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Google Announces Chromecast Dongle, Easiest Way to Bring Online Entertainment to Your TV


The Chrome team announced Chromecast this morning at Google’s SF press event, a dongle that is plugged into your home’s TV HDMI port, allowing for streaming online content right to your television. It is made with YouTube and other video providers in mind, turning any compatible TV into a streaming monster. 

The service is cross platform, meaning even iOS users can take advantage of Chromecast. All control of videos is done with your device, so there is no need to learn any new user interface or things of that nature. In the top of apps, like Netflix and YouTube, a new icon can be found when you want to push a video to your TV. It’s a simple way of watching your favorite content right on the big screen. It also works with your music, so think of this dongle as a very simplified Nexus Q. An added bonus is that it doesn’t only work with Play Music, but other apps like Pandora.

Control from your desktop is also allowed. While watching a YouTube video on your computer,s imply hit a button and it is instantly pushed to your TV.

The device is only $35 and is available for purchase right now on Google Play.

  • CapnShiner

    Until more content providers sign on to support Chromecast, I don’t see the point. Most HDTVs already have Netflix and Youtube apps built in. Mine has those, Amazon Prime Videos, and several others. The Google Play content is somewhat unique and casting from Chrome has potential to be awesome but I need more details. If Chrome is nothing more than a controller for the dongle and you can’t mirror the browser on your TV, it doesn’t really interest me. The only things announced so far that Chromecast can do that I can’t do already between my TV and Blu-ray player are play content purchased from the Play store and be controlled from a PC/smartphone/tablet. I don’t buy videos or music from Google Play and I can use my TV’s remote just fine. There’s really no appeal for me to want to buy the $35 dongle. I find it hard to believe that all the other commenters who say they want one are not in a similar situation.

    • James Friedman

      I don’t know….the Netflix, Amazon and youtube apps are kind of lame on TV’s. I imagine once the developer community gets ahold of these the sky’s the limit.

      • CapnShiner

        That’s kind of what I’m hoping. A one time fee of $35 is not bad if you use Netflix a lot and the app on your device is horrible. I have a Panasonic Viera and the Netflix app is pretty slow and has no search functionality. I have to manage the instant queue from a PC or my phone. The Amazon app on my TV isn’t bad though.

        • James Friedman

          Same here, I have the Panasonic Vierra and I do use it. The only thing I don’t like about the Amazon app on the TV is that it doesn’t have my watchlist. I have to go and search all over again.

    • NexusMan

      I do not own a smart tv so my tv does not have Netflix, YouTube, etc…built in. I regularly watch videos, podcasts, events, etc on my computer and wish I could be lounging comfortably on my couch and watch them on the big screen instead. I sometimes go through the hassle of connecting my Nexus 10 via HDMI to my tv. I often browse Netflix from my couch on my tablet. When I have my Nexus 10 connected via HDMI to my tv and am watching something, I often times want to rewind it, and reach for the remote, before realizing in order to pause, forward or rewind, I actually have to get up and walk over to my tablet and control it from there…those are just some of the reasons that this $35 device is appealing to me.

      • CapnShiner

        See, that is a valid point but I would guess that you’re in the minority. HDTVs didn’t really become mainstream until pretty close to the time they started to all have apps built-in, so I think most people either have no HDTV at all or one with apps. There are also so many other devices that can show Netflix content on a TV that it quickly becomes redundant. I know that not everyone has such technology already but I think that it’s either because of cost or lack of interest. I have no data to back up my claims but I think they are not unreasonable.

        • Justin Halcomb

          I, also, have an HDTV but with no apps and I mostly watch Netflix videos from my PS3 but I’ll be glad to have this as this device can be used as a separate tv tuner. Most likely this device with render my PS3 almost useless.

  • droidrazredge

    Google Play Store: Sold Out
    Amazon: Temporarily out of Stock
    Bestbuy: Add to cart (WOOT)!!!!!!!!