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Anxious to See the New Ubuntu Edge? Help Crowdfund it Through Indiegogo

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The highly anticipated Ubuntu mobile device that we have seen teased by Canonical has taken to Indiegogo looking for funding. Much like Kickstarter, Indigogo helps people crowdfund projects by taking donations in return for different promises from the developer. In their post, the Ubuntu Edge group lays out the problems of developing a new device – most importantly, the fact that manufacturers don’t want to take a chance on a new product that they can’t trust will actually sell. So Canonical is coming to you and asking for help. $32 million worth of help.

Canonical doesn’t have a definitive list of specs for the device yet because they are still looking for the best pieces to put together in this device, but they have promised that it will be a 4.5″ device with “the fastest multicore processor” and will feature 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The phone will be made from a single piece of machined metal and the screen will be made of sapphire crystal to make sure it won’t crack. And of course it will boot Android as well as Ubuntu’s new gesture-based OS.

This is where Indiegogo comes in. Canonical says they aren’t in the business to start making phones, rather they want to make the “ultimate device, the catalyst for innovation” for mobile phones. They are looking to raise $32 million, the biggest crowdfunding project to-date in only 30 days. $20 is the starting donation level, but for today only if you donate $600, you can get an Edge for yourself. The prices go higher up from there.

Canonical said that if this project goes well they hope to do this annually, bringing together the best pieces of a smartphone and putting them together for the “true enthusiasts.” Are you interested at all in the Ubuntu Edge?


Via:ย Indiegogo

Cheers Raj, Jeff, Randy, Sean, Brad, David and Raj again!

  • Prudhivi Sekhar

    what is the dock she is using?

  • Amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this smartphone beast. I hope they make the money. Time to donate some dollars : I <3 Linux.

  • joejoe5709

    Anxious =/= Eager C’mon… this is English 101 stuff in the title…

    Am I eager to see Unbuntu Edge? Yes, but not enough to fund it.

  • MacArthur Lingenfelter

    $1.8 million in about 12 hours…

  • Sydney Armani
  • William_Morris

    Hey Android manufacturers: Your phones should be like this…

  • Sydney Armani
  • Fresh360

    The catch with Indigogo unlike Kick Starter is no matter if it reaches funding or not you get to keep the money, whereas on Kickstarter if they dont reach the goal you get your money back.

    I’m a lil leary of making a donation of $600 with such an agressive 30 day goal, and then they can say “sorry we have ya money, but we cant make a phone”

    I don’t know seems shakey.

    • Shane

      Bottom of the page http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge

      “What if you fail to reach the funding target?

      We appreciate every bit of support we receive during the 30 days, and every backer will be welcomed into the Ubuntu community. If we donโ€™t reach our target then we will focus only on commercially available handsets and there will not be an Ubuntu Edge.”

      yup they get to keep everyone’s money and move on to the next project.

      • Fresh360

        Well at least $600 gets us a welcome to the Ubuntu community YIPPE!

    • vinco

      if you look under the contribute now button on their page it says “This campaign will only receive funds if at least $32,000,000 is raised by Wed 21 Aug 11:59PM PT.”

    • Carpatus

      They do not get to keep your money. This is taken directly from the email sent to me by Indiegogo when I gave $600, “Though your payment will be processed immediately, you will receive a refund if the campaign does not reach its funding goal.”

    • Fresh360

      ****I stand corrected there are 2 types of funding flexible (they keep the money no matter what) and fixed (must meet goal or money is returned) and this is a fixed funded campaign. Apologies if i caused any confusion****

    • Luxferro

      Also, I think with Kick Starter you need an actual prototype, not just renders like Indigogo. At least that’s what I heard for the ncase M1, and why they couldn’t use kick starter.

  • Knlegend1

    Sounds fantastic. I love Ubuntu obviously lol.

  • View Askew

    Sapphire crystal isn’t crackproof, merely (relatively) hard and thus scratch resistant.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    sounds like someone is finally trying to turn a wet dream into reality. I can’t help fund right now since I’m paying on my ps4 preorder plus trying to buy a new nexus 7 but I do hope it gets funded because I would love to buy one after they do come out.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i could be wrong, but form the funding page it sounds like they won’t be available to the public, only backers.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        actually that makes sense. well maybe next year. this year is jam packed with too many tech goodies.

  • ChuckG73

    Will it work on Verizon LTE?

    • tomn1ce

      Good luck with that…

    • Asmodai

      Better hope Verizon rolls out VoLTE before this thing launches because there is zero chance they are going to be CDMA radios in this phone. Even if they do though then you’ll only have a connection when on LTE, no roaming to 3G on the Verizon network.

    • MacArthur Lingenfelter

      Canonical replied: “no CDMA support”.

  • yummy

    Hey pal, buddy…remember
    that 600 bucks you owe me?
    Sign me up, we’ll call it even

  • Omar Amer

    Im in, though raising that much money in that little time is a huge stretch. So i dont really expect them to reach it. Generously, only expect them to raise around $10mil.

    • wynalazca

      2 days and 3 hours later and they’re about to hit $5mil. Still think $10mil is all they get?

  • Heon Jun Park

    I’m sold just on the design alone….. shame I don’t have $600 to throw away….

  • JonathonFlores

    I dont go to kickstarter to front up $600. Probably not going to start today either.

  • Corey Hass

    It is slightly sickening to think about the $1.28 million that Indiegogo would make off of this if it gets funded. That is over 2000 supporters alone required just to pay the crowd funding “fee”.

  • Xious

    From what I was reading, this will be a GSM device. So being a Verizon customer, I will not be able to help fund this project. Which is too bad because that phone is the exact design that I love. I really miss those hard lines and angular designs. Hopefully the MotoX or their “hero” device will come through for us.

  • Weber

    So they basically want to make the Moto X “Hero” phone that we’ve all been pining for?

  • Go Hawkeyes

    It’s too bad this will probably never come to Verizon.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    It’s too bad this will probably never come to Verizon.

    • David Narada Brown

      if you wouldnt leave verizon for this phone u need to do some soul searching. verizon isnt that far ahead of all carriers, this phone is leap years beyond other phones tho.

      • timrcm

        Verizon is literally the only carrier within thirty miles in any direction of our secondary office in rural Illinois – the only exception being that AT&T has some spotty EDGE coverage ~10 miles out. And they have LTE there. So, no, they’re not that far ahead in YOUR area, but don’t speak for everyone.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          THIS. The other carriers are not close to VZW, and thet fact that they are slowly catching up doesn’t help them convert me.

          • dunning-kruger

            Yeah my understanding is in rural areas verizon is way ahead, I live in DC proper so I dropped them but there apparently are good reasons for people to stick with them (essentially the only game in small ass towns).

      • Go Hawkeyes

        Unlimited data. That keeps me with Verizon. Also, I travel extensively for work and often through rural areas. Verizon by far offers the most vast data coverage.

  • Beamish

    They are basically looking for a 50,000 unit pre-order, about 1600 units per day. I just don’t see that happening.

    But they do promise an impressive device…and that is my problem: “promise”. The Droid Bonic was a “promising” device at one time and then it was released…

  • Beamish

    They are basically looking for a 50,000 unit pre-order, about 1600 units per day. I just don’t see that happening.

    But they do promise an impressive device…and that is my problem: “promise”. The Droid Bonic was a “promising” device at one time and then it was released…

  • Dan

    Only thing I’m anxious to see is this girl naked.

    • LiterofCola

      You can’t even see the body :/

  • Dan

    Only thing I’m anxious to see is this girl naked.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Beautiful. My my my..

  • Jonathan Bunch

    The hardware sounds amazing, and I like the fact they want to dual boot with android. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • peeyourownpants

      i’m excited about a bold hardware stance rather than, “what can we sell millions of right now?” …then i’m aroused by making this my phone/legitimate computer


      • Omar Amer

        im in as well.

        only downside.. the rather high funding amount for the phone. I would be very well surprised if they can make that much in that time. but it is difficult to drum up $32mil in funding without spending money on getting more people to know this is something that wants to exist. especially at that $600-$830 price tag with no subsidized cost to it.

        • michael arazan

          If the average person even knew what Ubuntu was, they might have a chance, but even a the “average” techie enthusiast like my friends have never heard of it. I never knew what it was until this site reported on it

  • samosa king

    anyone want my samosa? made from people making ubuntu edge


    i am still waiting to see the launcher or os or what ever it is for SG3

  • Luxferro

    32 million is a lot of money… And even their discounted $600 price is a lot. Forget $800. With those amounts I don’t see this money going to good uses. It’s probably lining someones pockets.

    I’m all for kickstarter, and indigogo, and supporting worthwhile things, but those number seem ridiculous to me.

    • samosa king

      I agree that the price seems ridiculous but the specs are worth getting the phone.

    • kilbasar

      I highly doubt its lining anybody’s pockets. That’s how much it costs to make a phone. Even for Samsung/HTC, who already have established manufacturing/distribution channels, a top of the line phone costs $650.


      From the article: An industry insider told TechRadar the cost of building a new phone is “a $30 million engineering commitment”. So, $32mil is right in line with that, and actually seems rather low for a company with no manufacturing experience whatsoever.

    • Jason Smith

      Considering the specs, I don’t see the problem with a $600 price tag.

    • SewWhat

      $600 a lot for a full featured smartphone??? REALLY???Have you ever priced a premium smart phone off contract? $600 is on par with the average. If it’ll do what all they say even at $800 it’s not a bad deal. They’re supposed to include Ubuntu for Android. and at 4gig ram and 128Gb internal storage. It should run it hell of well.. think phone and laptop all rolled into one….

      • Luxferro

        I buy all my phone outright since the Nexus S. And you know what, now I only buy $300 nexus phones from google. No more $600, or $700 imported phones for me (imported galaxy nexus).

        If Google can put out cheap phones and tablets, Amazon can put out cheap products, Chinese companies can put out cheap products with similar or same specs as phone available in the US, then others should be able to too.

        • SewWhat

          Google and Amazon are selling you those devices and a subsidized rate. they are anticipating a return on Ad, App and Media sales to recoup the difference.

        • David Narada Brown

          yea but your nexus (or mine) doesnt have 4 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage. the processor hasnt been named because they are going to get the fastest available at time of manufacturing. remember ouya named the tegra 3 as their chip in kickstater phase? that processor is now behind current processors. $600 and $800 is high, but for what they are offering i think its more than reasonable. I could definitely go 2 years on this phone.

      • normmcgarry

        Right. $600 has a large profit in it for those large manufucturers. You don’t do crowdfunding and expect a big profit margin.

        • gk08

          Those manufacturers also drive down cost using economies of scale and manufacturing millions of units as opposed to a short run of 50k units.

        • gk08

          They also have massive R&D and support operations whose costs can be split amongst multiple phone lines and models.

    • Logan Jinks

      Keep in mind that they are pushing convergence, so you are no just buying a phone, but a desktop computer as well. I think that price that they have set is more than expectable for true bleeding edge technology.

    • 4n1m4L

      They’ve got .7 mil already 0_0

      • Raj Bhatt

        And now at 1.5 mil. If it continues on this path, I think they might make it…

        • 4n1m4L

          Very interesting…..

          • Chris

            Almost at 3.2 mil now!!!