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Fleksy 2.4 Arrives Today – Increases Accuracy, Smartens Editing, Reduces Memory, and More


Fleksy, a keyboard I can’t seem to get away from, is set to receive an update today to version 2.4. In the update, users should see “significantly increased” accuracy, along with a new tutorial, reduced memory (by 20%), smarter editing, simpler delete swiping, and more. 

Fleksy 2.4 – Accuracy, Editing, Tutorial!

– Significantly increased Accuracy. Especially in smaller words
– New interactive Tutorial. Be a Fleksy Expert!
– Reduced memory by 20%. Eliminated loading!
– Smarter editing: Web/Email Addresses/Manual edits won’t be corrected
– Simpler delete: Flick Left always deletes words. Toggle
– Enabled Autocorrect in most fields. Including Chrome bar
– Words learned won’t be capitalized unless intended
– Bugs squashed [Whatsapp smileys, landscape, Phonebook,+]

You’ll still need to be a part of the beta in order to download the latest update. Feel free to join through Google+ and get to tapping. This keyboard certainly takes some practice to get used to, but I can tell you that I’m fully addicted and haven’t switched off of it in weeks.

Once you have joined the group, here is the direct Play link.

Is anyone still using Fleksy, or is it just me?

  • Matthew Apostolou

    I’ve been a Swiftkey fan for ages, but I’m definitely giving this a shot! Μπράβο ρε Κώστα!

  • Jones

    Learned and loved this keyboard over the weekend but had to return to SwiftKey. Fleksy has to work on its text prediction it’s absolutely awful. Wanted to make it my perm keyboard but for now SwiftKey is head and shoulders better when it comes to prediction

  • Its not found in the google play server…

  • juanjeremy2012

    does this keyboard have a row or a numeric keypad?

  • JWellington

    Kii keyboard is where it’s at.

  • Anon

    Am I the only one using Hacker’s keyboard? Still the best dictionary I’ve ever seen, and fully customizable.

  • Jeff C

    I would probably use it much more if not for the physical keyboard on my D4, if I want to type 2 handed, I will just go to that.

    I used to use Swiftkey, but recent updates have cause the keyboard to not open up when tapping in a text field. I’ve sent numerous bug reports/emails and it still hasn’t been addressed.

    Sticking with Google keyboard for one-handed swiping until if/when Swiftkey gets fixed.

  • durr

    Very fun to write in invisible mode and leave people on the bus scratching their head

  • Kosta Eleftheriou

    Thanks for the write-up Kellen! We are looking at all the feedback and always work to make Fleksy even better 🙂

  • stephen.

    I want the look and such of this..but the swypyness of Swype..

  • Tay

    They need to incorporate swiping.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      This is exactly what Fleksy DOESN’T need.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Looks very modern, but I’ll stick with the Google keyboard with swype

  • punkroyale

    like to look of it and the big letters. might try it. I use swiftkey with good success.

    • Kosta Eleftheriou

      This is a restriction set by Google and their beta distribution platform. That said, we still consider it the best and easiest platform both for us and our users. Hopefully you won’t mind this and give Fleksy a shot 🙂

      • punkroyale

        thanks. i will give it a try.

  • punkroyale

    like to look of it and the big letters. might try it. I use swiftkey with good success.

  • Akashshr

    Oh this is my go to keyboard! Its absolutely beautiful, I almost will always use it for the ‘Pew’ ‘Pew’ sounds! 😀

  • Cody M

    Your play link is broke I think

  • John B.

    Still using it! Love this keyboard.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Never been a big fan of anything other than the stock Android/AOSP keyboard but I’m definitely going to have to give this a shot. Thus far even SwiftKey and Swype have left me unimpressed.

    • Adam Truelove

      Agreed. I’ve tried many of the popular keyboards and I always come back to stock.

  • normmcgarry

    Love the look and feel of this thing, but if you can’t press and hold for special characters, I can’t use it.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      But you can.

  • Stevedub40

    I’ve joined the group over a month ago and I still cannot download. I even posted a message with no response.

    • normmcgarry

      Did you join with the same Gmail account as your Google play account? You’re doing something wrong dudez.

  • DroidzFX

    I still flip between this and swiftkey. Flesky is only good at autocorrecting words with the same amount of characters. If you accidentally type an extra character it gives you a completely different word. Hopefully they address this soon.

    • Kosta Eleftheriou

      Rest assured, we are already working on fixing this and making Fleksy even smarter!

      • Richard Albert McKenzie III

        Thank you for working on this, this is also an issue I have with the keyboard. Even with that minor problem I’m still a very avid Fleksy user.

      • dodger55fan

        When doing this please also account for “double” words… Sometimes I miss the space bar, or a swipe right gets registered as some random letter, and as a result I have two words instead of one but Fleksy just thinks it’s gibberish…. This is the only feature that swiftkey has over you guys

      • Aggelos

        Ελληνικα υποστηριζει στην beta μορφη?

  • Alix8821

    This keyboard makes me feel dumb. I just can’t get into it.

    SwiftKey is my go to. The swiping and predictions keep me coming back…

    This just me?? haha

    • Ben

      For me it’s Swype. My first phone came with it, and now that it’s $1 on the Play Store, I bought it so I can use it in any custom ROM and on any phone that might otherwise not have it. I guess I just got used to it.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I used to love Swiftkey, but with the last 3 or 4 updates it just started acting dumb. It wouldn’t learn anything and it’s autocorrect was never ever right.

      I switched to Google Keyboard. That’s even worse actually.

      You know what I want? The SurePress reduced QWERTY from the BB Storm2 for Android. I could type faster on that than I can on a computer keyboard. Some have attempted to make something similar to the BB keyboard but they always miss the mark.

      • Brandon Golway

        Glad I’m not the only one that feels that way about SwiftKey!

    • Brandon Golway

      I’ve been using SwiftKey since it came out and it’s definitely my go-to keyboard but there definitely are some things that piss me off about it. For example, it doesn’t recognize when you’re typing in a web address and always puts spaces after periods, and it will get my swipes wrong half the time so it would actually be quicker just to type it out.

  • Nowa Seamoose

    Play link doesn’t work 🙁

    • NexusPhan69

      Did you read the post or just blindly clicking on the play link?

      • Nowa Seamoose

        I read the post -.- It took 2-3 minutes for the play link to work after I joined.

        • NexusPhan69

          Overloaded servers maybe. I got right in.

        • NexusPhan69

          Overloaded servers maybe. I got right in.

          • Nowa Seamoose

            Worth the wait though lol.

          • Nowa Seamoose

            Worth the wait though lol.

    • Tom Luley

      Yeah I cannot get into it either. I joined the community about 30 minutes ago and the play link still is broken

    • punkroyale

      same issue, even after joining community. Once joined hit this link: