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Video: An In-depth Look at Google Chromecast (Updated)


Is it safe to say that Chromecast is the talk of the tech world since its unveiling, yesterday at Google’s breakfast with Chrome boss Sundar Pichai? We’ve already seen it sell out through Google Play, Amazon, and Best Buy (online), and have had more emails in our inbox about it than any other product announcement in recent memory. At $35, I can’t exactly say that I’m surprised, though. 

So today, we’re taking an in-depth look (12-minute video overview) at Google’s new HDMI dongle that streams video, music and Chrome browser tabs to TVs from phones, tablets, and computers. You’ll hear me say in a number of times in the video below, but after spending 5 minutes with Chromecast, it’s painfully obvious that this is the new Nexus Q. The functionality here is identical to what Google originally showed off on the Q, except Chromecast costs $35 and the failed Q ran $299.

It’s a fairly simple device, both in functionality and setup. But probably most importantly, it’s one of those devices that hides in the background, yet is always available should you need it. And since it works with both Android and iOS devices, you are bound to have something lying around that can take advantage of it. Assuming of course, that you have a need for streaming content from a smaller screen to a bigger one.

Enjoy the video. Feel free to drop any questions in the comments!

Video Overview






After posting this initial video, we had a bunch of important questions in the comments that needed to be answered, so I’m doing that through this section. Also, since most of you wanted to know how streaming sites like Hulu, ABC, and NBC worked, we filmed another quick video with them in action. Oh, Netflix is in there too.


Other notes:

  • Netflix works great. Streams from either computer or app using the Cast button. Should be full 1080p.
  • My Netflix codes arrived via email about 12 hours after initial setup. I’ve seen some report that they are getting codes at the time of purchase, but this was my experience.
  • I tested video from Hulu, ABC, and NBC – they all worked great once I got my WiFi connection solid through the Chromecast.
  • I mentioned in the video (but didn’t show) that you can go full screen video on sites like Hulu and ABC – just want to confirm that yes, you can go full screen.
  • Chromecast can plug into anything that has an HDMI port. In other words, you could plug it into a monitor if you wanted to (pictured below). I plugged mine permanently into my audio receiver, so that it would use my home theater sound and not just my TV’s.


  • The quality of your PC browser tab casting all depends on your WiFi connection. Since my receiver is low to the ground, in a corner, and pushed up against a wall, it’s not exactly in the best spot for a Chromecast that needs a WiFi connection. If you use this setup, you’ll definitely want to use the extender that’s included in the box to get better positioning. After tweaking mine, I’m getting a much better connection and experience when casting Chrome tabs.
  • Chromecast settings tweaks may help as well, especially if your connection isn’t the best. By tapping on the Cast icon for the Cast extension, you’ll get a chance to toggle options (pictured below). Since my WiFi is struggling to connect with the Chromecast, I left mine at “High (720p)” and have had no problems.

chromecast settings

  • If you are casting from a mobile device (tablet or phone), it will continue to cast even with your screen off – not your TV screen, but your mobile device screen.
  • Receiving notifications during a cast doesn’t interrupt the cast. So if you get an email or text or Hangouts message while you are casting a video to YouTube, playback goes uninterrupted.
  • If you are watching TV through one HDMI input and then Cast something from a device, it will automatically switch over to the Chromecast input. Once done, though, you’ll have to manually switch back to your TV input.
  • Sideloaded or on-device music cannot be casted to Chromecast. You’ll get this error:


  • Here is our video setup tutorial – Hope its useful to anyone looking for a little help


  • Jeremy Davis

    can you use two different Chromecasts on two different TVs to stream two different videos if you use two different devices?

  • [email protected]

    After the update that rolled out a few days ago, my chromecast gives
    me the message: “ChromecastXXXX connected to, but can’t access the
    internet” it advised that I run the Chromecast app to choose a different

    Problem is, if the chromecast isn’t connected to your network, the
    app cant find it. Since the Chromecast device isn’t showing up in my
    wireless devices on my router, I assume this means the device has
    connected to a neighbor’s internet. The factory reset(holding button
    down for 25 seconds) just changes the number on the chromecast ID, but
    brings me back to the same problem.

    Anyone have any idea how to completely wipe the device? Or how to
    contact google support via Email? The Chromecast page only has a
    ‘feedback for the developers’ area. I’ll never get an answer.

  • rosssimpson

    I want mine but I’m here in the UK 🙁

  • milkywayer

    So I’ve seen a lot of reviews since yesterday but most either skip or have little info on how good video file playback is in the chrome tabs / hdtv. I want to get rid of the hdmi cable between my laptop and hdtv. really hoping chromecast is the solution. Someone with the stick please try and confirm results.

  • Jordan

    I’d like to know if you can stream the same content from one PC to multiple chrome casts connected to different TVs.

    My work would like to feature different HDTVs throughout the business featuring the same product video streaming from one PC. Does anyone know if this is possible?

    If it was answered I apologize. I understand that it allows streaming different devices to different chrome casts but wasn’t sure about streaming from one device to multiple chrome casts.

    Thanks for any information.

  • Paul Natsch

    I picked up one of these today at the Best Buy near my house and I got the Netflix promotional code. This was an unexpected surprise but I’ll take it! They had two left. I live in a Apple house and simply wanted a way to inexpensively play Netflix on my large screen TV and it does that perfectly and I can continue using my devices for other things at the same time. I tried tab casting from my iMac and that worked pretty well too although any kind of video (like HBO GO) wasn’t quite as good as the native applications but it is watchable. Dragging local files into the chrome browser on my iMac also worked well enough to watch.

    The only real downside I’ve seen is that it doesn’t automatically switch inputs for me when I start casting like it seems to for others. Maybe you need a newer TV for something like this? I’m using a four year old LG HDTV.

    But overall it’s really hard to criticize this thing for $11 (if you’ve got the Netflix promotion like I did) or $35. And I imagine it’s only going to get better.

  • Michael

    Just thinking about the Device and this would be great for traveling in hotels.

    • Anuj Goyal

      wont work due to AP restrictions on wifi router…

  • Zach Davis

    I’m really wondering about trying something with the Chromecast. Could I set it up with the Name, connected to my wifi and everything, and then plug it into only my surround sound? If I could just have my surround sound plugged in, with no tv or anything, and plug the chromecast into one of the inputs and switch to it. Maybe that’d work? I’ll have to test it out later today after I pick mine up from Best Buy 😛

  • Victor Lugo

    Does this thing get hot if you run it too long? I was also curious if others with Chromecast can pick up your signal.

  • Guest

    can you show locally stored pictures through it in addition to just video?

  • John

    Samsung Smart TV does not handle Adobe Flash, and will not allow you to use intelligent browsers, e.g. Chrome, Safari, Explorer. You are stuck with clumsy Samsung browser.

  • Alex Richards

    Is it possible to show CPU usage on your phone whilst you’re casting? I’m guessing from the demo it basically just pulls in the info (URL) from the phone and the ChromeCast will just grab the actual content directly from the internet rather than streaming from your phone. Just want to be sure this is what happens in the background 🙂

  • crazed_z06

    So if I’m watching a video in Chrome on the PC, can I cast that to the TV? Like say I’m watching HBO GO on the PC in Chrome, can I cast that to the TV?

  • Reverend Ozz

    Has anyone been able to get the Gallery to push photos / videos to the chromecast? Via Android not the web extension.

  • Reverend Ozz

    Has anyone been able to get the Gallery to push photos / videos to the chromecast? Via Android not the web extension.

  • mgamerz

    Does tab casting work on the samsung ARM chromebook? I’m getting a bad vibe it won’t…

    • PSU_DI

      casting for chromebook is limited to the pixel per yesterdays anoincement

      • tyguy829

        other chromebooks coming soon though

      • tyguy829

        other chromebooks coming soon though

  • Rob Miller

    Anyone know if you have two different TV’s if you can cast to both at the same time if you have two chromecast units?

  • Dean Milord

    If I may just say Kellex that I’m loving the Weeknd playlist!! LOL Can’t wait to get 1or 2 or 5 of these, LOL.

  • booked

    The chromecast app on my desktop says my wifi is turned on, but it is. I connected it with the app on my droid dna. why is it doing this?

  • tu3218

    I have a projector in my basement where I’d like to use this, my problem is what is everyone doing for audio? I guess I could plug into my regular HDTV, but audio from TV speakers suck. What’s everyone doing?

    • Keith New

      Do you have HDMI ports on your A/V switcher?

      • tu3218

        I don’t have a A/V switcher. I have audio outs from my bluray, and cable box going to my stereo. Then the video out(hdmi and component) are going to my projector. I’d have to plug chromecast into my projector but don’t know what I’d do for audio.

  • trlovejoy

    ” I plugged mine permanently into my audio receiver, so that it would use my home theater sound and not just my TV’s.” That’s good to know, thanks.

  • Scott

    I just checked and a local store has it in stock. Just clicked purchase lets see if i can actually pick it up today like it says….

    • Scott

      just got my confirmation email. On my way to pick it up now

  • Chris King

    so which is better this or the Android stick that runs full Android

  • Tommy Kavounidis

    what about spotify?

    • Jon

      I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon. I know the SDK was released but do you know how long it took for the Spotify app to get landscape mode? Track record doesn’t point to it looking good IMHO

  • Alix8821

    As Cool as this is, my Samsung Smart TV does most of this already….

    Although, I’ll prob get it anyway after a few paychecks stop by my bank account

  • Juan Camilo Giraldo Chaverra

    What about hangouts ? A video call on this should be Great !

  • acgr4me

    I was able to get one through Best Buy. They had it available in a certain store. I am not sure why I bought it, but since they say it is the next best thing, I thought to myself why the hell not.

  • Andy Geoghegan

    I see you have the option to stream to a smart TV. Do you need the Chromecast key to do this?

    • Alix8821

      No, I am streaming YouTube from my N7 to my Sammy Smart TV right now… kinda mad i did so. Now not AS excited for Chrome Cast

  • Matthew Fura

    Kellex, if my amp is set to another input, say my TV, will the Chromecast automatically switch over once I start casting something? Or will I have to manually switch inputs to be able to view the casts?

    • Yep, if you are watching TV and then decide to cast something, it automatically switches over. Once you are done, you’ll have to manually switch back to TV though.

  • Jon

    I’d love to see an extension for Chrome for Android! My 4G is faster than my ISP.

  • Smeckle

    Kellex, two questions:
    1) How does this affect battery life on the phone/tablet?
    2) Does responding to any texts, emails, etc. on our device during playback stop the playback to the television as well? (guessing yes)

    • 1) I don’t know this for a fact, but since this streams from Wifi I am assuming it won’t affect your device too much.
      2) Responding to texts and even completely leaving the device will not stop the playback.

      • Smeckle

        Thanks! So does this mean that if, say, I’m using my phone as the caster and I want to leave and browse online on my phone while still having YouTube or Netflix playing on the television, that would work? An example would be if the video continues playing and is accessible/controllable through the notification bar (like the Google Music notification controls) or something.

        • Yes, you can leave netflix and come back to it. I am not sure if it will have the same notification bar control, but it will work.

          • Smeckle

            Great, thanks! That’s awesome.

    • 1) Tough to tell, but it should be lighter on battery than actually streaming, especially since you can turn the display off. Will take more testing to know for sure though.
      2) Notifications coming through do not affect the cast.

  • Bill D

    Kellex, Can you cast tabs from Chrome on your device or only from a computer?

  • violator702

    Can you stream from other web browsers besides Chrome, specifically the Android browser?

    • Nope. And at this time, you can only stream from Chrome on your computer, not the Android version.

      • Jon

        Hopefully it will get integrated in the mobile version. My 4G is faster than my ISP.

  • You can play music on the TV from your phone then control your phone music with your Pebble. My Pebble can now control the music I play on my tv in the background.

    • That’s pretty awesome!

      • You said it can go full screen for those streaming sites, right? So if I was doing Hulu or playing videos from something like cw.tv it can be full screen and not have annoying text around it?

        • Yep, you can go full screen.

          • Last question, can it be turned off and on? I was hearing some people say it might know to change your TVs channel to the Chromecast automatically knowing you were using it and I think that would be awesome. And if it does, will it change back to the previous channel after you stop casting.

          • Dan

            Would like to know that too. Does it switch the input back once you’re finished?

          • Justin W

            I doubt it, but that’s based on my experience with other devices that auto-switched inputs.

  • remark900

    Will this work with say IceFilms? or 1Channel?

  • Hayden7200

    Do I need a home wifi network for this to work or does it work similar to Bluetooth? Will it work if I use FoxFi for the wifi?

    • I’d imagine it could work with FoxFi, but you need some sort of WiFi connection.

  • Made a big update to the post, with video of Hulu, ABC, and Netflix streaming.

  • Mike

    So I can jam this bad boy into the HDMI input on the front of my Receiver and watch the output on the TV or directly into the TV only?

    • kilbasar

      As long as the receiver is outputting to the TV, doesn’t matter, it functions exactly the same as any other HDMI input you might use (DVD player, cable box, etc)

  • David Swanson

    So I assume with the Apple products it will work the same way – through any of the supported applications? I am guessing if you want to cast from an Apple machine you will have to load and browse with Chrome and then cast the specific tab? Two of my daughters use an iTouch and the other has an iPhone. My wife is iPhone and iPad. I just want to be able to show them how they can use it.

  • David Suarez

    I never received a Netflix code….did you and how soon?

    • I ordered mine yesterday and received the email this morning.

  • ConCal

    Not a specific question but, do you think this has the possibility for gameplay where your android device would be the controller?

    • kilbasar

      I was thinking that too, and I assume they’ll eventually add some functionality like that, because it seems far too obvious and useful. Google already has a number of mini-games that run in chrome and use your phone as the controller, so it seems like the tech is already there. Any game that runs in a browser should be possible.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Based on the few videos i’ve seen there has been lag from controlling device to output on screen. Wouldn’t work for most gaming IMHO.

  • Chris VanAnden

    I saw on the Remote option it listed your GoogleTV…is this option not available on the Logitech Revue?

    I can stream directly from my phone to my Revue with YouTube, but I hardly use my phone to watch YouTube so that’s a useless feature to me. I’d love to stream right from my browser to my Revue, but I’m assuming it’s not supported with the Revue since I don’t get the “Remote” option =/

  • Ben

    Just got done setting up my Chromecast and can answer some “connecting to a receiver” questions. I have a Pioneer VSW-1020 thats only a year old which I have the CC hooked up to. Works fine when you switch to the proper HDMI. Volume controls still work from phone/tablet/PC, ect. When playing Netflix movies if they are encoded in 5.1 the receiver will switch to Dolby Digital Plus which is like virtual 5.1, not going to be as good as a Blu-ray disc. Some movies are encoded in stereo still such as Avengers which I was surprised by. YouTube and Google Music will decode as Stereo only, if you want 5.1 you need to switch the receiver to Dolby Pro Logic or Circle Surround depending on your receiver. Google Play Movies was the biggest disapointment. The two movies I tried (Transformers and Tron: Legacy) both played naitively in stereo not 5.1. Had to force virtual 5.1 through receiver to get 5.1. Hopefully this is addressed very soon. I also had some experimentation with wi-fi bands. I run everything in my apartment on the 5 Ghz spectrum so I had to drop my phone and tablet down to the 2.4 Ghz to set up the Chromecast initially. I was bummed out by this at first but then realized that after your setup is complete you can go back onto your 5 Ghz band and still control the Chromecast just fine. I believe that covers everything that I’ve found so far.

    • sirmeili

      Since you have it hooked up through your AVR, can you do some tests for me?

      1. If you play Google music through it, can you turn off the tv and see if it continues to play?

      2. If you turn off your tv and only have the AVR can you start casting Google Music to it and hear it fine?

      I ask because some of my equipment for some reason stop sending a signal when the TV is not present and I don’t want to have to have the TV on in order to listen to Google Music through this.

      • Ben

        Turned off my TV and audio shut off instantly…really weird. Only thing connected to my TV is my receiver by one HDMI cable through the HDMI out on the Pioneer. Wasn’t expecting that. One other thing, the rumor that HDMI 1.4 can provide power is false. When I pulled out the power cable the Chromecast shut off immediately. My receiver has 1.4a ports.

        • sirmeili

          That is a bit disconcerting. I was really hoping I could use it without my TV. I guess my only hope is that it is your receiver doing it (though I supposed it could be my receiver doing it with my other equipment as well).

        • sirmeili

          Just so you know, mine works with no TV. There is a “hiccup” when you turn the tv off as the EDIDs are re-established without the TV on, but it does kick back back on after a few seconds..

          My setup is:

          Chromecast into Kinivo 5port hdmi switch (with Roku and OUYA)
          Kinivo into Marantz SR7002 reciever
          Marantz Receiver into Sony Bravia 52″ KDL-52XBR4

          As far as HDMI 1.4 offering power, I believe that is false as well, however there are MHL HDMI ports which do provide power. I don’t know if all MHL HDMI ports are HDMI 1.4 or if they can be any version. They do offer power though (enough to charge a mobile device while hooked up to it). That being said, I don’t think the chromecast supports MHL ports as that is meant to be for Mobile devices (Which the Chromecast really isn’t meant to be).

          • EC8CH

            I plugged the chromecast into an MHL port and it still needed the USB power to turn on. In my experience USB power is a must.

            Since I have an MHL enabled TV it would be nice not to have to use the USB power but I can see why they went the universal route so that everyone with older TVs without MHL could use it. The HDMI 1.4 ports providing power are not true.

  • MJZ

    I am also getting the error “Unable to play the song. Can’t play a sideloaded song remotely”. Is there a fix for this? – This is in Google Play Music BTW on a Droid Razr HD Maxx

  • RandinoTheGreat

    Let me just drop this right here, LOL might help some people


    • Fresh360

      You my friend are a saint…I wish i had 92 Quadrillion dollars to deposit in your PayPal account.

  • CaptM

    Damn, it didn’t show it earlier on the Play Store site when I ordered it a few hours ago, but now it is showing that it will ship in 3 to 4 weeks.

    I want to cry!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Any word if Samsung will make an app or way for this to work on their smart tv’s?

  • andrew borrelli

    What I find as one of the cooler capabilities of this thing is that it can power on your TV and automatically switch inputs since it use HDMI-CEC… you should of showed that!

  • vr2o

    I already got mine and tried mirroring the main video on-demand streaming sites from my laptop and it worked seamlessly. Also tried streaming local video from my laptop and worked really good too

    • droidrazredge

      Nice!!! That’s good to know, so delays can be pretty much attributed to network connection speed and not due to chromcast not being supported on all sites yet ? What were some of the sites that you’ve tested ?

      • vr2o

        Hulu and HBO. I would like to cast from my Nexus though and I hope those companies update their apps with Chromecast support

  • Mike

    just plugged mine up and tried to play some songs from my phone and got this “unable to play the song can’t play a sideloaded song remotely” i tried the work around and still nothing. then i deleted the songs off of my phone and they still wouldnt play. is anyone else getting this?

    • Fresh360

      I do not have a ChromeCast yet but it sounds like you downloaded a song directly to your phone and, my understanding is, ChromeCast will not play locally stored media from your handset. If you load the song to Google Music from ur PC/Mac then it will play.

  • Fred Thomason

    Does it work with HBOGO? Is it planned to?

    • Jeff Badger

      You can stream it through the chrome browser. The app needs to be updated first before you do it from a phone or tablet.

  • muffnman

    Is the chromecast tied to a specific google account or can it be password protected? EG: Would I be able to use this a solution for displaying content on a screen in a public place without fearing someone could hijack the chromecast?

  • sirmeili

    Kellex, If you turn the TV off will it still play Google Music through the AVR? This is one of my uses as I don’t need a TV to play Music (I don’t need to see what’s on the tv).

    Further, if you don’t have the TV on in the first place, does it play (Google Music)?

    • Steve Benson

      Hmmm, good question.

    • Jeff Badger

      You shouldn’t need a TV if it is hooked up to a receiver. I would be surprised if Google Music didn’t work.

      • sirmeili

        I asked because some of my equipment stops sending signals over the HDMI cable once the TV is no longer in the chain (turned off). My solution to this has been to use the “Video off” feature of my TV which keeps the TV on, but turns the screen off. I was hoping that this would still continue to pass a signal even with the TV off.

      • sirmeili

        It does (I confirmed it), but some people reported that when the TV was off, it cut off sound for the Chromecast. I believe that some AVRs might do this because they sense there is no Video out and most HDMI devices would more likely than not have video.

    • With my setup, if I turn my TV off, everything follows it and turns off as well.

      • sirmeili

        Just so you know, at least in my setup, it continues to play with or without the TV on. So this is great news for me 🙂

  • JimmyHACK

    Anyone get their netflix codes from amazon yet? UPS already delivered the devices.

    • Steve Benson

      That’s funny because I literally just got my email from Google Play regarding this.

    • Zerogpain

      They said it should take about a week after you order it to get the email with the code

  • Justin Barrett

    Does it work when the screen on the phone/tablet is off?

    • Yep, works fine.

    • Steve Benson


  • Bill Anderson

    Kellex, can you show us what debug mode shows? Per https://developers.google.com/cast/developing_your_receiver

    To debug your receiver, follow these steps.

    With your receiver in the discovery state, locate your receiver device’s IP address on the receiver display.

    In a Chrome browser connected to your network, in the omnibox, enter your.device.IP.address:9222.

    Open Chrome DevTools, and let slip the dogs of war.

  • Will Carter

    Bestbuy had them in stock and got mine a few hours ago. With Netflix, autoplay doesn’t work with chromecast. You have to start each episode from your device. Tried it with iPad and my GS3. Same result.

    • droidrazredge

      Best buy online or Best but in the store ?

      • Zach B.

        I would guess store. My local stores have 1 in stock between the 2. Both reps said they’ve been selling like crazy.

        • droidrazredge

          why did I hesitate to buy one :(. Thanks for the info. I’m going to go on a device-hunt for this thing later on today.

          • Zach B.

            Ooo give em a call. Give them SKU# 9071056. They can check for you right there. One guy even went digging in the warehouse for me.

      • Will Carter

        Saw it online that it was available in store. Ordered it online and did the in-pickup.

  • PSU_DI

    Kellex, have you attempted to Cast a major networks website via Chrome. The was the main reason I sent my GTV back. If you can watch episodes from ABC, CBS, NBC this would be killer.

    • Was just playing with this. You can cast any tab, so yes you can cast those sites. But I’ve found the experience to not be all that hot. If the site isn’t optimized for casting, then there is a delay there.

      Audio came through OK, but the video was choppy and didn’t match the audio in my tests. I don’t think it’s my network either, but I’ll have to further test.

      • Steve Benson

        So you’re saying we won’t be able to stream our porn smoothly?

        • Heh probably not. I just tried Vimeo as well and didnt’ get a great experience.

          • Steve B

            Uh uh uh…I was kidding of course 😉

          • shdowman

            Dealbreaker IMHO

          • Jeff Badger

            Then don’t buy it right away. Google clearly said that streaming was a beta feature and this is probably the reason why. Give it a month or two and I’ll bet that this issue will be gone.

  • joejoe5709

    Great tour! Thanks Kellen! It’s all sold out now, but I’ll get mine in due time. My downstairs TV is connected to a Wifi BluRay Player so it’s less important, but my upstairs bedroom TV is in dire need of something like this. So awesome.

  • yabbadabba

    Can you control two Chromecast from the same device simultaneously? Ex. would be playing music to two separate AVRs within the house (cheap sonos replacement anyone)?

    • I don’t see a way for you to control two separate Chromecasts at the same time, at least through the same app. Because you have to choose which Chromecast you want to cast to, but you couldn’t use one and then choose another, while leaving the original working in the background. If that makes sense.

      I’m wondering if you could cast Music to one, and then YouTube to another. But I’ll have to wait until my others arrive before I can test that.

      • yabbadabba


  • Eldorath

    Ok.. here’s a question.. how on EARTH do you type in your SSID (if it’s hidden) and key for the ChromeCast?? There’s no keyboard, and it’s not on your secured network initially.. so.. how?!?!

    Once it’s connected to your network.. ok.. fine.. I get that you can connect to it remotely.. but prior that?!?

    • Steve Benson

      With the app on your phone or tablet. It makes some sort of direct (wifi direct maybe?) connection so you can perform initial set-up.

      • Eldorath

        See.. I was wondering if it had it’s own secure AP it’d set up… makes perfect sense 🙂

        • Adam Zweimiller

          It’s Ad-Hoc from what I can tell.

    • jathak

      It initially broadcasts its own network that you connect your device to so that you can set it up.

      • Steve Benson

        That makes sense. I figured it was something like this.

  • Masta Marc

    does it steam netflix in HD? 1080? 720?

    • Alex Farra

      It streams it in 1080p

  • Joshua Bailey


    Does the Chrome tab casting work with any online video feed? Like if I pull up ustream will it cast it?

    Also, What model LG TV is that?

    • LG 55LM7600.

      • Joshua Bailey

        Thanks, boss.

      • droidrazredge

        I was wondering what TV it was too so I zoomed into the video @ 4:20 to check what bad boy you had!. Cheers good video and explanation. I kind of wish I had not hesitated yesterday thinking it might not have had a lot of features I wanted. It still shows I can buy through Google play but it’ll take 3-4 weeks. I’ll just wait till best buy gets them in stock again.

  • Silver Veloz

    Great – thanks for the hands on.

  • BeLogical

    does flash video work? abc.com? fox.com? cbs.com? nbc.com?

    • They work, but not great. Video streams fine on my computer, but the connection through Chromecast clearly lags. Sound comes through, but the video stutters like crazy, even falling behind the audio at times.

      • BeLogical

        When will Google and TV Execs ever come to terms? One thing that blows about Google TV…

      • TJWaterskier

        Did you go into the extension settings and choose “high bitrate” ?

      • CapnShiner

        FYI, you should be able to connect the Chromecast dongle directly to your TV and still get sound through your audio receiver. There is a feature supported by the HDMI standard called audio return channel. My home theater receiver doesn’t even have HDMI inputs, so I have an optical S/PDIF cable connected from my HDTV to my receiver. Regardless of the source/input, the audio is played through my surround sound speakers and my TV’s speakers are disabled.

      • michael arazan

        I really wished it worked like my hmi to hdmi adapter I use to mirror my Gnex so I could play games, use apps, see widgets. I’ve gone through 2 different adapters one was a third party one was samsung, they break after 4-6 months, wish their was a wireless one like this chromecast. Whats better an Android stick for your TV or chromecast, seems like more options with an android stick.

        Been waiting for the Archos TV Connect to come out but after 6 months nothing but a landing page with no release date yet

  • Bharath Kannan

    Is the chrome tab projection smooth in terms of FPS? Also, since there is a delay on the projection, is the audio equally delayed such that everything is in sync? Please answer!

    • No delay in audio that I’ve noticed. For watching video, I’m not seeing a massive drop in FPS, but it’s not going to be on-par with the video playing natively on your computer.

      If you mean scrolling on a web page, you’ll definitely see a slight stutter.

  • Masta Marc

    There’s a website Movies 2k or something that allows you to basically watch a LOT of movies.. With this device,, if I am watching this movie in Chrome web browser.. I can stream it to my TV? Or any website that shows flash video? mydailymotion or whatever else?

  • tyguy829

    At 8:25 look in the TV reflection; Kellen says “Hey” to someone.
    Also noticed he turned off Adblock Plus for droid-life. Gettin’ stacks

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    4:24 on the video…you can cast to a smart TV?? I saw the article about Google TV support coming but why is your smart TV showing up on the list with Google TV and the Chromecast?

    • YouTube has allowed you to do that for a while, at least I thought so.

      • EC8CH

        I can confirm the PS3 has been able to do youtube casting for some time now.

        • Thank you, sir. 🙂

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          Yup. Just such a pain to book the PS3 because I can assure you my wife didn’t properly shut it down last time. And of course ps3 is a huge power drain compared to roku or hopefully this.

    • Josh C

      This is why I was debating on getting it or not. Can already do most things with a smart TV.

  • Spencer

    Kellex how does it work with sites like hulu, hbo go, and other video streaming sites?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      From Google Chrome on a computer, yes.

      • Spencer

        audio and video in sync?

        • Hothfox

          I believe that was said to depend on your network and computer speed.

    • My experience with it has been bad, but I can’t fully tell if it’s my network or not. It plays, that’s for sure. But I’ve had choppy video galore.

      • Nick

        Your reports on this seem to contradict others on reddit who said that tabcasting video plays back great, maybe it is a network issue.

        • Tweaked the placement of my Chromecast and am having much better luck now. Hulu and NBC both working great.

          • Justin Barrett

            The placement? What did you change?

      • T4rd

        What type of network are you on? Wireless N at least, I hope? 5 GHz (if it supports it) for no interference? I wonder if it will make use of my 450 Mb/s Wireless N router (that sits directly below my TV)?

  • I want to see the back of the TV to see how he’s hidden all his cables.


    • Leif Sikorski

      He plugged it into his AV System, not the TV.

    • I have 1 HDMI cable running behind the wall to my TV. It comes out bottom left and plugs into my receiver where all my other gear is.

  • Kellen, How does setup work with a protected wifi network?

  • @1MPitts

    If you pick one up in store at Best Buy does that still come with the free 4-month Netflix?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Yes. The code should be on your receipt.

      • Adam Zweimiller

        I got the code on my receipt and in my email. It’s also 3 months not 4.

  • zach471

    Is there a link to the chromecast extension in the desktop chrome store? There are three that come up when I search for “Chromecast.”

  • dannyWHITE

    Kellen did you forget you now have 3 months of Netflix for free!

    • Justin W

      He doesn’t use netflix… So he’s going to give his code to me 🙂

  • Dfigs23

    You listen to The Weeknd….. you are officially my favorite editor on any site.

  • Looking for real info

    Serious question, does anyone know of an android site with unbiased news/reviews? This incessant shilling is fine for serious devotees but i cant take this blind fandom seriously when trying to carefully research services and hardware. Please give me some suggestions guys. Thanks! Oh and I think phandroid is much worse btw.

    • jnt

      Just go to Google News and type “chromecast” – you’ll get reviews from all sides.. the haters, the fanboys, and in between.

      • Looking for real info


    • I just took you on an entire tour of how it works, what else do you want to know? I’m here for questions.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Ugh UPS hurry up, I can’t wait until Tuesday when my Chromecast is scheduled to arrive.

  • EC8CH


    Y U NO use dat 3 free months of Netflix?

    • Can’t stand Netflix. It would mean I’d have to sign-up for an account, put in credit card info, and then remember to cancel once it wasn’t free anymore. 😛

      • TheWhiteLotus

        Why can’t you stand Netflix?

        • I’ve tried it off an on over the years and end up spending more time trying to find something to watch than actually watching anything. And I try to watch a lot of new movies, which Netflix never has.

          • EC8CH

            Netflix deal works on existing accounts AND doesn’t require a credit card to set up new accounts!

            That’s crazy how consumer friendly it is.

      • joejoe5709

        I hate to say it, but if you only use NetFlix sparingly why not ask a buddy if you could his username and password. NetFlix doesn’t restrict how many devices you have.

        • sirmeili

          That’s not true. From Netflix:

          “Once you have an active Netflix membership, you can have six (6) devices registered to your account at any given time, and you may stream up to two (2) movies or TV shows at the same time by default. There is also an option to upgrade to four (4) streams at the same time from the Your Account page.”

          While it is still possible (I did this with my GF for a while before she moved in), you are limited to the number of devices and the number of simultaneous streams.

          edit: Source: https://support.netflix.com/en/node/373

          • joejoe5709

            Ah. Well there ya go. Thanks for the correction, but I don’t think I’ve ever exceeded 6 devices. Still… for argument’s sake I’m sure Kellen has a friend that could lend him a username/password.

  • My 3 are coming in tomorrow. Ready to rock this.

    • EC8CH

      Droid Life Readers Contest…

      Who bought the most Chromecasts on launch day?

      Aaron Hurt currently in the lead with 3.

      • tyguy829

        phil nickinson from Android Central has 7 already

        • Justin W

          I… I don’t know what to say to that.. Me in my corner with just one…

    • @1MPitts

      because of you I have to wait lol

  • kronikbudz

    what if I have a sound system/receiver and want to use my speakers and not the tv….do i plug this into the receiver?

    • Boblank84

      you would plug your speaker into the tv as the audio goes throught the hdmi port

    • Bubs

      Plug the Chromecast into the back of your receiver and then connect a hdmi cable from your receiver to your television. If your receiver doesn’t support HDMI, then you’re just SOL.

      • kronikbudz

        my setup is Receiver output to TV input, all peripherals connect to my receiver not the TV because i want sound from the speakers.

        I run video and audio through my receiver.

        I should be able to just connect this to my receiver in an open HDMI port.

        • This is exactly how my setup is. When I switch to the Chromecast, it switches over to the HDMI port that I have it setup through on my receiver.

          • toddersv

            it doesn’t change the receiver input thought, right? you have to change that manually?

          • toddersv

            it doesn’t change the receiver input thought, right? you have to change that manually?

    • I plugged mine into my receiver, yes.

      • kronikbudz

        ok, so per the demo….if it was plugged into your tv you could have the tv on a diff video output or off and if you sent a chromecast for youtube to the tv it would turn on and autotune to the correct hdmi port. Presumably this can’t be done if it is plugged into a receiver.

        • kronikbudz

          *per the google demo*

        • tyguy829

          i think it is all a question of whether the tv supports CEC. So if there are receivers that support cec, then yes

  • kronikbudz

    Does this have to be done on a TV? Can i do it to a computer monitor….I want to show the guys at work when I get it. Also, there should be some interesting applications for that in general.

    • As long as there is an HDMI in, it shouldn’t matter.

    • Anything with an HDMI port. Here it is quickly swapped into my 2nd monitor:


      • tyguy829

        @kellex:disqus is it possible to setup if the network has one of those browser logins?

        • That I do not know…I should have tried it in my hotel yesterday heh. Sorry.

        • coolsilver

          Best idea ever! I didn’t even think of this. I am all the time going to conventions with friends and pulling up youtube off phones suck.

    • CheeseMcGee

      Nice – chromecast a chrome browser window from your computer into your chromecast plugged into your monitor!

    • Bill Anderson

      It will work, but no audio…

  • Scott

    Glad to see you hid that bundled cord from your miracast video

  • 00111

    um…not all the same functions as the nexus Q

  • sc0rch3d

    funny how you said there won’t be an unboxing and going through the ChromeCast setup, then subsequently talk through it 30 seconds later.

    • Heh well, was just trying to show what was in the box. Habit or something. 😛

  • chaoslimits

    Someone figure out how to make this mirror your display… ;_;

    • Justin W

      I’m betting that’ll be coming. With it able to completely mirror Chrome tabs, I don’t imagine getting it to mirror an entire Android device would be very difficult, but we’ll see.

      • chaoslimits

        With how laggy it seems to be (in Kellex’s vid) display mirroring may not be a good idea.

        • Justin W

          That was the Chrome tab, with it playing a local video file. The Chrome tab projection is also still in Beta, so there are bound to be performance issues.

  • emoney

    white ikea shelf in the background?

  • Dan

    i ordered mine first thing this morning from Best Buy and it’s already shipped. 🙂

    • john monsalve

      how if best buy, google, and amazon all say shipping within 2-3 weeks? i ordered mine yesterday but wont be getting it till august!?

      • Justin W

        BestBuy’s info must be wrong on the web.

      • sirmeili

        Both my orders from Amazon and the Play Store have both shipped. Amazon will be here tomorrow and I paid for 2 day shipping at the play store*, so it should be here tomorrow, Saturday or Monday.

        * if you’re curious, I ordered from the Play store before I realized amazon would be selling them yesterday (and actually shipping them that day) and after I could cancel my order from Play. When I ordered from that play store it said it would ship Aug 2nd, which was apparently wrong. I have the option of refusing the package, but I won’t. I’ll just keep both or give one away to my mom or brother.

  • anezarati

    havent been able to watch the video yet, but has anyone confirmed that it MUST be plugged in to the usb port to power it? it is really deceiving for all the promo shots to just include the little dongle, when it has to have the usb cord running off the end of it.

    i would assume it could just get power from the tv though.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      And anyone who has it already, can you tell us the power consumption?

    • jnt

      From what I’ve read / been told – unless your TV supports HDMI 1.4 or higher, it has to be plugged in to the power adapter or to a USB port on your TV.

      Edit: and I have no idea how “new” or current 1.4 is, so I don’t know how common it is…

    • What TV that you know of provides significant power through the HDMI port?

    • EC8CH

      Some claim hdmi 1.4 provides power to devices, but I’ve never heard of that.

      As far as I know you need MHL to power a device through the HDMI connector, which Chromecast does not have, so you must provide power through USB.

    • I have a pretty new TV, and I still needed USB for power. So I’m not sure.

  • s23

    Kellex’s wifi is smoochie, hmmmmm

    • Best WiFi name ever. 😛

      • s23

        Kellen, I have to ask you, is it me or has everyone for got about the Mini, Ultra, and Maxx? They seem so subpar and then Google steals whatever little ‘flame’ they had. Reminds me of when the OG Razr came out and everyone was like “What! That’s so thin!” and then later in Hong Kong that night ICS came out with the GNEX with an HD screen and everyone forgot about the Razr. All the Verizon associates are probably going to push their customers for the Droids so likely it’ll sell well enough.

        • There wasn’t much of a flame to be stolen. Those new DROID devices are all pretty meh. Couple of cool tricks, but not enough to get anyone all that excited.

          • Greyhame

            Not at that price anyway.

          • Jarred Sutherland


      • Rocketjrb

        Nope… Best WiFi name ever is “ItHurtsWhenIP”

        • onDroid


        • Drome

          hide yo kidz hide yo wifi

        • NSA Surveillance Van 2 😉

          • mejumaxuturi

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            Does this have to be done on a
            TV? Can i do it to a computer monitor….I want to show the guys at work
            when I get it. Also, there should be some interesting applications for
            that in general.

          • Raven

            Nice, I only have a “FBI Surveillance Van” in my neighborhood.

        • cjlee89


        • MaliciousBoy


          • Daniel

            SKYNET :3

          • Justin W


        • chnsawalex


      • Atcbrownie


    • ReturnOfTheMack

      At first glance I read this as wife haha.

    • jenakalinowski325

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  • David Parrella

    Oh good, the Braves are winning!

    • Ethan T

      Unfortunately it was short-lived and the Mets came back 🙁

  • Ma Lor

    getting mine tomorrow

  • djab

    Can’t wait to unbox mine tonight!