

    $299 off-contract, I’ll buy one right away. I use a tablet for everything other than phone calls (except in the car). I wouldn’t mind if I could buy a smartphone with very limited customization that just gave me maps, basic web browser and email. Just for walking around or when driving.

  • Brien Gerber

    Fast, relatively cheap off contract on verizon.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Seeing that I am not a techie , specs are not a huge deal. I have loved my Gnex aside from the battery the specs have been more than suitable for me. Like most low off contract price as I have an upgrade coming up in just a couple weeks. Verizon will have to kill me to get me off unlimited. I am amped about this phone and hope for the above and if not all mostly stock android. If I even get a tiny upgrade in performance with substantial battery improvement over my Gnex I will be very happy.

  • jh123416

    A good off contract price on Verizon (less than $350). That’s about it for me. Aside from everything we know, I’d like to see wireless charging.

  • Axed Salmon

    Unlockable bootloader please!

  • Kevin

    needs to come with a coupon for a free papa johns pizza

    • EC8CH

      How many topping are we talking about here?

  • shdowman

    If that isn’t a loaded question…..

  • cgalyon

    Cheap off contract, stock with reliable updates, easily unlocked (ROM friendly), and good support for Bluetooth LE (like my sensors).

  • William_Morris

    The Moto X needs to have a few things for me to be very happy with it:

    Unlocked/unlockable bootloader.

    Verizon availability. Seriously, I still feel like we’ll be getting shafted on this phone because of the new Droid line being released with nearly identical specs. I know we saw one that appeared to be on Verizon’s 4G service but that literally could be a test unit only… I seem to recall something similar happening when the Galaxy SII was being released on all carriers but Verizon (granted we got the GNex but 4 months later and with severe limitations as to being a true “Nexus” device, if I remember correctly.)

    Price (read: low). I’m not trying to be stingy. I just believe that the cost of these devices shouldn’t be near the price of a laptop off contract. I cannot replace my tablets or laptop with a phone and the technology inside a comparably priced laptop ($600-650) can do more than any phone (exception being the ability to make calls).

  • Carlos Danger

    I beleve Motorola, and Google in general, are shooting for a buttery smooth experience and superb battery life with the moto x and droid line of phones. So far with the leaked benchmark video and the 4 core adreno 320 GPU, this phone is shaping up to be pretty decent in the graphic and animation department.On the dozens of YouTube videos of the droid ultra and moto x I haven’t noticed any lag or UI jank and studdering that’s present on other so called flagship phones. Having a dual core optimized snapdragon plus processor that is energy efficient and is real world fast is way more important to me than having the best specs. So what if a quad core has more raw power? If its not optimized its worthless. It all comes down to user experience.

  • Rodeojones000

    Full retail price is the only thing I’m concerned about now. We know the specs, and the customization options, while nice, aren’t that important to me. I’m fine with simple black or white for the phone. I just want to know the price and the only way I’m buying it is if it’s $300ish. Like many here, I’m a Verizon customer (with no desire to leave) and I’d like to keep my unlimited data. But I’m not paying $600+ to do that – at least not at this time.

  • TJ

    32gb storage. Already looking to upgrade to the X, but it needs to meet this condition.

    • Rodeojones000

      Pretty sure this isn’t happening. Many reports are pointing to 16GB only.

      • Render

        Google/Motorola would be foolish to not make a 32GB version for $100 more than the 16GB version…16GB of storage costs much less than the typical $100 premium paid, which means more profit.

        • Why not just $50 more like the 8GB Nexus 4 to the 16GB Nexus 4?

          • Render

            Because its 16GB more storage versus 8GB. If it were only $50 they would likely be close to break even pricing for the larger storage capacity.

          • Memory is so cheap these days, and so many want 32GB they would break way higher than even. IMO.

        • Rodeojones000

          I agree. But just because you and I think this way doesn’t mean Motorola will.

        • LiterofCola

          If this is true, it’ll be the final nail in the coffin.

  • Dino88

    unlocked bootloader (:Laughs:)

  • kkloster

    32GB for $400, though i admit that’s a pipe dream

  • crazed_z06

    The moto x needs to be better than the gs4 to win Me over

    • Kenton Douglas

      what would make it “better”?

      • crazed_z06

        Faster, SD card, bigger battery, better screen, etc

        • Kenton Douglas

          OK. I don’t think it’ll be faster in benckmarks (but you have to keep an eye on Samsung regarding those: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7187/looking-at-cpugpu-benchmark-optimizations-galaxy-s-4). I don’t think you’ll see an SD card on another Motorola phone due to Google. I think it might well have a better battery life due to better power management. Finally, I not sure how you can better 1080p on a 4.7-5″ device at the moment. You’re not asking for much ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Armorthane

    I really do hope this thing comes in at the rumored $300 price point. However, if that we’re to happen then Motorola is basically slapping Verizon in the face as it is basically a Droid Ultra with a slightly smaller screen. If it does come in at $300 then there is no way Verizon lets it on their network. Or if they do it will be in the $600 range for full price. If it doesn’t come to Verizon and it’s available on AT&T for $300 I’ll break my contract and jump ship. This phone seems to have everything I’m looking for. On the other hand if the $300 price point doesn’t happen on any carrier then I’m getting the DROID MAXX strictly for the battery.

    • Render

      Even though Verizon renewed the “Droid” branding with Motorola I feel like “Droid” will soon be abandoned and the Moto X is the start of that breakup. I think what happened is VZW/Moto had an agreement for another year of Droids, but Google had a larger vision for a device on every network…the result is the Moto X, which was likely forced on VZW much to their displeasure.

      • Kenton Douglas


      • Franklin Ramsey

        Are you forgetting the report that broke when Verizon had their earnings call saying Droid phones going forward would be exclusively Motorola? I don’t think the droid brand is going anywhere yet.

  • I’m fine with all the specs. i Just need it to be reasonably priced like a Nexus device so i can afford it and keep my unlimited data.

  • guesswhat123

    This is pretty close to a high end phone and will perform equally well compared to S4 or HTC one in real world including games and stuff because of its GPU. Also remember that Its not just not processor cores/1080p vs 720p that goes in building a phone and meking it high end..from what we know motorola added two new custom cores to it, new gorilla glass molding , kevlar like back, 3 microphones, possibly MIMO DUAL LTE antenna, very compact footprint with a 4.7 inch screen, that takes money/technology too get it right , all the multiple color options/engraving/back material options its going to come with, looking at the big picture it just doesnot like a low -mid range device. SO I would love to see it cost < 400$ but its looking high unlikely. On top of all this MOTO X is the first smartphone to be assembled in USA ..which might get them some buyers but would definitely not help in keeping the manufacturing costs low ..

    • guesswhat123

      And I have’nt even mentioned the Always on Voice feature which makes for excellent marketing advertisements if you think of it ..showing people talking to there phones while driving, cooking etc ..which nobody seems to care about here but will appeal to lot of folks who constantly dont check tech blogs every day ..and with 500 million marketing budget ..they will be able sell quite a few of them to mass market ..through carriers at subsidized prices ..so why bother about cutting your margin’s and selling the phone at retail for less than <400, and last I heard motorola does not make devices just for the folks at droid-life ๐Ÿ™‚

  • breadable

    Low off contract price, quality camera, decent display, less jank and a day’s battery with heavy use

  • C-Law

    $299 on Verizon off contract and it’s mine!

  • Ryan

    Unlocked bootloader, and reasonable off-contract price (ie: nexus4)

  • Todd

    $300-400 price tag.

  • jb

    Free. Because I just dropped $650 on the S4 a couple of months ago.

    • Diablo81588

      I feel sorry for you.

  • I got a used S3 on eBay for $250. I see no reason to prefer the Moto X.

    • Dee

      too poor to buy it new?

      • No, too smart.

        • Dee

          you bought a s4, and you call yourself smart?

  • Jeremy Michael Hobbs

    Slow news day?

    • Kenton Douglas

      only relative to what’s going to happen on the 1st

  • Jackski

    quad or octa core processor, 1080p screen, you know, that stuff hyped phones would have.

  • Non removable battery = no go for me.

  • Dee

    Free porn sites?

  • Godzilla

    Bigger battery and this X8 stuff needs to be proven.

  • Greg N Katie Carter

    Cheap…. No bloatware. Pure stock android.. Then i might buy it.

  • nolednocare

    it needs to have a notification LED

  • DJ SPY

    A 3500mah battery.

  • Dean

    If the price is under $300 off contract I will purchase this phone the first day it becomes available. With the recent leaks about build quality and it supposedly running smooth, I will gladly get it despite leading class specs.

  • Caleb Boerner


  • speraider430

    A lot of these comments are basically describing a Nexus device. Much disappointment is in your future if you think there is even a chance for a 300 dollar unlocked Verizon device.

  • Bunklung

    Binary drivers for AOSP.

  • Sporttster

    Absolutely needs a SD card slot for one. A HD 1080p screen, 2g ram, HDMI capable, great battery life is a must. A fast, responsive processor. A 5″ screen. And very good radio capabilities and great sound. THAT…is what I’m looking for….this doesn’t have it….most of it anyway…

  • Jonathan Ly

    Has to be cheap. Has to be as cheap as the Nexus 4. Anything above it and it’s too close to regular retail.

  • Courtney Harris

    I believe that the phone could be priced at $300 because it will be this first phone made in the States. Im not an economist or anything but without the taxes imposed by importing I think it could be cheaper.

    • Bret Horick

      You’re forgetting the 2000 new Motorola employees hired to assemble in the US. US labor vs taxes. There is a reason why none of the phones currently sold in the US are made/assembled in the US.

      • Dee

        and the fact US workers are lazy…

      • Courtney Harris

        True, I didn’t forget about the employees or the new facility. It was only speculation on my part, just being optimistic. Either way even if it’s announced at a higher price point it would still be a winner.

  • Steve U

    $199 off contract. That’s the only thing that will make this phone appeal to anyone.

  • BrianRoskamp

    Last all day (at least 12 hours) on battery, around or under $300, launches on Verizon.

  • Ronaldo

    What I need it to be is available 6 weeks ago, which was when my old phone died just as my contract was about to run out. Motorola is too late to the table for me this time. Bummer. I was looking forward to this phone.


    I think after people got a taste for a $300 Nexus 4, that seems to be a fair price for off contract devices.

  • joejoe5709

    You know what? I’ve thought about this phone a lot. I’m really hoping that Moto knocks it out of the park with these lower specs and shows us that numbers don’t always show everything in real world performance. If I had just one spec that bugged me it would be the 720p screen. The screen is the most important part and if it’s not up to par with what the competitors are doing, I can’t commit to it. 1080p and a slightly larger battery to handle it would have been a much better idea. I mean… HTC pulls off this sort of thing all the time and they make pretty great phones. I have confidence Moto can do it too. Not everyone needs Sammy’s crazy specs war.

    The rest of the specs are a little low, but I’m hoping it translates to a great all-around performer. The mostly stock Android OS alone has me very intrigued. If the phone isn’t a complete failure compared to its peers, this might be a good alternative if Verizon doesn’t get the next Nexus.

    • Render

      1080p would be a waste of energy with a 4.7″ screen due to a PPI over 400…at 5″+ I agree completely.

  • Larry Bublitz

    Price. While 300-400 seems like a steal to phone enthusiasts, it still sounds expensive to consumers who don’t get the whole contract game.
    To be historical and worthy of the hype, I’d want to see $200. If $300, fine. That’s nexus 4 territory. If more than $300 by much I’ll feel totally victimized by the hype.
    What would I love to hear on Thursday? $200 for gsm, quick os updates promised (my RAZR M is still at 4.1) and wireless charging.

  • 6stringslinger

    Cheap, and bootloader easily unlockable.

  • zapote21

    Nothing… Its a mid range device… No thanks…

    • Diablo81588

      Lets see, it benchmarks the same as the S4 and One, has the same amount of RAM, a 4.7 inch 720p NON-pentile screen (you can’t tell the difference) and most likely killer battery life. How is this mid range again?

      • Sporttster

        Well….needs a bigger screen, bigger processor, 1080p, just to name a few little things….

        • Diablo81588

          Did you not read my comment?…..

          • trixnkix637

            I believe by his statements he considers the S4 and One mid range as well. High standards.

          • Paul Hansen

            I was thinking the same thing… lol

      • Dee

        he/shes a sheep

  • Jack Hoffman

    Must eliminate the JANK and be under $300!!!

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Personally, I don’t care about processor specs as long as it is running lag free. Storage wise, I’d like 32gb of storage even if half the time I won’t be close to filling it up, just because I’d like to know I have the space if I ever end up needing it. Beyond that, a screen that looks good (who cares if it is 720p or 1080p as it would be hard to tell at a comfortable screen size (I think 4.7″ works well), a camera that takes decent enough pictures that I don’t have to carry my camera everywhere, and I’d like 36+ hours of normal usage time.

    I’d also love to see a $199 price or lower, while I’m dreaming.

  • Christopher Ford

    User experience. I finally looked at some S4s in a Verizon store and I was shocked at how laggy they were opening apps like Messaging. (And also how ugly the Samsung skin is over stock.)

    • Paul Hansen

      Exactly. I hate my S4. I’d take a smooth dual core experience over a laggy quad any day. Optimization is key and many of these OEMs are just failing miserably at it.

    • Bryan


      It’s obvious most posters on here don’t understand what really makes a phone fast. It has nothing to do with how many cores the CPU has. It has everything to do with underlying architecture, memory bandwidth and software optimization. Most speed increases on newer CPUs have nothing to do with more cores and everything to do with the technology of the chip itself and the bus that it uses to communicate with everything else.

      It’s like saying you would rather have a 4,000lb car with a gas hog V8 and 400HP that goes to 60 in 6 seconds instead of the “lowly” 2,500lb car with a fuel efficient turbo 4 with 250HP, but hits 60 in 5.5 seconds. Specs mean nothing without understanding how the entire system plays together.

      Unless Android (and the apps written for it) have implemented multi-threading and synchronization support for more than 2 cores, those extra cores are just sitting there idle without doing anything.

  • Snowcrash

    $300 off contract.

  • jaybar

    Nexus 4 pricing bracket and (carrier) unlocked on Verizon

  • kixofmyg0t

    I’m totally fine with the paper specs.

    It comes down to price. I’m already sold on the DROID MAXX, but I’d buy a X if it was $300 off contract.


    $250-$350 unlocked on Verizon and I’ll sign up.

  • Joe Fischer

    Less than $400 off contract, bootloader doesn’t really matter to me anymore, as I am thinking about not rooting it anyways. Needs better reception and thus better battery life than my Gnex which doesn’t take much. I’m sold already. Those things would just be a bonus

    • MrBunster

      Definitely in this camp. After rooting my S3, I only needed minor tweaks to make the phone what I think it “should” have been, no ROM’s necessary. Honestly, I don’t have nearly as much time to tinker as I used to. Kudos if this guy works the way I want it to right out of the box.

      OK, OK. I may root just for tethering. But that’s IT!

      • Joe Fischer

        Yea, I may also do it for some of the visual tweaks as well such as a centered clock in the notification bar along with a green theme to match my customized green back ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Pretty sure with this motorola X8 computing thing they have in these new phones, there will be no need to overclock or anything like that.

        • MrBunster

          Overclocking! Ha! Those were the glory (Droid 2) days.

          I was desperate.

  • Alex Rocha

    SD card slot and a all day battery!

  • Roy Harrigan

    Better than what’s been rumored.

  • Keepfiring

    I want to see a phone that never lags in normal operation. I’m not too big on gaming, but man it’s irritating when the keyboard can’t keep up, or when I’m sitting around waiting for Google Now to get it together so I can use the search bar.

    • sk102704

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Tim Buchanan

      This is exactly why I almost never use Google Now. Its faster to open Chrome and type in the navigation bar.

    • Jeremy Gross

      that will never happen every phone has lag

    • Higher_Ground

      It’s times like that where I close my eyes and picture myself sitting at the desk in front of my Gateway desktop (7 GB HD + 233 mhz processor), listening to the squealing caterwaul of my 56k dial-up modem as it desparately tries to connect to AOL… and relish how far we’ve come.

  • yummy

    3 bills no ball and chain
    ($300, no contract, keep unlimited

  • JeremiahOverton

    It would need an SD card. I don’t care for the recent rash of phones without SD cards. It’s what put me off of the One, and 50% of what I hate about my Gnex. The other half would be battery life, so, it would need really good battery life.

    With the no SD card, I’m guessing I’m going to pass on this. I’m in the market for a new phone, too. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 Active is only on AT&T ๐Ÿ™

  • kyle

    to be honest, everything that has been shown so far has pretty much sold me on the device. The icing on the cake would be for it to retail around 299-399 pricepoint. that’d be rad

  • Blue Sun

    I really want a device that will still be useful for most apps (non-gaming) 22-24 months from now. Still receiving (timely) updates would be ideal also.

  • NexusMan

    At least 32gb of storage.

  • jak_341

    Needs to be $199 off contract. With these specs. and it isn’t, the phone is DOA. It already may be DOA. This is going to be a hard sale compared to the S4.

    • Diablo81588

      Dumbass, the S4 is 650 off contract. How will this be a hard sale?

  • Diablo81588

    300 off contract on Verizon, all day battery life.. release day purchase for me.

  • evltwn

    32GB internal storage, 2GB of ram, I’m fine with the 720p screen. 350 price point. 3300mAh battery would be nice. If it doesn’t have stock android, minimal overlay is what I’d like to see.

  • AmendFIRSTment

    1. Have the BEST radios for the BEST signal

    2. Be able to run any rom I want, that would be Cleanrom.

    Even if the price was par with other smart phones it would be worth it to have the best radios with my favorite rom.

    The lower spec’s don’t bother me. I like the build of the phone. I haven’t tried a phone with on screen buttons, but hey what the hell. I would rather they use the bottom of the phone for the buttons and give me more screen. Cause if your going to have that much bezel on the bottom, lets use it for something, right?

  • Justin Brock

    $200 off contract, otherwise I’m getting an HTC One on T-Mobile.

    • Kenton Douglas

      How much is the HTC One off contract?

  • brkshr

    Why do you want to bring the trolls out Kellex?

  • YourFriend

    An SD card slot and good battery life.

  • Me

    It needs to not be a Motorola

  • MacArthur Lingenfelter

    It would need moar power to win me over!

  • pubasnacks77

    All day battery life, sub $300 off-contract ($350 if 32 GB), unlockable bootloader

  • Mark Mann

    I’m not looking for a beast spec wise, but I feel 99.9% of phones don’t use the specs they have… So a decently specced phone could completely blow away a phone with better specs… I expect the moto x to be that phone… If it is, and it’s reasonably priced off contract… Shut up and take my money

  • Tay

    It needs to do my homework. Calculus 2 and Physics are going to be the death of me this upcoming semester.

  • pleasenomore

    It won’t.

  • George

    It needs to be $299 for the 16GB and an excellent camera. Any price higher and might as well go for the SG4 or HTC One.

  • NorCalGuy

    32gb and unlocked/able

  • jer85008

    Direct by from Motorola around $300 off contract, for any carrier.

  • enigmaco

    Out right pricing $200-$300 no more contracts for me.

  • It would need to… not be Motorola.

  • CIP3

    I want a great camera with great camera software. I also really want a removable battery. The biggest thing for me is removable media. Why are they going away from the SD card slot? The only great phone with that combination left is the GS4. That could be a reason why Samsung is killing everybody else. They have the most complete package of features.

  • Dan

    Google to take over updates, so VZW can’t screw it up like the GNEX

  • Tyler

    For me this needs to kill it in the battery department. Am I expecting Droid Maxx battery life, no but it has to last longer than the HTC One, S4, and … Galaxy Nexus :). This phone will need to have an unlocked bootloader with a dev community to back it up. I have already accepted the UI and hardware. I’m afraid to leave the AMAZING dev community that the toro has to offer.

  • Chris Sickels

    Good battery life at a reasonable subsidized price maybe $300 to $400

    • Diablo81588

      Woah! 400 subsidized will never sell! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Chris Sickels

        Woops I meant unsubsidized price

  • vOc627

    C H E A P

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Bigger battery. Atleast 3300 mAh (like the Razr Line)
    32 GB Internal memory MINIMUM. (SD Card slot would be preferred.)
    5.0″ Display.

    • LiterofCola

      In a perfect world….

    • kixofmyg0t

      You just described the DROID MAXX….

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Minus an SD card slot.

  • RaptorOO7

    For me to even consider the Moto X it needed more storage than it offers. Everything looks ok, but 16GB before format and OS is not enough, for me at least.

  • Jimeong Lee

    1. A great camera (relatively speaking for phones)
    2. Better battery life than the GNex
    3. LED notification light

    I like the LED light…

    • brkshr

      Pretty much every phone released in the past year has better battery life than the GNex.

      • Marsg

        Mine barely gets 1 1/2 hours on heavy use

        • aQuickBit

          I think my Galaxy Nexus drops 50% battery just going through the boot up animation ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Joe Fischer

      You realize they have already thrown out the LED notification light right? Now the screen will just have a breathing affect that will show you what notifications you have.

      • Jimeong Lee

        I know. I hope that doesn’t become a trend truthfully.

        • evltwn

          I really liked the notification light bar on the RAZR MAXX HD.

        • Tyler

          I love the LED on the Galaxy Nexus, i can have it in my pocket, pull ever so slightly and see the LED and know what notifications i have. Breathing screen notifications sound like a battery drainer.

          • Joe Fischer

            From what I understand only part of the panel will actually turn on. Pretty much effectively turning your entire screen into a notification LED while still not using too much battery. Did you watch the leaked Rogers video or look at the new Droid line up? It will be exactly like that

          • Tyler

            You are correct about the panel only partly turning on. That is due to the display technology, it uses OLED which just like every other AMOLED panel will not light up black pixels. Turning on the screen is still going to use some energy. But when the phone is released if it can be proven not to waste battery, I will accept it unless I get a droid maxx, then it wont matter ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Jimeong Lee

            I guess this is just something I’ll have to see whether I like or not. As of now I’d rather stick with the LED, but who knows, maybe the new notification will blow my mind.

          • Greyhame

            With a one CPU completely dedicated to monitoring sensors, the phone will know you pick it up or turn it over, and light automatically if you have a notification. Not only that, but it will tell you exactly what type of notification you have, so you can unlock your phone and read it, or dismiss it without turning it on. To me this sounds even better than an LED, with one less app (light flow) to configure. The only catch is if it will be usable with a lock screen password.

  • Adrian Fishler

    this will be my next phone. I’ve had the Droid 1,2,3, & 4…this is the Motorola I’ve been waiting for ๐Ÿ™‚

  • moelsen8

    32 GB version out of the gates, qi charging, and off contract price competitive with the N4 and it turns into an impulse buy for me.

    Oh yeah the bootloader deal of course.

  • Rechie

    Nothing. I am superfine with my Galaxy Note 2 for now. Although that LG Optimus G2 is spicy hot!

  • Matt Laney

    An iPhone.

  • kyle

    you verzion bunch are a sad lot indeed.. i feel bad for you all

    • EC8CH

      we welcome your pity.

  • EC8CH

    On Verizon… with an unlockable bootloader… for under $400 retail….

  • Xious

    I want a battery that lasts at least a day with regular usage and a lag-free experience. I couldn’t give a damn about the specs. As long as when I open an app, it opens quickly. It’s just stupid that opening up Messaging or the Phone app lags the phone. Plus the bootloader must be unlockable.

    If they can get those things down, the price is not that big a deal. Everyone is just used to getting something for nothing.

  • chris125

    Be under $400 and available on Verizon at that price(no galaxy nexus BS)

  • Richard Guadagno

    Great battery life, great camera, under$400.00 off contract price


    cheap enough for verizon and run stock aosp

  • Prince Nerd

    Has to have a micro-sd slot, I can deal with daul-core. I will not bow down to “The Cloud” (which I love) 8GB and16GB is for babies in the world of tech and media…no offense but come on Google, memory cards are at an all time low and you removed them from your most precious and prized superphones. Get it right this time……!! Thank You ;-p

  • JoeInMO

    All of these new Moto phones are just mid-grade devices. I’m not sure why anyone would bother with them. I like Moto build quality, but that’s not a reason to buy a device that is a year behind the competition. I’m not a HTC fan, but they seem to have done a great job with the One. The Samsung S4 has great specs, but it’s just more of that Samsung cheap plastic feel. I would have bought a Moto X if it could compete with the other high end phones, but it’s not even close.

    • Tyler

      Leaked benchmarks show its on par with the Snapdragon 600 processor.

    • azndan4

      Agreed. It’s 2013 but all the motorola phones are using 2011/2012 technology. “Wahh, the software is optimized!!” Well, you can install “optimized” software on any other snapdragon phone with an unlockable bootloader, big deal.

      • Render

        Please link to the 2011/2012 technology in the Moto X/new Droids since its non existent. The new Motorola devices must (fact, they support 802.11AC) be the newer refreshed Krait 300 cores, which are the same cores as in the GS4. That is why the device performs much better than all of the other S4 Pro processors, but not quite on par with the GS4 (its the same processor with two fewer cores, not confirmed…but very likely).

        As for software optimization, take a look at WP devices as a perfect example…much slower specifications, yet as smooth/smoother than a GS4 experience according to just about any review.

        You will thank Motorola when you can use voice recognition/commands/GPS/Phone radios while multitasking on the phone with zero lag since the processing is separate.

        The question is: at the end of the day will you notice the difference between 2 and 4 cores? Probably in benchmarks, but in user experience with the offloading…likely not.

        The other question is: will Motorola notice a difference in sales had they used the “latest and greatest” and marketed a $600 (off contract) vs $200-$300 (rumored) flagship due to a slightly lower spec’ed main processing core? Everyone saw how the Nexus 4 flew off the shelves…

        • Diablo81588

          I agree with you, but in all fairness, the Nexus 4 was never on any shelves ๐Ÿ˜‰ In store availability plays a big factor in smartphone sales.

          • Render

            This will likely be available immediately August 1st following the event on all carriers both online and in store…then the customized versions will be specially ordered through the play store. VZW typically launches phones on the Thursday of the week, so its no coincidence that Google and Motorola chose Thursday for the announcement.

            This also means that for the first time ever, you will be able to buy a device on VZW unlocked and NOT through their channels…

          • Diablo81588

            Cross our fingers.

        • Kenton Douglas

          I’d also like to see Motorola maintain this X8 architecture and upgrade it when/if appropriate: swap Krait 400 for 300, Adreno 330 for 320, etc. rather than get involved in the core count race (i.e. X10 implying a quad core CPU). From the information available the X8 looks like an optimal solution. No need to chase the market.

    • Render

      Please provide proof to back this claim up since there are not official reviews of any of the new Motorola devices yet. Specifications are not everything…in this day and age with computers (even though you can get 8 cores, or 16 core servers the standard is 4 unless you need to use extremely processor/memory intensive applications), and that will likely become the trend with smartphones. There are not applications in existence on android that will take advantage of a quad/octo core processor.

      RAM/GPU will be far more important, as well as smart power management. Motorola has the same GPU as the GS4 and the same amount of RAM…but they also have sophisticated processing that will make things like voice recognition/display control/radio control smoother than on a GS4. Why? Because there are dedicated processors for these tasks versus tying up the main processing power.

      This will provide a superior user experience to the GS4 (especially when using Google Now), as well as better battery life. Studies have also been done independent of Motorola that show that 4.7″ is the sweet spot for screen. What this shows me is that Motorola, unlike Samsung and everyone else is investing time and money into actually IMPROVING the user’s day to day experience versus slapping the latest and greatest specifications in the device.

      Look for the next snapdragon lineup to follow suit with dedicated sensor processing…this is game changing and will quickly become the norm.

      • Kenton Douglas

        Very well said. The RAM/GPU combo as always been the key (assuming you understand basic computing architectures). Look at Apple, their fastest phones/tablets have dual core A9 derivatives clocking at 1.3-1.4Ghz, but they are paired with some of the best GPUs on the market. You’re right, the basic spec wars are over and from here it’s about incremental CPU and GPU improvements, not basic core counts. Highly integrated SoCs (including sensors) is the other area to watch as you mention.

    • NemaCystX

      There will be 3 different Moto X variants, and the ability to customize it seems to include specs

      Ghost is the lowest

      Yetti & Sasquatch are unknown, but its possible Motorola might be like Dell and let you choose your specs along with color and material etc

  • evan brown

    Less than $400 off contract on VZ for the highest capacity

  • Timothy Bracken

    More storage..ill probably buy it regardless of price. I may even stop rooting and CMing since stock has become so feature rich.

  • David Wagoner

    For me it really comes down to if the bootloader can be unlocked or not.

  • NemaCystX

    1. Affordable off contract price
    2. Color options that I’ll like (green/orange etc)
    3. A nice big screen that doesn’t get hot to the touch like my S3 *ouch*
    4. A good battery with decent battery life
    5. A good camera
    6. UI needs to be intuitive and easy to use and not sluggish

    I think I can check off each of those right now actually ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joe Mihalich

    Stock Android, Unlockable on Verizon, and cheap enough to buy off contract. In other words, there’s no way i’m getting it.

    • speraider430

      Haha at least you are being real…I’m stuck in the same boat

    • Ken Donahue

      If they did that, this thing would sell like hotcakes. And draw subscribers.

    • microdot44

      Are you Coach Mihalich from Niagara’s son?

  • Eric

    I’ll wait a month after the release to possibly get it. That way I know if any issues exist they will already be noted by then.

  • Sankyou

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble but even if it is $300 on Big Red – they are going to exempt data grandfathering. The Verizon trend is getting everyone off of that plan and they haven’t been subtle.

    • Galaxy S4

      Verizon will one day kill unlimited regardless of contract or not.

    • Galaxy S4

      I’ll still get it nonetheless though.

  • gregmr

    Good camera and ~$325 off-contract on VZW

  • marko358

    A 32gb or 64 gb option, solid battery life, a promise of timely updates, top tier camera, backplate materials options (i.e., aluminum, etc.), and competitive price. You meet those criteria and I’m sold.

  • Vooyah

    I’m done with Motorola. I was absolutely pumped to get the Droid Razr Maxx and other than the great battery life and the ruggedness of the phone, i have been very disappointed. This phone is so sluggish that it is barely usable sometimes. I’ve done factory resets on it twice, to no avail. This phone did the unthinkable: It made me miss my original HTC Droid Incredible. I am definitely getting an HTC One soon. No More Motorola for me.

  • Jesse Blacklock

    unlockable bootloader, cheap enough retail, nfc w/ google wallet access, long battery life

  • RedXander

    Unlocked on Verizon…

    The beauty of Android is I can customize my experience with it. I see a lot of people clamoring for 1080p and Quad Core processors but I think Motorola kept a tactful approach with regard to those choices.

  • Anti_Ameritopian

    Big Win: Unlocked Bootloader
    Minor Win: Locked Bootloader but no VZW Bloatware – frequent updates to OS.
    Must Have: $300 off-contract!

    • Dan S

      This is exactly what I am hoping for. A Moto device with an unlocked bootloader.

    • speraider430

      So you want a Nexus device?

      • Kristopher

        but moto has no nexus devices though

  • Maniko

    Available in Europe.

    … Damn.

  • Ramana

    Less than 400, On Verizon.
    Skeptical about that though.

  • SeanPlunk

    Really to me the entire success of the Moto X boils down to price.

    If it’s $299 for a 16GB and $349 for a 32GB off contract it’s a success. Anything higher than that and it just becomes a normal phone.

    An un-encrypted bootloader would also be a nice bonus ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ben Davis

      I would be happy with a 32GB Moto X. I would be THRILLED with a 64GB Moto X.

  • KoTiell

    Depending if they talk about a hero device that will come later…
    If the specs stay the same and it’s around $300 off contract, I’ll buy one.

  • Rickerbilly

    5.5″ screen. SD card slot.

    • Tyler

      This is not the phone you are looking for ….

    • Diablo81588

      This is not a tablet.

      • Rickerbilly

        Neither is the Note II but it has a 5.5″ screen. It also has a sd card slot. Vote down my opinion fan boys.

    • tomn1ce

      Good luck with that, maybe in 2014

    • Rickerbilly

      So vote-downers, why? I hate the vote up and down cowards, say why! Bigger screens are nice. I love my Note II and would love a reason to go back to Moto, but I will not go that small! That is what i am saying. Vote it down a holes.

  • Jeff Torres

    $300 off contract on Verizon

    • starnovsky

      I don’t think Verizon had such prices like ever for any smatphone. Unlocked GSM directly from Moto – not out of question.

      • cheeto0

        Yea thats a good point, Even tmobile which carries the nexus 4 charges more for it than the play store does.

      • turdbogls

        it doesn’t matter if verizon doesn’t sell it directly. if moto/google sells it off contract, they can price it whatever they want.

        i think.

        • xpyroxcorex

          yes, but it all comes down to whether or not verizon lets moto sell it outright, just like with the galaxy nexus, when the price dropped on google play, verizons phones were still 599

          • turdbogls

            very true….but was the VZW gnex ever sold throught the play store? not that i can remember. this might be just like the t-mobile/google nexus 4 pricing. it will be more through the carrier to take advantage of unknowing customers (who would use the payment program or on contract pricing) but would still be cheaper though google/moto directly. We’ll know tomorrow. i hope it is the way i described it.

  • tyguy829

    That 2200mah battery needs to last at least 24 hours with normal use, the bootloader needs to be unencrypted, they need to prove they can handle quick updates (i.e. 4.3 by the end of august), and it has to buck the trend of $600+ phones. $199 or $299 would be amazing, but realistically, $350 or under is fine.

    edit:oh and that cheap, unlocked price must include the verizon version. that’s what has me worried

  • Chris King

    If they optimize it correctly it won’t need a quad core. And really screens on A 720 P phone is still pretty good. so for the right price I don’t see this having a hard time competing

    • Dean

      I was curious about this and researched it a bit. According to two experts in the field of human vision, humans can’t notice a difference in image quality over 260-300 ppi (based on each experts limit) at roughly 12 inches away from their face. Based on leaks, the Moto X will be at 312 ppi which is over that range, so I’m good with the 720p.

      A few articles claimed that ppi is the “new” megapixels; something to continue to develop for marketers to boast.

  • Adam Ismail

    $300 off contract or less. I am studying abroad this fall and if the Moto X is that cheap off contract, it’s a no brainer for me. I’ll use it while I’m out of the country and when I return I’ll take it to T-Mo or AT&T. I’ll be done with Verizon for good.

  • Bigger battery + SnapDragon 600/800 (but we all know this isn’t happening)

  • Fozzybare

    cheap, would love for it to be sold at best buy…at that cheap price…off contract…because we know how best buy likes to gouge off contract pricing…

  • StephenRice

    It needs to be everything my Nexus 4 is with better battery life for the same price.

  • Kim

    Available immediately.

  • Doug Dunfee

    Cheap enough price I can buy it @ retail and ride out my contract at Verizon.

    • aye_winchell

      THIS ^^

    • duoexo

      I’m with this man!

      Edit: Hahaha I mean, I agree with this man. Silly me.

      • MagicMike Kelley

        Listen – we’re OK with it. And we’re proud of you for being so brave and honored you chose to come out to us.

    • jasonlee1

      this is EXACTLY what im hoping for. solid phone thats an upgrade from my aging gnex at a ultra low retail price.

      • TheKaz1969

        I am in the same exact boat, and want to keep my unlimited data. If this is half the off-contract price of the HTC One, it is going to be a tough choice for me..

        • Monk3374

          With the unlimited data apparently there is a way they can continue your plan. My friend did it in the Albuquerque Costco last week. Though she got an s3 for $30, dunno if that had something to do with it.

          • She probably lost her unlimited data because the Costco employee was just trying to make a sale

          • Monk

            No she still has it…. It was some chick that did it for her boyfriend right in front of her.

          • companyemails

            It’s not a way to continue your plan, what it is is that under federal law they can’t kick you off your plan even if they change it, so long as you continue to make monthly payments, even after your original contract expires. the catch is that to do so, you can’t make any changes to the service being provided under your existing plan. This means that things such as new phones have to be purchased at full retail and any alteration to your plan would automatically allow the carrier to move you to something else. Ride out your contract, keep making the exact same payments and buy your own phone and you can’t get bumped off your unlimited data plan.

      • Jian

        same here,

      • cheeto0

        Yup im dying for stock/near stock android phone on my grandfathered unlimited verizon plan. Since I will be paying full price for it moto x phone hopefully will fit the bill.

    • Matthew Mascarenas

      around 300 would be nice…24 months is too long to wait for an upgrade and 6 or 7 hundred dollars is way too much for retail

      • Blue Sun

        Can you imagine having this device for 36 months in Canada?

    • Bret Horick

      Hate to say. The Moto X will not be the low cost phone of everyone’s dreams. The X is closer to a hero device than a mid-range or cheap phone. Just because it has a 720p screen and a “dual-core” processor doesn’t mean it’s low-spec and will automatically be cheap.

      I think everyone is underestimating the X8 processor and the little difference 1080p makes on a such a small screen. This phone will compete with the S4/One.

      • Doug Dunfee

        $399 for the 16GB would be ok, but much more and it’ll be a tougher call. There was pretty significant chatter about Moto being very aggressive in pricing and not being very profit focused with Google backing them. I understand the S4 Pro in it might be the new S4 Pro (aka Krait 300), but I guess we’ll find out for sure on Thursday. Definitely rooting for them.

        • Bret Horick

          I still think $399 is still not attainable. I think when Dennis Woodside was speaking about quality and affordable phones at All Things D11 he was referring to a separate model. Motorola is a separate company from Google, and thus, do not inherit each others philosophies. Google just owns Motorola. Moto is still treated just like any other OEM by Google.

          If the Droid Ultra is any indicator, with VERY similar specs it’s MSRP $599. The Droid Mini’s MSRP is $549. Granted that is partially because of Verizon. Either way, not seeing this phone getting below $449 or even $499.

          • Diablo81588

            Then how does Google sell the 16GB Nexus 4 for 349? Its doable.

          • Bret Horick

            Because that is Google, and the Nexus line is built in Google’s vision of what an Android device should be. The N4 is also built overseas by LG, and not in the USA by Moto.

            Moto is also a separate company from Google. Just because Google can and has done something in the past doesn’t mean it’s feasible for a company, whose primary revenue stream comes from device sales, like Motorola can do it. As a separate company Motorola has to MAKE money. They can’t sell it’s flagship device at a loss.

          • Frogskins

            There is a lot of lip service paid to the fact they are a separate company and treated like every other OEM. I say BS. I say it is nothing more than something said to calm the fears of other OEMs. I have no doubt in my mind that Google engineers have been located within Motorola’s walls to ensure this product is as good as it can be.

          • Guest


          • JB

            At a loss? Hardly. Selling it for $349 is still making a sizable profit. It’s just a matter of the degree of profit Moto and others want to make

          • zurginator

            You do realize that LG made a profit of $1.50 per phone last quarter, right? And that’s with them selling the Nexus to Google at ~$450. Google takes a hit for the Nexus line, just like Amazon (though theirs are built cheaper and thus sell closer to cost).

          • JB

            Not sure where you’re getting that. It makes little sense to me that LG phones would cost that much when it only costs ~$190 to make an iPhone which is made with better and more expensive parts. So, selling an iPhone for retail $600 when it costs $190 is a hefty profit. Android phones don’t cost as much to make, esp being made out of plastic

          • zurginator

            Parts is the second cheapest part of producing a phone. Manufacturing is the cheapest. Marketing, engineering, and design are the 3 most expensive.

            However let’s assume it costs $190. That’s a $410 profit per phone, yes? So in selling 31m phones (they sold that many last quarter) Apple would bank 12.7 billion dollars. Actual number? 6, and that includes apps, iTunes, their ad system, iPads, iPods, and Macs.

          • Al-Burrit0

            I say Verizon has something to do with that!

        • Christopher Moore

          Way to much and let me explain why. I have 4 lines and 2 will be eligible for upgrade in 2 weeks on Verizon. I lost my unlimited plan when I got my Note 2 so that option is out. And in my case the monthly payments remain the same if I have a contract vs buying the phone outright. If that’s the case I would rather get a phone on contract for $200 vs $400; I will save $200 (if on Verizon).

      • kafka7

        I’m hoping they can get in the N4 price range (which had some pretty solid specs for the money in its own right, what with that quad-core).

      • PhillipCun

        I think the perception that the Moto X will be low cost is because the rumors also stated it will be priced aggressively. While I agree it won’t be near the N4 pricing, I think it will be significantly less than the $500-600 price range.

        I agree. There is more to the phone that meets the eye. Spec for spec, it’s not the best or close to the best. What kept me interested is that Moto-Google decided to focus on improving the user experience while addressing many flaws in most Android phones. IMO, their “gimmick” features are more than just for marketing (unlike Samsung). Many of the features rumored are things that I would like to use.

      • Bobby Wright

        (2013) Nexus 7, Quad core, Camera (front and back), Surround sound speakers, Full HD screen, 2GB RAM, $229 for 16GB, $269 32GB..
        It wouldn’t be out of the question for the Moto X to be a low cost type device.

        • serotheo

          I don’t think that’s an equal question considering that the Moto X is a phone, designing the hardware for a phone surely must be more complicated to figure out how to fit the internals in a way that uses the same space as it would on a tablet.. but smaller.

          • arlhokie

            I think it’s comparable. Look no further than the pricing of the LTE nexus 7 for a good point of comparison. It has multiband LTE hspa and gsm and is priced $300-400.

        • JimmyHACK

          let’s please not try to use tablet pricing as a phone pricing bearing.

        • George264

          Are we all forgetting the Nexus 4? That has quad core, 720p, 2GB RAM for 350

          • zurginator

            And is subsidized.

            Now let’s assume for a second that they can actually sell that for $350 and cut a profit. A comparable device is what, $500? That would mean $150 in profit. That would mean $150,000,000 in profit in a year, even if only 1 million were sold.

            When is the last time you saw numbers like that?

          • linux_ftw

            Nexus 4 is not subsidized… LG has said they are making money off the phone. And the BOM of most high end smartphones is around $200.

          • zurginator

            Bom leaves out the 3 most expensive costs in any project: engineering, design, and marketing. Not to mention logistics and manufacturing (which granted is next to nothing). LG makes a profit because they sell it at the same cost as the Optimus G (450-500), T-Mobile adds their profit (woo retail markup), Google adds a subsidy. This is evidenced by the Nexus 7, which was shown as $250, then got redesigned and a camera added (more cost), but also dropped in price. This worked, and Google tried it on other products. I don’t think they expected the N4 to explode like it did, and I suspect we won’t see as large a subsidy this year.

            Tomorrow I’ll run HTC and Samsung’s numbers, if I can dig them up. Maybe Apple too, just for lulz.

          • zurginator

            Aight I got lazy, but I did an Apple comparison (using a $190 BOM). Here we go, copied from another thread, assuming $600 for an iPhone:

            “However let’s assume it costs $190. That’s a $410 profit per phone, yes? So in selling 31m phones (they sold that many last quarter) Apple would bank 12.7 billion dollars. Actual number? 6, and that includes apps, iTunes, their ad system, iPads, iPods, and Macs.”

            Profit margins aren’t near as large as they appear to be.

      • starnovsky

        Nexus 4 was/is a hero device and still costs $300+

      • cheeto0

        it might not be extremely cheap but it will be cheaper than other hero devices. The mot ceo has said flagship smartphones currently are overpriced.

        • zurginator

          Mostly due to carrier mark-up though, which Moto has no control over (aside from selling direct).

          LG made a whopping $1.50 in profit per phone last quarter.

      • CNNdawg

        I’d still love to see Google try and be a disruption in the market and get a strong device in at a non-contract price that is very attractive. I agree with Bobby Wright below. We are quickly coming to a point of real commodification in the phone market (geez, see much banter these days about the latest laptop release) … and then it’s gonna come down to a price war. The “most amazing” technical advances and capabilities in the latest phone releases really pale in comparison to the leaps that were made in the earlier models. My S3 is still a mighty fine device for me.

      • ERIFNOMI

        Motorola said they don’t need to have huge profit margins for their phones. They can sell a phone for a lot less, get more of them out there, more people will be using Google services, Google gets ad revenue from people using their services, Google owns Motorola….it’s not a hard connection to make.

      • DainLaguna

        I agree with all that youve said….but the x8 processor stuff is just blatant moto lies. Its a dual core s4 pro. The rest is fluff and PR speak.

        • Django

          Please explain how you know so much about the X8 and why it’s fluff….

    • jose

      As much as I hate Verizon I don’t see myself switching. There’s no other viable carrier options for me right now. Whatever phone I get next will be at full retail to keep unlimited data. So for me:

      – a GREAT camera, up to par with HTC and Samsung.
      – nice display
      – more than 16gb storage, 32gb should be minimum

      • czechm8

        I’m deep into VZ with the whole family on a shared plan, as well as my home phone. I won’t be switching carriers either. VZ has the best networkk coverage by far, but I’m really frustrated with their closed-door approach to putting new, desirable devices on their network. I was looking forward to the HTC One, but I’m not so sure now. I like what I’ve heard of the LG G2, but who knows when VZ will finally approve that phone……..July 2014? Still using a GNex and clinging to my unlimited data!

        • Monk

          She got a new s3 for $30 and still has her unlimited plan…

    • tomn1ce

      Be VoLTE ready…

    • radiohead14

      $300, amazing camera, amazing battery

    • Doug Dunfee

      Oh, and an unlocked or easily cracked bootloader is kind of assumed. No way I’m paying those extortionist tethering fees.

      Additionally, holy crap 145 up votes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess I’m not the only one craving some freedom.

    • helengoodloe22

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    • Mayoo

      Cheap, as little bloat as possible (none would be cool, but ain’t happening). But definitely price. Since N4 came out, I realized I don’t have to be stuck on a contract ever again.

    • Tran Nguyen

      I totally agree with you. Mid range phone price isn’t same as top range phones (Galaxy S4, HTC One…etc). I am a Verizon customer too.

  • Ahmed Abbas

    it needs to have a 32 gb model and/or sd card slot ( which doesn’t exist )

  • Geekdad

    More storage!

    • Galaxy S4

      More storage + Expandable memory…sign me up! I’ll ditch my GS4. I’ve gotten bored with bloaty touchwiz.

      • Tyler

        Down voted because stealing peoples pictures is not cool.

        • BenderBendingRodriguez0101001

          What’s the story behind your down votes?

      • jose

        Down voted because you look like Bionic.

        • Galaxy S4

          LOL. People must really hate that guy.

        • tomn1ce

          Which one? There’s 2 of them now, Bionic or Bi0nic? With the same avatar pic -_-

          • HANS

            You also forgot BionIc. Bi0nic seems like a cool guy though if you read his comments. The actual Bionic deleted his account today. He actually posted in here under a new username but now it just appears as Guest.

          • moelsen8

            Really? That sucks. Never had a problem with the guy. He seemed like good people.

          • KleenDroid

            They are all the same kid. He is just having some fun.

            Nobody really cares much about any of the stuff they “he” writes.

          • tomn1ce

            There were 3 of them? Interesting! I don’t have anything against Bionic I was just asking Jose to which BIONIC was he referring to!!!

        • KleenDroid

          Galaxy S4 is Bi0nic.

          He is a kid that enjoys several aliases.

      • KleenDroid

        Then root, Loki, and unbloat. Unless you made the grave mistake of being stock and accepting the ota update. Never buy a phone that you can’t unbloat.

        I would recommend Eclipse S4 TW 1.5 if you didn’t make the mistake of updating.

        • Guest

          • KleenDroid


          • KleenDroid

            Galaxy S4 IS “Bi0nic”

  • Nothavingit

    Bigger battery